VariousABC Of The Blues (The Ultimate Collection From The Delta To The Big Cities)

Label:Documents – 233168
52 x CD, Stereo, Mono
Box Set, Compilation, Special Edition
Country:UK & Europe
Style:Delta Blues, Electric Blues, Louisiana Blues, Memphis Blues, Rhythm & Blues, Harmonica Blues, Jump Blues, Piano Blues, Chicago Blues, Rock & Roll, Texas Blues


Volume 01
1-1Kokomo ArnoldBackfence Picket Blues
Written-ByJames Arnold*
1-2Kokomo ArnoldFool Man Blues
Written-ByJames Arnold*
1-3Kokomo ArnoldLong And Tall
Written-ByJames Arnold*
1-4Kokomo ArnoldSally Dog
Written-ByJames Arnold*
1-5Kokomo ArnoldCold Winter Blues
Written-ByJames Arnold*
1-6Kokomo ArnoldSister Jane Cross The Hall
Written-ByJames Arnold*
1-7Kokomo ArnoldWild Water Blues
Written-ByJames Arnold*
1-8Kokomo ArnoldLaugh And Grin Blues
Written-ByJames Arnold*
1-9Kokomo ArnoldMean Old Twister
Written-ByJames Arnold*
1-10Kokomo ArnoldRed Beans And Rice
Written-ByJames Arnold*
1-11Billy Boy ArnoldMy Heart Is Crying
Written-ByBilly Boy Arnold
1-12Billy Boy ArnoldI Wish You Would
Written-ByBilly Boy Arnold
1-13Billy Boy ArnoldI Ain't Got You
Written-ByBilly Boy Arnold
1-14Billy Boy ArnoldHere's My Picture
Written-ByBilly Boy Arnold
1-15Billy Boy ArnoldYou Got Me Wrong
Written-ByBilly Boy Arnold
1-16Billy Boy ArnoldPrisoner's Plea
Written-ByBilly Boy Arnold
1-17Billy Boy ArnoldEvery Day, Every Night
Written-ByBilly Boy Arnold
1-18Billy Boy ArnoldNo, No, No, No, No
Written-ByBilly Boy Arnold
1-19Billy Boy ArnoldRockinitis
Written-ByBilly Boy Arnold
1-20Billy Boy ArnoldI Was Fooled
Written-ByBilly Boy Arnold
Volume 02
2-1Richard BerryLouie, Louie
Written-ByRichard Berry
2-2Richard BerrySweet Sugar You
Written-ByRichard Berry
2-3Richard BerryYou Look So Good
Written-ByRichard Berry
2-4Richard BerryMess Around
Written-ByRichard Berry
2-5Richard BerryNo Room
Written-ByRichard Berry
2-6Richard BerryI Want To Be My Girl
Written-ByRichard Berry
2-7Richard BerryI'm Your Fool
Written-ByRichard Berry
2-8Richard BerryWalk Right In
Written-ByRichard Berry
2-9Richard BerryGive It Up
Written-ByRichard Berry
2-10Richard BerryHave Love, Will Travel
Written-ByRichard Berry
2-11Barbecue BobYo Yo Blues
Written-ByRobert Hicks
2-12Barbecue BobCalifornia Blues
Written-ByRobert Hicks
2-13Barbecue BobMotherless Chiles Blues
Written-ByRobert Hicks
2-14Barbecue BobShe's Coming Back Some Cold Rainy Day
Written-ByRobert Hicks
2-15Barbecue BobBarbecue Blues
Written-ByRobert Hicks
2-16Barbecue BobEase It To Me Blues
Written-ByRobert Hicks
2-17Barbecue BobChocolate To The Bone
Written-ByRobert Hicks
2-18Barbecue BobGood Time Rounder
Written-ByRobert Hicks
2-19Barbecue BobAtlanta Moan
Written-ByRobert Hicks
2-20Barbecue BobDiddle-Da-Diddle
Written-ByRobert Hicks
Volume 03
3-1Bobby "Blue" Bland*It's My Life, Baby
Written-ByD. Robey*, F. Washington*
3-2Bobby "Blue" Bland*Honey Bee
Written-ByD. Robey*
3-3Bobby "Blue" Bland*Lost Lover Blues
Written-ByD. Robey*, F. Washington*
3-4Bobby "Blue" Bland*Time Out
Written-ByD. Robey*, F. Washington*
3-5Bobby "Blue" Bland*Million Miles From Nowhere
Written-ByD. Robey*
3-6Bobby "Blue" Bland*You've Got Bad Intentions
Written-ByJ. Scott*
3-7Bobby "Blue" Bland*I Don't Believe
Written-ByD. Robey*, M. Charles*
3-8Bobby "Blue" Bland*You Did Me Wrong
Written-ByD. Malone*
3-9Bobby "Blue" Bland*Last Night
Written-ByD. Robey*
3-10Bobby "Blue" Bland*Wise Man's Blues
Written-ByD. Mattis*, D. Robey*
3-11Charles BrownDriftin' Blues
Written-ByBrown*, Williams*, Moore*
3-12Charles BrownTrouble Blues
Written-ByC. Brown*
3-13Charles BrownIn The Evening When The Sun Goes Down
3-14Charles BrownGet Yourself Another Fool
Written-ByTucker*, Haywood*
3-15Charles BrownBlack Night
Written-ByJ.M. Robinson*
3-16Charles BrownHard Times
Written-ByJ. Leiber - M. Stoller*
3-17Charles BrownCryin' Mercy
Written-ByK. Owens (2)
3-18Charles BrownEvening Shadows
Written-ByQ. Martin*
3-19Charles BrownFool's Paradise
Written-ByR. Geddins*, D. Avid*, Johnny Fuller
3-20Charles BrownMerry Christmas, Baby
Written-ByJ. Moore*, L. Baxter*
Volume 04
4-1Clarence "Gatemouth" BrownMidnight Hour
Written-ByC. Brown*
4-2Clarence "Gatemouth" BrownAin't That Dandy
Written-ByC. Brown*
4-3Clarence "Gatemouth" BrownDirty Work At The Crossroads
Written-ByDon Robey
4-4Clarence "Gatemouth" BrownHurry Back Good News
Written-ByDon Robey
4-5Clarence "Gatemouth" BrownOkie Dokie Stomp
Written-ByPluma Davis
4-6Clarence "Gatemouth" BrownSad Hour
Written-ByC. Brown*, Don Robey
4-7Clarence "Gatemouth" BrownGate's Salty Blues
Written-ByEddie Curtis
4-8Clarence "Gatemouth" BrownJust Before Dawn
Written-ByC. Brown*
4-9Clarence "Gatemouth" BrownDepression Blues
Written-ByC. Brown*
4-10Clarence "Gatemouth" BrownFor Now So Long
Written-ByC. Brown*
4-11Blue Lu BarkerTrombone Man Blues
Written-ByBarker*, Black*
4-12Blue Lu BarkerHere's A Little Girl
4-13Blue Lu BarkerA Little Bird Told Me
Written-ByBarker*, Brooks*
4-14Blue Lu BarkerWhat Did You Do To Me?
