Arsonists*As The World Burns

Label:Matador – OLE 343-2, Matador – OLE 391-2
CD, Album
Genre:Hip Hop


Scratches [Cuts By]D.J. Eclipse*
Written-By [Writers]D.J. Eclipse*, Q-Unique
Producer [Producers]D.J. Spin One*, Freestyle (4)
Written-By [Writers]Freestyle (4), Jise*, D-Stroy*, Q-Unique, Swel
3Shit Ain't Sweet
ProducerFreestyle (4)
Written-By [Writers]Jise*, D-Stroy*, Q-Unique
Performer [Courtesy Of Pyromaniax]GR8 Scott, Kinetic Energy
Scratches [Laced All The Cuts And Scratches]D.J. Spin One*
Written-By [Writers]Jise*, D-Stroy*, Q-Unique, Swel
5Underground Vandal
Scratches [Cuts]D.J. Spin One*
Written-ByFreestyle (4)
Performer [Sample From "Eve Of The War" As Recorded By]Jeff Wayne
Written-By ["Eve Of The War" Written By]G. Osbourne*, J.Wayne*
Written-By [Writers]Freestyle (4), Jise*, Kinetic*, D-Stroy*, Q-Unique, Swel
Performer [Sample From "Supernature" As Recorded By]Cerrone
Written-By ["Supernature" Written By]A. Wisniak*, M. Cerrone*
Written-By [Writers]Freestyle (4), Jise*, Q-Unique
Producer [Producers]Freestyle (4), D-Stroy*, Q-Unique
9Lt. Worf & Chewbacca
Written-By [Writers]Jise*, Kinetic*
Written-By [Writers]Freestyle (4), D-Stroy*, Q-Unique, Swel
ProducerFreestyle (4)
Scratches [Cuts]D.J. Spin One*
Written-By [Writers]Freestyle (4), D-Stroy*, Q-Unique, Swel
12Rhyme Time Travel
Keyboards [Additional Keys]Kris Gillespie
Performer [Sample From "New Bell" As Recorded By]Manu DiBango
Performer [Sample From "Salsa Rappsody" As Recorded By]Modern Romance
Written-By ["New Bell" Written By]M. DiBango*
Written-By ["Salsa Rappsody" Written By]D. Jaymes*, G. Deane*
13Live To Tell
Performer [Sample From "Taboo To Love" As Recorded By]Stevie Wonder
Written-By ["Taboo To Love" Written By]S. Wonder*
Written-By [Writers]Freestyle (4), Jise*, D-Stroy*
Written-By [Writers]Freestyle (4), Jise*, Kinetic*, Q-Unique
15Lunchroom Take-Out
Producer [Producers]Q-Unique, Swel
Written-By [Writers]GR8 Scott, Swel
16Worlds Collide
ProducerFreestyle (4)
Written-By [Writers]Freestyle (4), Jise*, D-Stroy*, Q-Unique, Swel
Performer [Sample From "Darkness" As Recorded By]Rage Against The Machine
ProducerFreestyle (4)
Written-By ["Darkness" Written By]Z. De La Rocha*
Written-By [Writers]Freestyle (4), Q-Unique
18D-Sturbed Words
19Geembo's Theme
Producer [Producers]D-Stroy*, Q-Unique
Written-By [Writers]D-Stroy*, Q-Unique
Performer [Sample From "53 Miles West Of Venus" As Recorded By]The B-52's
Performer [Sample From "Times Have Changed" As Recorded By]Spooky Tooth
ProducerFreestyle (4)
Written-By ["53 Miles West Of Venus" Written By]C. Wilson*, F. Schneider*, K. Pierson*, K. Strickland*, R. Wilson*
Written-By ["Times Have Changed" Written By]G. Wright*, M. Jones*
Written-By [Writers]Freestyle (4), Jise*, Kinetic*, D-Stroy*, Q-Unique, Swel
21In Your Town
Written-By [Writers]Freestyle (4), D-Stroy*, Q-Unique

Companies, etc.



