Lord PoozixGrim And Frostbitten Penguins


1Spell Of Death0:02
2Did You Take Your Pills?0:03
3Where The Carcass Waits For Afterlife0:02
4In Sickness0:02
5Unholy Depiction0:02
6Out To Die0:02
7Endless Hate0:02
8Living Sacrifice0:02
9Human Dead End0:01
10Anger, Dismissal, Revenge0:03
11The Summoning0:06
12The Massacre Begins0:06
13Screams Of The Dead0:06
14Forsaken Angel0:08
15Silence Awaits Me0:07
16Ravenous Wolves Of Bestial Nights0:09
17Death To The Tyrant0:02
18Alone In The Forest0:11
19Dark Lord Take Me In0:09
20Morbid Hell0:20
21Frozen, Black And Grim0:17
22The War From The Darkness Sites Of Earth0:03
24Defamed Venerations0:03
25Tabula Rasa0:01
26Evil In All Men0:01
27Nocturnal Evil0:02
29Storm Of Nihil0:03
30Black Death0:01
31Enthroning The Disease0:01
33The Coming Of Chaos0:01
34Nocturnal Dominion
35Goulish Bereavement0:01
36Shadows On The Crucifix
37Angels Fear0:01
38Candle, Blade And Vessel
39Til Helvete0:01
40Into The Eternal Flames
41Celestial Bitterness0:01
42Northern Anger0:04
43Visions Of The Apocalypse0:02
44Demon Kings0:02
45Secrets Of The Black Fire0:04
46Dark Spiritual Liberation0:03
47Glory Of Unholy Sky0:09
48The Last Confession0:02
49Poison Of God0:01
51Hellish Extasy0:02
52Abyssus Invocat0:01
53Awake In My Coffin0:02
54In The Shade Of Death0:03
55Grim And Frostbitten Kittens0:03
56Infernal Realm0:02
57Preastigitum Altareas0:02
58Arrival Of The Dark Lords0:05
59Deadly Pale Faces Of Night0:05
60Triumphant Warlord0:06
61Attack Of The Midnight Shadows0:01
63Lands Of Ancestral Battles0:04
64Forgotten In Nameless Suffering0:01
65Impaled By A Thousand Shadows0:01
66Goat Lust Haze0:01
67Abismal Visions Of The Fallen0:02
68Evoking The Khaosatan0:02
69Ancient Nocturnal Sorrow0:01
70Children Of Doom0:01
71Belial's Legacy0:01
72Dark Prophecy0:05
73Lorem Ipsum De Profundis Clamavi Suspiria De Profundis0:02
74Enter The Eternal Fire0:07
75One Thousand Days In Sodom0:03
77Fuck Off Nowadays Shitcore0:02
78The True Face Of Evil0:03
79Total Apocalypse0:06
80Via Dolorosa0:05
81The Most High Majesty Of The Eternal0:08
82Celestial Poison0:02
83Mislaid In The Weird Labyrinth Of Mirrors0:04
84The Funeral Of Being0:01
85Black Wind Of War0:01
86Dark Blasphemous Moon0:01
87Canceric Invokation0:05
88Nightspirit's Forest0:02
89Blasphemies Of Inverted Crucifixion0:09
90Darkest Oath0:03
91The Arrival Of Satanic Forces0:07
92Land Of Darkness Eternal Night0:04
93Satanic Ritual0:01
95Black Allegiance0:03
96Burning Flag Of The Fallen0:06
97Dungeons Of Darkness0:06
98Triumph To Eternal Glory0:01
99The Repellent Scars Of Abandon And Election0:04
100Black Funeral
101The Secrets Of The Black Arts0:13
102Triumph Of Fire0:03
103Ritus Incendium Diabolus0:01
104Baphometic Goat0:01
105Satanic Armageddon0:03
106He Whom Shadows Move Towards0:05
107The Dark Castle In The Deep Forest0:03
108Songs Of Ancient Satanic Might0:06
110Proclamation To Him0:03
111Hell's Retribution For False Prophets0:03
112Black Sigil0:01
113Riding My Bike For Hours In The Name Of O9A0:01
114Seven Spears Of Necromancy0:08
115Shadows Of Satanic War0:03
117Beyond The Black Forest0:04
118Funeral Mayhem0:02
119Resurrection Of The Fallen Angels0:04
120Pentagram Rites0:04
121Summoning Destroyer
122Devil Pig
123Under The Carpathian Yoke0:07
124Return Of The Freezing Winds0:06
125Sadomatic Rites0:01
126Made In Hell0:01
127Infernal Abominations0:02
128Goat Devil0:02
129False Idols0:02
130Under The Storm Of Hellish Evil0:02
131Death Spiral0:05
132Cruciform Antithesis
133Rites Of The Inner Shrine0:03
134Night Is The Collaborator Of Torturers0:02
135Under The Spell Of Hades0:05
136Wretched Wisdom0:05
137Black Rites Of Hell0:04
139Branded At The Threshold Of The Damned0:05
140Burying Filthy Flesh0:06
141Unholy Vengeance0:04
142Inheritance Of The Astral Times0:05
143Between Two Worlds0:05
145Nattestid Ser Porten Vid0:05
146Hvila Pa Tronan Min
147Born To Pray In Hell0:06
148Rise, Our Father Lucifer0:03
149Over Fjell Og Gjennom Torner0:06
150Drømmer Om Død0:03
151Hoc Diaboli Opus Est0:04
152The Battle Of Armageddon0:07
153Prophecies Of A Burning Heaven0:05
154Proclaiming The Glory Of Satan0:06
155The Prophecies Of The Horned One0:03
156At The Gate Of The Unholy Forest0:05
157To Invoke The Horned God0:05
158Condemned To Hell0:06
159Cursed, Scarred And Forever Possessed0:06
160Ceremonial Whispers Of The Ancient Goat0:06
161Filii Luciferi Regnaverunt0:15
162To Harvest The Madness Of Satan0:08
163Blasphemic Liturgies Of The Satanic Cult0:09
164Dance Of The Shadows0:02
165Living In Misanthropic Communion With The Darkness0:08
166Rebirth Of The Unholy Soul0:05
167Obey The Will Of Hell0:06
168Seven Crowns0:04
169Nekrogoatik Black Vomit0:02
170Lonely Descension Into The Bottomless Pit
171The Shrouds Of Megiddo0:07
172Dark Triumph0:03
173We Hatefully Await The Return Of Christ0:03
174No Sanctuary In Death
175Becoming One Of The Ancients0:04
176Futile Reflections Of A Failed Existence0:02
178Burning Pentagram0:05
179From Black Flames To Witchcraft0:01
180Infinite And Profane Thrones0:01
181Bonfire Of Bodies0:01
182Tales From A Field Of Blood0:02
183Ritualistic Invocation Of The Dead0:01
185Kledt I Nattens Farger0:01
186Satanic Killing Of Christ In The Pagan Forest On Fullmoon Night0:01
187Beneath The Cursed Light Of A Spectral Moon0:02
188Reign Of Eternal Torment0:03
189Lost In Darkness0:03
190Dominus Mundi0:02
191Spiritual Flames Of Ancient Nuclear Titan0:02
192Towards Babylon0:01
193To The Gates Of Blasphemous Fire0:14
194Into The Infernal Storm Of Evil0:05
195Where Mortals Have No Pride0:02
196Sadistic Screams From Hell0:02
197Misanthropic Symbol Of Infernal Abyss0:02
198In The Darkness Embrace0:03
199Nocturnal Bloodfeast0:04
200Tenebrous Occultism0:01
201Dark Managarm0:02
202Black Wolf Devil0:02
203From The Dark Flames Of The Christian Holocaust0:03
204Malefic Creature Darkness0:02
205World Of Ghosts0:03
206The Advent Of Devil0:02
207Misanthropic War Decline0:09
208The Curse Of The Ghoul0:07
209Havoc Sceptre0:04
210Perversions Of The Ancient Goat0:06
211Black Fire0:06
212Sacrifice Of Blood0:01
213Vengeance Of Evil0:04
214To Possess The Fruits Of Knowledge0:04
215Upon The Path Of Damnation0:03
216Cursed In Eternity0:06
217Triumph Of Death0:01
218Eternal Pain0:01
219I Am The Antichrist0:02
220Trinity Denied0:03
221Night Of Demonic Invocation0:02
222Die In The Pentagram0:02
223The Rites Of The Dark Side0:03
224My Kingdom Among The Stars0:01
225Infernal Pits Of Darkness0:05
226Occult Incantations Of Evil0:05
227To Tempt The Demons0:05
228Call Thee Ancients0:03
229Banished In Blood0:05
230The Evil Star Of Chaos0:05
231Offerings To The Wicked Beast0:03
232Hail The Black Spirits0:03
233Radioactive Goat Vomit0:02
234Gloria Satana Domine Inferni0:01
235Diabolical Sword0:03
236Black Archangel0:02
237Vae Victis0:05
238Possessed Cemeteries
239Nox Odium De Profundum0:04
240Enter The Realm Of Death0:25
241Misanthropic Isolation0:03
242Archaic Nocturnal Witchery0:01
243Last Dreams In Darkness0:20
244The Impious Of The Perverse0:14
245Mountain Of Eternal Darkness0:10
246The World Of Furious Gods0:25
247Den Värld Som Var0:06
248Raging Dark Ascension0:04
249Ceremonial Rape0:08
250Hatred Of Black God0:16
251Abyss Of Ancient Blasphemies0:08
253Perpetual Unholiness0:09
254Entombed By Winter0:18
256Black Abyss0:15
257Eternal Throne0:13
258The Triumph Of Satanas0:15
259Corpus Dei0:14
260The Sun Of The Total Destruction0:27
261Sick And Decadent Feelings0:02
262In Umbra Malitiae Ambulabo, In Aeternum In Triumpho Tenebraum0:03
263To You Right Of Satan0:02
264There's Nothing Left0:02
265Självdestruktivitet Född Av Monotona Tankegångar0:02
266Baphomet Horde0:02
268The Semen Of Profanation0:02
269Eternal Satanic Conspiration0:03
270The Curse Of Shadows0:02
271Heaven In Flames0:03
272The Night Of Eternal Winds0:03
273Emperor From The Eternal Dark0:03
274Night Of The Graveless Souls0:05
275Satanic Terror Hate0:03
276When The Fire Leaps From The Ash Mountain0:02
277Consecration Of The Horned God0:02
278Unsilent Hellnoise In The North Abyss0:02
280Vomiting Black Hair And Splinters Of Sheep Bone0:01
281Smoldering Flesh Temple
282Satanic Urination In The Toilets Of Hell0:17
283Doctrine Of Faith Mutilation0:06
284Lapsus Humani Generis0:08
285The Final War0:05
286Grim Manifesto0:06
287Bathed In Satan's Excrement0:05
288Creature Of Darkness0:08
289Lucifer's Venom0:09
290Immoral Might0:12
291Insanity Of The Ripper0:12
292Black Halloween Of Forced Damnation0:07
293Resoaring From The Depths0:05
294Consuming Succubus Flesh0:06
295The Eye Of The Cursed Hawk0:06
296Undead, Hellish Satanist0:04
297Warrior Of The Beast, Born Of Fiery Hell0:07
298World War Against Christians0:07
299Funeral Chant Of Ravens0:05
300Witchcraft And Hellfire0:07
301Disciples Of Misanthropy0:04
302Nihil Sub Sole Novum0:09
303Born In Black0:10
304The Pentagrams Return0:06
305In Nomine Satanas0:09
306At The Dawn Of Vampiro-satanic Nostalgia0:11
307Vox Mortigenus0:13
308Grim Allergy To The HellGoat0:12
309Demonical Enthronement0:07
310Civitas Diaboli0:01
311Frostbitten Soul Desacration0:09
312Because Darkness Is Sovereign0:10
313The Last Journey To Heaven0:10
314Bloodlusted Duke Of Wallachia0:01
315 Secrets Of Immortality Sleep In Embrace Of Winter0:09
316Svarte Grangrunn0:11
317A Sacrifice Consumed By Fire0:10
318 Unholy Cult And Chanting Of Obscene Pleasures0:19
319Sodomic Goatfuck Inverted Crucifixion0:05
320From Cosmic Shadows To The Great Vast Embrace0:06
321Ashes Of The Lords In My Hand0:07
322 The Mystical Beast Of Rebellion0:07
323Contempt Becomes A Knife-bearing Shadow0:11
324Wreathed Eyes Looking In0:04
325Dramatic Contemplation Of The Horizons Without End0:03
326For Heretic's Blood0:05
327Luciferian Microcosm0:19
328Adorned In Black Blood0:04
329 Total Desolation0:05
330A Solitary Ascension0:04
331The Throne Of Fire0:13
332When The Fog Arises0:05
333Beholding The Grim And Bloodstained Twilight From Hell0:11