Written-ByBarker*, Hunter*
4-15Blue Lu BarkerLeave My Man Alone
4-16Blue Lu BarkerNow You're Down In The Alley
4-17Blue Lu BarkerWhen The Wagon Comes
4-18Blue Lu BarkerLoan Me Your Husband
4-19Blue Lu BarkerBow Legged Daddy
4-20Blue Lu BarkerLove That Man
Volume 05
5-1Big Bill BroonzyMississippi River Blues2:42
5-2Big Bill BroonzyLong Tall Mama2:48
5-3Big Bill BroonzyWorrying You Off My Mind (Part 1)3:05
5-4Big Bill BroonzyRising Sun Shine On
Written-ByLester Melrose
5-5Big Bill BroonzyCome Home Early3:00
5-6Big Bill BroonzyGood Jelly3:17
5-7Big Bill BroonzyBull Cow Blues2:52
5-8Big Bill BroonzyI Can't Make You Satisfied3:13
5-9Big Bill BroonzyHow You Want It Done2:51
5-10Big Bill BroonzyHattie Blues2:44
5-11Scrapper BlackwellKokomo Blues
Written-ByKokomo Arnold
5-12Blind BlakeCome On Boys, Let's Do That Messin' Around2:45
5-13Blind BlakeHard Pushin' Papa2:36
5-14Blind BlakeSkeedle Loo Doo Blues3:02
5-15Blind BlakeGeorgia Bound3:22
5-16Blind BlakeToo Tight Blues, N°. 22:55
5-17Blind BlakeDiddie Wah Diddie2:58
5-18Blind BlakeSouthern Rag2:50
5-19Blind BlakeC.C. Pill Blues2:28
5-20Blind BlakeRope Stretching Blues, Pt. 13:02
Volume 06
6-1Champion Jack DupreeStrollin'3:01
6-2Champion Jack DupreeT.B. Blues3:42
6-3Champion Jack DupreeCan't Kick The Habit3:43
6-4Champion Jack DupreeEvil Woman4:21
6-5Champion Jack DupreeNasty Boogie3:10
6-6Champion Jack DupreeJunker's Blues3:12
6-7Champion Jack DupreeBad Blood3:59
6-8Champion Jack DupreeGoin' Down Slow4:04
6-9Champion Jack DupreeFrankie & Johnny3:23
6-10Champion Jack DupreeStack-O-Lee3:56
6-11Cousin JoeFly Hen Blues2:38
6-12Cousin JoeLittle Eva2:33
6-13Cousin JoeLightning Struck The Poorhouse3:04
6-14Cousin JoeBaby You Don't Know At All2:43
6-15Cousin JoeThe Barefoot Baby2:49
6-16Cousin JoeBox Car Shorty And Peter Blue2:42
6-17Cousin JoeBeggin' Woman2:47
6-18Cousin JoeSadie Brown2:46
6-19Cousin JoeEvolution Blues2:58
6-20Cousin JoeBox Car Shorty's Confession2:41
Volume 07
7-1Leroy Carr & Scrapper BlackwellWrong Man Blues3:16
7-2Leroy Carr & Scrapper BlackwellGettin' All Wet3:28
7-3Leroy Carr & Scrapper BlackwellBlue With The Blues3:29
7-4Leroy Carr & Scrapper BlackwellChristmas In Jail, Ain't That A Pain3:12
7-5Leroy Carr & Scrapper BlackwellThat's Tellin'em3:01
7-6Leroy Carr & Scrapper BlackwellPapa Want's A Cookie2:44
7-7Leroy Carr & Scrapper BlackwellThe Dirty Dozen2:53
7-8Leroy Carr & Scrapper BlackwellCarried Water For The Elephant2:57
7-9Leroy Carr & Scrapper BlackwellLet's Disagree2:56
7-10Leroy Carr & Scrapper BlackwellPapa's Got Your Water On3:13
7-11Pee Wee CraytonWin-O2:18
7-12Pee Wee CraytonI Got News For You2:39
7-13Pee Wee CraytonBlues Before Dawn1:59
7-14Pee Wee CraytonDon't Break My Heart2:52
7-15Pee Wee CraytonThe Telephone Is Ringing2:54
7-16Pee Wee CraytonCalifornia Women3:28
7-17Pee Wee CraytonBlues For My Baby2:58
7-18Pee Wee CraytonDedicated To The Blues
7-19Pee Wee CraytonPhone Call From My Baby2:48
7-20Pee Wee CraytonBlues After Hours3:07
Volume 08
8-1Bo DiddleyI'm A Man2:59
8-2Bo DiddleyBo Diddley2:48
8-3Bo DiddleyPretty Thing2:50
8-4Bo DiddleyBring It To Jerome
Written-ByJerome Green
8-5Bo DiddleyDiddy Wah Diddy2:33
8-6Bo DiddleyI'm Looking For A Woman2:33
8-7Bo DiddleyWho Do You Love?2:29
8-8Bo DiddleyYou Don't Love Me2:53
8-9Bo DiddleyHey Bo Diddley2:12
8-10Bo DiddleyMona (I Need You Baby)2:22
8-11Bo DiddleySay Boss Man2:33
8-12Bo DiddleyBefore You Accuse Me3:06
8-13Bo DiddleySay Man3:13
8-14Bo DiddleyThe Clock Strikes Twelve2:59
8-15Bo DiddleyCrackin' Up2:06
8-16Bo DiddleyDon't Let It Go (Hold On To What You Got)2:46
8-17Bo DiddleyMumblin' Guitar2:49
8-18Bo DiddleyShe's Alright4:04
8-19Bo DiddleyRoad Runner2:49
8-20Bo DiddleyThe Story Of Bo Diddley2:52
Volume 09
9-1Willie DixonDon't Let That Music Die2:31
9-2Willie DixonI Ain't Gonna Be Your Monkey Man2:59
9-3Willie DixonMoney Tree Blues2:45
9-4Willie DixonSince My Baby Gone3:01
9-5Willie DixonNo One To Love Me2:51
9-6Willie DixonHard Notch Boogie Beat
Written-ByO. Crawford*
9-7Willie DixonIf The Sea Was Whiskey3:05
9-8Willie DixonGot You On My Mind
Written-ByH. Biggs*, J. Thomas*
9-9Willie DixonTell That Woman2:39
9-10Willie DixonCome Here Baby
Written-ByH. Biggs*, J. Thomas*
9-11Floyd DixonDallas Blues3:19
9-12Floyd DixonMoonshine
Written-ByCalhoun*, Gerald*
9-13Floyd DixonReal Lovin' Mama2:47
9-14Floyd DixonPrairie Dog Blues
9-15Floyd DixonShuffle Blues
9-16Floyd DixonBlues For Cuba
Written-ByWilliams*, Hurley*
9-17Floyd DixonTelephone Blues3:13
9-18Floyd DixonLovin'
9-19Floyd DixonLet's Dance2:39
9-20Floyd DixonOpportunity Blues
Written-ByHarper (6), Zachery
Volume 10
10-1Snooks EaglinCareless Love
10-2Snooks EaglinLet Me Go Home, Whisky2:52
10-3Snooks EaglinTrouble In Mind2:46
10-4Snooks EaglinSt. James Infirmary
10-5Snooks EaglinRock Island Line2:02
10-6Snooks EaglinSophisticated Blues2:06
10-7Snooks EaglinI'm Looking For A Woman2:23
10-8Snooks EaglinLook Down That Lonesome Road1:44
10-9Snooks EaglinI Got My Questionnaire3:19
10-10Snooks EaglinOne Scotch, One Bourbon, One Beer2:40
10-11Sleepy John EstesJack And Jill Blues2:38
10-12Sleepy John EstesPoor Man's Friend (T Model)3:07
10-13Sleepy John EstesHobo Jungle Blues2:55
10-14Sleepy John EstesAirplane Blues2:51
10-15Sleepy John EstesFloating Bridge3:10
10-16Sleepy John EstesNeed More Blues2:53
10-17Sleepy John EstesFire Department Blues3:06
10-18Sleepy John EstesNew Someday Baby2:49
10-19Sleepy John EstesLiquor Store Blues2:27
10-20Sleepy John EstesBrownsville Blue3:07
Volume 11
11-1Lowell FulsonI Wanna Make Love To You3:18
11-2Lowell FulsonRock'em Dead2:31
11-3Lowell FulsonYou Better Rock This Morning1:49
11-4Lowell FulsonRollin' Blues2:50
11-5Lowell FulsonSomeday Baby3:09
11-6Lowell FulsonIt Took A Long Time2:39
11-7Lowell FulsonThat's Alright2:44
11-8Lowell FulsonIt's A Long Time2:48
11-9Lowell FulsonLoving You3:01
11-10Lowell FulsonLonely Hours2:52
11-11The Four Blazes*Stop Boogie Woogie
11-12The Four Blazes*Snag The Britches2:34
11-13The Four Blazes*Raggedy Ride2:15
11-14The Four Blazes*Perfect Woman2:42
11-15The Four Blazes*Night Train2:54
11-16The Four Blazes*Never Start Living
Written-ByWilliams (41)
11-17The Four Blazes*Women, Women2:45
11-18The Four Blazes*Drunken Blues2:54
11-19The Four Blazes*My Hat's On The Side Of My Head
Written-ByWilliams (41)
11-20The Four Blazes*Mary Jo2:36
Volume 12
12-1Buddy GuyTry To Quit You, Baby
Written-ByArchie Toscano, Magic Sam
12-2Buddy GuyYou Sure Can't Do2:41
