Infected MushroomClassical Mushroom

Label:YoYo Records (2) – YOYO38
CD, Album, Partially Mixed
Style:Goa Trance, Psy-Trance


1Bust A Move8:21
2None Of This Is Real
Guitar [Guitars]Crazy Dan*
3Sailing In The Sea Of Mushroom8:18
4The Shen8:33
5Disco Mushroom8:46
7Nothing Comes Easy7:26
8Mush Mushi7:36
9The Missed Symphony10:26

Companies, etc.



Recorded at Infected Studios.
Designed at DandD Studio.
Printed at May PrintShop.

Sample information (these don't appear on the release):
1) From movie 'Species 2', 1998
'Alien DNA infected us. It's about time we infected them.'
2) From movie 'The Crow II', 1996
'This isn't real.. none of this is real.'
4) From movie 'Merlin', 1998
'Patience, understanding, love. Most of all you need love'
5) The opening chant is from the wedding of King Arthur & Guinevere from movie 'Excalibur', 1981
The vocal sample is from movie 'In Dreams', 1999
'I'm not afraid any longer mommy'
6) From movie 'Dracula', 1992
'My prince is dead... all is lost without him...may god unite us in heaven'
8) From movie 'Merlin', 1998
'Powerful... magical... evil'
9) From movie 'Tomorrow Never Dies' ,1997
'The distance between insanity and genius is measured only by success.'

℗ & © 2000 Brand New Entertainment Ltd. Israel.

Packaging: Transparent tray jewel case with a 4-page booklet.

Barcode and Other Identifiers

  • Barcode (Text - Variant 1): 7 290005 991660 >
  • Barcode (Text - Variant 2): 7 290005 991660
  • Barcode (String): 7290005991660
  • Matrix / Runout: ABCD MUSIC CAT NR YOYO 38
  • Mastering SID Code: IFPI LH01
  • Mould SID Code: IFPI 1U22

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Classical Mushroom (CD, Album)Worldwide RecordsWWR Platinum 1017India2001



  • lambdastorm's avatar
    It's been two years, but my thoughts about this album remain the same: Psytrance at its best.

    Let's face it, when this album is produced it isn't the fucked up 90s anymore, so Erez said screw Goa we want some thing different. Everyone knows the result, Goa and techno had a baby called psytrance with Infected Mushroom as its founding father. If you're coming after Hallucinogen's Gothic style techno or Astral's multi-layered alien porn, you'd probably be disappointed. There are lots of minimal effects here and there that adds to the overall experience rather than detracts it, and that's one of the reasons why Classical Mushroom is ground-breaking: It merges Goa and techno together for the first time without the cliche-y elements typically found in modern day psytrance acts' works. You want special effects, they have it in spades; you want epic melody, they have re-arranged classical music; you want hot dance floor shit, they have solid beats.

    Basically, it's an album that every Goa fan has been asking for since the early 90s, but reviews were mixed when it comes out. Be realistic ppl, you can't sell the cow and drink the milk. MWNN sounds dated and if that's your thing then go ahead; AProjection has lots of layers but that's about it. Like it or not you heard it in the 90s so probably its staying your personal favorite. What Infected Mushroom offers here is something genuine and DIFFERENT, a much needed change to the somewhat repetitive Goa at that time, and lots of folks appreciate it for this very reason. I do, well do you?
    • Daniel_Johansson's avatar
      It was with this album everything went downhill, or upwards if you look to their career as musicians... With this album they wanted to be something more than just pure PsyTrance and began with their experimental sound. They show absolutely top skills musical and the songs here are very interesting and well done produced, I won't take that from them! But after listening broadly on the underground side of different oldschool Goa, NeoGoa, Psytrance and Progressive Psy for some years now, this records does not hit me back as right as the Gathering still does with it's dark atmosphere and true psy-sound with even some Goa hints. I don't tell the songs here are incredibly cheesy but this album is something I would put on and introduce someone who never listened on electronic dance Music before. This worked fine when I was younger and wasn't fully introduced to psychadelic trance. These days I choose only The Gathering as the Classic Mushroom album.

      • doctorg's avatar
        Edited 7 months ago
        I have a lot of respect for the desire of Erez and Duvdev to keep pushing boundaries and experimenting, but after "Classical Mushroom" their music started a decline towards the intolerably cheesy, mainstream and dancefloor friendly, for me at least. In particular, I struggle to like music which is like a telephone line - a predictable sequence of frenetic build-ups and cliched breakdowns designed to mimic and stimulate drug frissons. Not that I am against drugs, ahem. This stop-start aspect became visible in "BP Empire" and "Converting Vegetarians", both which albums are of merit. It became dominant in the awful "I'm the Supervisor" which I find unlistenably kitsch and plastic. In fact, "I'm the Supervisor" is one of the most irritating albums I've ever heard. Back to "Classical Mushroom": I like the experimental spirit but like most experiments it is sometimes compelling, at other times seems contrived. These first two albums of Infected's are of historical significance as they were part of introducing darker sounds to trance, which had tended to be lighter at that time. ~*~
        • lambdastorm's avatar
          Edited 7 years ago
          When you hear the name "Classical Mushroom",the first thing comes to your mind must be something typical,something representative of the artist's style right?The answer,however,is NOPE.Classical here refers to Classical Music,and that's what makes Classical Mushroom so unique and outstanding:it breaks the barrier between classical music and modern day trance/house music as these two crazy aliens,both of whom received 10+ years of classical music education,pour their madness all over 9 tracks.

