Rafael ToralStudio Tapes (1987-2003) Vol.1

Rafael Toral - Studio Tapes (1987-2003) Vol.1 album cover
Label:Noise Precision Library – none
9 x File, MP3, Compilation, 320 kbps
Style:Abstract, Experimental


1Circa 1999
Voice [Whisper-like]Raquel Feliciano
2Souffle Chaud4:52
3VDCA #22:53
5Loopability II2:40
6Pulse Field4:59
7Soft Energy II3:12
8Wave Field Insert 11:41
9Wave Field Insert 21:52



circa 1999 (1999):
Newly discovered circa 1999 guitar session recorded for Violence of Discovery and Calm of Acceptance. An extremely rare recording of an intact studio performance take (usually discarded after editing).

.Souffle Chaud (1999):
This is a kind of remix made from components of the Red Module installation at the Experimenta '99 (made in collaboration with Rui Gato). It included a spoken text, but for this track i separated consonants from vowels with a vocoder, hence the whisper-like voice sound.

.VDCA #2 (1994):
While i was in New York in 1994 i did some guitar work at Phill Niblock's place. One of them was choosing and recording the fundamental tones for his staggering piece Guitar 2,44 and another one was recording materials for a new piece for Violence of Discovery and Calm of Acceptance, in this case the second one (former working titles were "VDCA#n", and "VDCA#1" was recorded in 1993 - it's actually track 9). I always found it not to be good enough to be included in the release.

.Moog (1996):
At some point i bought a Moog Prodigy and this was an attempt to do something interesting with it.

.Loopability II (1991):
A bit more melancholic than Loopability I, this track was included in the original release of Sound Mind Sound Body by Ananana in 1994. By the time of remastering it for reissue on Moikai/ Drag City in 1998, i thought the emotional resonance of this piece wasn't in tune and i replaced it with Loopability I.
Released: Sound Mind Sound Body, Ananana DDD001 (CD, 1994, Lisbon).

.Pulse Field (1993):
I was exploring beat patterns between close frequencies here, and used one of the guitars and a Big Muff pedal, recorded on 4-track cassette.

.Soft Energy II (1991):
Soft Energy I and II were my fist attempts to make Ambient music with a dirtier sound, with distortion and grain. This sound would later develop into Wave Field and Violence of Discovery and Calm of Acceptance, and would open up space for inspiration from the rock world (Sonic Youth and My Bloody Valentine in particular).

.Wave Field insert 1 and 2 (1998):
While preparing the Dexter’s Cigar/ Drag City reissue of Wave Field, i found there were two sections in it that weren’t aging well - the emotional resonance wasn’t right. So i revised it for the reissue and replaced the troubled passages. These are excerpts of some guitar takes i recorded in that process.



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