12-3Buddy GuyThis Is The End2:58
12-4Buddy GuySit And Cry (The Blues)3:03
12-5Arthur GunterBaby Let's Play House2:47
12-6Arthur GunterNo Naggin', No Draggin'2:45
12-7Arthur GunterHoney Babe
Written-ByErnest Young (3)
12-8Arthur GunterLittle Blue Jeans Woman2:28
12-9Arthur GunterBaby You Better Listen2:37
12-10Arthur GunterI Want Her Back2:38
12-11Arthur GunterCrazy Me
Written-ByErnest Young (3)
12-12Arthur GunterLudella2:54
12-13Arthur GunterBlues After Hours2:31
12-14Slim GaillardWalkin' & Cookin' Blues
12-15Slim GaillardBlue Heaven
Written-ByWhiting*, Donaldson*
12-16Slim GaillardThunderbird
Written-ByOrenstein*, Gaillard*
12-17Slim GaillardChicken Rhythm
Written-BySquires*, Gaillard*
12-18Slim GaillardI Love You
Written-ByThompson*, Archer*
12-19Slim GaillardI Don't Stand A Ghost Of A Chance With You
Written-ByCrosby*, Washington*, Young*
12-20Slim GaillardDon't Blame Me
Written-ByFields*, McHugh*
Volume 13
13-1John Lee HookerDimples2:14
13-2John Lee HookerI'm In The Mood3:06
13-3John Lee HookerBoogie Chillen'3:09
13-4John Lee HookerLet Your Daddy Ride2:40
13-5John Lee HookerJohn L's House Rent Boogie3:02
13-6John Lee HookerWeeping Willow Boogie2:49
13-7John Lee HookerHuckle Up Baby2:50
13-8John Lee HookerHobo Blues3:03
13-9John Lee HookerCrawlin' King Snake3:02
13-10John Lee HookerSally Mae3:09
13-11Wynonie HarrisAround The Clock Pt. 1 & 25:41
13-12Wynonie HarrisYounder Goes My Baby2:45
13-13Wynonie HarrisDon't Take My Whiskey Away From Me2:10
13-14Wynonie HarrisCock-A-Doodle-Doo2:48
13-15Wynonie HarrisTime To Change Your Town2:34
13-16Wynonie HarrisYou Got To Get Yourself A Job, Girl2:41
13-17Wynonie HarrisOh Babe!2:50
13-18Wynonie HarrisLuscious Woman2:47
13-19Wynonie HarrisStormy Night Blues2:39
13-20Wynonie HarrisGit To Gittin' Baby2:16
Volume 14
14-1Earl HookerSweet Black Angel3:08
14-2Earl HookerEarl's Boogie Woogie2:33
14-3Earl HookerGoin' Down The Line2:16
14-4Earl HookerGuitar Rag2:51
14-5Screamin' Jay HawkinsI Put A Spell On You
14-6Screamin' Jay HawkinsYellow Coat2:21
14-7Screamin' Jay HawkinsIf You Are But A Dream
Written-ByA. Rubinstein*, Fulton*, Jaffe*, Bonx*
14-8Screamin' Jay HawkinsYou Made Me Love
Written-ByJ.V. Monaco*, J. McCarthy*
14-9Screamin' Jay HawkinsOrange Colored Sky
Written-ByM. Delugg*, W. Stein*
14-10Screamin' Jay HawkinsHong Kong2:17
14-11Screamin' Jay HawkinsBaptize Me In Wine2:32
14-12Screamin' Jay HawkinsNot Anymore3:00
14-13Screamin' Jay HawkinsI Hear Voices2:35
14-14Screamin' Jay HawkinsThe Whammy2:30
14-15Screamin' Jay HawkinsLittle Demon2:22
14-16Screamin' Jay HawkinsPoor Folks3:00
14-17Screamin' Jay HawkinsYour Kind Of Love2:18
14-18Screamin' Jay HawkinsAshes2:28
14-19Screamin' Jay HawkinsSwing Low, Sweet Chariot
14-20Screamin' Jay HawkinsOl' Man River
Volume 15
15-1Lightnin' HopkinsKatie Mae Blues3:00
15-2Lightnin' HopkinsPlay With Your Poodle2:32
15-3Lightnin' HopkinsAutomobile2:47
15-4Lightnin' Hopkins"T" Model Blues2:36
15-5Lightnin' HopkinsBaby Please Don't Go
Written-ByJoe Lee Williams*
15-6Lightnin' HopkinsNeeded Time2:53
15-7Lightnin' HopkinsShort Haired Woman2:36
15-8Lightnin' HopkinsMad With You2:28
15-9Lightnin' HopkinsLightnin' Boogie2:49
15-10Lightnin' HopkinsGive Me Central 209
Written-ByRobert Ellen
15-11Lightnin' HopkinsCoffee Blues2:43
15-12Lightnin' HopkinsWhat's The Matter Now2:29
15-13Lightnin' HopkinsI'm Wild About You Baby
Written-ByRobert Shad*
15-14Lightnin' HopkinsMovin' On Out Boogie2:16
15-15Lightnin' HopkinsPolicy Game
Written-ByJoe Luke
15-16Lightnin' HopkinsLightnin' Jump2:30
15-17Lightnin' HopkinsLate In The Evening
Written-ByRobert Tanner (2)
15-18Lightnin' HopkinsThey Wonder Who I Am2:09
15-19Lightnin' HopkinsHad A Gal Called Sal2:16
15-20Lightnin' HopkinsBlues For My Cookie2:25
Volume 16
16-1Howlin' WolfLook-A-Here Baby2:11
16-2Howlin' WolfSmile At Me2:06
16-3Howlin' WolfCalifornia Boogie2:57
16-4Howlin' WolfMy Baby Walked Off3:00
16-5Howlin' WolfChocolate Drop2:42
16-6Howlin' WolfMr. Highway Man2:49
16-7Howlin' WolfColor And Kind3:12
16-8Howlin' WolfEverybody's In The Mood2:59
16-9Howlin' Wolf(Well) That's Alright3:02
16-10Howlin' WolfBaby Ride With Me2:42
16-11Howlin' WolfDecoration Day Blues3:17
16-12Howlin' WolfMoanin' At Midnight2:56
16-13Howlin' WolfThe Wolf Is At Your Door2:58
16-14Howlin' WolfGetting Old And Grey2:37
16-15Howlin' WolfOh, Red!2:38
16-16Howlin' WolfMy Last Affair2:59
16-17Howlin' WolfDorothy Mae2:45
16-18Howlin' WolfI Got A Woman/Sweet Woman3:28
16-19Howlin' WolfBluebird Blues2:50
16-20Howlin' WolfHowlin' Wolf Boogie2:38
Volume 17
17-1Alberta HunterDown Hearted Blues3:04
17-2Alberta HunterWhy Did You Pick Me Up When I Was Down3:27
17-3Alberta HunterDon't Pan Me3:00
17-4Alberta HunterJazzin' Baby Blues3:15
17-5Alberta HunterYou Can't Have It All3:16
17-6Alberta HunterYou Shall Reap Just What You Sow3:13
17-7Alberta HunterTaint Nobody's Business3:05
17-8Alberta HunterIf You Want To Keep Your Daddy2:45
17-9Alberta HunterChirping The Blues3:02
17-10Alberta HunterSome Day Sweetheart3:06
17-11Ivory Joe HunterHeaven Came Down To Earth2:44
17-12Ivory Joe HunterIt May Sound Silly2:46
17-13Ivory Joe HunterI Need You2:55
17-14Ivory Joe HunterYou Mean Everything To Me2:23
17-15Ivory Joe HunterShooty Booty2:03
17-16Ivory Joe HunterYes, I Want You2:55
17-17Ivory Joe HunterI Just Want To Love You2:23
17-18Ivory Joe HunterI'll Never Leave You, Baby2:41
17-19Ivory Joe HunterAll About The Blues2:57
17-20Ivory Joe HunterShe's Gone2:38
Volume 18
18-1Robert JohnsonThey're Red Hot3:00
18-2Robert Johnson32-20 Blues2:53
18-3Robert JohnsonPreachin' Blues (Up Jumped The Devil)2:49
18-4Robert JohnsonStop Breakin' Down Blues2:16
18-5Robert JohnsonI Believe I'll Dust My Broom2:57
18-6Robert JohnsonSweet Home Chicago3:02
18-7Robert JohnsonKindhearted Woman Blues2:51
18-8Robert JohnsonRamblin' On My Mind2:51
18-9Robert JohnsonCrossroad Blues2:30
18-10Robert JohnsonMalted Milk2:22
18-11Robert JohnsonLove In Vain Blues2:28
18-12Robert JohnsonHoneymoon Blues2:17
18-13Robert JohnsonWhen You Got A Good Friend2:38
18-14Robert JohnsonTravelling Riverside Blues2:45
18-15Robert JohnsonTerraplane Blues3:01
18-16Robert JohnsonDead Shrimp Blues2:35
18-17Robert JohnsonWalkin' Blues2:30
18-18Robert JohnsonFrom Four Till Late2:22
18-19Robert JohnsonLast Fair Deal Goin' Down2:39
18-20Robert JohnsonMe And The Devil Blues2:33
Volume 19
19-1Elmore JamesDust My Broom2:45
19-2Elmore JamesSho' Nuff I Do2:54
19-3Elmore JamesPlease Find My Baby3:07
