Music For FlagellantsScourge

Label:Ant-Zen – ACT 02
Cassette, Limited Edition, Numbered, C60
Style:Industrial, Noise


AScourge Part 128:58
BScourge Part 229:46



Edition of 40 numbered copies.

Cassette with numbered j-card housed in a snap-case.
Includes a 4-page numbered A5 insert on red paper with credits and text and a 2-sided A5 insert on tan paper with artwork.
All packaged in an 8"x10" latex pouch sewn shut, with a small sticker on the front.

All music composed and performed in 1986 at Downlands Hall, Suffolk, England.
This tape originally released by Downlands Hall Cassettes in 1986, re-released with kind permission.
Original booklet & cover artwork 1986.
Additional artwork 1993.

This music should be played at a point of religious and/or sexual ecstasy. High volume required.

Dedicated to our blessed and holy martyrs who gave away their sacred bodies and lives for their true belief in our Lord Jesus Christ.



  • noizyme's avatar
    As far as experimentation is concerned, it is a great release by concept alone. As far as music is concerned, it's some of the worst music to leave on, as far as tracks go.

    The two tracks fill entire sides of the cassette it was released on. The two tracks have no official names that I know of. The cassette sleeve is simple and true to the old nature of a lot of the early Ant-Zen releases; a simple title followed by odd notes about some treatment and recommendations to be played at high volume, which, in my opinion, doesn't change the quality of the tracks available. A short dedication note is displayed to martyrs who gave their bodies for their love of Jesus. Strange. There are plenty of pictures representing the giving of bodies for love, as well.

    The tracks are very odd. The first side's track is a 29-minute track in which whistling sine waves and a slight beat are randomly interlaced with a spoken-word sampled track, speaking incoherently as the track gets brighter about halfway through the track. The next track on side two is nothing more than a 29-minute track with a poppy 80's, minimalist drum machine beat infected with a wash of samples, which doesn't inspire me to do anything more than fastforward through it.

    I would place this in a "collector's only" bin and randomly pull it out only to check out the album sleeve.


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