Queen - A Day At The Races jaburcke

February 10, 2019
I picked this up and wondered whether I should because I usually am hesitant about new vinyl reissues. Open opening it I was surprised to see the gatefold quality and it had the art and photos on the inner sleeve! Then, I put it on the turntable and heard what everyone is saying...not a good mastering job. Smeared and compressed, worthless. The new vinyl market takes another hit in my eyes. This is why I usually make sure of the mastering before I purchase. I feel robbed, it will be going back for a refund. Seek an original pressing, avoid this one! Never again, Hollywood Records! I also saw other Queen Hollywood records including a double greatest hits. Glad I didn’t get that!

Queen - A Day At The Races as reviewed by GoldenGuy444

July 27, 2017
A pretty bad pressing. My copy starts off with a skip as the gong goes off. Every time we get Freddie's vocals hitting the upper range, especially in harmonies there is this distinctive static sound that appears. Side B is slightly better, however, the issues are still there and never seem to disappear. I would get any other version before this one, a shame too considering this is Queen's second best album.

Queen - A Day At The Races GoldenGuy444

June 17, 2018
I consider A Night At the Opera to be their best. But these two albums are so close to each other qualitywise.

Queen - A Day At The Races anhedonian75

June 11, 2018
edited over 2 years ago
My copy sounds excepcional !!! What you consider is Queen's best album?