VariousTzadik Radio Hour, Hosted By John Zorn


1.1John ZornEitan (Excerpt)
1.2John ZornTalk
Excerpts From Tzadik Catalog5:51
2.1Eyvind KangInevitability/The Engagement (Excerpt)
2.2Kletka RedGalician Dance (Excerpt)
2.3Mamoru FujiedaThe First Collection Pattern II (Excerpt)
3John ZornTalk1:35
Excerpts From Tzadik Catalog9:31
4.1Rodd KeithDo The Pig (Excerpt)
4.2Anthony ColemanBelz (Excerpt)
4.3Ikue MoriDream (Excerpt)
5John ZornTalk2:53
Excerpts From Tzadik Catalog7:43
6.1Steve BeresfordStarfish (Excerpt)
6.2Zubi ZuvaJohannes (Excerpt)
6.3Ken ButlerStuck Behind A Truck (Excerpt)
7John ZornTalk1:57
Excerpts From Tzadik Catalog14:31
8.1GisburgThe Woman Is Perfected (Excerpt)
8.2Naftule's DreamSo Nu (Excerpt)
8.3Alvin CurranAnimal Behavior (Excerpt)
8.4Nana Vasconcelos*Forró Para Antero (Excerpt)
9John ZornTalk3:20
Excerpts From Tzadik Catalog4:24
10.1CompostelaView In A Box (Excerpt)
10.2Makigami KoichiZakuro (Excerpt)
11.1Yuji TakahashiMimi No Ho (Excerpt)
11.2John ZornTalk
11.3John ZornEitan



Disc manufactured and distributed to radio stations in 1998 for on-air play. According to an insert accompanying the disc: "It will play as a nice 60-minute radio program hosted by John Zorn."

Odd-numbered tracks feature Zorn introducing/talking about various artists/discs in the Tzadik catalog (these tracks are labeled "Talk" on the disc/track-listing above). Even-numbered tracks feature excerpts from these discs. According to information on cardboard envelope which houses the promo: "Talk may be eliminated by programming even tracks only."

Track 1, excerpt from:
John Zorn's The Circle Maker (TZ 7122)

Track 2, excerpts from:
Eyvind Kang's 7 NADEs (TZ 7013)
Kletka Red's Hijacking (TZ 7111)
Mamoru Fujieda's Patterns of Plants (TZ 7025)

Track 4, excerpts from:
Rodd Keith's I Died Today (TZ 7401)
Anthony Coleman's Sephardic Tinge (TZ 7102)
Ikue Mori's B-Side (TZ 7508)

Track 6, excerpts from:
Steve Beresford's Cue Sheets (TZ 7501)
Zubi Zuva's Jehovah (TZ 7209)
Ken Butler's Voices of Anxious Objects (TZ 7402)

Track 8, excerpts from:
Gisburg's Shadows in the Sea (TZ 7019)
Naftule's Dream's Search for the Golden Dreydl (TZ 7118)
Alvin Curran's Animal Behavior (TZ 7001)
Nana Vasconcelos's Fragments (TZ 7506)

Track 10, excerpts from:
Compostela's Wadachi (TZ 7211)
Makigami Koichi's Kuchinoja (TZ 7208)

Track 11, excerpts from:
Yuji Takahashi's Finger Light (TZ 7010)
John Zorn's The Circle Maker (TZ 7122)



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