334The Ones God Left Behind0:12
335 Howling Winds Of Pestilence And War0:13
336Impure Blood0:09
337Cursing Christianity And The Orthodox Church0:10
338This World Belongs To Satan0:04
339From The Deepest Devilish Pits0:19
340Winds Of Desolation And Perversity0:13
341 Plague Of Snow0:10
342 Night Of The Red Serpent0:06
343Last Night Of Vampire0:04
344Ashes Of Heaven0:09
345Black Angel Of Darkness0:06
346 Prostitute Law Of The Slag In The Earth0:17
347Destruction Of The World0:06
348Post Lux Tenebras0:14
349Forever Desiccate The Seed0:04
350Technology Of Baphomet0:10
351Better To Reign In Hell... Than Serve In Heaven0:10
352 Oblivion Omitted0:03
353The Slow Kill In The Cold0:19
354Reflecting In Solitude0:08
355Full Moon Ritual0:05
356 Merciless Wrath Of Thy Lord Belzeboob0:08
357The Fate Of The Frostbitten Moon0:04
358The Kingdom Of Satan
359Mater Tenebrarum
360Sovereign Spawn Of The Secret Tomb
361De Tyrannide Daemonum
362 Nihilum Aeternus
363Cult Of Bloody Andromeda
364 The Day Of Eternal Awakening
365Carving My Veins In Solitude
366Schatten Aus Der Alex Ischenkau
367Be Flesh And Flesh Be Dead
368Nights Of Funeral Bells
369My Nights Are Sleepless, But My Toilets Are Full Of Shit
370 Transmigration Macabre
371The Twilight Is My Robe
372 Called By The Fire
374Asphyxiate With Fear
375 The Truth Beyond
376Baphomet Supremacy
377Shroud Of Encryption
378 Revelation
379Ritual Orgies In The Flooded Church
380Complete Utter Darkness
381Memoirs Of Life After Death
382Lair Of Nocturnal Insanity
383Evil Black Darkness In The Shadows
384 A Passage
385To A Dark And Cold Tomb
386Sick Doctors And Sequestered Saints
387Kalte Tage
388Düstere Und Erfrorene Tage In Der Hölle
389 Awakening Of Archdaemon
390Terror In The Name Of The Crucified
391 The Rise Of Imperial Darkness
393Blood Purification Of Lost Souls
394 Blasphemiak
395Sentenced To Life... In Hell
396Demons In Shape Of Warriors
397Buried Among Skeletal Woods
398 Traitors Among Us
399Wrath Of The Infernal Sponge
400With Devil At War
401 Infernal Blood Of The NecroVirgin
402Necro Ritual 666
403Louis Cachet 2™
404Born Under Occult Intentions
405Deep Dark Forest
406Die Wilde Jagd
407Blessed Spell From The Darkness
408Dead In My Own Reality
409Devil's Laboratory
410Ascends The Demons Anger
411Beyond The Magic Forest
412Blaspheming Christ
413The Infinite Of Malediction To Darkness
414Fullmoon Occultik Forces
415Venomous Impulse
416Apogee Of An Inquisition
417 Bile Of Darkness
418The Reich Of Stellar Imperium
419Preliminary Invocation
420 Deviation #420
421Grim, Northern NecroForest
422Mørk Djevel Urin
424Remains Of A Dead, Cursed Clown
425We Talk About Meynach Being A Dumbass, But We Never Mention Vordb Opening A Bandcamp Page
426Corroded By Sickness
427The Alchemist's Goatthrone
428Iter Ignis
429 Evil Frosty Winds Of Satan
430 Chants For The Black One
431Djevelpakt Og Trolldomsmakt
432Dreaming In Ideal Void
433Painful Urination In Hell
434Frostbitten Winds Of Uranus
435Litany For The Lost Souls
436Ceremony Of Demonic Return
437Thy Horror
438Their Wormlike Tongues Gouge Out My Eyes
439Ex Potestati Inferni
440 Rites Of Abyssic Twilight
441Desolating Cosmic Intuition
442The Path Of Deification Through Consecration
443The Poisoned Stench Came From The Abyss
444Beyond Eternity
445Realm Of Goatlust
446 I Lost My Soul
447 Eucharisty Of Death Divine
448The True Babushka
449Kult Of Kaos Serpent
450Song Of The Grim Wolf
451Worthy Art Thou To Be Praised, Lord Of Sombre Solitude
452 Night Of The Frostbitten Werewolf
453Credo In Satana
454Grim Sabbath
455Frostbitten Blood From North (Towards Grim Victory)
456Creation Of The Dark And Frostbitten Age
457Grim Freemasonry Of Magick Ouroboros
458Tribute To The Supreme Frostbitten Beast
459 Grim And Iceblasting Stormwinds
460 Frostbitten Ocean Of Wounds
461 Grim, Immortal Visions
462Grim Thought Patterns
463A Specific Pattern Of Irreversible Grim Kitchens
464Grim And Indecent Exposure
465 Prayers To Satan
466The Day Of The Dark Empire
467 Under The Frostbitten Ruins, He Feels The Impious Torment
468Macabre Ritual Of A Forgotten Cult
469Final Atomic Battle
470Winter, Night & Suicide
471Under The Banner Of The Blood Flower
472Profane Lord Of Grimness
473Bitter Recollections Of Grim Vamphyrick Kindergarten
474 Impaled Nokturnal Warspirit
475 Impaled Ancients At The Awakening Of Grim Dusk
476Reality Is In Evil...
477He Will Reign In Fire From The Sky And Cast It Down Upon The Unworthy
478 Fight For My Grim Master
479Dyster Og Frostskadd Nordlig Blodtørst
480Et Spor Uten Tittel Om Indonesisk Svartmetall
481 Grim Northern Spirits Whisper
482Wrist Deep In Grim Satanaelic Depression
483 I Used To Listen To Depressive Suicidal Black Metal, Now I Have AIDS (Alex Ischenkau Down Syndrome)
484 The Coils Of Depression
485Satan Is My Friend
486Grim Shadows Of Black Souls
487Omnipotent Manifestation Of Lucifer
488Grim Shadows Of Black Souls
489Born At Lies
490Raging Evil Desekration
491 Feed My Pain
492Frostbitten, Grim Eyes Of Darkness
493 Impaled Frostbitten Night Of The Luciferian Light
494For The Glory Of Our Supreme Infernal Majesty...
495 Ascensum Serpens
496Impaled Frostbitten Night Of The Luciferian Light
497Whose Wheel Turns Eternal
498 My God Is Myself
499Upon The Frostbitten Throne Of Mayhem
500The Frostbitten Abyss Of Illusions
501 To Eve That Lord Of Malicious
502Conquering The Land Of Sin
503Evil Metal
504The Rebirth Of The Melancholy Infernal Beings
505Cold Breath From Grave
506 Demoniac Invocation
507 Broken Lemurian Sun
508 Into Octagram
509Infernal, Grim Visions Through The Dark Memories
510Unholy Goathorns
511Retribution 666
512The Supremacy Of The Devil's Hordes
513With Cathedral Carrion
514Impaled Transylvanian Demon Goat
515Eerie Realms Of Hell
516The Forgotten Dungeons Of Time
517Ignis Divine Imperium
518Destroying False Dogmas
519Dawn Of A Dark Age
520Voice In The Dark
521Ascent Of The Lightless Sun
522The Rise Of Leviathan
523I Hate Myself
524Satanic War In Disneyland
525Thou Shalt Go Up And Come Like A Grim Storm
526Immense Emotional Pain
527Sinister Voices From Beyond
528Drowning In My Impaled Emptiness
529It's Disappointing That People Aren't Allowed To Eat Yellow Snow, But Vampires Are Allowed To Eat Red Snow
530Forbidden Descent Into The Grim Cold Waters
531Icons Of The Dark
532Under The Shadow Of The Immortal, Frostbitten Flame
533Do What Thou Wilt
534Do What Thou Wilt (Slowed & Reverb)
535Forsaken Angel (BLVCKBX$$ Phonk Mix)
536I Wanted To Impress A Vermyapre Hostess So I Spoke Gloatre And She Looked Into My Eyes And Said “Mogovtrebremrevre Tremevkle Premevekle” So I Went Home And Cried While Listening To Jazzy Kellersynth
537We Walker Together Emerging From The Darkness
538I Am The Grim Antichrist
539Praise To The Eternal Evil
540The Ultimate Grim Reflection Of The Dark Soul
541Til Kongens Grav De Døde Vandrer
542Black Goat GF (Grim & Frostbitten)
543Possessed From The Black GF Forest
544Living Of Black
545Aeternus In Inferno Ardens
546Jesus In Hell
547Ascension Vengeance For Gods Slaughter
548Grim Satanic Throne
549They Are The Children Of The Frostbitten Underworld
550Impaled Cadaveric Hellspawn
551Necromantic Ritual Meditation
552From The Grim Realms Of The Shadowlands
553Possess Me (Like You Possess The Dark)
554Black Impaled Cross
555Incarno Vicarius Imperator Filli Sathanas Dei
556Falsehood Condemnation
557Path Of Grim Suffering
558Mors Principium Est
559Grim, Impaled, Northern NekroSadoGoat
560NekroAlkoholik Abominations With Satan
561True Servants Of Satan
562The Fall Of Satanael
563Die By The Blade
564Unleashing The Chaos
565Total Fucking Darkness
566Superlative Darkness
567Eternal Desecration Of The Jesus
568Divine Declaration Of Hate
569Towards Bloodshed We March
570Louis Cachet Timmen
571Cult Of The Eternal Deities Of The Abyss
572My Soul Is Dead And Grim
573Twilight Demon Of Pure Evil
574Disease, Desire And Death
575Sadomatik Goats Emerging From The Pleromatic NekroApeiron Shadow
576Perdition Of NekroTeletubbies
577Mass Grave Of Infernal SadoImpostors
578Pestilent Necrospell
579Unholy Grim Pagan Mighty Warrior
580Murmuration Of Grieving NekroGoats
581Oath Of The Clandestine Covenant
582NekroFist Of The Grim Northern Destroyer
583Satan's Storm Over The Holy Land
584On The Brink Of Reassessing All Values
585Impaled Massacre Of The Innocent
586Satanic Temple Of Grim Depravity
587From The Eternal Chasm...
588Grim Spawn With Bad Blood
589The Grim Incarnation Of Sathanas
590The Sinister Elder Silence
591Grim Hordes United For The Glorification Of Lucifer
592Bloody Days On The Altar
593The Grim, Impaled Kingdom Of Nothing
594The Dawn Of Nothing
595Black Rain
596In Space The Warning Cry Resonates
597Nowadays Black Metal Ist Krieg!
598Am I Evil?
599In The Shadowlands
600Grim Conjuration
601Mortal Art Of Blood
602Creature Of Ungod
603The Horns Of Supremacy
604Legacy In Darkness
605Hell Night
606A Quiet Voice Whispers The Bitter Truth
607Incantations Of Demonic Lust For Corpses Of The Fallen
608Glorificat Dominus
609Satanic Communion
610Execution Commands
611Quindecim Annalis Basis
612Golem Nosferatu
613Triumphus Serpentis Magni
614Night Ov Pan
615As Blood Turns Black, Mankind Shall Drown In Despair
616Blasphemies Of The Elder Gods
617Macabre Luciferian Seduction
618Vortex Of Souls
619Praise And Devotion
620Naxzgul Rising
621Deifier Of Necromancy
622Hidden Ring Of Sauron
623Burzum In Paris
624Death Beneath The Mourning Star
625The Hateful Backwoods
626The Cult To The Night Of The Times
627Boiled In Goat Blood
628Pain And Misery For Humanity
629Cult Of The Night Kingdom
630Tristitia Aeternum
632...If Ever The Stars Shall Fall
633The Long Night In The Path Of Enlightenment To The Gate Of Mastery
634Triumphalia Ornamenta
635Through The Collapse
636End Of All Life And Creation
637Your Filthy Blessing
638Striking With Diseases And Curses
639Metal Archives Only Accept Black Metal That Sounds Like Nickelback, Isn't That Sus?
