Two Line Struggle, Emancipator (2)Fight The Fascist Occupation Of Palestine

Two Line Struggle - Fight The Fascist Occupation Of Palestine album cover
Label:Some Music Can Hurt You – none
Cassette, Limited Edition, Numbered
Genre:Electronic, Rock, Non-Music
Style:Noise, Power Electronics


1From The River /// To The Sea11:36
2Resistance Until Victory11:05


Numbered edition of 10.

Two tracks of sonic warfare armed for the destruction of the glorified US military base known as Israel. Death to zionism, death to the empire.

While often misrepresented by imperialist propagandists as a conflict which spans over a millennia, the issue of Palestinian sovereignty can easily be traced back to the patrician of the former Ottoman empire after the conclusion of the first world war and later to the moribund Pax-Britania's own final solution as to what to do with the remaining Jewish population of Europe following the second. By decree of the genocidal tyrant Winston Churchill, a (European) Jewish homeland would be manifested upon the lands indigenous to the Palestinian people. From then we would see this new colony grow into what can now only be described as a sort of glorified military base for the imperialist powers' own special interests in the region. Simultaneously serving as both a watchdog against any people wishing to determine their own path as a nation, and as an enforcer taking up the dirty work that even the empires of the west refuse to dip their hands in. Equipped with a military budget far exceeding that of any of the Empire's other allies, the Zionist entity serves its role as the single greatest strategic foothold for the imperialist powers' fragile hegemony across the middle east. Still the Zionist ethnostate lives day to day with a mortal enemy, one who's very existence is the single greatest threat to the colony's survival, this being the nation of Palestine. The interests of the Palestinian people yearning for freedom and the interests of the Zionist entity have become the primary antagonism in the region in which this conflict continues to manifest, only through the destruction of the Palestinian nation and the subsequent genocide of its people can Israel even begin to lay claim to the land plundered from it's rightful owners. The very existence of the Zionist state sets precedent for the genocide of the sons and daughters of Palestine, and for this it must be destroyed. Ignoring the laundry list of war crimes, violations of international law, and undermining of surrounding powers' right to self determination, the simple antagonism found in the necessity for Israel to carry out ethnic cleansing against the indigenous population to ensure its own survival, is grounds alone to warrant its destruction. From the river, to the sea, until the decimation of the Zionist entity, Palestine will always fight to be free.



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