Fresh Color - Nightdreams as reviewed by AnnaLogue

April 16, 2010
FRESH COLOR as an italo disco project evolved from FRISCHE FARBE, one of Switzerland’s most widely known punk / postpunk / minimal electronics / NDW bands around Gutze Gautschi (also in EL DEUX) and Danny Amsler and even featuring Dieter Meier (of YELLO fame) in the early days. After adding Humphrey Robertson to the line-up they changed to a fully electronic sound: italo disco/synth pop was the motto of the day! So, in 1985 they released their classic album “Nightdreams” featuring the many classics of the genre: “Automatic”, “Disco Future”, “D.J. Track Vol. 1” or “Sing with me tonight”, but anyway, the whole album is just great as tracks like “Number One” or “It’s so crazy” are of a similar calibre. The CD version adds the two later recorded tracks “Doo Dup” and “Island Dreams” to the track list. Essential italo disco/synth pop release and belongs to any collection of the genres!