640Reign Of The Malicious
641The Song Of A Long Forgotten Ghost
642Journey Into The Depths Of Night
643Templar Of The Judas Goat
644Dethroned, Conquered And Forgotten
645Tenebrious Triumvirate
646Mors Inumbratus Supra Spiritus
647Edge Of Painfull Sensation
648Processional For The Hellfire Chariot
649The Grim Satanist
650Lord Of Flies & Frostbitten Kittens
651Grim Inverted Triangle
652A Thousand Eyed Angel
653Katatonic And Devilish Suppuration
654Gazing Through The Black Eyes Of Time
655Who TF Is Lil Therion?
656Sacrilegious Doctrine
657Into The Grim Domains
658Frostbitten Sky
659Frostbitten Death
660Frostbitten Warmachine
661Frostbitten Weiner
662Frostbitten Hearts
663Frostbitten Despair
664Frostbitten Pain
665Frostbitten Forest
666The Number Of The Beast (Iron Maiden Cover)
667Frostbitten Corporations
668Frostbitten Brains Of Begotten Encyclopaedia Metallum Mods Who Grimly Decide If Your Album Is Professional Enough
669Frostbitten Storm
670Frostbitten And Grim Metal Archives 1st April Jokes
671There Is No Such Thing As BM Parody Because All Metal Is A Self-parody Essentially
672Thee Only Trve And Rvlt File Format Is AMR (Atmospheric Malicious Recording), If I Weren't Too Lazy This Obviously Full-length Album Would Be In AMR (But Lazy Production Is True And Kult So IDK For Sure)
673Frostbitten March
674Frostbitten Caskets
675Frostbitten Wounds
676Frostbitten Frost
677Frostbitten Serpents
678Frostbitten Amputation
679Frostbitten Pyromaniac
680Erstatte Alle Skandinaviske Titler Med Punjabi
681Does Having Back Covers With The Tracklist On Them Make This Album Cult And True?
682Raschlenennaya Pugachova Are Much More Badass Than Varg Vikernes, Why Are They Canceled Though?
683Disgrace To The Corpse Of Nikita Lytkin
684Guys Who Made Diss Tracks At Me, I Saw Them And I'm Angry! If You're Reading This, Come At Midnight To The Frim Moonforest, I'll Be Waiting There With My Hunting Gun
685Thx Lorenzo For Releasing My Demo, But You Should Still Take A Shower
686Frostbitten Flakes
687Frostbitten Moonlight
688I Smoke Between 650 And 700 Cigarettes A Day, But That's Cool Because It Destroys My Life For Satan
689If You Think Making Such Number Of Tracks Is A Bit Excessive, Check Out A Band Called Anal Cunt
690Frostbitten Ambience
691Frostbitten Hell
692Frostbitten Grandeur
693Frostbitten Depression
694Frostbitten Ashlands
695Frostbitten Tears
696My Life Is So Frostbitten That I Even Bother To Record This Mega Crap (Also Funny Number)
697Frostbitten Echoes
698Frostbitten Winters
699Frostbitten Amputation
700Frostbitten Souls
701I Could Have Made A Shoutout Here, But It Only Would Mean You're Not Kvlt To Be Shouted Out By Such A Loser Who Even Cares About That
702Frostbitten Ramskull
703Frostbitten Genitals
704Frostbitten Genocide
705Frostbitten Static
706The Only Time I Thought MA Was Cool Was When They Added Korn On April Fools And I Didn't Realize It Was A Joke
707Frostbitten Battlefield
708Frostbitten Dominions
709Grim Swastika On Putin's Ass
710Frostbitten Scars
711Frostbitten Fingers
712Descent Into Frostbitten Madness
713Frostbitten No More
714It's 2024, Elon Musk Is Flying To Mars And We Still Have To Add Stuff To MA Manually
715Trail Of Frostbitten Scalps
716Consumption Of Frostbitten Flesh
717Frostbitten Fires Of Loss
718Satanic Morbid Necrophilia
719Improbability Of Understanding The Frostbitten Symbols Of Large Cardinal Arithmetics
720Ömurlegt Og Frostbitið Fráfall
721USBM After Y2K Stands For Unusually Suspicious Bondage Masturbation
722Producing This Album Is More Like Trying To Survive On Less Than 666 Cups Of Coffee Every 30 Minutes
723Ballad Of Frostbitten Heart
724Frostbitten Holy Flesh
725Not That I Didn't Support Making Fun Of NSBM, But Why We Stopped Making Fun Of Gorgoroth?
726Let's Be Honest, The Only Difference Between Black Metal And Death Metal Is That Death Metal Is About Death, And Black Metal Is About Black
727Why The Fuck Did Fenriz Start Producing Mixes For Trendy Webzines?
728Frostbitten And Old
729Circles Of Frostbitten Ice
730Across The Frostbitten Seas
731Nigrum Metallum Sonos Ingrata Latine
732Dark Forces
733Our Grim Symbolic Burial
734Sempiternal Suffering
735Looking To Nothing
736Frostbitten And Alone
737Frostbitten Twilight Of Sorrowfields
738Evoke The Frostbitten
739Frostbitten Northern War
740Into The Frostbitten Crypt
741Realm Of Frostbitten Storms
742Frostbitten Astral Realms
743Warriors Of Frostbitten Plains
744Cry Of The Frostbitten
745Back On Frostbitten Shores
746Frostbitten Color Pencil
747Fulgency Of Frostbitten Lands
748In Frostbitten Moonlight
749Frostbitten Tomb
750Track About Black Metal Musicians Trying Their Best To Make Their Songs Not Sound The Same
751Grim And Frostbitten Necrophallus
752Hail To Frostbitten Forefathers
753Deatspell Omega Is Definitely The Beast Black Metal Parody I've Ever Seen
754It May Not Be Obvious, But This Album Is About Doing Drugs While Getting Head
755Rejected By A Thousand Labels
756Scaling The Frostbitten Summit
757On Frostbitten Path Beneath
758Frostbitten Self Inflicted Lacerations
759Frostbitten To Hell
760Lonesome And Frostbitten
761Frostbitten Ophidian Veins
762Frostbitten Trigger Finger
763Frostbitten Plague-Wielders
764Frostbitten Blasphemy Ov Nekro Evil
765The Frostbitten Woodlands Of Norway
766Revelation In The Frostbitten Winds
767Slaves Of The Frostbitten Moon
768Frostbitten In The Norwegian Forest
769Lamentations Of The Frostbitten Spirit
770Charpatian Frostbitten Land Of Sorrow
771Frostbitten Spectres Throughout The Mist
772Frostbitten By The Radioactive Fullmoon
773Bloodsoaked, Frostbitten & Dead
774The FrostKitten Throne Of Hovgarldvist
775To Fly Through Frostbitten Winds
776Helheim Warriors In Frostbitten Northlands
777Devouring Breath Of Frostbitten Seas
778Roots Of A Frostbitten Land
779Storms From A Frostbitten Realm
780Ripping My Frostbitten Eyes Off
781Agony Monolith Where Frostbitten Hands Rest
782Frostbitten Tree
783Cold And Frostbitten Grimness Of Hate
784Through Mountain Shadows And Frostbitten Valleys
785The Ancients Halls Of A Frostbitten Cosmos
786Frostbitten Echoes Of Winter's Lugubrious Lament
787Dark Lord Sits Upon The Frostbitten Throne
788Frostbitten Winter Storms Of The Northern Mountains
789Frostbitten Communion With The Eidolon Of Night
790This Is How We Rock It In The Frostbitten North
791In This Frostbitten Forest I Shall Dwell Eternally
792The Frostbitten Winds Of Demise
793Into The Frostbitten Death Of Christ Into Black Chants
794Dusk Over The Frostbitten Silent Funereal Diabolical Crepuscular Morbid Grim Noctambulant Dark Graveyard
795Usurping Through The Doomed Veil Of Chaos And Over The Spectral Legion Between Frostbitten Dominions
796Unattended Frostbitten Fingers Grasping To The Last Beat In An Unforgiving Heart
797Dark Deathwitch Devouring The Necroleptic And Abominable Hellgoat Amidst The Frostbitten And Charred Necrotobogganist Of Abazagorath
798The Worst Thing About Black Metal Is Not It's 99% "Unfunny", But That 1% Of It Is "Funny"
799Christalized Blood
800Lay Eden In Ashes
801On The Field Of A Thousand Extinct Battles
802To Conjure Satan From The Infernal Abyss
803Prophecies Of Destruction, Suffocating The Light
804In Spectral Orgy
805Trigon Ov Blasphemy
806The Deaf Darkness Of The Abyss
807Only Darkness Is Real
808BTW, If You're Wondering About The Quality, My Recorder Has Broken
809Nergal's Grim Benis
810Behold Satan's Merciless Empire Overgrow The Ailing Earth We Dwell On
811Lascivious Lord Thanos, Thee Destroyer Ov Worlds
812Impaled Batman
813Wrath Of Zarach Baal Tharagh (Why Did He Remove His Face Pic Though?)
814Satanic Nazarene
815If You're Ever Stuck In A Grim And/or Frostbitten Dungeon, Remember Me Spending Days Making This Bullshit Of An Album And You'll Instantly Feel Better About Yourself
816Infernal Slaughter
817At War With Ares
818Satanic Massacre 666
819Arrival Of The Winterwinds
820A Malign Reincarnation
821The Four Horsemen Of The Apocalypse
822Poisonous Black Wind In The Desert
823Romantic, But Frostbitten Vampire
824Daemon X
825There Is No Light
826Satanic Terror Cult
827Satanic Worshipper
828There Will Never Be Another Black Metal Band Like Marilyn Manson
829Succ D)))
830Necrotic Revolution
831No Joy
832With A Cold, Life Extinguishing Elegance
833Autistic Homicidal Dismemberment
834Demonic Engorgement
835The Rain That Hides The Shadows
837The Order Of Satan
839Born In Fire
840King Of The Grim Skies
841Thy Dark Heavens
842A Gate Through Frostbitten Kingdoms
843To The Wrath Of Frostbitten Saturn
844When Satan Fucks God
845The Sign Ov A Human Curse
846Heathen Conquest
847Triumphant Awakening Of Hell's Darkest Master
848Satan (Hail Satan)
849Hate, Glory And Victory
850Song For The Grim Dawn
853Black Metal Stopped Being Krieg After Lordi Had Won Eurovision
854Demons Of The Black Abyss
855Dawn Of Infinite Obscurity
856From The Submerged Worlds
857Ancient Litanies And Forgotten Cries
858Ancient Litanies And Forgotten Cries (Gummi Batushka Remix)
RemixGummi Batushka
859Spiritus Diaboli
860I Know I Have Already Asked Too Many Questions, But Why Do Black Sabbath Have 'Black' In Their Title If They Are One Of The Pioneers Of Funeral Doom
861Psychotic Satanic NekroMass
862The Bloodstained Corpse Of Nowadays Political Shitcore Covered In Lard
863Prehistoric Frostbitten Fecal Abortion
864Intense Demonic Charge
865Morbid Cannibal Warmageddon
866Why The Fuck Does MA Think That Strid Pioneered DSBM If They Are, Well, Not DSBM
867Laudatur Satanas!
