Label:Not On Label – none
2 x Vinyl, LP, Album, Reissue, Remastered, Special Edition
2 x Vinyl, LP, Album, Remastered, Instrumental, Clear
Genre:Electronic, Hip Hop
Style:Trap, Abstract, Experimental


A4End Credits!1:47
A5Hazard Duty Pay!2:37
A6God Don't Like Ugly!1:09
B1What Kinda Rappin' Is This?3:08
B2Thot's Prayer!3:13
B3Are U Happy?3:05
C3Tired, Nervous & Broke!5:24
C5Nice! (OG Mix)4:00
D2The Ghost Of Ranking Dread!3:27
D3Dam! Dam! Dam!3:33
E1Trust! (Instrumental)2:14
E2Dirty! (Instrumental)2:00
E3Nemo! (Instrumental)2:07
E4End Credits! (Instrumental)1:47
E5Hazard Duty Pay! (Instrumental)2:37
E6God Don't Like Ugly! (Instrumental)1:09
F1What Kinda Rappin' Is This? (Instrumental)3:08
F2Thots Prayer! (Instrumental)3:13
F3Are U Happy? (Instrumental)3:05
F4Rebound! (Instrumental)3:44
F5💯 (Already An Instrumental)1:59
G1OG! (Instrumental)1:34
G2Dikembe! (Instrumental)3:02
G3Tired, Nervous & Broke! (Instrumental)5:24
G4🔥 (Instrumental)3:25
G5Nice! (OG Mix) (Instrumental)4:00
H1BMT! (Instrumental)2:22
H2The Ghost of Ranking Dread! (Instrumental)3:27
H3Dam! Dam! Dam! (OG Mix) (Instrumental)3:33
H4Untitled (Instrumental)2:48


4 disc vinyl with original tracks + instrumentals. New front + back cover designs. Comes with a Lyric Book and LP! balloons. Original album pressed on 2 black discs. Instrumentals pressed on 2 transparent discs.

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LP! (18×File, AAC, Album, 256 kbps)EQT RecordingsnoneUS2021
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  • Woonk's avatar
    The printed inner sleeves suck ass and its an absolute pain to take the record out. But if you put some Mo-Fi inner Sleeves inside the printed Sleeves then you can take out the record with ease. But other than that easy to fix hiccup, this pressing is great!
    • mogery's avatar
      came dirty as fuck, and a bit warped/wobbly. . .
      • imasaddog's avatar
        got this at the STH tour and somehow it made it out of the pit

        genuinely sounds insane, very bassy and clear (especially compared to streaming). the mixing is really good too. the balloons and booklet are awesome too!
        • UnbatedEmu's avatar
          Trading NM+ NM+ BALD! 7" (Limited to 1000 copies) for a copy of LP!
          • HipH0p's avatar
            Sounds immaculate.
            No issues.
            Very impressed with the sound of these record.
            • Thelawf's avatar
              Haven’t played the discs yet so I’m not gonna give this release a star rating. I’m just gonna comment on the packaging. I want to give props to the fact that this release is NOT a quad-fold type deal. It is instead a really big bifold. It makes this release way easier to warrant playing as it’s less of a hassle to get the damn discs out. The inner sleeves are a joke. They clung to the discs like crazy, making it difficult to remove em. If you’re going to pick up this release, definitely plan on replacing the inner sleeves with higher quality ones. Also, clean all of the discs before storing them in new sleeves. If you like the pretty art on the original sleeves but value your own integrity, the slots where the discs fit are probably wide enough to fit the discs, replacement sleeves, and the originals. If you don’t want to do this, you could just sandwich the inner sleeves between the bifold. This is where the LP balloons are originally held. Just remember they’re there if you ever plan on opening it up. I don’t like that the labels don’t say what side you’re listening to. It’s not such a big deal, though, after testing which side is which by listening. From then on you just got to remember. Still an issue in my opinion.

              Overall: solid packaging once you get past some dumb hiccups. Whole thing feels sturdy which is mostly what I’m looking for. If you’re someone who just wants to listen to an album you like on vinyl, then the issues of this release can be overlooked. With an MSRP of 55 USD, I’d say it’s worth it. Again, I haven’t listened to the discs extensively yet, but lots of other people seem to think it sounds good. JPEGMAFIA’s albums generally do sound good in the vinyl record format. I wouldn’t pick this release up for more than 80 USD. Most copies being sold seem to hover around or slightly beneath that anyway.

              Have a good one.
              • newmexicanstargazers's avatar
                wish this didnt have 2 seconds of silence in between each track since this album’s transitions on digital are pretty seamless, but otherwise it really translates well to the vinyl format (as his stuff always does!) and the packaging is amazing, love it. my standard jacket sleeve i use surprisingly fit this thing. was worried since i missed out on BOTH vinyl versions that i’d never own this on LP since i have all the other albums available on the format but i got it for a good 2ndhand price, super stoked!
                • IH4N's avatar
                  My number one pet peeve in the entire realm of vinyl collecting are labels that don't indicate sides. I hate squinting at the run-outs... Though at least the whole "XXX1/A" "XXX2/A" "XXX3/A" etc sequence is easy to follow in comparison to some other releases. Rest of the release is flawless.
                  • TitoHut's avatar
                    The jacket on this is fucking massive.
                    If you have the BBC 3xLP it's like double the size of that.
                    • milannnnn's avatar
                      finally received it but didn’t came with the booklet, i still have it from the og pressing but it’s definitely missing from the repress :(



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