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    Mark Wirtz - The Mark Wirtz Anthology - Garage Sale At Rainbow's End album cover

    Mark WirtzThe Mark Wirtz Anthology - Garage Sale At Rainbow's End

    Label:Capital M – MWGS001
    4 x CD, Compilation
    Genre:Rock, Funk / Soul, Pop
    Style:Beat, Gogo, Soft Rock, Pop Rock, Ballad


    Disc One - Before The Opera And After
    1-1Steve Flynn (2)Come Tomorrow
    1-2Valerie AvonHe Knows I Love Him Too Much
    1-3Valerie AvonTo Be Let
    1-4Ray SingerI'm The Richest Man Alive
    1-5Sheila & JennyWhen The Boy's Happy
    1-6Sheila & JennyBut Please Don't Break Her Heart
    1-7Russ Loader & The LadybirdsJust Lies
    1-8Jackie LyntonOnly You
    1-9Tony SummersMake Time Stand Still
    1-10Tony SummersIf A Smile
    1-11Steve Flynn (2)Let's Live For Tomorrow
    1-12Steve Flynn (2)Your Life, My Life
    1-13Mike SedgewickWoman (She's Got To Be Treated Like That)
    1-14The Whales (3)Come Down Little Bird
    1-15Zion De GallierGeraldine
    1-16SweetshopLead The Way
    1-17Bob MonkhouseI Remember Natalie
    1-18Miki*It's Easy To Say
    1-19Miki*Dear Auntie Mary
    1-20Chas Mills* and Mark WirtzWhat's Good For The Goose
    1-21Thomas FritschLonely Lady Ungekusst
    1-22Thomas FritschGoodnight
    1-23Chas Mills*Lovely Christine
    1-24Mark Rogers & The Marksmen*Bubble Pop
    1-25Mark Rogers & The Marksmen*Hold It
    1-26Mark Rogers & The Marksmen*Spanish Scramble
    1-27Mark WirtzSad Story Of Simon & His Bugle
    Disc Two - Brill Dreams / Bubblegum A Go-Go
    2-1Judd (2)Stronger Than A Man (Can Only Be A Woman)
    2-2Judd (2)Daylight
    2-3Judd (2)Until Tomorrow
    2-4Judd (2)Merrilee Thompson
    2-5Judd (2)Oddjob
    2-6Judd (2)Louisiana Sunday
    2-7Judd (2)The Days Of Flesh And Blood (Are Over)
    2-8Judd (2)Thee
    2-9Kris IfeI'm Coming Round (To Her Way Of Thinking)
    2-10Father's BrownMaybe
    2-11Mark WirtzFeeling Better
    2-12Mark WirtzThe Singer Sings His Song (The Gambler Gambles On)
    2-13The Matchmakers (2)Baby Make Me Happy
    2-14The Matchmakers (2)Sandy
    2-15The Matchmakers (2)Fantastic Fair
    2-16The Matchmakers (2)Tell Me A Secret
    2-17The Matchmakers (2)Goody Goody Goody
    2-18The Matchmakers (2)Gently Baby Gently
    2-19The Matchmakers (2)Thank You Baby For Coming
    2-20The Matchmakers (2)Lover's Congregation
    2-21The Matchmakers (2)Judy
    2-22Keith West and Mark WirtzEngel Fallen Nicht Vom Himmel
    2-23Keith West and Mark WirtzShy Boy
    2-24Mark WirtzLilly Und Lilofee
    2-25Mark WirtzMy Daddie Is A Baddie
    Disc Three - The Mark Peters Years
    3-1Vicky LeandrosAngels Of Mercy
    3-2Vicky LeandrosCareer Girl
    3-3Vicky LeandrosA Million Tears
    3-4LightheartThe Songs Sound Different To Me Now
    3-5LightheartLove Was Meant To Be
    3-6LightheartDid You Come Alone Tonight
    3-7Helen ReddyThe Happy Girls (Album Version)
    3-8Helen ReddyPoor Little Fool
    3-9Helen ReddyCatch My Breath
    3-10Helen ReddyMidnight Skies
    3-11John ValentiSave Me
    3-12John ValentiThe Day After You
    3-13Tommy KnightAll I Do Is Dream
    3-14Tommy KnightAlmost Home
    3-15Tommy KnightSchool Days
    3-16Tommy KnightBetter To Love
    Disc Four - Lost Pets: Home Demos 1974 - 1982
    4-01Mark WirtzWhere Were You When I Needed You
    4-02Mark WirtzLove For Love's Sake
    4-03Mark WirtzLet
    4-04Mark Wirtz(Saving It) For A Rainy Day
    4-05Mark WirtzForgimme
    4-06Mark WirtzBye Bye Sadie (Demo Version)
    4-07Mark WirtzCarrie McGrew
    4-08Mark WirtzI Wish I Knew You Better
    4-09Mark WirtzMiss Demeanor
    4-10Mark WirtzDirty Little Boys
    4-11Mark WirtzTit For Tat
    4-12Mark WirtzThe Critic
    4-13Mark WirtzI Need To Fall In Love
    4-14Mark WirtzEye To Eye
    4-15Mark WirtzWhen The Right Hand Don't Know (What The Left Hand Is Doing)
    4-16Mark WirtzJudy '74
    4-17Mark WirtzLost Pets
    4-18Mark WirtzI'm Not Lazy I'm Just Sad
    4-19Mark WirtzSo Do I