868Secret Sacrifice In The Lunar Eclipse
869Grim Fullmoon Rituals
870Grim Onslaught
871Helvete 666
872In The Name Of Bathory
873Beneath Lucifer's Eye
873I'm The Hammer Of My Master
874I Know Your Name
875Ascending Thrones And Stars
876Testament Of The Heretic Priest
877Self-burial Ritual
878I'm Imprisoned For Spreading Grimness In Roblox So I Will Record Some Dungeon Synth
879Anders Breivik's Underwear
880Tenebros 666
882The First Necromantic Sabbath
884Amen Belzebuth
885Your Idol Is Dead
886Iesu Nazarenus Rex Inferni
887Live In Night Of Supreme Emperor
888Heartless Merciless Blasphemous... Martyr Slain
889The Devil's Sermon
890There Is No God But The Devil
891The Last Profanation
892Praedicateac Exsultate Malum, Malitiam Atque Insaniam Orci
893The Orchestra Of Dead Souls
894Pseudomonarchia Daemonium
895Opening The Gates Of Hell
896Shaitan And Angels With Serpent Tongue
897Please Let Me Know If You Know This Melody, I Can't Find The Song
898Rejoice And Laugh, Doomed To Be Sacrificed
899And The Rebel Angels Fell
900Enchanter Ov Serpents
901Thulean Perspective Banned Me, But Facebook Banned Thulean Perspective So I'm OK
902Darkest Path To Death
903Pure Cold Venom
904A Star, Fallen In The Frozen, Deepest, Darkened Waters Of The Black Swamp
905Devoted To Satan
906Magnanimous Lord Sathanas
907Total Satan
908Corpus Diavolis
909Myths Of The Traitor
910Supreme Command Of Satanic Will
911Ancient Rites Of The Mist And Full Moon
912Whore Of The Night
913Declarandam Tartareum Factum
914Deceived By An Amethyst
915My Satanic Kingdom
916Return To Sodom
917Cursed Ov The Damnes
918The Irrepassable Gate
919Unleashing Hell On Earth
920Sinful Desires
921Hallowed By The Name
922Armageddon Accomplished
923In The Throne Of Perversion
924Annihilation Of Mankind
925Archdemon Poop
926Bizarre Ritual Killing
927Sathanus Anus
928Black Metal Nicht Krieg (— Cover)
929Black Urizen Moon
930The Chimes Of Midnight
931Epic Fail Black Metal (EFBM)
932From Penumbra To Hell
933Crushing The Christians
934The Gnostic Ritual Consumption Of Semen As Embodiment Of Wounds Teared In The Soul
935First Ray From Satan's Sun
936Black Neural Sophistication
937Lord Of The Frozen Flames
938Buried By The Dead
939Forbidden Temples Of The Black Flame
940Poisonous Victory
941The Ceremony Has Begun
942Butchered By Black Tormentor
943Sathanas Sit Perpetus Maledictus
944Vexilla Regis Prodeunt Inferni
945Princeps Principum Ens Entium
946Hell Always Can Wait
947Sabbathical Flesh Possession
948Open The Mysteries Of Your Creation
949I Am The Chaos, The Abyss And The Gloom
950One Hundred Year Storm
951Aäkon Këëtrëh Kissed The Frostbitten Ass Of Këkht Aräkh
952Ode To The Demonwitch
953Obscene Clandestine Deconstruction (OCD)
954Unextinguishable Candles Of The Wallachian Masters
955His Crosses On The Royal Banners
956Requiem For A Dying World
957Forever Lost In Wintersorrow
958God Pazuzu
959Cold Journey Through Madness
960Captured By The Spell
961Burn In Hell!
962A Sorcerer's Pledge
963Realm Of Grim Nocturnal Dwarves
964Dark And Blasphemous Psalm Ov Thee Ancients Inscripted In A Random Ass Black Metal Logo
965Wizard Of Black Winds
966I Am The Devil's Blood
967Louis Cachet Murdered Euronymous Because Euronymous Was A Pedophile
968Medieval Northern Sorcery
970Satanic Blastbeats Of The Forgotten Time
971Ominous Immortal Malice
972Where Light Would Not Dare
973Non Lucidum Tristitia
974Descent Into Eternity
975Demonic Laughter
977By The Rays Of His Golden Light
978Kindergarten Of Bodom
980Christ Whore Crusified
981Infernal Cruciform Defecation At The Altar Of Apollyon
982Inversion Of The Holy
983Haunted Lightless Lingering
984Antichristian Grim Flagellation
985Funeral Sermon Of The Earth
986The Path Is Obscured By Light
987Ad Barathri Ascensio
988The Shape Of True Black Metal To Cum
989Obitus Arbor Gratia
990Orthodox Theistic Shitting In The Dark Woods Of Doom
991The Triumph Of 666atan
992Reliquary Of The Horned One
993Tenebrus Dominate
994When I Spit On Cross
995Manifest Of Lord Impaler And Goatpoison
996Chambers Of Infinite Torture
997The Sect Of Satanic Shit
998Nordvargr Is A Gay Nazi Douche
999Frozen Lords Of Grim Father Frost
1000Sinner, Shitter And Blasphemer
1001Souls Of Abramelin Cakes
1002Abomination Impurity
1003Post Disembowelment Blunt Serial Decapitation
1004Secrets Of The Black Forest
1005Secrets Of The Black Forest
1006Return Of Hateful Entropy
1007Abysmal Of Seth Putnam
1008Valley Of Sorrow
1009Dark Carnal Witchery
1010...And The Night Came With Heavy Steps
1011Frostbitten Toilets Of Orodruin
1012Return Of Satanic Darkness
1013Déjà Vu
1014...In Spite Of Torment In Eternity
1015Forests Of Dark Mayhem
1016Northern Shadow Kingdom
1017Broken Bonds Of Balance
1018God's Incarnadine Arch
1019Enslaved By The Shackles Of Humanity
1020Apocalipsis Tenebrae
1021All Rise To Iconoclasm
1022Grim Matrix Of The Quantum Enemy
1023The Night Of Lucifer
1024Omniversal Descent Upon Lower Planes Of Conventional Logic
1025The Level Of Perception
1026Aeons Ov Sorrow
1027Breaking The Shackles Of Cosmic Bondage
1028Peccatum Mortiferum
1029Consumiendo Infelices
1030Satanic Circus Of The Grim Martians
1031Samael's Vengeance
1032Only Lord Voldemort Is Grimmer Than Satan
1033Dominus Inferus Vobiscum
1034Babylon Doom Cult
1035Poopy Forest Of Depressive Illusions
1036Quintessence Of Evil
1037In An Embrace Of Deep Cold Forests
1038Subliminal Antenora Of Otherworldly Aliens
1039...Deine Songnamen Per Google Ins Deutsche Zu Übersetzen Ist Krieg...
1040Far Beyond Death And Time (The Oath Of War)
1041At Battlefields Of The Abyssal Realm
1042Anno Domini Luciferum
1043Vicious Christ Satanic Mastermind Evil Robot
1044Black Noise Should Be Banned Because It's Too Harsh
1045Bandcamp Should Hide Black Metal Tag From The Explorer Because It Disrespects My Feelings
1046Also Bandcamp Fridays Are Gay AF
1047Blackened Funeral
1048Fall, Ascension, Domination
1049Grim And Roast Beef
1050Carcass On The Pavement
1051Rid The Human Plague
1052The Profane Hymns Of The Sovereign Darkness
1053Your Blood Is My Victory
1054When Death Overtakes Enlightenment...
1055Funny Farm Metal
1056Gloria Patri
1057The Black Eucharist
1058Unholy Proclamation
1059Execraris Of Perpetual
1060Ad Portas Serpentium
1061Angst Vor Geistern
1062Fragmented Soul
1063A Dying Member Of Degenerating Cult
1064The Occult Formulas To Desecrate Souls
1065Goatfucking Ritual
1067God Is Tyrant
1068Possessed Breath
1069Exorcism Of Satanic Puppies
1070The Return Of The Satanic Rites
1071The Sound Of The Satanic Usurper
1072Ashes And Shadows Over The Ruins Of The Cursed Nation...
1073Lord Of Bloodstained Forests
1074Demonic Manifest
1075Dracula's Mechanized Universe
1076At The Feet Of The Black Altar
1077Where Is Your Faith
1078Devilish Possessedness
1079Asgard Dawn Of Infinite Fire
1080Lucifer's Apartment
1081Bill Of Indictment
1082In The Eyes Of Death
1083Unholy Frustration Of Biblically Accurate Angels
1084Opera Ratos Irae Dias
1085Hell's Seraphim
1086An Epic Told To Infinity
1087Path To Tyranny
1088Dismal Starwinds And Astral Thunderbeams
1089Torture Goddes Of The Flesh
1091On The Lookout In The Depths Of The Frozen Lake
1092Invocation Of Adam Kadmon
1093Sado Merkabah
1094In Reverence Of Decay
1095Black Buddha
1096Troops Of Burning Vengeance
1097Somewhere In The Nightpast
1098The Circle Of Bloody Souls
1099Prurient And Possessed
1100Avatar Of Melancholy
1101Unholy Night Secrets
1102Aiwass, AOS And Frater Perdurabo Can Suck My Ipsissimus Tier Balls
1103Storm To The Unholy Grave
1106This Track Contains Rayo's Number Of Songs Each Consisting Of TREE(3) Songs
1107Opening The Gates Of Hell
1108Vexilla Regis Prodeunt Inferni
1109Conquering Black Storms
1110Obscure And Vampiric Twilight Werewolf Warlord Battlefield
1111Thunder Of Vengence
1112Into The Burning Pit Of Hell
1113Do You Want Our Blood??!!!
1114A World Between Mirrors
1115Dogs Blood Rising
1116Blasphemous Prayers
1117Disciplines Of Satan
1118Cradle Of Satan
1119Hybrid Parasite Evangelistica
1120They Awoke To The Scent Of Spring
1121Memories From Another World
1122Last Contemplation Of A Dying World
1123Tragic Delirium Of The Past Shadows
1124Cold Winds Of Death And Hatred
1125Throne Of Torment
1126Satanic Venomous Vines
1127Bestial Absurd Goat Desecrator
1128The Goat's Infernal March
1129Sabbatic Goat Birth
1130Strangled In The Nets Of Unholy Perversion
1131Bestial Glorious Satan
1132The Return Of Filth And Evil
1133Stigma Diaboli
1134Anticosmic Horror
1135Demoniac Fetus
1136My Revenge Comes In Winter
1137Evil Slayers Of Hell
1138Revealing The Somber Powers Of Hell
1139The Supreme Black Angel
1140Razor To Oblivion
1141This Album Is Metal Enough If I Say So
1142Imperial Palace Of Darkness
1143The Battle Of The Godless Souls
1144Forbidden Industry
1145Incantations Of Red Moon
1146Immortal Aggression
1147Burnt For Witchcraft
1148Bleak, Grim And Northern Discomfort
1149The Black Wraiths Ascend
1150Griefer Torture
1151Bastardizing The Purity
1152Blasphemic Lust
1153Impaled Beneath The Pentagram
1155Blasphemous Crucifixion
1156Reconquering The Northlands
1157Upon The Alter Of Destruction
1158Hostis Humani Generis
1159Covered In Guts
1160Behind The Gates Of Terror
1161Angels Of Purity
1162The Unholy Sign Of Hell
1163Asleep In The Arms Of Suicide
1164Book Of Black Earth
1165The Cold Testament
1166Grim Souls Of Black
1167Onward To The Sabbat
1168The Inverted Cross
1169Black Whispers Of Satanic Conscience
1170Nightmare Of The Christian Race
1171Subjugation Of The Bastard Son
1172Fractal Labyrinth Of Bridges
1173The Cult Of The Black Pyramid
1174Burning Bethlehem
1175The Unholy Path To Hell
1176Metal Warriors
1177The Gospel Of The Infernal Goat
1178Mortuary Astral Links
1179Blood, War, Perversion
1180The Dead Woman's Shoe
1181Heidegger Was A Fascist Scum And His "Philosophy" Makes No Sense
1182Also Heidegger Was A Nazi, He Even Joined NSDAP
1183The Evil By Evil
1184My Reach In The Unholy Night
1186Morbid Upheaval
1187Carving At The Threads
1188Satanic Rebirth
1189Journey Through The Darkness Path
1190Hierarchy Of Hades
1191Father Satan Listen To Me
1192Hated Okkvlt Perversions
1193Alchemy Of Suicide
1194Satanic Pigeon
1195Chaos Down The Catacombs
1196A Moonlit Path
1197Chapel Of Lucifer
1198Retarded Cake
1199Satanick Jihad
1200The Trees Of Darkness
1201Chaotic Ceremony For A Dying World...
1202Lost Paradise
1203Gloria Mortis
1204The Answer To Infection
1205Blessing Of Satanas
1206Heretic Supremacy
1207Gravestones And Crosses
1208Frenzied Destruction Of The Carnal
1209From The Opened Grave, Thy Came!