          Okay,let's waste no more time and start off with a brief introduction.

          The second album from the israeli duo Infected Mushroom,Classical Mushroom stands to be one of the best PsyTrance album ever produced IMO.Blending classical music elements perfectly with dream-like trance,it's an album filled with wonder and joy,a pure audio bliss.

          The opening track Bust A Move,considered by many as the most outstanding,most Uh-mazing and most mindblowing track IM ever wrote,has its sample taken from Species II.It starts with a strange key opening a jackbox,moving beautifully into those typical oldschool mushroom twists and turns with several changes in melody,which switchs itself from anger to madness to joy,and then the melody suddenly blends itself to the legendary piano flow,ending the whole track and showing off their skill in such an awesome and unforgettable way.

          Though not quite as brilliant,other tracks are still very enjoyable in comparison.Disco Mushroom,Dracul and The Missed Symphony are my favourites here,especially Disco Mushroom which exemplifies Oldschool Mushroom sound.

          A solid release from Infected Mushroom,Classical Mushroom withstands the test of time and still holds itself tight to those top-notch psytrance productions in 90's.It's my favourite album by far and I'd definitely recommend it to every psychedelic geek,what AN ABSOLUTE GEM,what A TIMELESS MASTERPIECE! 10/10
          • dubs_plz's avatar
            "I started listening to Classical Mushroom" I tell my Uncle. He gives me a knowing look. The look says "This album will change the way you think about trance, you have been listening to it on repeat for days, I know, because we have all been there"

            I can't be alone in knowing that this album opened my eyes and ears to a new world. This album ensnared me.
            Although it sounds slightly archaic to those who have heard anything produced in the last five years, It is just as psychedelic as the day it was made. It is shivers and tingles and fear and excitement and joy. It is the urge to dance.

            Get a copy for the sake of all that is good and shroomy!
            • Badesh.Bandesh's avatar
              Edited 10 years ago
              Every once in a while i pop in an old album of mine and think. man, this is great, no, it's better than i remember it. This is one of these albums. In the end, only very few do this for me. Timeless, pricless masterpieces. This beast starts of with 3 unique tracks that just get you pumped up for my personal definition of what psytrance should sound like: From "The Shen" to "Mush Mushi" - it doesn't get better than that. Highly danceable music, that let's you invent dance styles as it invents melodies and sound modulations. Legendary.
              • Karliosis's avatar
                The second album from Infected Mushroom, 'Classical Mushroom' is a well made, sequel to 'The Gathering'. Tracks like 'Bust a Move' and 'Nothing Comes Easy' have amazing atmosphere and melodies, and as usual with Infected Mushroom the production is perfect. This is top quality psy-trance, with some goa influence, as is seen in tracks such as 'Mush Mushi' and 'Nothing Comes Easy'.

                Highly recommended to all Psy-trance and goa-trance fans. Best Tracks in my opinion are 'Bust a Move', 'Dracul', 'Nothing Comes Easy', and 'Mush Mushi', but there are no bad tracks here.

                • MikeMcGantic's avatar
                  many people I've discussed Psytrance have mentioned how blown away they were with the overall musical intelligence and ability displayed in Infected's early works.
                  Compared to many Psy and Goa releases of the 90's (like Space Tribe) and to those being made even now, tracks like "Bust a Move", "The Shen" and "The Missed Symphony" are simply above and beyond in skill and sound manipulation.
                  Whatever you think of these guys and their music now "Classical Mushroom" is definitely a landmark album and a true show of force by Israel's trance masters.
                  • the_psychologist's avatar
                    This album summarizes IM's strengths and weaknesses perfectly.

                    It changes styles constantly, sometimes interrupting a really trance-inducing moment. This is good for those with short attention spans, but frustrating for people like me who like to flow with a track for longer. But at least you get tons of variety.

                    Unfortunately, they also show poor taste in some parts, like when elevator muzak will appear in the midst of an otherwise pounding track. I guess it's considered "cheeky", but is rather "cheesy" to me.

                    CM is definitely still rooted in Goa Trance, while all subsequent albums started to move into new areas. This album has tons of intricate, tweaky melodies, subdued kickdrums, groovy basslines, and trippy production.

                    I guess it really is a classic of the genre, though it does sound a bit childish to me in 2009. But it will always put a smile on my face, and I have to respect it for that.

                    Best moments are:

                    -"Bust A Move" (esp. the apocalyptic synth line)
                    -Beautiful, crystalline acid synth in "The Shen"
                    -Amazing build/acid line in "Disco Mushroom" (but it stops way too soon - again, short attention spans!)
                    -Melodies in "Dracul"
                    -Bassline and lead throughout "Nothing Comes Easy"
                    -Final tweaky melody in "Mush Mushi" (so damn good)



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