VariousThe Neighbors Are Dead: Sights And Sounds From The Murfreesboro Underground 2006-2009

Various - The Neighbors Are Dead: Sights And Sounds From The Murfreesboro Underground 2006-2009 album cover


A1Murphy Brown Solo Show123
A2I Dress For RecessMom's Song
A3Terror'ishHands To Heaven
A4Mugu GuymenLegs No Day Stay On Place
A5The Dead Hippies (2)When I Was 6 Yrs Old
A6Science (15)Super Happy Dreams
A7Social JunkI Will Not Leave You
B2Mincemeat Or TenspeedReal Boo
B3Shit EnigmaUntitled
B4Lazer SlutWhite Sands
B5Young WifeFeeding Sugar To Horses
B6German CastroMonument
B7Who Is Jackie SheetsMs. Tigg
C1Meth DadEmotional Dropout
C2Diet Of Worms (3)Untitled
C3High On Life (3)Free Candy
C4Most Amazing Century Of ScienceThe Sewers Are Uniform
C6Them NativesCrooked Pastor
C7Bumble BeastSeason Of The Witch
D1Yellow Crystal StarStill Flowers Bloom Stillness
D2Bitches (2)30 Seconds To Sars
D3Brown SwarmThat Pig's Got Weird Eyes
D4Party CopHiroshima My Love
D5Sperm SnakeSnake Snatch
D6Witch DetectivesLive


Liner Notes
This record is a testament to the efforts of a small group of artists and musicians living, creating, and performing in and around Murfreesboro, TN. While not all of the bands on this record are from Murfreesboro, those that aren’t went out of their way time after time to visit our town and include themselves in our community. This record is in NO way meant to be a “definitive” document of Murfreesboro’s entire musical spectrum during this time. There were tons of other bands, communities, scenes, etc. going on at the same time; this was just our small corner of what was happening. Furthermore, in the time it has taken to get this record realized and into your hands, many great new local bands have sprung up and a few great new touring bands have made our town a regular stop on their tours. This only goes to show that the task of documentation is never truly complete; despite this, we still feel it’s worth it. As I write this, many of the people behind the music and photographs on this record have moved on from Murfreesboro, and almost all of those who haven’t are making plans to leave. That is largely inconsequential however as we all have faith that there already are and will be many more individuals in this town and other towns interested in facilitating a progressive DIY community of art and music. While we are very proud of what we accomplished in Murfreesboro, we are not special and our town is not unique. We hope that if nothing else, this record demonstrates that with effort anyone can find an audience and express themselves regardless of “talent”, credibility, or experience.

Thanks to everyone involved, all bands and all DIY houses everywhere!



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