Sutcliffe JugendVolume I • Campaign 1979 - 2000

Label:Vinyl-on-demand – vod178, Vinyl-on-demand – VOD Records 178
10 x Vinyl, LP, Compilation
Box Set, Limited Edition, Numbered
Style:Power Electronics


Side One: Mind State
A1Kevin TomkinsBlind Faith
A2Kevin TomkinsCorporate Miss Use
A3Kevin TomkinsMind Control Institution
A4Death Squad (15)Death Squad
A5Kevin TomkinsDead Corpse Man
Side Two: Relentless
B1Death Squad (15)Relentless
B2Death Squad (15)Feed
B3Death Squad (15)Nothing
We Spit On Their Graves (1981-1982)
Side Three: WSOTG Tape One, Side One: Lustmord
C1Death Squad (15)Kill, Kill, Kill!
C2Death Squad (15)Leighley Allyway
C3Death Squad (15)Whores Endlosung
C4Death Squad (15)Sutcliffe Youth
C5Death Squad (15)Lustmord
Side Four: WSOTG Tape One, Side Two: The New Breed
D1Sutcliffe JugendUnite
D2Sutcliffe JugendSex Beast
D3Death Squad (15)Pleasure Corpse
D4Sutcliffe JugendEntfernung
D5Sutcliffe JugendThe New Breed
Side Five: WSOTG Tape Two, Side One: Means
E1Sutcliffe JugendStrangulation
E2Sutcliffe JugendElectric Tool (Filthy Whores 2)
E3Sutcliffe JugendNecro-Sadism
E4Sutcliffe JugendBullpen Hammer (Ripper Attack)
Side Six: WSOTG Tape Four, Side One: Ejaculation Centre
F1Sutcliffe JugendErection Centre
F2Sutcliffe JugendSex Master
F3Sutcliffe JugendCoprolagnia
Side Seven: WSOTG Tape Three, Side Two: Hammer Deaths / Tape Four, Side Two: KZ / Tape Five, Side Two: Assault
G1Sutcliffe JugendSlaughterhouse
G2Sutcliffe JugendRipper Victim 2
G3Sutcliffe JugendEdmund Kemper
G4Sutcliffe JugendRipper Victim 4
G5Sutcliffe JugendRipper Victim 5
G6Sutcliffe JugendKZ3 (Affliction)
Side Eight: WSOTG Tape Five, Side Nine: Seven Tortures
H1Sutcliffe JugendFirst Torture
H2Sutcliffe JugendSecond Torture
H3Sutcliffe JugendThird Torture
H4Sutcliffe JugendFourth Torture
H5Sutcliffe JugendFifth Torture
H6Sutcliffe JugendSixth Torture
H7Sutcliffe JugendSeventh Torture
Side Nine: WSOTG Tape Six, Side Two: Sex Attack 2 / Tape Seven, Side One: Vachers Way
I1Sutcliffe JugendDeath Squad
I2Sutcliffe JugendWombaphilia
I3Sutcliffe JugendFetches
I4Sutcliffe JugendVachers Way
I5Sutcliffe JugendHuman Disregard
I6Sutcliffe JugendForward
I7Sutcliffe JugendKing Ian
Side Ten: WSOTG Tape Seven, Side Two: From Hell
J1Sutcliffe JugendAnti
J2Sutcliffe JugendArgyll Square
J3Sutcliffe JugendFoetus Death
J4Sutcliffe JugendSodomy
J5Sutcliffe JugendDominator
J6Sutcliffe JugendI Came Only To See Your Death
Side Eleven: WSOTG Tape Eight, Side One: LCA / Tape Nine, Side One: Bringing Down The Whip
K1Sutcliffe JugendQueen Myra
K2Sutcliffe JugendBroadmoor
K3Sutcliffe JugendThis Is Pommerenkke
K4Sutcliffe JugendHeadwounds
K5Sutcliffe JugendCorpse Fuck
K6Sutcliffe JugendBring Down The Whip
Side Twelve: WSOTG Tape Nine, Side Two: Ten Hours
L1Sutcliffe JugendTen Hours (For Paul Corrigan)
Side Thirteen: WSOTG Tape Side One And Two: National Force / In The Face
M1Sutcliffe JugendMilitary Force
M2Sutcliffe JugendMental
M3Sutcliffe JugendThe Shit
M4Sutcliffe JugendPsychopath
M5Sutcliffe JugendSD
A Collection Of Songs Not Included On WSOTG Or Recorded Shortly Afterwards
Side Fourteen: New Sadism
N1Sutcliffe JugendPleasure Corpse
N2Sutcliffe JugendNew Sadism
N3Sutcliffe JugendThe Vicars Muscle
N4Sutcliffe JugendSecond Perversion
N5Sutcliffe JugendThird Perversion
N6Sutcliffe JugendKing Ian
Side Fifteen: For Ultra
O1Sutcliffe JugendMusic From The Vicars Muscle 3
O2Sutcliffe JugendFor Ultra 1
O3Sutcliffe JugendFor Ultra 2
O4Sutcliffe JugendFor Ultra 3
Side Sixteen: Death Mask
P1Sutcliffe JugendMetal Device
P2Sutcliffe JugendWith This Cock
P3Sutcliffe JugendDeath Mask
P4Sutcliffe JugendThe Killing Of Heather
Side Seventeen: When Pornography Is No Longer Enough
Q1Sutcliffe Jügend*When Pornography Is No Longer Enough
Q2Sutcliffe Jügend*Second Victim : With Brutal Force : My Pleasure, Your Pain
Q3Sutcliffe Jügend*Third Victim : With Control : Message To The Mother
Q4Sutcliffe Jügend*Fourth Victim : With Murderous Passion : Homage To De Sade
Q5Sutcliffe Jügend*Fifth Victim : With Murderous Passion : Homage To De Sade
Q6Sutcliffe Jügend*Sixth Victim : With Venomous Contempt : F.B.C.
Side Eighteen: The Victim As Beauty
R1Sutcliffe Jügend*Fear And Anticipation
R2Sutcliffe Jügend*Torture And Death
R3Sutcliffe Jügend*Cold Aftermath
Side Nineteen: XI & VAB Incidentals
S1Sutcliffe Jügend*VI
S2Sutcliffe Jügend*V
S3Sutcliffe JugendDrowning In The Glorious Bloody Filth
S4Sutcliffe JugendThe Victim As Beauty
S5Sutcliffe JugendPreparation
S6Sutcliffe JugendIn Darkness
Side Twenty: VAB Incidentals
T1Sutcliffe JugendWhite Light Power
T2Sutcliffe JugendTrust
T3Sutcliffe JugendFriendly
T4Sutcliffe JugendThirst
T5Sutcliffe JugendFinal Victim
T6Sutcliffe JugendPost