19-4Elmore JamesCry For Me Baby2:46
19-5Elmore JamesSunny Land
19-6Elmore JamesThe 12 Year Old Boy3:05
19-7Elmore JamesIt Hurts Me, Too3:04
19-8Elmore JamesHawaiian Boogie2:19
19-9Elmore JamesT.V. Mama2:48
19-10Lonnie Johnson (2)Have To Change Keys (To Play These Blues)3:04
19-11Lonnie Johnson (2)Mr. Johnson's Blues2:43
19-12Lonnie Johnson (2)Mean Old Bedbug Blues2:56
19-13Lonnie Johnson (2)Toothache Blues Pt. 12:50
19-14Lonnie Johnson (2)Toothache Blues Pt. 23:22
19-15Lonnie Johnson (2)Sweet Potato Blues2:59
19-16Lonnie Johnson (2)Guitar Blues3:16
19-17Lonnie Johnson (2)She's Making Whoopee In Hell Tonight3:11
19-18Lonnie Johnson (2)Got The Blues For Murder Only3:25
19-19Lonnie Johnson (2)I'm Nuts About That Gal3:09
19-20Lonnie Johnson (2)Deep Blue Sea Blues3:04
Volume 20
20-1Blind Willie JohnsonDark Was The Night, Cold Was The Ground3:22
20-2Blind Willie JohnsonIf I Had My Way I'd Tear The Building Down3:10
20-3Blind Willie JohnsonPraise God I'm Satsified3:12
20-4Blind Willie JohnsonTrouble Will Soon Be Over3:09
20-5Blind Willie JohnsonI Know His Blood Can Make Me Whole3:05
20-6Blind Willie JohnsonEverybody Ought To Treat A Stranger Right3:07
20-7Blind Willie JohnsonIt's Nobody's Fault But Mine3:11
20-8Blind Willie JohnsonI'm Gonna Run To The City Of Refuge3:24
20-9Blind Willie JohnsonKeep Your Lamp Trimmed And Burning3:05
20-10Blind Willie JohnsonJesus Make Up My Dying Bed3:14
20-11Tommy JohnsonCool Drink Of Water Blues3:37
20-12Tommy JohnsonMaggie Campbell Blues3:39
20-13Tommy JohnsonCanned Heat Blues3:42
20-14Tommy JohnsonBig Road Blues3:23
20-15Tommy JohnsonAlcohol And Jake Blues3:20
20-16Skip JamesIf You Haven't Any Hay Get On Down The Road2:55
20-17Skip James22-20 Blues2:51
20-18Skip JamesHow Long "Buck"2:54
20-19Skip JamesCypress Grove Blues3:13
20-20Skip JamesDevil Got My Woman3:01
Volume 21
21-1B.B. KingB. B. Boogie3:15
21-2B.B. KingWhen Your Baby Packs Up And Goes2:26
21-3B.B. KingGot The Blues2:49
21-4B.B. KingTake A Swing With Me2:34
21-5B.B. KingMiss Martha King2:41
21-6B.B. KingMistreated Woman2:45
21-7B.B. KingThe Other Night Blues
Written-ByJ. Bihari*
21-8B.B. KingWalin' And Cryin'
21-9B.B. KingMy Baby Is Gone1:59
21-10B.B. KingFine Looking Woman2:17
21-11B.B. KingShe's Dynamite2:30
21-12B.B. KingShe's A Mean Woman2:32
21-13B.B. KingHard Working Woman2:33
21-14B.B. KingThat Ain't The Way To Do It2:18
21-15B.B. KingThree O'Clock Blues3:00
21-16B.B. KingShe Don't Move Me No More3:04
21-17B.B. KingShake It Up And Go2:31
21-18B.B. KingMy Own Fault Darlin'3:21
21-19B.B. KingGotta Find My Baby
21-20B.B. KingB.B. Blues
Written-ByJ. Josea*
Volume 22
22-1Little WalterBlues With A Feeling3:09
22-2Little WalterJuke2:43
22-3Little WalterSad Hours3:10
22-4Little WalterTell Me Mama2:46
22-5Little WalterOff The Wall2:48
22-6Little WalterYou Better Watch Yourself3:04
22-7Little WalterMy Babe2:41
22-8Little WalterLast Night2:43
22-9Little WalterYou're So Fine3:03
22-10Little WalterRoller Coaster2:53
22-11Little WalterMoonshine Blues2:54
22-12Little WalterBad Acting Woman2:45
22-13Little WalterBlue Baby2:14
22-14Little WalterCan't Hold On Much Longer3:00
22-15Little WalterTonight With A Fool2:54
22-16Little WalterBoogie3:00
22-17Little WalterRed Headed Woman2:47
22-18Little WalterI Just Keep Loving Her2:30
22-19Little WalterMean Old World2:53
22-20Little WalterLights Out2:44
Volume 23
23-1Lightnin' Slim*Rock Me Mama2:47
23-2Lightnin' Slim*Bad Luck2:58
23-3Lightnin' Slim*New Orleans Bound2:48
23-4Lightnin' Slim*Bugger Bugger Boy2:05
23-5Lightnin' Slim*I'm A Rollin' Stone2:25
23-6Lightnin' Slim*Hoodoo Man2:25
23-7Lightnin' Slim*I'm Grown3:07
23-8Lightnin' Slim*Nothing But The Devil3:06
23-9Lightnin' Slim*Tom Cat Blues2:54
23-10Lightnin' Slim*Wintertime Blues3:00
23-11J.B. LenoirI Have Married2:28
23-12J.B. LenoirHow Much More2:57
23-13J.B. LenoirLet's Roll Pt. 12:51
23-14J.B. LenoirThe Mojo Pt. 12:54
23-15J.B. LenoirSlow Down Woman3:24
23-16J.B. LenoirLouise3:04
23-17J.B. LenoirWhen I Was Young2:41
23-18J.B. LenoirBassology2:54
23-19J.B. LenoirPlay A Little While2:51
23-20J.B. LenoirLivin' In The White House2:30
Volume 24
24-1LeadbellyAlabama Bound3:03
24-2LeadbellyFort Worth And Dallas Blues3:01
24-3LeadbellyLeavin' Blues2:52
24-4LeadbellyMidnight Special2:07
24-5LeadbellyT.B. Woman Blues3:08
24-6LeadbellyNew York City3:02
24-7LeadbellyShorty George3:06
24-8LeadbellyJohn Hardy4:19
24-9LeadbellyBourgeois Blues3:16
24-10LeadbellyGood Morning Blues2:47
24-11LeadbellyEasy Rider3:11
24-12LeadbellyPretty Flower In Your Backyard2:44
24-13LeadbellyBlack Snake Moan3:09
24-14LeadbellySee See Rider2:56
24-15LeadbellyRoberta Pt. 13:00
24-17LeadbellyGrey Goose2:57
24-18LeadbellyPick A Bale Of Cotton3:01
24-19LeadbellyWhere Did You Sleep Last Night?3:02
24-20LeadbellyDeath Letter Blues Pt. 12:58
Volume 25
25-1Little Willie JohnFever
Written-ByCooley*, Davenport*
25-2Little Willie JohnAll Around The World
Written-ByTitus Turner
25-3Little Willie JohnSuffering With The Blues
Written-ByPemberton*, Conyers*
25-4Little Willie JohnTell It Like It Is2:24
25-5Little Willie JohnPerson To Person
Written-BySingleton*, McRae*
25-6Little Willie JohnNeed Your Love So Bad
Written-ByMertis John
25-7Little Willie JohnTalk To Me, Talk To Me
Written-ByJoe Seneca
25-8Little Willie JohnHome At Last2:47
25-9Little Willie JohnMy Nerves
Written-ByB. Marks*
25-10Little Willie JohnLeave My Kitten Alone
Written-ByMcDougal*, John*, Turner*
25-11Smiley LewisHow Long2:17
25-12Smiley LewisGoin' To Jump And Shout1:57
25-13Smiley LewisAin't Goin' There No More2:13
25-14Smiley LewisLast Night
25-15Smiley LewisTee-Nah-Nah2:14
25-16Smiley LewisLonesome Highway2:14
25-17Smiley LewisLying Woman2:31
25-18Smiley LewisNo Letter Today
25-19Smiley LewisMama Don't Like2:44
25-20Smiley LewisI Want To Be With Her
Volume 26
26-1Furry LewisEverybody's Blues2:55
26-2Furry LewisSweet Papa Moan2:12
26-3Furry LewisKassie Jones Pt. 13:07
26-4Furry LewisBilly Lyons And Stack-O-Lee2:34
26-5Furry LewisJudge Harsh Blues3:01
26-6Furry LewisJohn Henry2:54
26-7Furry LewisBlack Gypsy Blues2:50
26-8Furry LewisI Will Turn Your Money Green3:12
26-9Furry LewisJelly Roll2:39
26-10Furry LewisGood Looking Girl Blues2:53
26-11Furry LewisMistreatin' Mama3:08
26-12Furry LewisFurry's Blues3:16
26-13Furry LewisMean Old Bed Bug Blues2:45
26-14Furry LewisBig Chief Blues2:52
26-15Furry LewisWhy Don't You Come Home Blues2:46
26-16Robert Lockwood*Dust My Broom2:45
26-17Robert Lockwood*Pearly B2:28