Back cover:
©℗ 1999 Matador Records

Inner panels:
The Scorch, the album of hip-hop music, culture & stuff
Arsonists out to set the hip-hop world on fire
Pyro Pals: Crazy Legs & RSC, Bobbito Gargia, Non Phixion, Company Flow, Black Star, Jungle Bros, De La Soul, A Tribe Called Quest, Gangstarr, EPMD, Organized Confusion, 8Off, O.C., Shabazz The Disciple, Shabaam SahDeeq, Thurston Howl The 3rd, A.L. Skills, Punchline, Wordsworth, Camillo, Yooter, Diz-One, Skratch Piklz, Xecutioners, Byze One, 5th Platoon, Ray Roll, Jesus Roa, Gallco Enterprises, the whole Anomolies, Helixx C. Armageddon, Pri, Tina, Invincible (2), etc., D.J. Spinna, High And Mighty, Matador (no bull), Rawkus, Triple 5 Soul, Excursions, Double Down, Mass Influence, Dilated Peoples, Swollen Members, Fat Beats (NYC, LA, ATL.), Gagi Krane & Aaron (Pyro Thugs), Illcracker, A-Vee, El Battalion, Pumpkinhead, Bad Seed, Word A Mouth, Skeme Team, Conrad X, Peter & the heads @ Ozone, Cold Cutz Crew, Boot Camp, Enuff, Angie Martinez, Angie Martinez, Cypha Sounds, Riz, Terror Squad, Beatnuts, Stress Mag., Oklahoma: Lou B. Fresh, Jeremy, Ed, Step Friends, NYC Breakers, Tats Cru, Kuku, Rosie Perez, Zeonbia Simmons, Daniel Hastings, Denmark: Typhoon (4), Peter, Sabe, Noize, Chris (Boulevard Connection), Out Of Control, London: Mike Holdsworth, Harvey & Sally Zzonked, Tim Westwood, 279, Fast Fwd, France: Jerome, Iam, Asphalt Bangers, Germany: Rough Trade, Karen, Massive Tone, Stieber Twins, Eins Zwo, Atari Teenage Riot, Patrice (MTV), Orko The Pshychedelic Alien, Forrest Webb, Beat Junkies. —Arsonists, Planet Rock, USA
Bushwick Brooklyn (support your home grown)
There's more out there, see it for yourself. POOPS, F-BOOM, KAE and the rest of the Cutting Edge Barber Shop and all barber shops out there, TCK., N.B.K., Ukrime, CBS, Primetime, Finsta, T.O.S., T.N.S., B.B.C., UPO, Pop Rek get somewhere in this game, cuz y'all got skillz & y'all our nigz, Beatminers, Dysfunctional fam.
Ma & Daddy Melendez, brother Junbug, sister Cynthia & Ramon Rodriguez, nephews Junbubie, Ramon. (Nieces) Cindy & Julie, I.S. 282 (for throwing me out) J.H.S. 111 (for skipping me) Eastern District (for the riots). Maurice Galleco (thanks for your words and inspiration) Evilyn goi goi, all my past Bomb Squad, 911 heads, Lock, Bam Bam, Reborn, Chilly, Tito (god brother), Angel Soli, Juan Perez, Southside, Williamsburg, all heads I played footabll with (Chiefs, Saints, Oddyssy), baseball, basketball, etc. Melorose Boys, Tpe, Ugla, Ease, Rover, Zone, Mikey, Ruben, Balo, Carlos (Kique), Sponge, Victor, etc. Pee Wee Herman, W.W.F. (Tito Santana days), Jim Carrey, Marvin Gaye. To those that feel they deserve acknowledgement please sign here x____ —D-Stroy, Puerto Rico
Respect goes to: My Bushwick niggas. Brownsville Influence, sweet heart Carol Jackson for hooking the braids up, D-Stroy's whole family for supporting, my cousin Swinga out in Boston (you started it), Stunt, Petefreak, my cousin Lokey, the whole Vernon Ave. my nigga Germ, Sape, Steve, Bushwick Outreach, my niggas out in Marlboro projects, Monche, Mr. Lif, Korga, my wild gooned out brothers Ill Bill, Gortex, Sabac, and DJ Eclipse (3), my WHT niggas (Fuck Reagan!) Uncle Howie keep ya head up! My mom for having faith in the me from the beginning of life, titi Ramona, Norma (God bless you), my grandma, my niece Angelina (I love you), my sista's Letty, Clari, Barbara, my brother Joon! To my brothers Q-Unique, D-Stroy, Freestyle, Swel, Gr8Scott, Kinetic Energy, without you I could've done 10 times worse in life - Love ya!! This one is dedicated to my brothers Jise One and George who passed before the release of this, RIP. For those not listed.... Sorry, but we didn't have enough in the budget for extra names. —Jise One / Nastyking / Lt. Worf, Brooklyn, NY
Hats of to: my queen of this earth - my mother and true and faithful father. Special thanks to my father for helping me out with the Arsonists T-shirts. My little sisters Katisha and Naquinthia. My older brothers Reborn, Chilly, Martin, and Negro. Grandma and Grandpa, all my aunts and uncles, Esta and family all my love, Slope and his newborn - my godson Anthony, Michelle, her moms and family, Ellie, Tabari, Adam, Larry, Ilze Ron Kelly, Ron Reid, Chris, Melissa and the rest of the Bushwick Outreach teachers and students. Lamont, Eugene, Mario, Adam, everybody in Borinquen Projects, all my overseas peeps, C.J., Carlos, Poet, Grover Cleveland and the rest of my H.S. peoples. Rosemary and MCI Click. —Swel Boogie, Bushwick, NY
