FREq (2)Strange Attractors

Label:Iboga Records – IBOGA CD022, Iboga Records – IBOGA CD 022
CD, Album
Style:Psy-Trance, Progressive Trance


1Carbon-Based Lifeform8:42
2Dreambody (Progressive Mix)10:11
4Strange Attractor7:58
6Return To The Masters8:32
7Awaken (Materialize)8:40
VocalsLotus (3)
Bonus Track
9FREqTAL (Zero One Edit)
Written-By, Producer [Produced By]FREq (2), Fractal Glider

Companies, etc.



All tracks written & produced at Polygon Studios Melbourne / Australia - except bonus track 'FREqtal'
Mastered @ HiHat Studios / Sweden 2004
( p ) & (c ) Iboga Records : 2004

Catalog number on spines: IBOGA CD022
Catalog number on disc: IBOGA CD 022

Issued in a jewel case with clear tray and 8-page booklet.

Barcode and Other Identifiers

  • Barcode (String): 4031345502887
  • Barcode (Text): 4 031345 502887
  • Matrix / Runout: [GZ logo] P41305 IBOGA CD22
  • Mastering SID Code: IFPI LD02
  • Mould SID Code: IFPI 5J62
  • Rights Society: n©b

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Strange Attractors (2×LP, Album)Iboga RecordsIBOGALP09Denmark2004
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Strange Attractors (CD, Album, Reissue, Digipak)DadA MusicCD DA 70002India2007
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Strange Attractors (9×File, MP3, Album, 320 kbps)Iboga RecordsnoneDenmarkUnknown
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  • doctorg's avatar
    Edited 9 months ago
    This album made a bit of a splash in progressive trance scenes when it first came out. I'm yet to be convinced about it, however. It lacks individuality, being almost an archetype of early 2000s prog psytrance. I think of it as blend of Ticon, Son Kite, Atmos, Noma, Phony Orphants, etc. However, each of these acts is instantly recognisable. Ticon is beer, Son Kite is wine, Atmos is champagne, Noma is stout, Phony Orphants is mead. What drink is Freq? I dunno; it is kinda a mix of beer, wine, champagne, stout and mead - not so appetising. Perhaps this is unfair, but I think this analogy is not completely inappropriate. Moreover, this dude made the same track over and over. Final criticism: it is a bit of a grey recording with a splashy treble; sounds like mp3. Other than these weaknesses, it is a decent record. I like the track "Strange Attractors" especially. However, as an album, it just doesn't stand out.
    • Skeleton-Man's avatar
      Edited 15 years ago
      Let me put it like this. If Strange Attractors had managed to hold the level that the first two tracks set out with, SA would have been my all time favorite progressive release. Far and away. Damnit, these two tracks flew in on my forever progressive top ten list and has managed to stay there ever since. Outstanding tracks even if they are VERY alike. Dynamite proggy with the most extreme breaks hitting in after 2 mins+. I don't think I can ever grow tired of these tracks.

      But other great tracks loom around here, even if they don't match Carbon-Based Lifeform and Dreambody. Still, what is great about the remainder of the album is that the tracks all identify themselves as individual tracks. Most of them stick to the same recipe, but FREq's got some many melodies up his sleeve that each track is still easy recognizable. With SA FREq definitely marked himself as one of the progressive stars to watch out for.

      In all fairness, two tracks here doesn't really rock my boat big time (5 and 8), but I have only enjoyed this album at moderate volume, and blasted out on high-end equipment I may very well have to stand corrected. And as for the overall impression, there is no doubt. This is highly recommended for psy-heads and something that should be in every progressive trance fan's collection.
      • PKS's avatar
        Edited 16 years ago
        The Danish label Iboga Records keeps releasing good quality progressive trance. Now they are out with a new summer hit for the progressive dance floors worldwide, which is the second album by Freq from New Zealand. Freq has been making electronic music since 1990, and has lately made big success with their massive progressive sound. Freq is now based in Melbourne, Australia.

        The first track starts nice and floating with an atmospheric vibe. Then a twisted voice sample jumps in, before the groovy, progressive bass line starts stumping. The voice sample comes back into the track several times. Nice and drifting track, with a trippy vibe above the bass line. It builds up slow and easy. Nice one. Track 2 starts with another voice sample, before the pumping beats starts pushing. The voice follows the track through. It builds up and it is a nice, drifting progressive track. Still, it sounds really massive, and the sound is great. By the way, it’s mastered by Swedish Son Kite... The sounds we get here are really trippy. Track 3 is a really drifting, massive progressive track. Heavy, rolling bass line and the sounds are a bit more full on. Some of the sounds we get in this one actually remind me a bit of Logic Bomb! Track 4 starts with a bit fluffy synth sound, but then some really groovy, stumpy beats jumps in, and several trippy sounds starts floating and jumping above the groove. This track has some kind of mystic vibe.