26-18Robert Lockwood*Aw Aw Baby2:38
26-19Robert Lockwood*Sweet Woman From Maine3:01
26-20Robert Lockwood*You've Gotta Stop This Mess2:44
Volume 27
27-1Magic SamAll Your Love2:56
27-2Magic SamLove Me With A Feeling2:08
27-3Magic SamEverything Gonna Be Alright2:46
27-4Magic SamEasy Baby3:29
27-5Magic Sam21 Days In Jail2:45
27-6Jimmy McCracklinListen Woman2:47
27-7Jimmy McCracklinI Can't Understand Love3:00
27-8Jimmy McCracklinJosephine2:37
27-9Jimmy McCracklinLove When It Rains2:36
27-10Jimmy McCracklinI Think My Time Is Here3:02
27-11Jimmy McCracklinDeceivin' Blues2:55
27-12Jimmy McCracklinBeer Drinkin' Woman3:00
27-13Jimmy McCracklinHamburger Joint3:00
27-14Jimmy McCracklinJust Won't Let Her Go2:56
27-15Jimmy McCracklinRockin' All Day2:42
27-16Jimmy McCracklinGotta Cut Out2:27
27-17Jimmy McCracklinRockin' Man3:00
27-18Jimmy McCracklinLooking For A Woman2:34
27-19Jimmy McCracklinTrue Love Blues2:39
27-20Jimmy McCracklinThe Walk
Volume 28
28-1Percy MayfieldPlease Send Me Someone To Love2:57
28-2Percy MayfieldStrange Things Happening2:52
28-3Percy MayfieldWhat A Fool I Was2:49
28-4Percy MayfieldLost Love (Baby, Please)2:58
28-5Percy MayfieldAdvice2:58
28-6Percy MayfieldNightmare2:25
28-7Percy MayfieldYou Don't Exist No More2:50
28-8Percy MayfieldGet Way Back2:41
28-9Percy MayfieldThe River's Invitation2:56
28-10Percy MayfieldLife Is Suicide2:51
28-11Johnny Moore's Three BlazersDragnet Blues2:38
28-12Johnny Moore's Three BlazersSaturday Night (Four Nights Drunk)3:19
28-13Johnny Moore's Three BlazersJohnny, Johnny2:51
28-14Johnny Moore's Three BlazersDown In Texas2:19
28-15Johnny Moore's Three BlazersBe Cool2:49
28-16Johnny Moore's Three BlazersPlaying Numbers2:19
28-17Johnny Moore's Three BlazersCrazy With The Blues2:53
28-18Johnny Moore's Three BlazersNightmare Blues2:57
28-19Johnny Moore's Three BlazersGee, It's Rough2:42
28-20Johnny Moore's Three BlazersI Don't Know, Yes I Know2:41
Volume 29
29-1Memphis MinnieFrisco Town
29-2Memphis MinnieMoonshine2:47
29-3Memphis MinnieNothing Is Rambling2:44
29-4Memphis MinnieI'm Talking About You2:42
29-5Memphis MinnieJoe Louis Strut2:52
29-6Memphis MinnieMe And My Chauffeur Blues2:46
29-7Memphis MinnieMy Baby Don't Want Me No More2:53
29-8Memphis MinnieBumble Bee3:18
29-9Memphis MinnieBoy Friend Blues2:47
29-10Memphis MinnieIn My Girlish Days2:34
29-11Big MaybelleGabbin' Blues (Don't Run My Business)2:41
29-12Big MaybelleRain Down Rain
29-13Big MaybelleWay Back Home
29-14Big MaybellePlease Stay Away From My Sam2:34
29-15Big MaybelleJinny Mule
29-16Big MaybelleI've Got A Feelin'
29-17Big MaybelleOne Monkey Don't Stop No Show2:52
29-18Big MaybelleHair Dressin' Women3:25
29-19Big MaybelleDon't Leave Poor Me
29-20Big MaybelleNo More Trouble Out Of Me3:26
Volume 30
30-1Roy MiltonCryin' And Singin' The Blues
Written-ByBartley*, Hickman*
30-2Roy MiltonI Want A Little Girl
Written-ByMoll*, Mencher*
30-3Roy MiltonMy Blue Heaven
Written-ByWhiting*, Donaldson*
30-4Roy MiltonTaint Me
Written-ByPalmer*, Davis*
30-5Roy MiltonGroovy Blues
Written-ByCamille - Howard*
30-6Roy MiltonWaking Up Blues2:36
30-7Roy MiltonSympathetic Blues2:44
30-8Roy MiltonPlayboy Blues2:34
30-9Roy MiltonRhythm Cocktail2:23
30-10Roy MiltonBye Bye Blues3:01
30-11Amos MilburnChicken Shack Boogie
Written-ByA.L. Cullum*
30-12Amos MilburnI'm Still A Fool For You
Written-ByRay Williams (9)
30-13Amos MilburnAll Is Well2:31
30-14Amos MilburnMy Happiness Depends On You
Written-ByRay Williams (9)
30-15Amos MilburnI Know You Love Me2:58
30-16Amos MilburnOne Scotch, One Bourbon, One Beer2:51
30-17Amos MilburnBad Bad Whiskey2:54
30-18Amos MilburnLet's Have A Party
Written-ByR. Mesner*
30-19Amos MilburnDown The Road Apiece
Written-ByD. Raye*
30-20Amos MilburnTrouble In Mind2:33
Volume 31
31-1Big MaceoWorried Life Blues2:56
31-2Big MaceoCounty Jail Blues
Written-ByAlfred Fields
31-3Big MaceoCan't You Read
Written-ByTampa Red
31-4Big MaceoTuff Luck Blues3:03
31-5Big MaceoIt's All Up To You3:10
31-6Big MaceoPoor Kelly Blues3:19
31-7Big MaceoMy Last Go Round
Written-ByDan Howell
31-8Big MaceoI Got The Blues2:51
31-9Big MaceoRambin' Mind Blues3:11
31-10Big MaceoWhy Should I Hang Around3:12
31-11Blind Willie McTellGeorgia Rag3:03
31-12Blind Willie McTellRough Alley Blues3:16
31-13Blind Willie McTellLow Rider's Blues3:15
31-14Blind Willie McTellPainful Blues2:52
31-15Blind Willie McTellExperience Blues2:52
31-16Blind Willie McTellLow Down Blues3:12
31-17Blind Willie McTellLonesome Day Blues3:12
31-18Blind Willie McTellMama, Let Me Scoop For You3:07
31-19Blind Willie McTellRollin' Mama Blues3:03
31-20Blind Willie McTellSearching The Desert For The Blues3:07
Volume 32
32-1Memphis SlimReally Got The Blues2:38
32-2Memphis SlimMother Earth2:41
32-3Memphis SlimI Guess I'm A Fool3:02
32-4Memphis SlimHavin' Fun2:22
32-5Memphis SlimMarack2:32
32-6Memphis SlimTia Juana2:52
32-7Memphis SlimReverend Bounce2:37
32-8Memphis SlimI'm Crying3:16
32-9Memphis SlimBlues For My Baby2:41
32-10Memphis SlimSlim's Blues2:59
32-11Tommy McClennanBaby, Don't You Want To Go2:55
32-12Tommy McClennanYou Can't Mistreat Me2:41
32-13Tommy McClennanShake 'Em On Down3:07
32-14Tommy McClennanBottle It Up And Go2:46
32-15Tommy McClennanBrown Skin Girl2:42
32-16Tommy McClennanI'm Going Don't You Know2:41
32-17Tommy McClennanMy Baby's Gone2:42
32-18Tommy McClennanWhiskey Headed Woman2:57
32-19Tommy McClennanIt's Hard To Be Lonesome2:35
32-20Tommy McClennanHighway 512:48
Volume 33
33-1Mississippi Fred McDowell*I'm Going Down The River4:19
33-2Mississippi Fred McDowell*When The Train Comes Along2:51
33-3Mississippi Fred McDowell*Shake 'Em On Down2:45
33-4Mississippi Fred McDowell*Worried Mind3:35
33-5Mississippi Fred McDowell*Keep Your Lamp Trimmed And Burning3:12
33-6Mississippi Fred McDowell*What's The Matter Now?4:58
33-7Mississippi Fred McDowell*Good Morning Little Schoolgirl2:58
33-8Mississippi Fred McDowell*You Done Told Everybody6:10
33-9Mississippi Fred McDowell*Wished I Was In Heaven Sitting Down2:11
33-10Mississippi Fred McDowell*61 Highway3:12
33-11Mississippi John HurtCandy Man Blues2:46
33-12Mississippi John HurtBlessed Be The Name2:47
33-13Mississippi John HurtNobody's Dirty Business2:53
33-14Mississippi John HurtLouis Collins2:58
33-15Mississippi John HurtPraying On The Old Camp Ground
33-16Mississippi John HurtSpike Driver Blues3:14
33-17Mississippi John HurtAvalon Blues3:03
33-18Mississippi John HurtAin't No Telling2:55
33-19Mississippi John HurtBlue Harvest Blues2:52
