VariousLighted Apartment

Various - Lighted Apartment album cover
Label:Miasmah Music – Mia050
2 x File, MP3, 160 kbps
8 x File, MP3, 192 kbps
All Media, Compilation
Style:IDM, Experimental, Ambient


1SupineWeather Outlet4:07
3SabiPlastic Stains5:51
4SenseOnce Blue6:44
6XhaleDistress Amount7:03
7Solitaire AlbreadPour8:19
10Julien NetoFascination Pour Les Oeuvres Mineures5:52


Tracks are encoded at a variety of constant bit rates.



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    Edited 17 years ago
    Compilations can be a tricky business. More often then not these releases will have a portion of good tracks and a remainder that is, at best, boring or, at worst, simply unlistenable.

    These CDs also sometimes end up with no flow or sense of direction due to the mishmash of styles the compiler has chosen. In other cases, all the tracks simply melt into one another, which can be quite boring.

    Luckily, Lighted Apartment avoids all these pitfalls.

    Described by the label as a collection of artists who specialize in "severely atmospheric ambients", this compilation contains ten diverse, but not unrelated, tracks. The choice of song order is excellent, as it maintains a constant yet intriguing flow.

    All of the tunes are heavily electronic, with an abundance of pad work and sweeping drones. Several tracks, however, include more organic aspects, found sounds, and experimental percussion.

    A prime example is Sabi's "Plastic Stains". Build upon a base of swirling synths, it is driven by a glitch rhythm that grows in complexity as the track progresses. More layers of melody are slowly added until the song comes to a beautiful, glittering end.

    "Fascination Pour Les Oeuvres Mineures", the album's closing track by Jules, likewise incorporates glitchy elements, though in this case the rhythmic structure is a great deal more loose. Given this and the song's dark feel, it's no wonder it is my favorite track here.

    There are also several straightforward ambient pieces, like Helioce's "Orange", a beautiful track drenched in reverb and aching, distant synth lines. Helioce's other contribution, "Liendale", is a bit more harsh, its sirening keyboards slicing through a thick haze of drone.

    Perhaps the only misstep here is Xhale's "Distress Amount", a tune composed of jittery sounds (clanking bottles, bouncing springs, clattering pipes). It contains too many distractions and quick changeovers for my tastes, effective breaking (however briefly) the overall feel of the album.

    Several of the other tracks contain rhythms that are almost danceable, but these beats are placed so well within the mix that they are as easy to relax to as they would be to move to.

    As an added bonus, the compilation is distributed through the Miasmah net label, so it's free! It's worth the download time, so go do just that at There is full color artwork included as well as a complete track listing.


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