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Ulrich SchnaussFar Away Trains Passing By

Label:City Centre Offices – towerblock cd 005
CD, Album, Digipak
Style:IDM, Downtempo


2Between Us And Them7:27
3... Passing By6:34
4Blumenwiese Neben Autobahn6:33
5Nobody's Home7:34

Companies, etc.



c + p city centre offices 2001
distributed by baked goods (uk) and morr music (rest of the world)
written & produced at schöneberger insel.
mastered at d+m | berlin | 21.05.01.

für judith.

Barcode and Other Identifiers

  • Matrix / Runout: HAND0109100
  • Barcode (Stickered): 4015698092028

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Title (Format)LabelCat#CountryYear
Far Away Trains Passing By (LP, Album)City Centre Officestowerblock 005Germany2001
New Submission
Far Away Trains Passing By (CD, Album)City Centre Officestowerblock cd 005Germany2001
New Submission
Far Away Trains Passing By (LP, Album, White Label, Test Pressing)City Centre Officestowerblock 005Germany2001
Far Away Trains Passing By (CD, Album, Reissue, CD, Compilation)Dominodno045US2005
Far Away Trains Passing By (CD, Album, Remastered, CD, Compilation)IndependienteISOM70CDEurope2008
brueboe's profile picture
Edited one year ago
Be warned, folks. This record is truly dangerous. It is the attack of the killer marshmellows from outer space. It makes you feel like HAL 9000 as Dave is taking his revenge: you are forced to literally feel your braincells going softly, dying one by one as they are mercilessly being drowned in a well-arranged symphony of artificial sweeteners. Your consciousness becomes reduced to a two-dimensional, happy vegetable state by force. The tyranny of total harmony. A dire confrontation with absolute confrontationlessness. This hardcore-version of oochy-coochy should be made available on prescription only. There is one positive aspect, though: this music makes you realize that to feel a bit of pain is actually necessary for your health. I needed to heal my brain using one of the harder early UR records after the experience.
jdking3i's profile picture
Another pre-order resource for the for the remastered LP -
kyeo's profile picture
Edited one year ago
reissue coming in may nevermind june not may, i can't read british numbers
akoustikos's profile picture
It's very bad. A cat that walks on a master keyboard with two keys. But photograph is terrific. Very beautiful. It's the most beautiful photograph I saw in my life. Full of nostalgic meaning. Throw in the garbage the disc and see the photo.
moshka-medicine's profile picture
Edited 15 years ago
To me, although his melodies and rhythms fit well together and sound nice, there is indeed something lacking from his music. It is perhaps because I have heard this thing it before with Opiate, earlier Aphex Twin and even earlier Brian Eno (minus much of the rhythmic element of course), but the beats are way more watered down and simplified than with Aphex Twin and the ambience is much more "pop" oriented and busy than with Brian Eno. I find the beats too run of the mill in many places and sometimes distracting from the overall flow of the piece (for example the begining of Molfsee).Of course, I am not speaking entirely bad about this work, I can fully understand why it appeals to many people, but in my opinion it has been done before and if you are looking for something new and exciting, this is probably not it. But if you are new to electronic music or easily distrubed by avant gard electronica, then disregard my comments and read the glowing reviews above mine.
matucana's profile picture
On hearing it for the first time, I rated it very high. But for me it wears off. U.S. plays nicely, but lacks a bit of consequence. "Far away..." is a bit analog, a bit playful, a bit (you name it). That seems not enough, at least to me. I cannot put the finger exactly on it. Anyways, he plays really remarkable and beautiful melodies.
synctank's profile picture
The latest addition to the steadily increasing City Centre Offices catalog is this lovely full length ditty by the mysterious Ulrich Schnauss. I'll cut right to it and state that this short-but-sweet little gem is a good contender for album of the year, offering the listener a smooth, near-perfect album overflowing with beautiful melodies, steady beats, memorable bass patterns, and a consistent, dreamy demeanor throughout. While not exactly breaking new ground, 'Far Away Trains Passing By' takes the familiar, but rarely mastered approach to electronica that has generated much admiration for similar acts such as Herrmann & Kleine and Boards of Canada. I know that's a pretty tall order to fill but if there is any album this year that deserves such comparisons, it is this one. This is one of those rare works that you just want to play for everyone you know. With a mere six tracks and a total playing time of just over forty-three minutes, 'Far Away Trains Passing By' consistently maintains a smooth, aurally appealing mood of carefully fashioned songs that are meant to inspire daydreams and lift spirits. I think I just completed my top ten list for this year.
stewwwwwaaarrrt's profile picture
Some of these tracks sound like early-period U2, if they ditched Bono, got a lot more keyboards, and made electronic music. Great, great melodies- something sorely lacking in a lot of contemporary electronic music today.
autechred's profile picture
One of the best electronic albums I've heard in a long time, cant stop listening to it. Ambience+melodies brought wonderfully together. Very eager to hear more releases from this guy. Highly recommended.
Amneziak's profile picture
Ulrich Schnauss has basically created a perfect electronic album with "Far Away Trains Passing By." It's not abstract, pretentious, or demanding, yet it's so intense. It's music done the way it should be done - with artistic integrity first. I think this has to be in my top two of all-time favorite IDM/Electronic albums. Do yourself a favor, and find this music any way you can. If it doesn't make you feel happy and hopeful (even on bad days), I'll be amazed. Way to go Ulrich.