        Track 5 starts with a groovy, pumping beat. Then it floats over to a totally trippy, drifting vibe. Slow, mystic sounds floating in and out. Pretty dark, but also light at the same time. One of many favourites on this album. I really like the way it builds up. Track 6 starts with a beautiful, atmospheric vibe. Then the groovy, stumping beats hit back. This track is really floating and is as drifting as it can get. Nice one. Track 7 is another stumpy progressive track. Building up slowly, with playful drums above the bass line and atmospheric sounds floating in and out now and then. Track 8 is sort of the last track on this album, if we didn’t get a bonus track as number 9. This is a chill out track. A really nice one too, with dubby vibes, beautiful melodies and relaxing sounds. A track I will for sure play several times in my chill out sessions this summer. Track 9 is as mentioned above, the bonus track on this album. Freq has made this track together with Fractal Glider (Paul McCosh). I haven’t liked much of the latest works by Fractal Glider, but when he works with Freq here, things get better. This is a pumping, heavy track. More full on than the previous tracks on this album, but still progressive trance.

        This is one of the best progressive trance albums I have heard lately. Tracks by Freq will for sure get played by most progressive trance dj’s worldwide.
        • DeathPosture's avatar
          Edited 17 years ago
          “Full-on is fucking dead as... dead. Progressive, it's coming back in a big fucking way!”

          Oh yes, slightly rewritten Pulp Fiction sample… I know full-on isn’t dead – far from it…In fact, I luv full on! But damn, it’s been a good couple of months for progressive; Son Kite “Colours”, Kooler “Open” and now this… Native-Kiwi-now-Aussie Aran Gallagher has been in the music biz for years making sweet little, progressive gems…And now Danish quality label Iboga Records has the honour of releasing his much awaited album... The hype leading up to this, his debut album release, was immense, so let’s find out if it was worth the hype…

          Let me take you thru the tracks…

          #01: First up is Carbon-Based Lifeform… A subtle, peaceful intro is quickly interrupted by a “lifeform” sample that is repeated numerous times throughout the track… More FX are added, and off we go… A very smooth, deep progressive bass leads the way of what turns out to be a sweet track! There is something very mellow about this track – The repeated samples and the Gregorian chanting just adds to the mellowness… Smooth!

          #02: Kicks off with a sonic manipulated voice sample “dreambody”… And soon the smooth, smooth FREq groove takes over, slowly developing this into a groove bomb! @ 2.25 there’s a break that continues to put my speakers to the test – it’s just so damn awesome that I have to come back to it again and again… After the super-sweet “climax” that track really takes off and it’s time to drink some magic monkey juice and take a trip to space-land… Superb!

          #03: We launch straight into the groove on Nurbs (whatever the hell that is…) …At first it’s darker, heavier repeated beats, but it evolves into a lighter, more joyful piece towards the end… As many ppl have pointed out, FREq is a genius when it comes to having the melodies “communicate” and it really comes on strong in this track… Check it out, it’s so invigorating… Very lovely track, both for the dance floor and for trancing out at home with headphones… Brilliant!

          #04: Ahhh, more instant FREq! The groove is present from the get-go on this title-track and you start bobbing your head instantly… Check out the very trippy digital drops + the HUGE build-up/break part @ 2.20 … Damn, I can’t wait until I get to hear that at a party on a big-ass sound system… The crowd will freak out to the phat, phat grooves! This shit is dope!

          #05: Time for Spacechanger! After 3 blasting tracks, it’s time to chill out just a little bit… The pace is slower and the overall groove is somewhat more laid-back… But make no mistake about it; this is still very much a progressive trance track… I dig the tribal percussion work and the spaced out children’s samples well-hidden in the background… Nice track!

          #06: ‘Return to the Masters’ was on the Iboga compilation “Puzzled” earlier this year, so chances are that you’ve heard it… Well, you should’ve ‘cause it’s a sweet track… Again FREq shows us how to make the different musical pieces ‘communicate’ in an intelligent way… Such a sophisticated use of stereo FX… I just luv how those tribal percussions ‘talk’ to each other… It’s deep, it’s mellow, it’s funky – it’s FREq!

          #07: Why waste time with long, boring intros? FREq instantly hits the spot with this spacey tune… There is so much going on in this progressive stomper – the trademark ‘communication’ is again used wisely and the groove is phatter than ever… A succulent beat and the well-placed robot-samples and exquisite melodies just add to the lovely flavour that is Awaken… Yummy!

          #08: And now we enter dub country… Strip off the beats, and you are left with FREq in its purest form… Deep, eerie atmospheric ambient with lovely little melodies, laid-back percussion and a sip of tribal world music… Lovely - pass the spliff!

          #09: And now for the bonus track, made with Mr. Fractal Glider… Progressive meets psytrance… Oh yes, on this track we get the best of both, and it should convert even the most hardened prog-sceptic… Check out the sweet melodies, the twisted psychedelia and the overall groove created by two of the most talented trance producers on the southern hemisphere! ;o)


          Pop-quiz: In which studio was this mastered? High-hat studios or Abbey Road? *sS* You guessed it – this has Son Kite written ALL over it – and that’s without looking in the liner notes! At no time does the BPM exceed 140, but I still can’t stop moving… The production is flawless (as always when Son Kite is turning the knobs), the sound is crispy and the cover is very nice and informative… Kudos to Iboga Records for releasing such a jewel! As mentioned above, this has been a great year for progressive trance and I really think that this album completes the Holy Progressive Trinity with Son Kite “Colours” and Kooler “Open”… If you liked those two, you do not want to be without this one! Stellar release, that was definitely worth the hype!

          Favourites: 1, 2(!), 3(!!), 4(!!), 5, 7(!), 9



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