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RöyksoppMelody A.M.

Label:Wall Of Sound – WALLLP027 Ltd.
2 x Vinyl, LP, Album, Limited Edition, Numbered, Special Edition, White Label
Style:House, Downtempo


A1So Easy3:44
A2Poor Leno3:57
B2In Space3:30
C1A Higher Place4:31
C2Röyksopp's Night Out7:30
D1Remind Me3:39
D2She's So5:23



Cover is a sprayed on stencil design in green by street-art artist Banksy.

Info included on the A4 release sheet.
Limited to 100 copies

Tracks are also listed on the sheet but not the track durations. Labels are plain white.

Track A1 contains a sample from "Blue On Blue" by Gals and Pals.
Track C1 contains a sample from "Freedom" by Tyrrel Corporation.
Track D2 contains a sample from "Love In Space" by Peter Thomas Sound Orchestra.

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Title (Format)LabelCat#CountryYear
Melody A.M. (CD, Album)Wall Of Sound, RöyksoppWALLCD027, 5028589014824UK2001
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Melody A.M. (2×LP, Album)Wall Of Sound, Wall Of SoundWALLLP027, 5028589014817UK2001
Melody A.M. (CD, Album, Promo, Cardsleeve)LabelsVISA 6542Europe2001
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Melody A.M. (CD, Album, Stereo)Wall Of Sound, Labels, VirginWALLCD027, 72438509202 2Europe2001
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Melody A.M. (CD, Album)Wall Of Sound, Labels, VirginWALLCD027, 72438509202 2Australia2001
ageispolis74's avatar
Lowest: €12.61

At least one lucky guy. Keep it, mate!
tarwater3's avatar
Guys, 22 Es for shippin', that's exorbitant, to say the least!!!!!!
RoyalKurt's avatar
I thought Banksy was a Massive Attack member and not Röksopp.
IMissTheOldMusic's avatar
"Honey, where did our down payment for the house go?"

"I spent it on a record. It's Banksy, trust me, it was worth it. Viva la revolution my comrades btw"
Wiz90's avatar
55000 euro is a fair price for a multiple unsigned so-so work by Bansky .
audioaddict's avatar
It really does show you how vapid the art world is.
I often wondered why all the hype surrounding Banksy... stencilling things on walls, regardless of scale, is hardly groundbreaking, and the content/message I find falls short of making any coherent statement.
Also a touch hypocritical when a lot seems to, at least pretend, be critical of consumerism and capitalism.
A very empty message, considering what Banksy seems to really stand for. ($$$)

This though... this is something I would have scrawled in a text book in school, using a felt tip and blunt scissors.

"But... but... it's a genuine Banksy for less than 2K.... it has to be worth it..."

Why are people so gullible... it is trash.

Great album though.
sharrison586's avatar
Edited 9 months ago
really, for a friggin STENCIL? where's the sophomoric LAME idea? where's the stupid shopping cart image? I think you're losing out if you don't get that crap too with the purchase. At least a stenciled balloon because there's SO MUCH thought and effort and so much to bother over instead of pass it by like any other graffiti - which is all it is. Oh there's music?
GoFilipe's avatar
Just bullshit, Discogs value and acid, what a shity trip
apweiss's avatar
Edited 10 months ago
Well, love the album itself. It's a great listen and worth purchasing in a standard edition. In this case, however, the artifact's special context (having Banksy do the cover) most definitely overshadows the music. Certainly the art world has gotten involved now that Banksy is a household name. Art collectors have deeper pockets than most vinyl enthusiasts. So, compared to the $13 million auction price for Banksy’s "Love is in the Air", as well as many other pieces that go for millions, this may be a relative bargain (LOL).
Mrmilano's avatar
One of a series of 100 original Banksy... a steal for that amount.