Pdub & The M Vibrator - Take Time as reviewed by step16

April 29, 2011
edited over 6 years ago
Written by Youri Jozee (beatsandbeyond)

Athens based PDub and The M Vibrator set things ablaze with a fresh dub influenced techno release on the Permanent Damage label.

Dubby techno may be big but actual high quality gems are hard to find amidst the dozens of crappy releases we're flooded with these days. However, The Take Time EP by PDub & The M Vibrator is one of the more exciting releases in the genre, elegantly fusing minimal-ish tech-house to dubby yet wallshaking elements. The EP starts off with 'Take Lime', a drum-driven tech-house tune with subtle Balearic bits and countless loopy layers of shakers, snares, hi-hats and bass. 'Can't' is a much darker and moodier affair, with a long intro building up to a very minimal but exciting sequence marked by a variety of dirty bass fx. 'Tsirimintzoulo' sees the duo taking a housier direction with a fuse of heavy bass, vivid drum programming and a warm overall vibe, while the rumbling monotone grooves and stabby keys on 'Sprouts' deliver a genuine club rocker with lots of exciting twists.

Pdub & The M Vibrator - Take Time step16

April 29, 2011

music review Russell (This Is Why We Dance)

Not got loads to say about this one. It's a four-tracker of what the hype sheet is calling 'dub-inflected tech-house', I think they're over-egging the dub/bass side of things a little TBH, but it is good, and it is pretty bassy.

It's also, in places, a little too glitchy for me to get hugely excited about… until we come to Can't. Can't is basically what acid house music should sound like in 2010 – not in terms of being covered in 303s, cos it isn't, just in the sense of being a big, squelchy, bouncy-ass house groove. Me like, a lot.

Don't get me wrong, the other three tracks – Take Lime, Sprouts and Tsirimintzoulu – are all fine in their way, playable chunks of Berlin-sounding house/techno for sure, but Can't is the one for me here. Boing!