Gratitudes: Mom, Dad, James, David, Lisette, Michael, Grandma Bruni, Abuela Blanca, Vanessa, Letty (Sr. & Jr.), Josh & Pablo, Titi Irma, Erika Toro (love), Toro Family, Torres Family, Devita Family, Casalino Family, Gallo Family, Quiles Family, Lisa & uncle Flor, Fernandez & Oppenheimer Family, Gwen & Family, Tommy Whittaker, Pico, Jason, Kevin & Louis, Nelson Danny, Joey Camacho, Edwin, Richie "Cronic" & Santana Fam, Tito-G, Bruni (thanks for the hook up), "Fast Feet" Fontanez & Baretta, Groove, Skeff Anselm, BuddaCess, Al Pizarro, Randy, VIP Records (Nomads) Clarence Greir (slammin' with a basketball), Derek Rumph Keith "Amadeus" Everhart, Felipe & Pedro, Throggs, Neck!! Matthew Negron, Lex, Keith, Stan, Thomas Owens (4), Dr. Def, Zubzero, D.J. Was, D.J. Mel Ice R.I.P. —Q-Unique, Boogie Down, BX
Thanks: to those who helped strike the match but didn't stay for the blaze: Candie Beccarril u our sis no matter what u say or think. Love u baby. The massive Ching Rock, Groovy Lou, Tony Touch, K. Krash, Mischief Makers.
Freestyle at home: First & foremost, I'd like to thank GOD (12), the almighty, the force; or whatever u wanna call her/him/it. Just as much, I'm givin' it all up to my mother. Celyna, Daddy's always gonna be your best buddy. Q-Unique's unborn child. My brotha Ray (22). Pablo. Jeremy & Jennifer (13 & 5). Gillian. The whole Hunt & Gonsalves families...all my aunts, uncles, & cousins in Panama! My love goes out to my grandmother, Punce, & my grandfather, Cecil, continue to keep the warm, loving household 2getha in Rio Abajo.
Freestyle on the battlefield: To all my brothas from da early years...MC Tye, for bringin rhymes outta me when I was 10. All peoples from da Darkside of Bushwick keep ya heads outta da fire. Big Muhfuggin Lou!. Frankie (Esye). SR. Maze. U could've died in my arms, but u took da bullet & kept movin' til we hitched that ride to the hospital. Wrote a song about it... (it's #13 on the CD)! Nace N.S.V. Shabazz. Celestial Souljahz 2000 & beyond. Lateef. Special shout to all my peeps from skool - 383 & friends Seminary...Rahim, Mandla, Lateef, Mike & Rob (uptown 100's), etc.
Graf Flix
5. London
6. Denmark
Fat Tape
D.J. Eclipse (Non Phixion)
"Lt. Worf"
"Rhyme Time Travel"
"Live To Tell"
"Lunchroom Take-Out"
"D-Sturbed Words"
"In Your Town"
The Scorch Props
Recorded at: Gallco Enterprises, D&D, Ozone, The Fire Place
Paul Hampartsoumian (
Publishing: BMI
Management: we have none, yet. Call Matador Records (2)
Fan Club:
The Scorch System
Best Buys:
"Underground Vandal"
"Geembo's Theme"
Heavy Rotation:
"Worlds Collide"
"Sh!t Ain't Sweet"
Roast 2 Roast
1. Crazy Legs
2. Paris
3. Gr8 Scott
4. Bobbito
5. Isaac Hayes
6. On Tour
"53 Miles West of Venus", produced under license from Warner Bros. Records, by arrangement with Warner Special Products. (EMI Blackwood Music Inc./Boofant Tunes, Inc.)
"Times Have Changed", under license from Universal Music Special Markets. (Irving Music, Inc., BMI/Island Music LTD)
"Taboo to Love", under license from Universal Music Special Markets (Steveland Morris Music, ASCAP)
"Supernature", under license from Universal Music Special Markets (Cerrone Music, SACEM)
"Darkness", produced under license from Atlantic Records, by arrangement with Warner Special Products. (Sony ATV Songs)
"New Bell", under license from Fantasia. (Cotillion Music, BMI)
"Salsa Raphsody", under license from East/West Records UIC. (Chappell & Co., ASCAP)
"Eve of the War", under license from Sony Music Special Products. (April Music Inc./Jeff Wayne Music LTD.)
We are not underground or commercial - We are hip-hop.

Printed on CD face:
Manufactured by WEA Mfg
CP 1999 Matador Records
All rights reserved
All wrongs reversed

Barcode and Other Identifiers

  • Barcode (Text): 7 44861 03432 2
  • Barcode (Scanned): 744861034322
  • Rights Society: BMI
  • Rights Society: ASCAP
  • Rights Society: SACEM
  • Matrix / Runout (Variant 1): wea mfg. OLYPHANT X8944 LN OLE 343-2 01 M1S2
  • Mould SID Code (Variant 1): IFPI 2U4C
  • Matrix / Runout (Variant 2): wea mfg. OLYPHANT X8944 LN OLE 343-2 01 M1S1
  • Mastering SID Code (Variant 2): ifpi L902
  • Mould SID Code (Variant 2): IFPI 2U3R

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