Various - Street Sounds Electro 2 900reasons

November 10, 2019
edited 3 months ago
Great record, agree with all the other reviews on being all killer, no filler. Annoyingly it's mixed though so don't buy it for DJing purposes.

Various - Street Sounds Electro 2 as reviewed by siddienam

January 17, 2017
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This is the best of the SSE albums by a mile -- absolutely love this (and won't sell it, even though I could get a couple of quid for it). Xena's On The Upside is brilliant in an era when Shannon was just about to let the music play. This is superior. The B-Boys tracks are great -- Two Sisters are having great fun with some early sampling, and a brilliantly sequenced and dynamic piece. And of course it has White Lines at the end. Incredible stuff.

PS. If you're a Shaun of the Dead fan, this album is being rocked by Simon Pegg and Nick Frost near the beginning of the film, before they later frisbee it at a zombie. Heartbreaking waste of vinyl! :)

Various - Street Sounds Electro 2 as reviewed by SyndromShop

November 9, 2012

I remember getting a cassette copy of this when it first came out. The first two tracks by the B-Boys were way ahead of anything I had heard in Europe at that time in 1983, there was Kraftwerk and that was about it. The new use of electronics in this genre was so refreshing and different from what was going on in the UK commercial charts. This album took me off into the world of underground electronic music, away from all that was commercial. The stand out track on this compilation was definitely Al-Naafiysh which set quite a standard in the Electro genre. I think we have to thank Morgan Khan for introducing the Electro underground to a world of people who would never have got into this style of music. UK Fresh ’86 – who else was there? Great music….

Various - Street Sounds Electro 2 as reviewed by Harry_X

August 21, 2002
this is the best S.S.E. to me: The B Boys are just warming up, the Electro ballad from Xena is some kind of superb, Hashim is still a must. "Beat Bop" is a classic in Electro-based , psychedelic HipHop, Rammellzee's voice is reeaally cool. Grandmaster Flash is the last highlight.

Various - Street Sounds Electro 2 Onetime

July 7, 2012
edited over 7 years ago
I completely agree. Every tune is a classic (okay, so maybe not the Two Sisters cut...), this one really set off my electro and hip hop addiction. Still sounds fresh today.