Jim O'Rourke - Happy Days Communty

February 6, 2017

Nothing less than the ideal algebraic collision of Fahey and Conrad.

Jim O'Rourke - Happy Days as reviewed by notec

June 20, 2016
HERO'S NEVER DIE. The first 10 minutes Jim plays Fahey inspired acoustic guitar at a very minimal rate (he's been collaborating with Tony Conrad and "the man" himself recently). The next 37+ minutes are an avant-garde shard-dinning scree that buries deep a vortextual sound underlying an orchestral dissonance you must "involve" yourself - submerge - to hear it pulse, build and rise. I don't know if these sounds are acoustic (bows dragged on a string looped infinite reproducing one long note) or synthesized (the liner notes describes "a lone acoustic guitar against a phalanx of hurdy-gurdies"). The outcome is both delirious and invigorating. A cacophony of brainwaves transformed into a symphony of colors and imagery. A music of the spheres.

Jim's solo recordings are always a treat. Less of an orchestration than "Terminal Pharmacy," this is low level stuff. There is transitory mood in everything - if you know what to look for - if you know how to find it - but most importantly - if you know how to represent it. O'Rourke can do all this and more. Charting the uncharted and mapping the way for others like others before him.