C.O.B. - Common Ground as reviewed by lastmonkeyleft

August 26, 2017
Raw and deep music tracks lush with personal and colorful production. Prices are dumb though, it bothers me that some dude payed almost a buck twenty for this record (sealed, maybe) so then everyones gotta fucking suffer for that. The way the availability is, people need to start selling this for $30. Regardless this is a party starter, another slice of the late Romanthony's genius. He ought to have a "Greatest Of" release for him on LP form just for commercial enjoyment. BI is a sort of reggae/house track that really takes the cake for me. Some people may lament the sound quality but I wouldn't have it any other way. Love this record, should not be as expensive. That's my take

C.O.B. - Common Ground lechmckoy

March 11, 2012
this is a massive floor killer
all time f*****g classic
as good let me show you love

C.O.B. - Common Ground RestLes

July 21, 2010
edited over 10 years ago

"Something universally right" Deep!

edit; recently sold... but will need it back. Great essential!

C.O.B. - Common Ground as reviewed by Late_Night_Tactics

September 6, 2007
This is a fantastic, yet very hard to find record containing 4 untitled garage, gospel and tribal tracks. I am pretty sure this is a Romanthony record. His voice appears all over the untitled tracks. This was just a small sample of the genius that would later be revealed in his later work. One thing though; as with most early Romanthony records, the sound quality is lacking. Something went wrong in either the mastering or the pressing process.

C.O.B. - Common Ground Elektrootto

October 8, 2014

my copy is also quite unplayable towards the end.a bassheavy soulful stomper though..

C.O.B. - Common Ground snowblitz

February 29, 2012
that's why i sold my copy,because of lacking sound quality,shame because the tune is fantastic,as deep & dirty as i like.

C.O.B. - Common Ground snowblitz

March 24, 2011
this great records is on an obscure Romanthony's label man mltronik is right.