Hixxy & Sharkey ‎– Bonkers

React ‎– REACT CD83
Bonkers (2) – 1
2 × CD, Mixed

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CD1- Mixxed By HIXXY On 3 Dexx .....
1-01 DJ Hixxy* & MC Sharkey* Toytown
Vocals – Elaine
1-02 DJ Dougal* & Eruption Party Time Remix 4:10
1-03 DJ Hixxy* & Ikon (3) The Wizard Of Oz 2:15
1-04 Hixxy Thumper 4:15
1-05 Hopscotch & DJ Dougal* Steam Train 4:27
1-06 Hixxy & Bananaman Together Forever
Vocals – Elaine
1-07 Dr Who* Love Of My Life 3:39
1-08 A Sense Of Summer On Top (Hixxy Remix)
Remix – Hixxy
1-09 Highlander I'm Sorry (Original Mix) 2:17
1-10 Bass-D & King Matthew Feat. DJ XD Like A Dream
Featuring – DJ XD
1-11 Seduction* & Eruption Bust The New Jam (Remix) 3:05
1-12 DJ Seduction Step To The Side 2:46
1-13 DJ Vinylgroover* & DJ Quatro Calypso Summer 3:38
1-14 DJ Brisk* Airhead (SMD Remix) 3:41
1-15 Eruption Let The Music (Original Mix)
Vocals – Katherine Wood*
1-16 Force & Styles Funfair (Exclusive Remix) 4:26
1-17 DJ Hixxy* A - Ha Ha Ha 3:16
1-18 Scott Brown vs. DJ Rab S Now Is The Time (Hixxy & Trixxy Remix)
Remix – Hixxy, Trixxy
2-01 Marc Smith & Sharkey* Truth 5:16
2-02 Force & Styles All Systems Go 3:18
2-03 Terrible Twins Burn This Joint (Tekno Dred & Helix Mix)
Remix – Helix, Tekno Dred
2-04 Seb Rainbow Islands (Sharkey Mix)
Remix – Sharkey
2-05 Billy Bunter*, D-Zyne, Supreme Outside World 3:31
2-06 Vampire* Teknostorm (Sharkey Remix)
Remix – Sharkey
2-07 DJ Ham Is There Anybody There 4:24
2-08 Druid* & Bananaman Tweedledum 5:07
2-09 Sy* & Sharkey Feel The Heat 3:00
2-10 Druid* & Sharkey Bonkers Anthem 3:31
2-11 A Sense Of Summer Techno Round The World (Remix) 4:23
2-12 Druid* & Sharkey Pumpin' 4:10
2-13 Druid* & Sharkey Rocket To The Moon 3:53
2-14 Druid* & Sharkey Frantik 5:28
2-15 MC Sharkey* Revolution (Slipmatt Remix) 5:16
2-16 Brisk On & On 4:24
2-17 Force & Styles Wonderland
Vocals – Jenna


  • DJ MixHixxy (tracks: 1-01 to 1-18), Sharkey (tracks: 2-01 to 2-17)


Track 1.09 is incorrectly listed as: "Highlander - Hold Me Now (Bass-D & King Matthew Remix)".

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Cat# Artist Title (Format) Label Cat# Country Year
REACTCDL83 Hixxy & Sharkey Hixxy & Sharkey - Bonkers(2xCD, Mixed, Sil) React REACTCDL83 UK 2004 Sell This Version
RESISTRCD13 Hixxy & Sharkey Hixxy & Sharkey - Bonkers(2xCD, Mixed, RE) Resist Music RESISTRCD13 UK 2004 Sell This Version
REACT MC83 Hixxy & Sharkey Hixxy & Sharkey - Bonkers(2xCass, Comp, Mixed) React REACT MC83 UK 1996 Sell This Version
REACT CD 83 Hixxy & Sharkey Hixxy & Sharkey - Bonkers(2xCD, Album, Mixed, RE) React REACT CD 83 UK 2003 Sell This Version


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July 29, 2016
Disc 1 - I bet its only good if you are on drugs :-/ Some tracks like 'Together Foreve'r or 'Love Of My Life' are pretty decent, however.

Disc 2 - Its pretty good, not too drug addict sounding like Hixxy's mix.

Both DJ's refine their style a bit more with Bonkers 2 and further more strengthen the foundation of their style with Bonkers 3.


January 17, 2016
edited over 2 years ago
I'm sure that if you're a happy hardcore fan, you've already heard of Bonkers and most likely are collecting them all (and it's absolutely worth it :D). If that's not the case, you should better start collecting now!

Hixxy's mix has a perfect track selection, with a lot of exclusive tracks you can't get on any other compilaton album or even on vinyl. It starts of with the unreleased vocal mix of Toy Town, and it's by far the best mix of it. No unmixed version was ever released. Continuing with the Party Time Remix and The Wizard Of Oz (which is also unreleased). Both track are really cool, lots of pianos, melody and a little bit of cheese :D. Thumper and Steam Train (released as "Hopscotch ‎- Midnight Express") are also good but have nothing that special about them. Forever Together and Love Of My Life (was released digitally, be sure to pick it up) might be my two favourites. Perfect melodys and vocals. I'm sorry (wrongly listed as Hold Me Now (Remix)) and Like A Dream, bring perfect variation. Both are well known happy gabber songs, fitting perfectly in the mix. The mix then looses a little bit of it's energy until it picks up again at Funfair (Calypso Summer and the Airhead remix however are still amazing tracks). The last three tracks perfectly end the mix.
In conclusion, this is how a perfect happy hardcore mix should sound like, amzing track selection with lots of variety, played at a high speed (it sounds like 180! BPM) and with good mixing. The mixing could be a be better as it sometimes is a bit sloppy and his beatmatching isn't always perfect but the scratching is awesome.

