VariousPulverising! Green.

Label:Pulver Records – PULVER 015
Vinyl, 12"
Style:Disco, Downtempo, Deep House


A1Dutch Rhythm ComboCome On (Sket Remix)
A2S-RockA Little Bit Of Time4:25
B1All Good Funk AllianceThe One6:46
B2MonophonicThis Is How We Roll4:07



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    anyone knows where the female vocal samples of "the one" at 1m42 are from?
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      The sweeping success of Pulver’s now sold-out ‘Pulverising EP’ (Pulver 008) transformed our initial intention of creating a one-off melting pot EP of highly prized singles hailing from a diverse range of artists - an idea that seemed impracticably suited to the contours of classical maxi and EP formats. In response, we have decided to extend our original miscellaneous EP idea into a future series of Vinyls full of varied musical brilliance. In this vein, rather than hording these works for our own selfish pleasure, we are both excited and proud to unveil four high-grade tracks for the enjoyment of friends and music-lovers alike.

      Dutch Rhythm Combo feat. Annik– Come On (Sket Remix)
      The Deephouse Mix of the duo Sket first came into being after the release of the original on the ‘Go Dutch EP’ (Pulver 010) and, until now, has been solely available on ‘Hotel Costes 6’. Often praised as the crowning glory of the lofty Parisian compilation, we have decided to press this beautiful interpretation into precious black vinyl one more time, making it available in 12” format to all those who missed out the first time round.

      S-Rock – A Little Bit Of Time
      Andreas Schönrock, professional soundman working out of Berlin with direct connections to the Dutch Rhythm Combo scene is one of the long-standing, primary forces behind Cologne’s infamous club nights. His present mid-tempo contribution is a blazing Molotov-cocktail of beats that will set every dance floor from Helsinki to Athens into an explosive sea of funk frenzy.

      All Good Funk Alliance – The One
      Get down, go disco! It’s a privilege and an honour to release Frank Cueto and Rusty Belick, a.k.a. All Good Funk Alliance, who have tallied up a long and impressive list of releases on labels like Defective, Bear Entertainment, Toko, Aroma, Maxi, Dadhouse, Hi-Phen, only to mention a few. Some of you are certainly still savouring the sounds of their recent remix released on Fort Knox for the Dodge City Rockers. This latest disco phenomenon, put together by two of Virginia’s finest, is certain to fill dance floors far and wide with the hottest honey’s in the house!

      Monophonic – This Is How We Roll
      Monophonic - our latest addition to the fleet direct from Hamburg - purrs with smooth, down to the pavement beats that hug the curves like a low-rider luxury sedan. The notches on their pistols represent a long list of almost peerless remixes that have been taken aboard by renowned artists including Eminem, Kurtis Blow, and most recently by Dublex Inc. on their all new ‘Nifty Night’ EP. ‘Hold It Down’, Monophonic’s exclusive contribution on “Pulverising!Digital” (PulverCD 011) has recently been hailed track of the month by the Australian surfer station, Bondai Beach FM.



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