Bryan Ferry - Olympia as reviewed by TIM

April 25, 2012
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Bryan Ferry's first studio album with mostly original material in some 10 years since Frantic. This does feel like a posthumously release if not just by the liner notes that reads like a greatest hits biography, but from the sound that seems influenced by parts of his career and parts of solo and Roxy Music as a whole. While even throwing in a few covers as well.

You Can Dance has that drinking wine in cabaret swanky sound Ferry is all too known for. A fairly successful start to the cd (indeed it does have the opening melody to True to Life). Alphaville sounds like another Roxy Music song from the late 70's. This really is shaping up to become a very solid cd if you like the last couple of records by Roxy in the 70's. Heartache by Numbers is th most radio friendly one on here. My oh My instantly brings thoughts of "my only love". I don't think anyone is really complaining about these songs sounding like former Roxy songs. Those are good memories and revisiting them again is for me, perfectly fine. Shameless features Groove Armada who I'm Indifferent about but I got to hand it to them. They bring a disco feel to song and it really works well. Well the reason why I bought this cd or really found out about it was the song "Song to the Siren". Heard it on my Ferry pandora station not knowing he had a new album out. I really like how the song stays in the sweet spot like a "Avalon" did 30 years earlier. Big, sweeping and very melodic. If Ferry never makes anymore music let's look back at this song and remember he was a legend. While I did like the cover songs he did for the Taxi album I tend to stay away from Ferry's cover songs. No Face, No Name, No number is ok. BF (ode to Olympia) isn't very good and in fact is the only song I would skip. Reason or Rhyme isn't bad. Tender is the night is a great ending to the cd. A nice sounding somber and poignant ballad. A winner there.

There is a problem understanding Ferry's lyrics through most of the songs as the sometimes over-production can clog the breathing room when Ferry delivers. Making it sound like he's out of breath. One definite mistake is not including the lyrics in the liner. I enjoy reading Ferry's lyrics while i first read listen to the music. I think the cover is outstanding btw. In true Roxy Music style.

All and all a fine cd that definitely is an ode to Roxy Music and Ferry's long and very good career.

Bryan Ferry - Olympia julianem

February 11, 2011
Is it just me or is the intro to You Can Dance, the same as Roxy Music's True to Life, perhaps a semitone lower? No complaints I love both tracks but what is Mr Ferry saying here by doing this...?

Bryan Ferry - Olympia sukyaneer

November 3, 2010
'Radar' on electronics on 1. You Can Dance and 10 Tender is the Night is in fact the work of British electronic artist Robin Rimbaud-Scanner. It has mis-credited and will apparently be corrected on all forthcoming EMI pressings.