Rootstrax - Harlequin as reviewed by djfunk

October 31, 2013

Like said, it is not Kerri Chandler, he only edited the track,
It still remains an unknown French producer who wishes to remain anonymous

Rootstrax - Harlequin Iceferno

November 12, 2013
Ah ok. I can understand why people think it's Kerri. The Original of Harlequin is a lot like something he'd do.

Rootstrax - Harlequin labfive

June 14, 2013
What a beautiful track!

Rootstrax - Harlequin alxshelter

February 5, 2013

Deep'n Raw is absolutely insane !

Rootstrax - Harlequin klarrrro

November 5, 2012
come on what's with this prices ? repress..

Rootstrax - Harlequin Muzik444

December 26, 2012
Check out Kern Exclusives! It's got Harlequin on but it's a Kerri Chandler edit.. I can't hear the difference as of yet but I've only heard previews.. Either way it's pretty bloody close/potentially the same one!

Rootstrax - Harlequin vagueblack

December 10, 2012
This one is nagging me as well.

Rootstrax - Harlequin meffeo

September 13, 2012
edited over 7 years ago

It could be St. Germain?

Rootstrax - Harlequin Micx

September 6, 2012
One of the strongest EPs on this label, and totally needs a repress.