33-20Mississippi John HurtGot The Blues2:51
Volume 34
34-1Robert NighthawkCrying Won't Help You2:47
34-2Robert NighthawkSeventy-Four2:54
34-3Robert NighthawkNighthawk Boogie2:37
34-4Robert NighthawkKansas City2:37
34-5Robert NighthawkBricks In My Pillow2:59
34-6Robert NighthawkMaggie Campbell2:49
34-7Robert NighthawkFeel So Bad2:49
34-8Robert NighthawkYou Missed A Good Man2:35
34-9Robert NighthawkThe Moon Is Rising2:46
34-10Robert NighthawkTake It Easy, Baby2:45
34-11Johnny OtisGood Ole Blues2:16
34-12Johnny OtisMean Ole Gal2:35
34-13Johnny OtisHangover Blues2:52
34-14Johnny OtisThursday Night Blues2:45
34-15Johnny OtisI Gotta Guy
34-16Johnny OtisGet Together Blues2:56
34-17Johnny OtisDouble Crossing Blues2:48
34-18Johnny OtisHead Hunter3:03
34-19Johnny OtisGoing To See My Baby
34-20Johnny OtisNew Orleans Shuffle
Written-ByPete Lewis*
Volume 35
35-1Charley PattonHight Water Everywhere Pt. 12:59
35-2Charley PattonHang It On The Wall2:45
35-3Charley PattonPrayer Of Death Pt. 13:06
35-4Bukka WhiteSic Em Dogs On2:23
35-5Brother W.M. Moseley* & Delta Big FourWatch And Pray2:58
35-6Buddy Boy HawkinsSnatch And Grab It3:06
35-7Willie Brown (2)M And O Blues3:04
35-8Willie Lofton TrioDark Road Blues3:03
35-9Son HouseCounty Farm Blues2:23
35-10Howlin' WolfForty Four2:48
35-11Snooky PryorSnooky And Moody's Boogie2:20
35-12Snooky PryorTelephone Blues2:46
35-13Snooky PryorBoogy Fool2:27
35-14Snooky PryorStop The Train, Conductor2:36
35-15Snooky PryorWalking Boogie2:34
35-16Snooky PryorUncle Sam, Don't Take My Man3:18
35-17Snooky PryorRough Treatment2:44
35-18Snooky PryorStockyard Blues2:52
35-19Snooky PryorKeep What You Got2:20
35-20Snooky PryorLet Me Ride Your Mule2:40
Volume 36
36-1Professor LonghairGo To The Mardi Gras2:48
36-2Professor LonghairIn The NIght2:33
36-3Professor LonghairHey Little Girl3:03
36-4Professor LonghairWalk Your Blues Away2:57
36-5Professor LonghairWillie Mae2:49
36-6Professor LonghairProfessor Longhair Blues2:30
36-7Professor LonghairMisery2:01
36-8Professor LonghairLooka, No Hair2:07
36-9Professor LonghairCuttin' Out2:39
36-10Professor LonghairBaby, Let Me Hold Your Hand2:14
36-11Junior Parker*Feelin' Good2:58
36-12Junior Parker*Mystery Train2:22
36-13Junior Parker*Sittin' At The Bar2:35
36-14Junior Parker*Sittin' At The Window2:02
36-15Junior Parker*Sittin', Drinkin' And Thinkin'3:10
36-16Junior Parker*Dirty Friend Blues3:04
36-17Junior Parker*Backtracking2:37
36-18Junior Parker*I Wanna Ramble2:51
36-19Junior Parker*There Better Be No Feet2:33
36-20Junior Parker*Fussin' And Fightin' Blues3:00
Volume 37
37-1Jimmy ReedBaby What You Want Me To Do2:27
37-2Jimmy ReedFound Love2:19
37-3Jimmy ReedBig Boss Man2:50
37-4Jimmy ReedHush Hush2:38
37-5Jimmy ReedI'm Nervous2:39
37-6Jimmy ReedGoing By The River Pt. 12:04
37-7Jimmy ReedI Ain't Got You2:19
37-8Jimmy ReedCome Love2:31
37-9Jimmy ReedMeet Me2:52
37-10Jimmy ReedI Was So Wrong3:13
37-11Otis RushChecking On My Baby
Written-ByH. Melka*
37-12Otis RushLove That Woman
37-13Otis RushMy Baby Is A Good'un2:40
37-14Otis RushAll Your Love2:38
37-15Otis RushIf You Were Mine3:06
37-16Otis RushViolent Love2:32
37-17Otis RushMy Love Will Never Die3:08
37-18Otis RushThree Times A Fool2:51
37-19Otis RushKeep On Loving Me Baby2:21
37-20Otis RushIt Takes Time
Written-ByArthur Korb
Volume 38
38-1Jimmy RushingGood Morning Blues5:19
38-2Jimmy RushingSee See Rider
Written-ByMa Rainey
38-3Jimmy RushingTake Me Back, Baby2:39
38-4Jimmy RushingSent For Your Yesterday
38-5Jimmy RushingRoll'em Peter
Written-ByTurner*, Johnson*
38-6Jimmy RushingMy Friend Mr. Blues5:02
38-7Jimmy RushingEvery Day5:39
38-8Jimmy RushingSometimes I Think I Do6:34
38-9Jimmy RushingTake Me With You, Baby5:01
38-10Jimmy RushingEvenin'
38-11Tampa RedYou Missed A Good Man3:30
38-12Tampa RedShe Want To Sell My Monkey3:14
38-13Tampa RedShe's Love Crazy2:56
38-14Tampa RedHard Road Blues2:54
38-15Tampa RedLet Me Play With Your Poodle2:33
38-16Tampa RedCrying Won't Help You3:08
38-17Tampa RedSweet Little Angel2:53
38-18Tampa RedBut I Forgive You2:48
38-19Tampa RedSo Much Trouble2:54
38-20Tampa RedBig Stars Falling Blues3:07
Volume 39
39-1Bessie SmithDown Hearted Blues
Written-ByA. Hunter*, L. Austin*
39-2Bessie SmithGulf Coast Blues3:05
39-3Bessie SmithOh Daddy Blues
Written-ByE. Herbert*, W. Russell*
39-4Bessie SmithBaby Won't You Please Come Home
Written-ByC. Warfield*
39-5Bessie SmithAggravatin Papa
Written-ByA. Britt*, J.R. Robinson*, R. Turk*
39-6Bessie SmithBeale Street Mama
Written-ByJ.R. Robinson*, R. Turk*
39-7Bessie SmithKeeps On A-Rainin' (Papa, He Can't Make No Time)
Written-ByM. Kortlander*
39-8Bessie SmithTaint Nobody's Bizness If I Do
Written-ByE. Robbins*, P. Grainger*
39-9Bessie SmithMama's Got The Blues
Written-ByS. Martin*
39-10Bessie SmithOutside Of That
Written-ByJ.H. Trent*
39-11Bessie SmithLady Luck Blues
Written-ByW. Webber*
39-12Bessie SmithYodling Blues3:12
39-13Bessie SmithBleeding Hearted Blues
Written-ByL. Austin*
39-14Bessie SmithMidnight Blues
Written-ByB. Thomspon*
39-15Bessie SmithIf You Don't, I Know Who Will
Written-ByC. Smith*, T. Bryn*
39-16Bessie SmithNobody In Town Can Bake A Sweet Jelly Roll Like Mine3:32
39-17Bessie SmithJail House Blues
39-18Bessie SmithSam Jones Blues
Written-ByA. Bernard*, J.R. Robinson*, R. Turk*
39-19Bessie SmithCemetery Blues
Written-ByS. Laney*
39-20Bessie SmithGraveyard Dream Blues
Written-ByI. Cox*
Volume 40
40-1Huey "Piano" SmithRockin' Pneumonia And The Boogie Woogie Flu2:18
40-2Huey "Piano" SmithLittle Chickee Wah Wah2:05
40-3Huey "Piano" SmithHush Your Mouth2:40
40-4Huey "Piano" SmithDon't You Know Yockomo2:32
40-5Huey "Piano" SmithHavin' A Good Time2:31
40-6Huey "Piano" SmithBeatnik Blues2:22
40-7Huey "Piano" SmithWell I'll Be John Brown2:34
40-8Huey "Piano" SmithEverybody's Waitin'2:39
40-9Huey "Piano" SmithMean Mean Mean2:37
40-10Huey "Piano" SmithLittle Liza Jane2:14
40-11Frankie Lee SimsLucy Mae Blues2:27
40-12Frankie Lee SimsLong Gone2:52
40-13Frankie Lee SimsJelly Roll Baker2:36
40-14Frankie Lee SimsI Done Talked And I Done Talked2:46
40-15Frankie Lee SimsCryin' Won't Help You2:42
40-16Frankie Lee SimsDon't Take It Out On Me2:49
40-17Frankie Lee SimsRaggedy And Dirty2:37
40-18Frankie Lee SimsFrankie's Blues2:41
40-19Frankie Lee SimsMarried Woman3:03
40-20Frankie Lee SimsLucy Mae Blues Pt. 22:58
Volume 41
41-1Roosevelt Sykes44 Blues3:13
41-2Roosevelt SykesUnder Eyed Woman3:16
41-3Roosevelt SykesKnock Me Out2:51
