Sun Ra & His Arkestra* - Lost Arkestra Part.I beatdigger

January 30, 2017
The Sky Is A Sea Of Darkness When There Is No Sun..... to light the way... there is no day.... there's only darkness... darkness... darkness... madness....

Sun Ra & His Arkestra* - Lost Arkestra Part.I idoldesjeunes

March 26, 2013
Lost Arkestra Vol.02 is out now : KSAY0FF 2 : (the world of Africa, Love is always, Space is the place -impro! capella something, U must judge!)

Sun Ra & His Arkestra* - Lost Arkestra Part.I pilastr

February 21, 2013
edited over 6 years ago
Amazing recordings, but the deliberate absence of info provided by the Kindred Spirits label makes me think they published this without permission. Neither online nor on the package is there any indication of when or where the material was recorded. And the release doesn't appear in the Kindred Spirits catalog. The tracks on Side B are easy enough to track down (see below) but Side A is of unknown origin, possibly sold without permission of the Arkestra.

From listening, it's clear that both tracks on SideB were previously released on ArtYard as "Disco 3000 (Complete Milan Concert 1978)"

Anyone have an idea about this version of "Along Came Ra" on sideA?

Sun Ra & His Arkestra* - Lost Arkestra Part.I pilastr

April 4, 2017
Glad to know KS has blessings to issue these records, I can buy them with clear conscience! Liner notes on the KS releases would be much appreciated, it never makes sense to withhold that info.

For example, where does the B side "Space Is the Place" on Lost Arkestra Vol. II come from?

There are at least two Paris 1983 recordings, including Disc 5 of Transparency 0311
But is this the "whole concert on iTunes" to which you referred?

Tks for taking time to clarify.

Sun Ra & His Arkestra* - Lost Arkestra Part.I Echoflex

April 3, 2017
edited over 2 years ago
Along Came Ra" on side A of this 10inch came from a previously unreleased master tape recorded in Paris France 1983, you'll be able to find the whole concert on ITunes if you interested. The tracks on Vol 2 came from the Sub-Underground series. As for your assumption of published without permission this is not correct, but I will add there has been a huge amount of bootlegs over the last 20 years, which makes what I do even harder. Also regarding deliberate absence of info - also not correct, sorry - somewhat of a late reply I only just noticed your comment. I hope you enjoy the records, I'm just getting started... Peter Dennett / Art Yard.