Companies, etc.



Comes in a white wooden box with booklet, certificate and t-shirt.
Limited edition of 500 numbered copies.

This first release in a set of two shares the catalog number with Volume II • Campaign 2007 - 2020.
Catalog number on box and booklet: vod 178, on labels: VOD Records 178.

All tracks from the early eighties are take from the original cassette masters. Tha variation in quality is due to some tapes being duplicated more than once from casstte to cassette, and others being lifted straight from the original tapes they were recorded onto.

LP1 was produced with just a Wasp, a Vox Amplifier, a microphone, and a cassette tape deck, most by Kevin Tomkins alone.
Track A1 recorded in 1979, Tracks B1 to B3 in 1980-1981
Track A3 features a Christian rant, recorded at Speakers Corner at Hyde Park in London.
Track C4 was originally called 'Sutcliffe Jugend' on its initial cassette release 'Lustmörd' by pre-SJ project 'Death Squad'.
Track C5 has been edited to fit the LP side length.
Tracks C1 to M6 are made up of music from 'We Spit On Their Graves' a ten cassette ten hour box set. While the track orders of each cassette or LP side have been maintained where possible, some have been moved for the sake of continuity and flow.
Tracks N3 and O1 were taken from a partially recorded cassette made up of several experiments and instrumentals.
Tracks N4 and N5 are taken from the unreleased 'Seven Tortures' cassette.
Track N6 is an excerpt from a live performance recorded for the Come Organisation Ultra video series.
Tracks O2 to O4 were recorded as soundtrack music to be used for the Come Organisation Ultra video series.
Tracks S1 and S2 previously released as 'XI' 7" single with Tracks S3, T5 and T6 being recorded at the same sessions in 2001.
Tracks S4 to S6 & Tracks T1 to T4 recorded between 1988 and 1999.



  • pripuzzi's avatar
    Before all of you start getting hysteric about Lp7 Side B Track 4 and calling VOD naughtly etc, please note I am currently re-producing the full Lp7 and will sent it to all that have ordered, free of charge!!
    It took them weeks to find out about where the actual mistake happened and its not related to the three dots on the record that happened on some (not all) during production via manufacturer, but on the original DMM Cut. I didnt notice the mistake as I already conplaints about some other issue of Lp7 and had requested a new Test-Pressing (as on almost every second Testpressing I receive the past 18 months, there seems to be quiet a problem these days with the testpressings). To my big mistake, I was then only listening to the relevant parts of the new Lp7 Testpressing and until now couldnt imagine a mistake on a DMM to happen that was simply not visible on the third Test-Pressing received but still having the mistake. All in all, keep calm, you all get your new record without the unintended Loop. Best (Frank VOD-Records)
    • chris9chaney9's avatar
      I can't believe some Tuesday Wednesday And Thursday is already hawking this at a flipped price. Not even advertised as Mint. For shame
      • technodump's avatar
        Edited 8 months ago
        My copy of LP7, track B4 has a drop out and then the needle gets stuck in the groove.
        is that only on my copy?


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