Frieder ButzmannjuHrop - Szenen und Arien aus einer Oper in klingonischer Sprache

Label:Youdonthavetocallitmusic – Youdo 08
2 x Vinyl, LP, Deluxe Edition, Limited Edition, Numbered


A1Si Xiang3:02
A2veng wa'DIchDaq3:49
A3tlhIngan qulwIj DaHot DaneH'a'2:27
B1tlhIngan ruqwI' qaD2:34
C1Zai Xia fang3:04
D1HIv tIlan vIghro''a'1:12
D3vatlh DIS poH HutmaH cha'3:33
D4quvHa' ghaH Qupmo' ngaghqangmo'4:33


All Arias and music written by Frieder Butzmann 1994–2001 (except "mISmoH" and "tuH" by Frieder Butzmann and Klaus Krüger)
Story design by Frieder Butzmann and Barbara Lauterbach

Recorded at
- Studio für komische Musik, Berlin, Oranienstraße 6, 1996–2001
- Heilandskirche Berlin-Tiergarten, Thusnelda-Allee, 2001
- at the home of Diamanda Galas, N.Y., 1999

Limited and numbered edition of 250 copies with die-cut box, 5 inlays and extensive booklet (Libretto)

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New Submission
juHrop - Szenen Und Arien Aus Einer Oper In Klingonischer Sprache (2×LP, Deluxe Edition, Limited Edition, Numbered, Box Set, )YoudonthavetocallitmusicYoudo 08Germany2024
New Submission
juHrop - Szenen Und Arien Aus Einer Oper In Klingonischer Sprache (2×LP, Deluxe Edition, Limited Edition, Numbered, Box Set, )YoudonthavetocallitmusicYoudo 08Germany2024


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    In their own fictional world within the Star Trek series, you get to know the Klingons as, among other things, very culturally interested. The Klingon Hamlet, for example, was the first of Shakespeare's plays to be translated back into the Klingon original! Yes, you read that right, because Shakespeare was probably one of them. And operas are also mentioned again and again. juHrop, which also contains passages from Shakespeare, is one of them. It was composed by Frieder Butzmann between 1994 and 2001 and recorded from 1996 to 2001. In addition to various classical singers and an entire choir, the composer himself and Diamanda Galás also took part in the Klingon opera. Accordingly, this work is a symbiosis of experimental and classical elements. To describe it in the words of Frieder Butzmann: “...The Klingon opera “juHrop” plays unrestrainedly with timpani and trumpets on a heroic monumental orchestra enriched by synthetic Gregorian chant and electronic hi- and lo-fi effects.
    The story is as bloodthirsty and heartbreaking as its setting. The singing is Klingon and Chinese.”
    The plot: In the 24th century, parts of the Chinese people have been thrown out of space and time through the misuse of technical devices and drug-like substances, floating helplessly in space and by chance ending up in orbit of the Klingon planet. The Klingons, who are generally suspicious, nevertheless grant their hospitality after repeated requests. They celebrate together and the Chinese prove to be equals in a burping competition. Then, after a gigantic attacking creature, the T'lanian Tiger, is defeated together, the Chinese are given the opportunity to return to their earthly homeland. This also leads to the separation of a Chinese spaceship commander and a young Klingon warrior, who had fallen in love with each other and now have to separate, probably forever.
    After the work has already been broadcast here and there on the radio, it has now also been released as a recording by Youdonthavetocallitmusic in an edition of 250 copies as a double LP box. No expense or effort was spared. As with previous releases, label operator Stefan Bremer once again shows great attention to detail.
    Among other things, a libretto in 12" format is included, which, in addition to the narrative of the plot and information about the participants, also contains the original Klingon and Chinese texts in German and English translation. Native Klingon speakers and other experts actually worked to make this happen.
    The box also contains 5 supplementary sheets on which stage sets once designed by Frieder Butzmann can be seen. During the reception, the respective stage design can be viewed to match the action. And since the lid of the box is punched out, you can also place your personal favorite picture on top and design your own cover.
    By the way, Frieder Butzmann built these stage sets in shoe boxes covered with decorative wooden foil, which also explains the design of the double LP box. In keeping with a Deutsche Grammophon design familiar to the opera lover from its extensive collection of numerous opera box recordings, the Klingon opera lover can expect a high-quality, comprehensive presentation, an audiovisually haptic total experience, a space-deep work experience and a lasting musical memory experience.


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