H&MTranquilizer EP

Label:Axis – AX-001
Vinyl, 12", 45 RPM, EP


BMutant Theory4:25

Companies, etc.



Mastered at National Sound Corporation, Detroit.
All tracks produced and arranged for Axis.
Published by Millsart (BMI) Detox (BMI)

Labels wrongly list side A with a single track "Mutant Theory" and side B with 2 tracks "Sleepchamber" and "88".
In fact "Mutant Theory" is a single track on side B and side A contains the other 2 tracks.

Side B plays from the inside out.

This is the original release with black/beige label art, the repress has black/white labels.

Translucent vinyl copies exist.

Barcode and Other Identifiers

  • Matrix / Runout (Runout B): A NEW FORCE HAS BEEN BORN...

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Title (Format)LabelCat#CountryYear
Tranquilizer EP (12", 45 RPM, EP, Etched)Axis, KMS, Network RecordsAX-001, NWKT 62, NWKT62UK1992
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Tranquilizer EP (12", Promo, 45 RPM, EP)AxisAX-001US1992
Tranquilizer EP (12", 45 RPM, EP, Gold Labels)AxisAX-001US1992
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Tranquilizer EP (12", 45 RPM, EP, Black and White labels)AxisAX-001US1992
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Tranquilizer EP (12", 45 RPM, EP, Repress)AxisAX-001USUnknown


  • nic0t33msk's avatar
    the first minute waits for one:
    King of snake
    Dog man and the king of snake
    Mongoose and the king of snake
    Dog man and the king of snake
    does underworld used that first minute for king of snake?
    • Swinger's avatar
      Edited 7 years ago
      Detroit late at night, the cold Winter of 1992; two young men were standing in the front porch of one of their houses. Their names where Jeffery Mills and Robert Hood. They were talking about their shared passion: Techno music and the creation of it. They just left the Underground Resistance collective to stand on their own legs. They wanted to do a co-production together for their first steps outside UR and chatted of where they wanted to start from. Jeff and Robert(and many of their generation) see techno as something that translates a feeling or a mood of a human being. That is their starting point to get inspired by when creating a track: Translate feeling/thoughts or moods into sound. The result can be different with every individual; a really fast pounding track can let somebody feel enlightened and another person really angry. It can make somebody dance and someone else just want listen to it. In their perspective music should say something. It should be made in a manner of seriousness.

      All of a sudden they see a man walking on the street, the man is clearly a junkie and high on Crack. He is mumbling and screaming to himself. He is babbling weird stories like there are 4 persons talking to each other in one's mind. Because it's so cold outside the man is in danger, he needs to get off the streets because Detroit winters are unforgiving for those who don't take it seriously. He could get Hypothermia and freeze to death. All of a sudden ancient survival instincts take over. He sees a steaming manhole a cross the street in a dark alley. Tweekin' and screaming he walks over to the manhole and with pure force he opens it with his bare hands and crawls in. Info: The warm steam comes from a waste burning facility that pumps the steam through the whole greater Detroit sewer system.

      Jeff and Robert where silenced by the scenery they just saw. They were inspired by the extremes; How could it be that a man that was so high on Crack and could not be reasoned with any more had a clear moment to save his life from the hard Michigan winter? Even though saving his Life that it would mean that he has to crawl into a rat infested tunnel with many other animals and dangers. that await him and that he would spend the night alone in there?

      Jeff and Robert wanted to catch those moments into a track, what did he think and feel when he saw the manhole, when he walked over and crawled in there? Tranquilizer, Sleepchamber, 88 and Mutant Theory!

      Where Robert Hood appeals to all modern serious ravers these days with his very nice mix of the old with the new sound. In my eyes Jeff goes deeper. Jeff Mills has inspired me as long as I listen to Techno. I have heard him play over 30+ Times and he never fails me. He always wants to push things further and further even though if that would mean that he has to cut the connection with the crowd. He also sees that dancefloors are not dancing as much anymore as the used to. He is thinking eventually nobody will dance anymore and one will only listen to the Music, don't let this happen...!

      Jeff is already in his fifties and stated that he once have to stop playing because of his age but when he stays physically fit we will still have a lot of years to enjoy his sets. He also said that he will keep producing until the end of his life, that is a very soothing thought. When I think of Jeff it's almost like family even though we met once and never spoke. Thank you Jeff for everything.
      • richtie's avatar
        I'm so glad I read that side B plays from inside out otherwise I'd still be here staring at the turntable wtf:ing!
        • David68Turner's avatar
          Ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo, this ain't half good!



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