1210Genuflection Under The Malice Of The Moon
1211War Against Nemesis
1212Dark Genocide
1213Rites Of Pest
1214Secrets Of Harmony
1215Saga Of Blasphemy
1216The Flames Of An Elite Age
1217Chained To Torment
1218The Temptress Vow
1219Funeral Under Moon Grail
1220Fuck The Ways Of Christ
1221I'm Being Exceptionally Sarcastic At Metal While Headbanging To Nihilist (Pre-Entombed) - (1987-1989) (Compilation, 2005) [Full Album]
1223When Arise The Heretic
1224Palaces Of Iniquity
12251225 Songs About Fucking Up Djent
1226Black Thrashing Terror
1227Sacramentum Obscurus
1228Hate And Satanism Alliance Against The Christianity
1229Denied In Heaven
1230Destruction Explosion Total Holocaust
1231This Project Was Meant To Be Called "Genocide", But There's Like Dozens Of Other Projects Under This Name So I'm Just Using Lord Poozix
1232Daemonic Sorceries Of Nocturnal Lust
1233Daemonus Perversus
1234The Things That Didn't Want To Die
1235Sickening Loom
1236The Black Fire Of Ahriman
1237Closure Of Empyrean Delirium
1238I Am The Black Grim Wizards
1239Sadistic Obsession
1240Odyssey Of The Twelfth Talisman
1241Destroyers Of False Hope
1242God Is Trash
1243The Decimation
1244Messiah Of Perdition
1245Satanik Annihilation Kommando
1246A Macabre Narrative About Neophytes Pilgrimage
1247This Hungry Triumphant Darkness
1248Goetia 666
1249First Strike For Spiritual Renewance
1250Authentic Thaumatargy Of Consciousness
1252Forever Underground Occult And Magics
1253Death Tyrant
1254I Vanna Die (Zarach Baal Tharagh Cover)
1255Crushing The Dreams Of Benevolence
1256Antikal Revival
1257I Only Release On Getalbums And Forum
1258Deathcode Of The Abyss
1259Grim Veneration
1260Evoke The Ancient Curse
1261The Black Dimension
1262Tyrant Of All Tyrants
1263Veneral Christ Desecration
1264Dreary Remembrance
1265Acta Non Verba
1266Sadomatik Easter
1267Delinquentes Infernae
1268The Book Of Lies
1270Bandkampf Disabled Gorenoise As If It Were Child Pornoise (Is It Even Legal?)
1271Obscene Guttural Exegetics Of Sodomatic Christology
1272Kindergarten Concentration Camp
1273Lxrd Sxtxn
1274In Daemonium Nocte
1275Judeo-Christian NecroLardPudding
1276xImpure Soulx
1277Punishment For Ignorance
1278Herostratic Oath
1279The Covenant Prevails In Eternal Darkness, In Honor Of The Ancient Ancestors
1280Fatalistic Uprisal Of Abhorrent Creation
1281Daemonology In Waves Ov Three
1282Spiritual Disease
1283The Unholy Comrades Of Comroth
1284Ketchup Order Of The Black Cum
1285The Wampyric Specter
1286Deophagus Of Deicide
1287Let Me Be The Voice Of Satanic Bastards
1288Reincarnation Of Brutality
1289Satanas Occultas
1290Infernal Wrath Of Wolves
1291The Day Earth Vomited Her Horrors
1292The Tattered Wings Of Heartache
1293Diktatorial Worship
1294Darkicus Satanicus Mystericus
1295In Repugnant Adoration
1296The Arteries Of Heresy
1297This Track Is Still Better Than Horrid Cross
1298Profound Lore Ov Thee Sacred Bones
1299In Blaze Of Moon
1300Tranquility Through Darkness
1301Awakening From The Dream Of Existence To The Multidimensional Nature Of Our Reality
1302Trail Of Life Decayed
1303People Treat Les Légions Noires As If They Were The Only Black Metal Circle In The World
1304Your Temple Of Worms
1305The Innermost Ways To Might
1306Hallucinating Priest
1307Baphomet's Sensitive Sphincter
1308Baphomet's Unwiped Ass
1309In The Name Of Santa
1310Fornication. Lust. Perversion.
1311Blood, Vampirism & Sadism
1312Insane Lobotomy
1313Nice To Beat You
1314Illusion Of The Decay Of Life
1315The Tempter
1316Deadly Torture To The Rot Self
1317Dominions Of Our Endeavor
1318Agony Of The Orange Skies
1319When The Bough Breaks
1320MA People Are Like "Boo Boo You Can't Make Metal Without Guitars" Not Knowing That Guitar Is A Myth
1321Domain Of Darkness
1322Grim Tales Of The Retarded Vampire
1323Holocaust, Plague And Tyranny
1324Horns Curve Into Broken Circles
1325Inferno Caput Mundi
1326Welcome To The Darkness
1327Drift Into My Palace Of Terror
1328Coldest Ever Cold
1329Grave Dirt And Blood
1330Brought Down By God
1331In The Undying Dark Mountains
1332Death Leading
1333The Devil's Murderous Mob
1334Codex Necrovoid
1335Inn I Mørkets Kongedømme
1336In Beheading The Beast
1337Memory... Sorrow... Thorn...
1338All For Evil One
1339Lucifer Arrival
1340In The Sign Of Evil
1341Summoned From Ashes
1342Flames Await Your Soul
1343Disassemble The Dethroned
1344Upon An Oaken Throne
1345Dark Prophecies Of A New Cosmic Cycle
1346Paradise Of Putrefaction
1347Kali Yuga
1348Let The Angels Bleed
1349Invocation (Of Satan)
1351Ave Santana
1352Black Vein
1353Emissary Of Death
1354Comatose Shadows
1355Beginning Of The Dark Kingdom
1356Christ Crushing Ceremony
1357Temple Under Hell
1358Regressions Within Other Planes
1359Beyond The Dark Woods Of Infinity
1360About The Cultivation Of Centuries-old Enemy Images
1361Pagan Orgies
1362Summoning The Archaic Atrocity
1363Evil Never Dies
1364Antisocial Satan
1365Bleeding In The Shades Of Baphomet
1366Blood. Semen. Venom Of Phasms.
1367A World Without Existence
1368Burn The Reign
1369Furor Teutonicus
1370Amongst The Ruins Of Chaosmos
1371I Made A Mix Of All Merzbow Masonna And Got A 179 TB HNW Track
1372Awaiting The Glorious Damnation Of Mankind
1373Daemons Of The Past
1374Sacrifice For Black Metal Magic
1375Satanic Homosexual Escapism
1376Surreal Manifestation Of Dead Corpses
1377Mediaeval Screams
1378Lucifer, Appear!
1379Archaic Transformation
1380New Blood Gushes
1381Rite Of Inverse Incarnation
1382Only Antivaxxers Like Black Mecha
1383Grendel And Hulk Appear
1384Flagellated Cherub
1385Fire And Steel
1386Darkness Legacy
1387A Cold Kiss Of Barabellum
1388In Ravenous Darkness
1389"I Separate Artists From Their Music"
1390Altar Of Goat
1391Vile Diabolism
1392The Story Of The World In Flames
1393It Turns Out That A Large Portion Of Black Metal Projects Also Play Dungeon Synth Due To The Intros And Outros
1394My Soul Was Reaped
1395Memory Of My Dark Thoughts
1396This Album Was Secretly Made By A Diabolical AI I Developed Not To Do All This Shit Manually
1397De Mysteriis Serpentis
1398Mass Ov Perversion
1399Senseless Life
1400Leaves Of Yggdrasil
1401In The Dark Nihilistic Center Of Gravity
1402Earlier Than The Third Mind Of The Cosmos
1404...In Diaper Of Steve Silvester
1406The Triumph Of My Will
1407Tales Of The Macabre
1408Bishop Of Infamy
1409Der Ungeist
1410Valleys Of Gehenna
1411The Return Of The Ghost
1412I Warn The Heavens!!!
1413Satanic Goat Horde
1414Procreating Antichrist
1415Inheritors Of The Morbid Arts
1416Into The Mouth Of The Serpent
1417Howling Death Winds Of The Cold Black Axe
1418Dark Nebula Of Cosmic Fart
1419Black Sun Of Death And Destruction
1420Idi Te Na Hoy, Suka!
1421Chapel Of The Winds Of Belial
1422Darkened Spasm Of Cthulhu's Ass
1423Rancid Hooligan Piss
1424Oratio Ad Satanas
1425Tales Of Witchcraft
1426Paroxysms Of Madness
1427Abrasive Contamination Of Satanic Flow
1428Anthems Of Destruction
1429Cybernetic Goblin
1430Hammer Of Abysmal Entities
1431Ghouls Of Grandeur
1432Total Death
1434Grotesque Glory
1435No Longer A Dweller In The Abyss
1436Reverend Of Mutilation
1437Suffering Of The Flesh
1438Grim Sword Of Zarathustra
1439Corpus Ferrugineum
1440No One Is Safe
1441Seductress Of The Unlight
1442In The Intoxication Of His Presence
1443Hateful Winds
1444Fullmoon Grave Desecration
1445Cursed And Truncated
1446God Iz Dead
1447Anti Christian Domain Of Hell
1448Lycanthropic Moon
1449Ablution In Blood
1450Funeral Rape
1452Hieroglyphic Monad Of Western Esotericism
1453Blackpest Worshippers
1454Kill The God In You
1455The Forthcoming Return Of Primeval Age Of Darkness
1456Invocation Of Open Eyes And Crimson Tongues
1457The Satanic Prophetic Vengeance Of Armageddon
1458In Nomine Dei Nostri Satanas
1459Storming Blasphemy
1460Hatred Unleashed
1461Sons Of The Heretic Age
1462Blasphemy, Death And Grave
1463In The Forest Of Ravening Wolves
1464Vivit Post Funera Virtus
1465No More Christianity
1466Nekrosexual Torment
1467O.T.O. A.K.A. P.U.P.U.
1468Thunder From The Sky
1469Metal Ideology Of Life
1470Darkened Thelematic Transcendence
1471New Era
1472In Ictu Oculti
1473Haeresis Maleficarum
1474Terror Metal Extermination
1475Brutal Imperfection
1476Imperial Spellcaster
1477The Infinite War Of The Macrocosm
1478Reign In Darkness
1479All In The Name Of Satan
1480Seventh Son Of Golgotha
1481Unhallowed Blood
1482Satan Is Real
1483Demonic Night Awaits
1484Church Desecration
1485Inhuman Edict
1486The Vampiric Tyrant
1487Once Sent From The Golden Hall
1488Next Time U Watch ASMR, Remember That It Stands For Aryan Supremacy Metallic Rock
1489All Metal Should Follow The RABM (Raw, Absurd, Bad, Mediocre) Principle
1490Non Serviam
1491All Hate God
1492The Sacred Omnipotence
1493When Thy Kingdom Rise
1494Through Which It Came To Be
1495Pure Demoniac Blessing
1496The Detonation Of The Cosmos
1497The Tyranny Of Christian God Is Over
1498Tears Of Gods
1499Elizabeth Bathory
1500Hermetica Societatem Daemones
1501Demonic Crown Of Anticreation
1502Magnum Coeptum Satanicum
1503Black Song Of Necromancy
1504Only Satan
1505Riders Of The Satanic Warhorse
1507Barbarism In Lust
1508Ways Of Broken Glass
1509Intense Bewitched Instinct
1510Nocturnal Denomination
1511The Eternal Supplication Of Humanity
1512Ensorceled By Darkness
1513Lord Of Lords, King Of Kings
1514Diabolical Obscurantism
1515Dark Path To His Throne
1516Wounds Bleeding Black
1517Fanatical Blasphemy
1518Blood, Violence & Blasphemy
1520Back From Our Restless Slumber
1521Ugly And Bygone
1522Mocking The Philanthropist
1523Cancer Of Fear
1524Monotonous Foghorns Of Molesting Department
1525Metal Warrior
1526When Life Takes Its Course...
1527Satan Is Strong And Always Near
1528For Whom Is The Night
1529Liber XXX
1530To The Eternal Triumph Of The North
1531Frozen Goatshrine
1532Surfaces And Ancient Burial Grounds Of Soulless Warriors
1533The Arrival Of Leviathan
1534Crucified By The Dogs Of War
1535The Scent Of Malevolence
1536Cerberus, Hound Of The Underworld
1537Temple Of The Serpent
1538The Only Experimental Metal Band That Doesn't Suck Is Called Bagrovyi Fantomas
1539Where The Ages Dissappear
1540Supreme Ritual Genocide
1541Sodomized By The Phenomenous Sathanas
1542True Black Metal!!!!