41-4Roosevelt SykesTrouble And Whiskey2:41
41-5Roosevelt SykesSykes Advice Blues2:44
41-6Roosevelt SykesTraining Camp Blues2:52
41-7Roosevelt SykesSugar Babe Blues2:48
41-8Roosevelt SykesJiving The Jive3:20
41-9Roosevelt SykesLittle Sam2:40
41-10Roosevelt SykesThe Honeydripper
Written-ByJoe Liggins
41-11Son HouseAm I Right Or Wrong1:51
41-12Son HouseThe Pony Blues5:17
41-13Son HouseWalkin' Blues2:56
41-14Son HouseDepot Blues2:56
41-15Son HouseCounty Farm Blues2:24
41-16Son HouseThe Jinx Blues3:24
41-17Son HouseLevee Camp Blues3:46
41-18Son HouseSpecial Rider Blues3:06
41-19Son HouseLow Down Dirty Dog Blues5:05
41-20Son HouseAmerican Defense2:56
Volume 42
42-1Sunnyland SlimMud Kicking Woman3:00
42-2Sunnyland SlimBrown Skin Woman2:36
42-3Sunnyland SlimI'm Just A Lonesome Man2:37
42-4Sunnyland SlimBack To Korea Now3:07
42-5Sunnyland SlimYou've Got To Stop This Mess2:42
42-6Sunnyland SlimSunnyland Special2:38
42-7Sunnyland SlimLeaving Your Town3:04
42-8Sunnyland SlimI Don You Wrong2:44
42-9Sunnyland SlimOrphan Boy Blues2:53
42-10Sunnyland SlimWhen I Was Young (Shake It Baby)2:22
42-11Sunnyland SlimHit The Road Again3:15
42-12Johnny ShinesRamblin'2:33
42-13Johnny ShinesFishtail2:31
42-14Johnny ShinesCool Drive2:56
42-15Johnny ShinesAin't Doin' No Good2:36
42-16Johnny ShinesEvening Shuffle2:16
42-17Johnny ShinesEvening Sun2:32
42-18Johnny ShinesNo Name Blues2:49
42-19Johnny ShinesBrutal Hearted Woman2:55
42-20Johnny ShinesGonna Call The Angel3:09
Volume 43
43-1Big Mama ThorntonPartnership Blues2:40
43-2Big Mama ThorntonI'm All Fed Up2:34
43-3Big Mama ThorntonLet Your Tears Fall Baby2:44
43-4Big Mama ThorntonThey Call Me Big Mama
43-5Big Mama ThorntonHound Dog
Written-ByLeiber - Stoller*
43-6Big Mama ThorntonWalking Blues
43-7Big Mama ThorntonI've Searched The World Over
43-8Big Mama ThorntonI Smell A Rat
Written-ByLeiber - Stoller*
43-9Big Mama ThorntonNightmare2:52
43-10Big Mama ThorntonI Ain't No Fool Neither
43-11Sister Rosetta TharpeLet That Liar Alone2:39
43-12Sister Rosetta TharpeSit Down2:22
43-13Sister Rosetta TharpeWhat's The News2:55
43-14Sister Rosetta TharpeSingin' In My Soul2:54
43-15Sister Rosetta TharpeThe Natural Facts3:16
43-16Sister Rosetta TharpeTwo Little Fishes And Five Loaves Of Bread2:57
43-17Sister Rosetta TharpeNobody's Fault But Mine3:06
43-18Sister Rosetta TharpeNobody Know Nobody Care2:38
43-19Sister Rosetta TharpeAll Over This World2:38
43-20Sister Rosetta TharpeFour Or Five Times2:32
Volume 44
44-1Sonny TerryBye Bye Baby Blues2:33
44-2Sonny TerryI Don't Care How Long3:03
44-3Sonny TerryBlues And Worried Man2:46
44-4Sonny TerryHarmonica Blues2:41
44-5Sonny TerrySomebody's Been Talkin'2:47
44-6Sonny TerryHarmonica Stomp2:47
44-7Sonny TerryTwelve Gates To The City2:41
44-8Sonny TerryYou Got To Have Your Dollar2:41
44-9Sonny TerryDon't Want No Skinny Woman2:41
44-10Sonny TerryBlowing The Blues2:53
44-11Eddie Taylor (2)Bad Boy3:02
44-12Eddie Taylor (2)Big Town Playboy2:59
44-13Eddie Taylor (2)Find My Baby2:21
44-14Eddie Taylor (2)Stroll Out West2:32
44-15Eddie Taylor (2)E.T. Blues2:46
44-16Eddie Taylor (2)Don't Knock At My Door2:48
44-17Eddie Taylor (2)I'm Gonna Love You2:00
44-18Eddie Taylor (2)Leave This Neighborhood2:29
44-19Eddie Taylor (2)I'm Sitting Here2:49
44-20Eddie Taylor (2)Ride'em On Down2:57
Volume 45
45-1Big Joe TurnerBlues In The Night
Written-ByArlen*, Mercer*
45-2Big Joe TurnerSun Risin' Blues2:48
45-3Big Joe TurnerS.K. Blues Part 1
45-4Big Joe TurnerNobody In Mind
45-5Big Joe TurnerBlues On Central Avenue2:37
45-6Big Joe TurnerIce Man
45-7Big Joe TurnerCry Baby Blues
Written-ByMeyer*, Young*, Lewis*
45-8Big Joe TurnerRebecca2:42
45-9Big Joe TurnerIt's The Same Old Story2:57
45-10Big Joe TurnerChewed Up
45-11Eddie Cleanhead Vinson*Too Many Women Blues2:42
45-12Eddie Cleanhead Vinson*Just A Dream
45-13Eddie Cleanhead Vinson*King For A Day Blues3:06
45-14Eddie Cleanhead Vinson*Railroad Porter's Blues
45-15Eddie Cleanhead Vinson*Gonna Send You Back Where I Got You From
45-16Eddie Cleanhead Vinson*When I Get Drunk
Written-ByHenderson*, Sample (5)
45-17Eddie Cleanhead Vinson*Oil Man Blues
Written-ByHenderson*, Sample (5)
45-18Eddie Cleanhead Vinson*Ever-Ready Blues2:45
45-19Eddie Cleanhead Vinson*I've Been So Good
Written-BySwain (3)
45-20Eddie Cleanhead Vinson*Bonus Pay
Written ByClark
Written-ByCosey*, Clark*, Brown*
Volume 46
46-1T-Bone WalkerThey Call It Stormy Monday3:01
46-2T-Bone WalkerIt's A Low Down Dirty Deal2:54
46-3T-Bone WalkerBobby Sox Blues
Written-ByD. Williams*
46-4T-Bone WalkerMean Old World
46-5T-Bone WalkerEvening
Written-ByAlstone*, Goodhard, M. Parish*
46-6T-Bone WalkerLong Skirt Baby Blues
46-7T-Bone WalkerMidnight Blues
Written-ByJohn "Shifty" Henry
46-8T-Bone WalkerI'm Still In Love With You
Written-ByC. Glenn*
46-9T-Bone WalkerLow Down Dirty Shame (Married Woman Blues)2:37
46-10T-Bone WalkerT-Bone Jumps Again2:42
46-11Jimmy WitherspoonI'm Just A Lady's Man
46-12Jimmy WitherspoonLove My Baby
46-13Jimmy WitherspoonLove And Friendship
46-14Jimmy WitherspoonGeneva Blues Aka Evil Woman
Written-ByJ. Witherspoon*
46-15Jimmy WitherspoonI'm Just Wandering (Part 1)
46-16Jimmy WitherspoonI'm Just Wandering (Part 2)
46-17Jimmy WitherspoonGood Jumping Aka Jump Children
46-18Jimmy WitherspoonThelma Lee Blues
46-19Jimmy WitherspoonThe Doctor Knows His Business Aka Doctor Blues
46-20Jimmy WitherspoonSlow Your Speed2:59
Volume 47
47-1Muddy WatersCountry Blues3:24
47-2Muddy WatersI Be's Troubled3:05
47-3Muddy WatersBurr Clover Farm Blues2:55
47-4Muddy WatersTake A Walk With Me3:01
47-5Muddy WatersBurr Clover Blues3:11
47-6Muddy WatersWalking Blues2:56
47-7Muddy WatersI Can't Be Satisfied2:42
47-8Muddy WatersGypsy Woman2:34
47-9Muddy WatersI Feel Like Going Home3:09
47-10Muddy WatersLittle Anna Mae2:33
47-11Junior WellsHoodoo Man3:08
47-12Junior WellsJunior's Wail2:55
47-13Junior WellsTomorrow Night2:29
47-14Junior WellsPlease Throw This Poor Dog A Bone2:31
47-15Junior WellsBlues Hit Big Town2:59
47-16Junior WellsBout The Break Of Day3:17
47-17Junior WellsSo All Alone3:22
47-18Junior WellsCut That Out2:53
47-19Junior WellsWays Like An Angel3:18
47-20Junior WellsLord Lord2:42
Volume 48
48-1Sippie WallaceI'm A Mighty Tight Woman2:55
48-2Sippie WallaceMurder's Gonna Be My Crime3:00
48-3Sippie WallaceSuitcase Blues2:40
48-4Sippie WallaceSpecial Delivery Blues3:24
48-5Sippie WallaceThe Flood Blues3:12
48-6Sippie WallaceDead Drunk Blues3:21
