Wu Lyf - Dirt dillonwulyf

November 22, 2013

THIS IS FAKE, they only released a video and never this single the bassist of WU LYF said here - https://twitter.com/FrancisLung/status/398797681440882688

Wu Lyf - Dirt scoliosispony

May 22, 2014
Dude, this isn't fake. I own one. The packaging is the highest quality I've ever seen for a 7". The box is beautiful, the card inside with their insignia looks great, it's hand numbered, etc. They weren't even a popular act when the things surfaced. So who in their right mind would make less than two dozen very expensive looking and high quality bootleg 45's for a band that wasn't even a big deal at the time. The return in that investment would be negligible to the point of being nearly nonexistent. An ex-band member who probably wants to forget about that part of his life entirely could very easily be bullshitting. Or the lead singer could've done it on his own. Look at how weird and mysterious they branded themselves from the get go. I wouldn't be surprised if this whole breakup was conceived from the beginning. It makes it so they didn't have to record a lackluster follow up, it makes them more myth than band, and it ensures a cult status that ten years down the road could cement large levels of excitement for the "long awaited follow up." Not to mention how big a future tour would be. If a lot of copies were floating around and changing hands I'd believe it wasn't legit, but these seldom surface. And I got mine from someone who was at the show.

Wu Lyf - Dirt Zyklon_B

June 23, 2012
edited over 3 years ago

Hello all. This edition exist and I have one copy in my collection!!

Wu Lyf - Dirt Vrresto

September 13, 2011
And this 7" does exist, by the way... unless my copy is a tangible dream.

Wu Lyf - Dirt Vrresto

September 13, 2011
My copy plays the correct song, "Dirt." What song does yours play? Something by Wu Lyf? That's very strange, indeed.

Wu Lyf - Dirt mundi

September 11, 2011
Have anyone of you out there actually listen to it? When I played my copy some other track played. Not "Dirt". Very strange. Anyone else who has the same problem?

Wu Lyf - Dirt scoliosispony

November 2, 2011
edited over 7 years ago
Can you record the song that is on your copy and send it to me? I'd love to hear it! amountaindewd@yahoo.com

Wu Lyf - Dirt benmg

July 26, 2011
this doesn't exist. Not sold at Leicester concert. Even asked friend in th band and he said it's a fake

Wu Lyf - Dirt vinylexpressuk

July 13, 2011
Be very wary of this item. I believe it doesn't actually exist. I was at the show it was supposedly sold at and there was no sign of it.

Wu Lyf - Dirt scoliosispony

November 2, 2011
There are only 23 of them, I think it's possible they sold out before you got a chance to see them.

Wu Lyf - Dirt VincentVP

July 18, 2011
I've got a copy, they definitely are real.

Wu Lyf - Dirt se1danp

June 13, 2011
Can an owner of the release post a few photos? Thanks.

Wu Lyf - Dirt mitsouko

June 14, 2011

I will put some photos soon. I´m out of home at next weekend.