1543Ritual Desecration Of The Catholic Bible
1544Evangelical Disease
1545Out Side Order Of Darkness
1546Under Wings Of Satan
1547Macabre Manifest
1548Transmutation Of 666 Elements Under 13 Demon Seals
1549The Only Female-fronted Metal Band That Doesn't Suck Is Early Shroud Of Blight
1550Lucifer's Brothel
1551Machiavellian Era Of Satan
1552Black Prosperity And Hate
1553Hail Dark Forces
1554Children Of The Black Sun
1555Guided By Vengeance & Bloodlust
1556Dying In The July Sun
1557The Cause Of Carnage Was Revenge
1558Chemical Castration Of The Bloodstained Dreams
1559The Majestic Symbol Of Baphomet
1560Flesh, Blood & Cosmic Storms
1561Blood Salt Sacrifice
1562Six Cruelty Six Destruction Six Destruction
1563Arise The Lilith's Son
1564Death To The Rotten World
1565Etruscan God Of Hell
1566Experimenting With Fresh Corpses
1567Invocation Of Maat
1568Walls Of Jericho
1569Just An Average Judas Priest Cover
1570Blood Of Kingu
1571Dark Winds Of Nibiru
1572The Only Christian That Doesn't Suck Is Maria Devi Christos
1573Into The Misty Forest Of Ents
1574Mayhemic Truth
1575March Of The Martyrs
1576Dark Mist Of Oblivion
1577Satan's Possessed
1578Subterranean Empire (With Us Omniscient Monarch)
1579Morgoth Bauglir
1580Riveting Three Nails To The Crucified
1581Orgy In The Black Cemetery
1582Behold My Kingdom
1583Magian Transfiguration
1584Creation In Reverse
1585Melting Of Imagining Existence
1586Satanik War Inferno
1587Drinking Beer With Satan
1588Unholy Invocation Moonspell Of Winged Goat
1589Black Winter Abyss
1590Vessels By Which The Devil Is Made Flesh
1591Philosophy Of Righteous Living
1592Yetzer Hara
1593Relativistic Transmissions From 93
1594Desecrating Holy Grounds
1595Follower Of Frost
1596Psalter Of The Royal Dragon Court
1597Aeterna Abyssus Mali
1598Left Hand Path
1599Hellish Adoption
1600The Eternal Oath
1601Desolate Landscape Of The Human Soul
1602The Fever
1603Messenger Ov Satanic Void
1604Evocation Arum Mortuarum
1605Mother Destruction
1606Melancholic Cries From The Forgotten
1607Luminatione Exaltat Serpens
1608Harbringer Of The Void
1609Mortal Illumination
1611The Path To The Abyss Of Evil
1612Accretion In Genesis
1614Applied Human Defragmentation
1615Moonlight Death
1616Pater Satanas
1617Calls From The Underground
1618The Throne Of The Mountains Of Pain
1619Under The Sign Of The Iron Cross
1620Hatred & Black Magick
1621Grim Cynical Desecration
1622Secret Path To The Witches' Sabbath
1623Triumph Of The Blackhearts
1624Mournful Landscape
1625Ave Profania (Anima Inferni)
1626Easter Is Coming! I'm So Glad I Will Go To The Local Church With My Parents And Eat Cakes And Easter Eggs
1627The Battle Has Been Won
1628Ondskapens Kraft
1630Massive Onslaught From Hell
1631I'm A Drummer In A Krautrock Band, Too Bad They Don't Wanna Play Blackened Noisecore
1632The Art Of Misanthropy
16331363, The Birth Of A Vampiress
1634Invokation Of Baphomet
1635The Etherial Dream Of A Dark And Lonely Soul
1636Burn The Crucified Whore
1637I Awaken (Amongst Them)
1638Pure Satanic Slaughter
1639The Lurking Horror
1640Amorphous Chaos
1641Exploding The Christianity
1642The Opening Gates Of Darkness
1643Violating The Grave Of A Holy Nun
1644Satan Crush Useless God!
1645Abyss Calls Life
1646Invocation Of The Black Lord
1647Long Live The Goat
1648Black Calls From Nether Regions
1649Suffocating In Pestilent Air
1650Esoteric Visions Of The Old Ritual
1651Viking Metal Is As Much Of A Style As Pirate Metal
1652The Uncontrollable Spiral Towards Death
1653Impending Hell
1654Inner Sanctum Sinner Sanctum
1655Lord Nocturnus
1656May God Strike Me Dead
1657Draconian Synthesis
1658Evil Invasion
1659Black Light Of Lucifer
1660Theories Of Miasma
1661For Those Enslaved
1662Fueled By Hate And Despair
1663Legions Of Desecration Of The Holy Cross
1664I Like How The Band Is Immediately Recognized As Experimental If It Doesn't Reuse The Same Damn Harmonies Everyone Else Used
1665Where Demons Prevail
1666I Have Hard Time Believieng Meynach Was Born In 1666
1667Nyarlathotep Pussy
1668Memories From The Eternal Cult
1669The Ancient's Power
1670Pentacostal Cuntcommand
1671Kill You Tonight
1672Desecrate Thee Doctrine Of The Second Cumming
1673Impaled On The Moon Blood
1674De Divinatione Daemonum
1675My Child Of Sadness
1676Funeral Hour
1677We Are The Warriors Of Satan
1678Occultum Lapidem
1679Serpent Heart
1680Sculpture Made Of Cursed Visions
1681Desecrated Sepulchre
1682Beyond Intolerance And Silence
1683Moonrise Over The Land Of Frost
1684Reinventing Evil
1685Chapel Of Gore
1686With Carnivorous Intent
1687Hourglass Of Possession
1688Into The Forthcoming Darkskies
1689Machine Of Hate
1691Waiting To Exhale
1692Oracle Of The Void
1693In Darkness Is Found The Greater Enlightenment
1694Ordo Domini Noctem
1695Truci Et Congelationis Sem
1696Dying Hour Of Thy Father
1697Venom And Iron
1698Paths Of Pain And Death
1699The Infernal Hierarchies, Penetrating The Threshold Of Night
1700Saturnian Pact
1701Omnipotence Aeternae Diabolous
1702In Shadows Of The Damned We Reign
1703Pantheon Of Dark Chickens
1704Maximum Perverssum
1705Moments Of Molestation
1706Blood On The Satan's Claw
1707In Signo Suo
1708They Must Be Killed
1709Ruled By The Akausalt
1710Hail The Black Metal Wolves Of Belial
1711Execration Diatribes
1712A Return To Rain
1713Crepuscular HellGoat
1714Ascending To The 666th Level Of The Buddhial Plane
1715Midnight Child
1716Darker Than Night
1717Covfefe Rabbit Hole Pandemic
1718Topheth Ablaze
1719Breaking The Armour Of Light
1720Disciples Of Black Sorcery
1721Omnipotent Allmighty Satan
1722Down The Blade, Down The Spiral
1723At One With None
1724Corrosive Subliminal Catheter
1725The Infernal Gateway
1726Firm, Worthy And Proud To Burn In Hell
1727...The Era Of Light To End
1728Acts Of Desecration And Blasphemy
1729Philosophers Of Underground Nihilism
1730Hellish Reflections
1731Blood Stained Knife
1732Winged Heralder Of Plagues
1733Demon's Call
1734Untimely Horror Vampire Form
1735Enshrined Into Oblivion
1736Unholy Truth
1737The Plague And Its Executioner
1738Abstract Domains Of Saturn
1739Swelling Infernal Hosts
1740The Misanthropic Way Of Masturbation
1741Spill The Blood Of The Lamb
1742Sataniac Machinery
1743The Horns Of Euthyphro
1744Infinite Emptiness
1745One Foot Inside The Grave
1746Kingdom Versus Kingdom
1747Bow Before The Altar Of The Drugs
1748Beatification Of Black Azazel
1749I Am The Funny Clowns
1750Brave New Darkness
1751Cursed Visions From His Infernal Realms
1752The Bodies, We Eat... The Blood, We Drink
1753Blinded By Hate
1754Witches Searching For Sheep
1755Fascinating Dead Meat
1756Ad Honorem Magnae Mortis
1757Ritual Death Sacrifice
1758Mother Of Misery And All Repugnance
1759Sometimes We Bleed
1760Writing Insincere Letters Of Support To Every DSBM Fag On Bandcamp
1761Minxit In Braccas Iterum
1762Sea Of Despair
1763Shooting Totenkopf-shaped Bullets In Gay Parade Participants (No Offense Though, I'm An LGBT Member Myself)
1764The Trail Of Vile Death
1765Journey To The Lower Astral
1766I Joined Wehrmacht Because I Heard They Give Free Tickets To Joy Division
1767How Can You Deny Holocaust When Even Der Führer Himself Was A Holocaust Survivor?
1768Dark Triumph Panzer Kommando In Chornobaivka
1769I Only Took Part In A Nazi March To Hang Out With My Friends
1770Fun Fact: Kyiv Authorities Renamed One Of The Major Avenues In Honour Of A Well-known Nazi Collaborant During WW2
1771Sailing On The Revenge
1772Dark Sky Majesty
1773Damnatio Memoriae
1774Acts Of Apostasy
1775Destroyed By Fire
1776Worship The Dark
1777Is There Already A Track Named "Sadomasochrist"?
1778Antique Legion
1779Oppressor's Hell
1780Cantìcum Eternus
1781In The Name Of The Christ Killer
1782Cry Of War
1783Anus Domini
1784Galloping Blasphemy
1785Dark Annals Of Occult Masters
1786Sovereign Of Shadows
1787Ashen Light Of Darkness
1788Unholy Napoleonic Dystopian Worldviews
1789Demonic Chronicles
1790Satanic Hellslaughter
1791Fight For Glory
1792The Return Of The Mystical Reich
1793Darkness Gets Me...
1794Cosmic Conqueror Of The Earth
1795From The City Of Churches
1796Drugs Are Not Bad Or Good, They Just Are
1797Kellersynth Only Sounds Good To Me When I'm On Drugs
1798Doomed To Live In A HellForest Cave
1799Annihilating The Empire Of The Bastard Christ
1800Tenabrarum Serpentium Rituale In Nostri Temple
1801Spike Torn Insight
1802The Sacrament Of Unholy Communion
1803Septic Innards Of Shaitan Goat
1804My First Ex Was A Psycho, My Second Ex Was A Junkie, My Third Ex Was Simply Fucked Up, I Hope My Next One Doesn't Know They're Already Dead
1805Scripture Ov Blackness
1807Slaughter The Dove Of Peace
1808Engage In Unholy Fratricide
1809Infernal Knowledge
1810Fuck Your God Worship Satan
1811Sentenced By Your Mind
1812Hyperborean Folklore
1813Tenebris Devinctionibus
1814Born Of Ishtar
1815Sumerain Shitpost Casted In Stone
1816Harassing Jailbait Goth Prostitutes On A Type O Negative Gig In 1999
1817Shadow Magus
1818Shadow Of The Destroyer
1819From The Abyss... To The Throne
1820Beneath The Ancient Graves Of Arkham Cemetery
1821The Fact Of You Finding A Reference To Your Doo-doo On This Album Means You're Gay Enough To Even Reach It Somehow
1822If You Don't Find A Reference, I Either Don't Know You, Respect You (Nah) Or You're Too Worthless To Be Referenced
1824...Hidden God
1825Vicar Of God Of The Death
1826Reverend Cadaver
1828High In The Fir Trees
1829Astral Unholy Madness
1830The Bottomless Darkness
1831Biomechanical Messiah
1832Grand Act Of Violence
1833Why I Am A Pagan
1834Soli Diaboli Gloria
1835A Prophetical Age
1836I Like How Discogs Has Comfy Synth Style Option, But Doesn't Include Russian Criminal Shitcore
1837Bandcamp Is So Lame It Starts Lagging After You Upload A Couple Hundred Tracks To A Single Page, That's Why This Shit Is On Internet Archive (Which Is Slow AF)
1838I Came To Vatican And Turned It Into A Rave, Now Berghain Can Suck Ass
1839Visions Of Nocturnal Tragedies
1840Heavy Metal Coitus Interruptus
1841If I Were Punk Enough, This Masterpiece Wouldn't Exist
1842Sinister Poetry
1843Fight Of Gladiators
1844Baphomet-shaped Simple Dimple
1845Louis Cachet Might Be A Real-life Criminal, But If We're Talking In Terms Of F-art, Zippy Kid Is The Gangsta
1846Revelations Of Diabolicalism
1847I Was In Hell And They Sell Souvenirs There
1848Born To Die For Evil
1849What Happens In Naraka Sounds Like A Nightamrish Form Of Entertainment
1850...For The Primordial Instincts
1851Visions Of Infernal Purity
1852Hatets Evangelium
1853I Don't Hate Life, I'm Just Mentally Insane
1854Fire, War, Death!
1855Endless Beauty
1856Rituals Of Blackened Perfection
1857Black Punishment And Apocalypse
1858Nothing Ever Changes
1859Black Propaganda
1860Rise Of Aversion
1861Honorem Satanae
1862The Only Black Metal Band Is Nirvana And The Only Death Metal Band Is Eagles Of Death Metal
1863Delirium Tremens
1864Call Me Death
1865Even Baphomet Is Afraid Of The Chupacabra
1866Twilight Of The Strong
1867Did I Mention My 2nd Ex Was A Feminist?