48-7Sippie WallaceA Man For Every Day In The Week3:12
48-8Sippie WallaceJack Of Diamond Blues3:08
48-9Sippie WallaceA Jealous Woman Like Me3:12
48-10Sippie WallaceThe Mail Train Blues2:56
48-11Peetie WheatstrawDevil's Son-In-Law3:24
48-12Peetie WheatstrawShake That Thing2:43
48-13Peetie WheatstrawGangster's Blues
Written-ByLuther (11), Williams (41)
48-14Peetie WheatstrawCome Over And See Me2:59
48-15Peetie WheatstrawCake Alley3:08
48-16Peetie WheatstrawShack Bully Stomp2:38
48-17Peetie WheatstrawTight Time Project3:08
48-18Peetie WheatstrawWorking On The Project3:11
48-19Peetie WheatstrawWeeping Willow Blues2:50
48-20Peetie WheatstrawPeetie Wheatstraw Stomp2:34
Volume 49
49-1Johnny Guitar WatsonGangster Of Love2:43
49-2Johnny Guitar WatsonToo Tired2:42
49-3Johnny Guitar WatsonOh Baby2:40
49-4Johnny Guitar WatsonMotor Head Baby2:14
49-5Johnny Guitar WatsonTelephone Boogie2:39
49-6Johnny Guitar WatsonShe Moves Me2:53
49-7Johnny Guitar WatsonOne Room Country Shack2:41
49-8Johnny Guitar WatsonHot Little Mama2:58
49-9Johnny Guitar WatsonYou've Been Gone Too Long2:10
49-10Johnny Guitar WatsonLove Bandit (Gangster Of Love)2:07
49-11Big Joe WilliamsDrop Down Blues2:57
49-12Big Joe WilliamsWanita3:24
49-13Big Joe WilliamsVitamin A2:48
49-14Big Joe WilliamsStack Of Dollars2:50
49-15Big Joe WilliamsWild Cow Moan2:54
49-16Big Joe WilliamsKing Biscuit Stomp2:34
49-17Big Joe WilliamsBaby Please Don't Go2:48
49-18Big Joe WilliamsHouselady Blues2:58
49-19Big Joe WilliamsHis Spirit Lives On2:47
49-20Big Joe WilliamsShe's A Married Woman2:44
Volume 50
50-1Sonny Boy Williamson I. (John Lee)*Black Gal Blues2:48
50-2Sonny Boy Williamson I. (John Lee)*Bad Luck Blues2:45
50-3Sonny Boy Williamson I. (John Lee)*My Black Name Blues2:45
50-4Sonny Boy Williamson I. (John Lee)*Stop Breaking Down2:56
50-5Sonny Boy Williamson I. (John Lee)*Train Fare Blues2:55
50-6Sonny Boy Williamson I. (John Lee)*Check Up On My Baby Blues2:47
50-7Sonny Boy Williamson I. (John Lee)*Hoo Doo Hoo Doo2:40
50-8Sonny Boy Williamson I. (John Lee)*Shake The Boogie2:48
50-9Sonny Boy Williamson I. (John Lee)*Welfare Store Blues2:50
50-10Sonny Boy Williamson I. (John Lee)*Better Cut That Out2:57
50-11Sonny Boy Williamson II. (Rice Miller)*Don't Start Me To Talkin'2:37
50-12Sonny Boy Williamson II. (Rice Miller)*Keep It To Yourself2:52
50-13Sonny Boy Williamson II. (Rice Miller)*Fattering Frogs For Snakes2:23
50-14Sonny Boy Williamson II. (Rice Miller)*Wake Up Baby2:59
50-15Sonny Boy Williamson II. (Rice Miller)*Your Funeral And My Trial2:32
50-16Sonny Boy Williamson II. (Rice Miller)*Cross My Heart3:23
50-17Sonny Boy Williamson II. (Rice Miller)*I Don't Know2:28
50-18Sonny Boy Williamson II. (Rice Miller)*All My Love In Vain2:51
50-19Sonny Boy Williamson II. (Rice Miller)*Dissatisfied2:45
50-20Sonny Boy Williamson II. (Rice Miller)*992:40
50-21Sonny Boy Williamson II. (Rice Miller)*The Key (To Your Door)3:17
Volume 51
51-1Bukka WhiteGood Gin Blues2:22
51-2Bukka WhiteShake 'Em On Down3:00
51-3Bukka WhiteWhen Can I Change My Clothes?2:58
51-4Bukka WhiteHigh Fever Blues2:49
51-5Bukka WhiteBukka's Jitterbug Swing2:38
51-6Bukka WhiteDistrict Attorney Blues2:40
51-7Bukka WhiteStrange Place Blues2:51
51-8Bukka WhiteSleepy My Blues2:50
51-9Bukka WhitePinebluff, Arkansas2:48
51-10Bukka WhiteFixin' To Die Blues2:47
51-11Josh WhiteUncle Sam Says2:44
51-12Josh WhiteJim Crow Train3:04
51-13Josh WhiteBad Housing Blues2:39
51-14Josh WhiteSouthern Exposure3:12
51-15Josh WhiteDefense Factory Blues2:46
51-16Josh WhitePrison Bound2:55
51-17Josh WhiteHard Time Blues3:19
51-18Josh WhiteMonday, Tuesday, Wednesday3:36
51-19Josh WhiteOne Meat Ball3:04
51-20Josh WhiteHard Time Blues2:47
Volume 52
52-1Jimmy YanceyRolling The Stone2:39
52-2Jimmy YanceySteady Rock Blues2:58
52-3Jimmy YanceyP.L.K. Special3:07
52-4Jimmy YanceySouth Side Stuff3:07
52-5Jimmy YanceyYancey's Getaway3:11
52-6Jimmy YanceyHow Long Blues
Written-ByL. Carr*
52-7Jimmy YanceyYancey Stomp2:51
52-8Jimmy YanceyState Street Special2:43
52-9Jimmy YanceyFive O'Clock Blues2:45
52-10Jimmy YanceyLa Salle Street Breakdown3:03
52-11Jimmy YanceyFour O'Clock Blues5:15
52-12Jimmy Yancey35th And Dearborne3:13
52-13Jimmy YanceyMonkey Woman Blues4:08
52-14Jimmy YanceySanta Fe Blues2:50
52-15Jimmy YanceyMake Me A Pallet On The Floor
52-16Jimmy YanceyLucille's Lament3:10
52-17Jimmy YanceyTwo O'Clock Blues3:01
52-18Jimmy YanceyYancey Special2:42
52-19Jimmy YanceyWhite Sox Stomp4:05
52-20Jimmy YanceyShave'em Dry

Companies, etc.



Special first edition includes: historic Hohner Puck harmonica.

Writing credits for tracks 4-1 to 4-10 state erroneously "Duchess" as writer, which is the original label.

On track 10-12, a writing credit is erroneously given to "T Model". That, however, is actually the subtitle of the song, and not a songwriter.

On track 10-17, a writing credit is erroneously given to "Martha Hardin". That, however, is actually the subtitle of the song, and not a songwriter.

Tracks 35-4 to 35-10 are erroneously listed as being by Charley Patton; all of them appear on the "Screamin' And Hollerin' The Blues (The Worlds Of Charley Patton)" box set on Revenant and have quite probably been sourced from it. 35-9, correctly titled "County Farm Blues" rather than "Country Farm Blues", also appears as 41-15 with the correct artist credit.

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Manufactured by Membran Music Ltd.
Distribution: Membran Music Ltd.

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  • Matrix / Runout (CD51): 233168 CD51
  • Matrix / Runout (CD52): 233168 CD52



  • otomstreet's avatar
    If you are thinking of exploring the Blues or even just digging deeper into the Blues, this is the perfect box set to pick up. Even you are already into the blues this is the perfect box set to start expanding on. The sound quality is very good and the artist / track selection is very good. You basically get an album worth of music for each artist and a couple of the major artists you get a whole CD worth. You get a nice booklet 12" x 12" with a little write up of each artist with some portrait pictures so you know who you are listening to. This set is put together and put out by Hohner Harmonica and actual has a small Puck harmonica inside for a collector's item. For the price you cn pick this up at it's a must have even if ou re only a little bit interested in the Blues.


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