Chase & Status - No More Idols as reviewed by dave38x

February 3, 2011
No More Idols is a departure from "More Than Alot", although given that this is Chase & Status' second album it would be incorrect to say they were breaking a trend. Clearly the duo are aiming for a much larger audience than with previous releases, and I have to say I like it.

For those that want a reminder of why Chase & Status are so good at what they do, look no further than the vinyl release.

Packing the four tracks from the album that are arguably the closest to their roots as a hardcore DnB production duo, for me the vinyl is a must have.

No Problem has an interesting tribal intro that rapidly breaks down into a sweeping tune, large synths, driving bass and a tech style rhythm driving the sparse vocals.

Flashing lights - the only dubstep release on the vinyl - is a huge tune, switching halfway through from melodic to something much more agressive and heavy.

Hocus Pocus is a personal favourite, a pure and simple jungle tune with some interesting synth work over the top.

Finally, Fool Yourself kicks off as a massive tune, reminiscant of Pendulum but with Chase & Status' distinctive style.

Whether you want to expand your collection as a performing or bedroom DJ, or collect all of Chase & Status' releases, this one's a keeper.