DJ=U=E=P* - "G=G=M" (EP) as reviewed by DJMrE

September 27, 2017

I've always had a soft spot for this record, yeah it's quite basic but as the guy below said its "fantastically bonkers"
I love X=O=M most of all, it's the deal breaker track on the record for me, it's a really good track that despite being really fast is actually quite dancefloor, it's a simple affair but has an absolute killer guitar riff, it is surely one of my fave speedcore guitar tracks.

DJ=U=E=P* - "G=G=M" (EP) philbeard

August 21, 2011
edited over 6 years ago

Fantastically bonkers & localist speedcore from the Geordie Gabba Mafia, starting with the gleeful football rivalry of "Relegated 97" & taking in other goofy ideas like mice testing ecstacy on "E Mice". The sort of rough-shod madness that makes me love hardcore so much.