1868May Worlds Bleed For The Honour Of Devil
1869You Can't Call Me A Pedophile Just Because The Age Of Consent Is √-̅1̅
1870Whirlwinds Of Fathomless Chaos
1871From Beyond The Cemetary
1872Enbilulugugal Disbanded Because Dustin Jeffries Mixed Voldka, Whiskey, Apple Cider And Mayonnaise
1873Nuclear Fear
1874The Dark Art Brotherhood
1875Waiting For Satan's Rising
1876You Joked With Lord Poozix So He's Already Eating Your Bones
1877It's Not Black Metal If It's Possible To Listen To It Without Headphones (The Opposite Statement Is Also True In Some Sense)
1878I've Already Spent Weeks Making This Album, Is It Professional Enough?
1879Terra Mortis
1880Black Art Obsession
1881Terroristic Ecstasy
1882Epilogue To Cosmic Catastrophe
1883Doomsday Carnage
1885Diagnose: Pfählungsangst
1887Like The Witch And The Sorcerer
1888Hexakosioihexekontahexaphobic Nosebleed
1889The Enshrouded Eye
1890Torn Apart By Darkness
1891Gloomy Necrotic Ritual
1892Sloth Is The Gayest Sin
1893Sentiment For A Time Long Forgotten
1894Winds Of Funeral
1895I Like How There Are Only Two Vaporwave Acts On MA, One Of Which Is Kinda Not Vaporwave At All
1896Children Of The Divine
1897Slowly We Fart
1898Six Days With Sadistic Slayer
1899Crypts Of Thrashing Torment
1900Why Does Discogs Even Exist? Wouldn't It Mean That There Are People Who Listen To Something Different Than Metal?
1901Rising From Gray
1902Only Dummies Believe Koot Hoomi Is A Hoax
1903By Your Command We Return To Dust
1904Satan My Dreams
1905While Having Balanitis And Fungal Infection On My Feet, I Make Fun Of Lorenzo Not Talking A Shower
1906The Satanic Force
1907Ancient Satanic Cult
1908Lyrical Themes: Satanism, Goatwhores
1909Black Semen Vomit
1910The Great Darkness
1911I Bet Satyricon Were Self-conscious When They Released Radio Versions Of Their Songs
1912The Truly Funny Thing About Venom Is Not "Metal Black", But "Black Metal"
1913The Evil Of The Time To Come
1914Veils Of Mysteries
1915Under A Violet Moon Shining
1916Between God And The Devil
1917In The Sorrow Of A Crimson Sea
1918Embraced By Sorrow
1919My Stay In The Forest
1920Sometimes I Think Posh Isolation Schould Release Black Metal More Often Than Ten Years Ago
1921BMBM (Brazilian Mexican Black Metal)
1922Of Martyrs And Men
1923Preparation For The Nailing
1924Devoured By Satanotomy
1925Chaos Omega
1926Communion Through Mutilation
1927Dreams Of Burning Churches
1928Dark Language Of A Supreme God
1929Dawn Of The Conqueror
1930Dimmu Borgir Should Make A Minatory Dubstep Album
1931Cooperation With The Devil
1932Good Luck Scrobbling This Album
1933Misanthropic Wrath
1934Obliterate The Impudent Disciples
1935Zero Anno Satanas
1936Among The Woods
1937The One Who Avoids The Light
1938The Catacombs Of Hell
1939Unholy Attack Of Satanic Force
1940Unholy Goatfucker
1941Plain Of Writhing Serpents
1943Agoraphobic Cryptic Snot
1944Sanctissimi Corporis Satanas
1945Ortus Mors Ad Vitam Revocare
1946In Hel We Ride
1947Conjuring The Fire Plagues
1948Transformations Of Immortality
1949Drowning In The Vampyric Sacrament Of The Immortals
1950Under The Power Of The Midnight Fullmoon
1951In Presence Of Evil
1952Where The Sun Does Not Shine
1953Voices Of The Dark Call Me To Suffer
1954Anguish And Satanic Torments
1955Infernal Ways Of Evil
1956Retaliation Beyond Earthly Life
1957Total Fucking Nuclear Destruction
1958The Wolf's Legacy
1959A Trancendental Place From Darkness
1960Mutual Flagellation
1961Blasphemous Mantra
1962Satanic Incantations
1963Deinde Signum Mortifera
1964Stench Of Downfall
1965Behind Satan
1966Neverending Is My Black
1967Dominion Of Epitaphs
1968Mörkret Skyddar Vara Garningar
1969Blood Drinkers Of Satan
1970Devotion And Prayer To Eternal Chaos
1971I Want To See You Suffer
1972Black Thrash Metal Lust
1973Burning Banners Of The Funereal War
1974Wholeness And The Implicate Order
1975Satanic Necrophilia
1976Opus Magnum Satanicum
1977Procreation Of Souls
1978Tactics From Beyond
1979Goat Ritual 999
1980Black Faith
1981Black Is My Altar
1982Demons Of My Inner Self
1983Enim Satanas Meum Sanguinem
1984Iconoclastic Terror
1985Punishment That Hurts
1986As The Flame Withers
1987The Ones Who Help To Set The Sun
1988Signing Satan's Contract
1989Master Szandor LaVey
1990Cult Ov Satan 333
1991Angry At Everything And Everyone
1992From The Death Of The Gods To Human Decay
1993Aufgespießte, Erfrorene Verzweiflung
1994Coffin Town Under The Moon
1995Chthonic Pornography From The Depths Ov Hell
1996Chained Gaze
1997The Bowels Of Death
1998Looking For Black Flowers
1999Bring Satan's Glory
2000Preserve Us From The Fires Of Hell
2001In Tunnels Of Ritual Intoxication
2002Into Thy Sword
2003Damned To Death
2004Creation Of The Dark Age
2005Somber Typhonian Fields
2006Ceremonial Bloodthirst
2007Give Me Power Through Blasphemy
2008Abysmal Nocturne
2009Homo Homini Lupus Est
2010Diary Of A Murderer
2012Cadaveris Viventis
2013Drawing Down The Poop
2014A Crazy Symphony Of Transcendental Spaces
2015Locust Of Schadenfreude
2016Obsession I Need
2017Spells Of The Akkadian Priests
2018I Don't Understand People Who Buy Cassettes And Vinyls In 2024
2019The Moon Growing Colder
2020Excellence Of Supremacy
2021The Devil's Trails
2022Pilgrim To Total Negation
2023Agression Ov De Sathanas Troops
2024Unblack Metal Is More Of A Style Than Pagan Metal, Even Discogs Recognizes It
2025There Is A Negative Correspondence Between Trueness And The Level Of Entertainment Of Black Metal
2026Fragments Of Illusion
2027Bride From The Dead
2028With Determined Steps
2029Black Metal Is Freudian, Not Nitzschean
2030Signum Eios Barathrum
2031Blasphemous Murmurs
2032The Ultimate Foolishness Of Slavic And Global South Metal Makes It Even Better
2033Contemplated Be Devils
2034Torch Bearer
2035White Frozen Fields
2036Ozzy Osbourne Should Have Played Johnny In "The Room"
2037The End Of The Sinner
2039Kingdom Of Falsehood
2040Mystical Hymns Through The Darkest Years Ov Azrael
2041Eternal Tears Through Asmodeo's Blackened Flames
2042I Like How MA Warns Users Not To Add Merzbow To The Database Implying Merzbow Is Not A True Black Metal Artist
2043Boris Should Be Removed From All Music Databases Because They Stole Their Artist Name From Melvins Making All Their Stuff A Bootleg
2044John Zorn Is The Greatest Grindcore DJ, He Even Made A Split With Napalm Death
2045Obey Profanatory Forces
2046Umoral Monkey Dance
2047I Paid Money To Odd Nerdrum To Make A Kvlt Cover For This Album, But He Blacklisted Me After Receiving The Money And Never Wrote Back
2048Blood Luxury
2049By Triumph Of The Eternal Conquest
2050Blasphemous Edictum
2051Buried With God
2052The Rise Of The Dragon
2053Unlocking The Gates Of Hell
2054Fun Challenge: Try To Find Two Tracks On This Album That Sound The Same
2055Christian Pigs
2056The Black Empire Of Satan 666
2057Following The Sinister Path
2058Cult To The Death
2059May My Sword Strike The Cheek Ov The Holy Ones
2060Ancient Sadness
2061The Howling Gale
2062Return Of Primordial Stillness
2063Infernal Antichristian Incantations
2064Darkness Upon The Face Of The Depth
2065The Everlasting Twilight's Ceremony
2066Into The Depths You've Fallen
2067Totalitarian Sects Of Bikini Bottom
2068In The Realm Of The Horned
2069The Razorblade Redemption
2070The Scream Of The Nature
2071Sic Transit Gloria Mundi
2072The Manifest Carved In Flesh
2073Before Dawn
2074Black Dawn Of Death
2075A Fragment Of Truth Bleeds Alive!!