    privately issued 4CD anthology containing rare & unreleased, demos, outtakes from Mark Wirtz career, 1964 - 1998. Issued in a limited edition of only 300 copies

    tr. 1: B-Side of 'Your Life, My Life', 1968
    tr. 2: 45 A-Side, 1967
    tr. 3: 45 B-Side, 1967
    tr. 4: 45 A-Side, 1965
    tr. 5 - 6: 45 A & B-Sides, 1964
    tr. 7: 45 A-Side, 1965
    tr. 8: 45 A-Side, 1967
    tr. 9 - 10: 45 A & B-Sides, 1968
    tr. 11: B-Side of 'Mr. Rainbow', 1968 (Peter Vince vocal)
    tr. 12: 45 A-Side, 1968 (John Carter vocal)
    tr. 13: B-Side of 'Good Guys In White Hats', 1968
    tr. 14: 45 A-Side, 1968
    tr. 15: B-Side of 'Dream, Dream, Dream', 1968
    tr. 16: B-Side of 'Barefoot & Tiptoe', 1968
    tr. 17: 45 A-Side, 1968
    tr. 18: B-Side of 'Knights In White Armour', 1969
    tr. 19: 45 A-Side, 1969
    tr. 20: acetate, demo, 1968
    tr. 21 - 22: from the LP 'Rendezvous Mit Thomas'
    tr. 23: acetate, unreleased demo, 1968
    tr. 24 - 25: 45 A & B-Sides, 1963
    tr. 26: acetate, unreleased recording, 1963
    tr. 27: acetate, 'Teenage Opera' backing track, 1967

    tr. 1 - 8: from the LP 'Judd', 1969
    tr. 9: B-Side of Ímagination', 1968
    tr. 10: 45 A-Side, 1970
    tr. 11: acetate, demo for the Krimson Kake song, 1969
    tr. 12: acetate, demo, 1969
    tr. 13 - 18: from the German LP 'Bubblegum A Go-Go', 1969
    tr. 19: 45 A-Side, 1969
    tr. 20: 45 A-Side, 1969
    tr. 21: acetate, unreleased recording, 1969
    tr. 22: 45 A-Side, 1967
    tr. 23: 45 B-Side, 1967 (note: Keith West is names on the 45 but is clearly not present.)
    tr. 24: 45 A-Side, 1968
    tr. 25: 45 A-Side, 1969

    tr. 1 - 3: from the LP 'Vicky Leandros', 1977
    tr. 4: 45 A-Side
    tr. 5: B-Side of 'The Songs Sound Different...'
    tr. 6: 45 A-Side
    tr. 7 & 10: from the LP 'Ear Candy', 1977
    tr. 8 - 9: from the LP 'We'll Sing In The Sunshine', 1978
    tr. 11 - 12: from the LP 'Anything You Want', 1976
    tr. 13 - 16: from the LP 'Tommy Knight', 1981

    * tracks 1, 2 & 8 are taken from acetates because the mixes and mastering are significantly superior to the original LP's

    tr. 1 - 17: home demos 1974 - 1982
    tr. 18: out-take from 'Tempo', 1996
    tr. 19: unreleased, 1998

    all selections are home demos recorded on Teac 7,5ips, 1/4" 4-track recorder, except tr. 1 studio demo

    note: 'Capital M' is a fictitious label name. We just thought it sounded good!