Model Home (3) & Wolf EyesMore Difficult Messages


1Time Designers Vocal3:24
2U Eyes Trio Vocal ft. Dolo Percussion4:41
3Stare Case Vocal4:49
4Invisible Thread Vocal6:46
5Invisible Thread Version6:45
6Stare Case Version4:49
7U Eyes Trio Version4:35
8Time Designers Version3:21


Original recordings made by Nate Young, John Olson, Alex Moskos and Gretchen Gonzales. Overdubs, vocals and re-versioning by Patrick Cain and NAPPYNAPPA. Additional percussion on A2 by Max D. Originally available as a limited tour CD, May 2023. Artwork by Wolf Eyes and Model Home.

A soundclash of double dissentient duos, opening up an eternal k-hole tunnel linking the Michigan underground with the subterranean saturnalians from Washington DC.

Music that sounds like melting pavements and heat hazed shimmer, a million conversations overheard but only the occasional outline of a word sinks in, repetitive ad-stream mantras “ALWAYS BE BRANDING”, footing lost during stagger up information junk pile, atoms disengage and re-arrange, something like the memory of a shape.

Wolf Eyes and Model Home met in November 2022 when they played a show together at the Market Hotel in Brooklyn. Already aware of each other’s music, and sharing a connection via the Disciples label, there was an immediate recognition of kindred spirits, plans hatched for future collaboration. January 2023 saw the release of Wolf Eyes Presents Difficult Messages, a compilation LP of private press 45s originally released as a series of homemade mail order boxsets during the pandemic, featuring the core Wolf crew of Nate Young and John Olson trading long distance sounds with friends such as Raven Chacon, Alex Moskos (AIDS Wolf, Drainolith), Aaron Dilloway, and Gretchen Gonzales (Universal Indians, Infinite River). Whilst the compilation (beautifully presented as a limited clear vinyl LP + zine package) collated a highlights reel from the project, there were plenty of tracks not included for reasons of space. These recordings were handed over to Model Home to mess with further, in the same way that they had taken the His Name Is Alive ‘beat tape’ Return Versions and dubbed it into infinity. On More Difficult Messages they fracture the already disintegrating tracks into separate shards and reconstruct them into new shapes, adding hand-built synth bleeps, irregular drum machine patterns and the abstracted mic flow of NAPPYNAPPA, deftly stitched together by Pat Cain at the controls, with added floor tom by Future Times head honcho Dolo Percussion on one track. The tape is presented JA style, with vocals on one side and instrumental excursions on the flip, this is a true meeting of mangled minds.



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