Alteria Percepsyne - Cloaks Of Perception as reviewed by plastikman5

February 13, 2011

This really is an excellent double pack, from an excellent label...

CD1...lovely washes of synths flow into echo and reverb from the start...big kick drum comes in reminding you that this is a serious dub techno album...ambience overflows with slightly metallic sounding clicks...masterpiece "All you see is a ghost", sure been done before, deep as the ocean, I can feel the sound inside me, slow burner, slow builder, sounds being added over its 8 minutes, building and building, makes me wanna shout out "yeah" when I hear music like this...another deep dubby techno slice of music, simple yet effective, almost a blueprint of how to construct a dubtechno tune..."Cloaks..", "Alone..", two more big dub techno tunes...sandwiched between, "Sinuous..", 9 minutes 32 seconds of drifting ambience, still I can feel the immense sound inside me, superb...

CD2...3 tracks of excellent ambience...then BANG!...10 mins 55 secs of heavy, heavy dub techno, I can feel it and so can the neighbours!, builds and builds and builds, synth, clicks and reverb, oh yes... excellent release indeed, I suggest you try any of the other releases from this label...they are indeed reaching "Other Heights"...the future is looking good...I look forward to moe releases of this quality...over to you!

Alteria Percepsyne - Cloaks Of Perception alternating_bit

February 26, 2011
I'm down with the "BANG!"... "Smoke" makes disc 2 all the worthwhile.