Sharkey's is a bit different, it's harder and has a darker mood. But to those who are familiar with Sharkey mixes, there's no trancecore yet, it's all pure happy hardcore. Truth is such a good track to start a mix off with, it's so powerfull. The second and forth track are tracks that could've perfectly fit in Hixxy's mix as well (pianos, cheese, vocals...). The third track however souds like the beginning of trancecore. However after track 6, for me the mix starts to become a bit boring, as I miss outstanding melodies (the Bonkers Anthem however is amazing).
The Sharkey mix might not be totally for me, as I miss the cheese (haha :D). His mixing is however a lot less sloppy than Hixxy's and his beatmatching also seems better.

THIS album is the defintion of real happy hardcore, you have to have it in your collection, you won't regret it.


August 17, 2013
edited over 4 years ago
Sharkeys mix is way better than hixxys


April 21, 2013
edited over 3 years ago
Hixxy & Sharkey had originally gone to meet React to discuss them signing 'Toytown' before Hixxy sold them the idea of a Happy Hardcore compilation. Originally, as Sharkey wasn't DJing then, Hixxy was going to do the mix and Sharkey MC, but over the period before it's release Sharkey decided to do a mix as well.
The title 'Bonkers' came from a bar of the same name in Maidenhead. The idea for the cartoon characters on the sleeve came from James Horrocks at React.

Review from Claire Wyburn in Muzik:
"Mixed by Hixxy, the A-side kicks off with his own track 'Toytown' . Next up is 'Party Time' by Dougal & Eruption. Things get a bit silly, however, with paddle steamer noises and what sounds like Scooby Doo on Hopscotch's 'Midnight Express'. Many of the tracks following this sound like those singing cards you get from your grandma. The B-side, mixed by Sharkey, is a little beefier, the highlights being Alas Smith & Sharkey's 'Truth' and the Tekno Dred & Helix remix of the Terrible Twins' 'Burn This Joint'. 2.5/5".


September 27, 2007

What a truely amazing album. This defines happy hardcore at its peak in my opinion. Pumped up Synthesizers, Uplifting Vocals, Crazy happy melodies, with a stomping bassdrum. Hixxy mixes the first disc. The mixing is a little bit sloppy, and is very fast, maybe like 185-190 bpm, insane, bonkers! Has a very good track selection with some un released stuff, some scratching here in there that is sometimes slightly out of place, also there is a exclusive mix of toytown with vocals. This mix is a non stop stomping, happy mayhem. Great.

Now onto the Sharkier side of things. Sharkey has a great track selection, very happy uplifting stuff, with piano breaks and nice rhythms.

Disc one.
Disc two.

Overall, this Album absolutely amazes me. This is how happy hardcore was at it's peak, totally uplifting, amazing vocals and melodies as i mentioned earlier. Definetly worth getting, amazing stuff, one of the best compilations i've heard.


August 5, 2003
Personally I feel that this is definately one of the best Bonkers out of the 10 that exist at the moment. This is originally how 'Bonkers' got it's name, because basically it is it's name, totally BONKERS!! The tracks are mental and melodic at the same time, i mean, nothing can beat 'together forever' on a large sound system! Okay so a few of the tracks may sound a bit dated (one being 'rainbow islands' on sharkey's mix) but they are great reminders of what happy hardcore was like in the 90's, fast, furious and totally uplifting! Any and every happy hardcore fan should have this compilation as it is original happy hardcore collection and there is nothing else like it!


August 3, 2003

This cd really does live up to its name! You get 2 cds are hardcore insanity. The 1st cd, DJ Hixxy's mix, is probobly the best mixed since it was mixed on 3 dexx. All the songs on his cd sound like a mixture between happy circus music, baby musical toys, and video game music. Plus, it has MC Sharkey doing some cool stuff and all the songs go 175 bpm! Cd 2, or DJ Sarkey's mix, is a little more on the gabba side. The bass line in the songs are harder and the songs sound like either happy circus music, baby musical toys, and dark & happy video game music. There is no MC on this mix, but the songs are pretty well mixed and they all go 175 bpm.


March 14, 2002

This is the Original Bonkers, Compilation. In my opinion Number 2 is a better collection of music. This captures the flavour of 96 when Happy Hardcore was at its peak. Check out thye vocal mix of Toytown at the start of Hixxys set, this mix as far as I know was never released and is the Best mix of it I have heard. Hixxys set was mixed on 3 decks. Hixxys is the best mix, it has a wicked track selection and some comical moments in it, with Beavis & Butthead samples and a nice childrens song to finish off with. :@)