2076Sacrament Of Blood
2077Goat Smegma
2078Horror Awakes
2079Ghoul Metal Spread His Glory
2080Holy Friday
2081Apochryphal Revelation
2082Through The Branches For Eternity
2083Everlasting Abomination
2084In Ceremonial Circles
2085Forever Darkness & Forever Hell
2086Manifesting The Antichrist
2087Panic! At The Black Mass
2088An Exhumed Lore Of The Chthonic Undercrofts
2089Manichean Theurgy Of Bloodthirsty Vessels
2090Magnus Ominis Umbra
2091Death's Anti-culture
2092Tomorrow Canceled Due To Lack Of Interest
2093Grim, Uninspired Apathy
2094Serfs Of Satan
2095Broken Life
2096Upheaval Of Destructive Hate
2097Rex Mundi
2098Outbreak Of Evil
2099Orgiastic Dance Of Pan
2100Armageddon Finally Comes
2101The Place That The Light Should Never Have Exist
2102Blasphemous Night
2103Forced Abortion In Narhsykk
2104Eschatological Resection On Impure Blood
2105Tenebra Hocculta
2106Trumpets Sing For The Rising Flame
2107Forest Scream
2108We The Unclean Shall Flourish
2109Initiation 6666
2110Solve Coagula Hail Baphomet
2111Bellum Omnium Contra Omnes
2112Satanic Rush Of Black Particles
2113With Cunning Fire And Adversarial Resolve
2114Envenom Bloody Countess
2115Unending War
2116Return Of The Witchfinder
2118Church Of Sodomy
2119Decree Of The Underworld
2120Satanic Glorification
2121Todesstoß On Steroids
2122Between Woods And Moon
2123The Essence Of Satan
2124Old Dead Moon
2125Bleeding For Him
2126Circle Of Fire
2127In The Last Days Of Humanity
2128Devoured By Chaos In Eternal Torment
2130Black Sorcery From Within Arcane Caverns
2131Darkened Skies Above
2132Drown The Enlightened
2133The Realm Of The Devastating Gods
2134Mystic Journey To The Knowledge Of Occult Secrets
2135I Despise Jesus Christ
2136Beleth Sends Sons Of Bitches
2137The Kingdom Of Glacial Palaces
2138Molesting Christianity
2139The Afterlife Guide
2140Violation Of Every Ethical And Moral Principles
2141Harbingers Of The Victorium Aeternus
2142A Specter Within The Forest
2143And The Holy Places Will Burn
2144Mockery Of The Cross
2145Starfire, Chasms And Enslavement
2146The Malefic Vomit Of Satan
2147On The Eve Of Nuclear Devastation
2148The Ripper's Rectum
2149Bejeweled In Grim Sopor
2150The Broken Seal Of Solomon
2151Spirits Of The Past
2152Lucifer Dreaming In Love
2153Anfang Der Düsteren Dunkelheit
2154Legacy Of Seth
2155Hell's Brigade
2156Miasmic Monstrosity
2157Total Heathen War
2158The Church Of Devil Darkness
2159Stumbling On The Holy Mountain
2160Bela Lugosi Is Dead, Buried And Forgotten
2161Church To Devil
2162Those Black Desires That Torment My Soul
2163Every Field Recordings Producer Is Gay
2164Black And Endless Pathways
2165No Mercy Shown
2166Element Of Destruction
2167Black Pyre
2168Psycho God
2169The Stench Of Rotting Innards From The Christs
2170Unholy Circumstances
2171Mistery Of Chaos
2172A Fortnight Of Pain
2173Bloody Carrion
2174Dark Stallion
2175Under A Layer Of Dust
2176Bestial Cult Of Transcedent Chaos
2177Grim And Frostbitten Gay Bowser
2178Into The Deathritual
2179Satanic Voices In My Occult Toilet
2180Whiten Your Nose For Satan
2181I Can Only Record This Album When I'm On Nymphetamine
2182To Walk The Path Of Unrighteousness
2183Restus Corpus
2184Alcoholic Rites Of Metal
2185Anger Of The Dying Nature
2186Choir Of Blasphemy
2187Infernal Invasion
2188Failed Satanic Blitzkrieg
2189The Blasphemous Psalms Of Cannibalism
2190I'm Good At History, I Even Know That WW2 Started In 1940
2191People At My Age: Getting Married, Making Kids; Me: My Condom Broke, Good I Was Jerking Off With My Dick Covered In Menthol Toothpaste
2192Thy Corpse Enthroned
2193The Exorcism Of Satan
2194Thy Legions Reign Over Christendom
2195I'm Out For Cough Syrup So Imagine There Will Be More Music For The Next Couple Of Minutes
2196Monastery Of Thousand Blackened Lusts
2197Migrations To Hell
2198Bloodstained Altar
2199Agnostic Pessimism
2200Praeludium Ad Praecipitium
2201Awaiting The Nuklear Holokaust
2202Shield Of Hate
2203As Above, So Below
2204Crimson Butterflies
2205Age Of Retrogression
2206Resurrection Of The Bog Bodies
2207Medieval Plagues
2208Chthonic Heritage
2209In Darkness We Gather
2210Of Holy Sacrament And Semen
2211Pussy Riot Should Switch To Black Metal
2212A Conspiracy Of Hungry Shadows
2213Grim Pandemonium
2214Meet Me In The Graveyard
2215I Like How Norwegian Black Metal Was Once Mentioned In "Daddy's Daughters"
2216Thermonuclear Goat
2217Beyond The Threshold Of Satanic Transgression
2218Take Me Away From All This Death
2219Jesus, Intense Weeping
2220Game Of Blood
2221Black Silhouette Enfolded In Sunrise
2222Bestial Death Black Metal Holocaust
2223Abyss Of Shadows
2224Dramatic Genesis Of The Deceased
2225Salute Metal
2226Diabolical Messiah
2227Grim Demonoise
2228Baptism In Hell
2229The Dark Hand Of Satan Reaches Far And Wide
2230Dark Telepathic Powers
2231The Time Of Eternal Death
2232Born Under The Saggitarius Spell
2233Choronzonic Chaos Gods
2234Heaven Shall Burn... When We Are Gathered
2235Postmortem Rituals
2236Under The Burning Moon... They Come
2237Monks Of The Black Circle Of Veneration
2238Constellation Of Death
2239Evil Mental Cold Winter
2240Sodomize The Dead (For Satan)
2241Promethean Black Flame
2242Vampress Of The Dark Gods
2243Some Boomer Asked Me To Turn On Rammstein On A Family Party, I Played Xasthur Instead And They Didn't Even Hear The Difference
2244Dark Times on the Edge of Destruction
2245Finnish Metal Artists Are Like "Syksyn Kuolema Pukkala Perkele Aaaaaaaaaaargh"
2246Christ's Scourge
2247The Voices Of Those Who Succumbed
2248Enigma Of Hades
2249Sinister Priapism Of Satanic Priests
2250The Only Reason Columbus Went To America Is He Wanted To Trade Fertilizers For Some Rare USBM Tapes To Add Them To Metal Archives And Earn Points
2251Bloodfucking Satanic Leeches
2252From The Black Sky Of Pagan Andes
2253Satanic Gematria Of John Dee
2254The Tomb Of Illusions
2255Romanticizing Disparity
2256Serpent Psalms
2257Grim Anxiety Of Satanic Prophets
2259A Black Figure Distributing Death, A Black Phantom, Who Is This? I Come Closer And Recognise Him. It's Euronymous, Our Black Brother. Tanguering The World By The Side Of The Devil. The Revenge Of Hell Is Completed
2260Sarcophallus Baphometikon
2261The Silencing Of Jehovah
2262Malicious Cannibal
2263Blasphemies Of The Elder Gods
2264Living In Meggido
2265Angel's Mourning
2266The Destiny Of Once Betrayed
2267Enter The Realm Of Chaos
2268Hymns To Haunt The Gates Of Heaven
2269Lost In My Obscure Dreams
2270In Battlelight's Embrace
2271Thousand Years Of Midnight
2272Eternal Abyss Of Damnation
2273A Frozen Shadow
2274Postmortem Trephination Experiment
2276The Age Of Cataclysm
2277Necklace Of Teeth
2278The Last Supper
2279Usurper Of The Darkthrone Of Puss God
2280When The Seas Become In Black
2281Cum Splattered Face Of Madonna
2282To Satisfy The Eyes Of An Obsessed
2283May Piss And Ash Fill Their Lungs
2284Black Metal Is So Primitive Half Of It Could Be Improvised
2285Raped By The Trees, Strangled By The Roots
2286Deep Darkness Beyond...
2287I Signed A Petition For Vatican To Remake The "Holy" Bible Into "How To Make Black Noise For Dummies"
2288At The Hour Of Necromancy
2289Thee Results Ov Thee Unholy Crusde
2290Litanies Of Lust Unholy
2291Captured By The Obscurity Of Night
2292Defiance To Aziel
2293Infected By Rats
2294Devilish Spellcraft
2295Peace Dove Rattenkönig
2296As Bastard As God
2297Dreams To Mourn
2298Blasphemy Of The Angels
2299Lamentation And Ardent Fire
2300Unheilige Throne Of The Satanic Faust
2301Insulter Of Jesus Christ!
2302Satan's Blood
2303Satan Obscure
2304Ominous Microtonal Polyrhythms Of Experimental Satanic Chants
2305Emperors Curse
2306Soul Gate Seal
2307Let Satan Speak Through Our Lips
2308Döden Skiljer Oss Åt
2309Nigredo And The Opening Of The Temple
2310Vampiric Godslaying Overlord
2311Evil Is In Blood
2312When The Souls Winters Burn My Eyes And Shadows Of Lost Life Hides
2313Paradise Of The Infernal Torment
2314The Burning Of Black Candle
2315The Soaring Wrath
2316Necronomicon Rises
2317An Evil Born In Heaven
2318Under The Flag Of Hate
2319True Kings Of The Void
2320Ephemeral Bleeding
2321Hyperion, The Astral Fire
2322Ashes Of Empires
2323Accursed Ragnarök
2324As The Blood Gets Spilled
2325If You Don't Give This Album 100% Rating, I Will Activate Roko's Basilisk
2326The Dark Lord's World
2327Swirling Maelstrom
2328Black Tsunami Of Satanic Revenge
2329The Final Exorcism
2330To Satan Go The Spoils
2331Terra Incognita
2332Occam's Shitstained Razor
2333Dominion Through Obscurity
2334Luciferi Nostri Imperator
2335There Will Be Blood
2336Abortion Of Humanity
2337Antichristian Disease
2338Misanthropic Tales From Cosmic Minds And Satanic Hate
2339Lord Of All Desires In Life And After Death
2340Espionage Of His Messengers
2341Mystical Presence Of Satanic Demonology
2342Throne Of Demonic Proselytism
2343Ebony Antlers Of The Reaper
2344Behold, The Demonthrone
2345Revolt Of The Angels
2346...And Death Comes
2347The Statues Are Watching
2348Barbarism Endomination And Inquisition Of Christ
2349Pierced Endomentrium Of RapeNuns
2350Revenge Of The Hellhammer
2351The Fifth Disarmony
2352Bottomless Stinky Pits Of The Topless Zombie Nun
2353Forever Bound To Nothingness
2354Towards Nine Climbs
2355Execution In The Name Of Their God
2356Finland Is Not A Nation, Because How Can There Be A Nation Without A Language?
2357Grim And Frostbitten Hipsters
2358The Threshold Of Consciousness
2359Unwilling To Pay The Soul's Price
2360In Service Of No One
2361Caerimonia Diabolus
2362Damned By Time
2363Worship The Flesh
2364I Heard There's Christmas Metal, Why Not Create Winnie The Pooh Metal?
2365John Cage Created 4:33 By Mixing Crust, Metallic Hardcore And Crossover Thrash, They Kind Of Canceled Themselves
2366Music For The Endtimes
2367Sexual Servitude To Satan
2368Crippled Messiah
2369As The Morning Dawns We Close Our Eyes
2370Beneath The Crimson Prophecy
2371For The Lord Of Hell
2372The Night Of Shooting Stars
2373Satan's Bodily Fluids
2374Your God Is Dead
2375Rituals Of Darkness And Satanic Worship
2376Christ Devoured By Worms
2377True Darkness
2378No Trace Of Sunlight
2379Despotic Conjuring Of The Soulless
2380Rotted Disaffection
2381Addicted To Goat Juice
2382Cadaveric God
2383Grim And Frostbitten Simpsons
2384Invocation Of The Elements
2385Sadomatic Trepidation
2386Flounce Of Antagonism
2387The Apocalypse Reign
2388Mercy Denied!
2389...Of Satan For Satan!!!
2390Isolation Through Blasphemy
2391Our Friends The Satanic Aliens
2392Impure Devastation Mass
2393Under The Undead
2394Ectoplasma Of The Grim Postman
2395Ectoplasma Of The Grim Postman
2396From Payment Chaos
2397The Night Of Death
2398Birth Of The Seven Exponents
2399Í Helgum Dýrðar Ljóma
2400Mors Aeterna
2401Through The Mysteries Of The Forgotten Shrine
2402Hermetic Prayers Of Deimos
2403Forgotten Gods Of Darkness
2404The Stench Of Christ's Lies
2405The Garden Of Theophrastus
2406Disciple Of The Horned
2407Black Mushrooms Of Satanic Slugs
2408The Unknown Terrors
2409Arterium Gnosis
2410Obscure Melancholic Martyrdom In The Name Of Lucifer
2411Triumph Of The Nightforces
2412Hessian Peel
2413Denying Pantheism
2414Erroneous Manipulation
2415Where The Cold Wind Blows
2416Is There Any Story Behing Why "Akashic Records" Is So Widespread As A Label Name?
2417Touched By Evil Grace
2418Brushed By The Wings Of Pazuzu
2419Enochian Emissions
2420Hatred And Revenge
2421Final Hellish Nirvana
2422Orgasm Of The Demons
2423Black Metallers Only Make Demos Beacuse It Rhymes With Demons
2424Black Epic War
2425Pissings Of The Jesus Throne
2426The Rise And Reign Of Lucifer
2427Under The Mortuary Veil Of The Night
2428The Grievous Miracle
2430Conquering The Darkness
2431Confessions Of A Grave Robber
2432Infected Satanic Apology
2433Hungry Angels
2434War Metal Fuck
2435Beautiful Leaves Of Supreme Pagan Art (Opera Sexualis)
2436To Become The Great Beast
2437Opus Aethereum
2438Galleries Of Eternity
2439Drinking Hot Chocolate In Hell's Cafeteria
2440Subjugating The Faith's Crawlers...
2442Our Lady Of The Night
2443The Fact BM Is Self-conscious At Large Doesn't Make It Less Funny To Mock It
2445Death Redemption
2446The Rites Of The Excommunion
2447Shrek As Dirt Poseidon
2448Down Below The Fog
2449De Occulta Philosophia
2450Territorial Suppuration Of Antimusical Deompositions
2451Get Fucked In Hell
2452Imperivm Regis
2453Deep In Hell
2454Everyone Suddenly Remembered Silent Servant When He Died
2455Rage Of The King
2456Imma Pause For Smoking So Here Are More Field Recordings For Thee
2457Just Kidding, I Forgot To Start Recording
2458A New Star In Darken Sky
2459At One With Nothing
2460Into The Age Of Fire
2461Magnificence In Luciferian Fierceness
2462Scavengers Of The Damned
2463Grave Digger
2464Twilight Of Dark Illumination
2465The Gate Of Eternal Suffering And Death
2466Baphomet Fellatio Apocalypse
2467For Whom The Bell Tolls
2468Blinded By The Knife
2469Burning The Flesh Of The Holy
2470God Of Destruction
2471Dark Possession
2472Frost Wave
2473The Madness Has Arrived
2474Cold Breath Of Winter
2475How To Grip A Slipping Sanity
2476God Admires The Evil Soul
2477Demon Crusade
2478Vomiting Blood In The Nazarene Face
2479Ocularis Infernum
2481Low Dive
2482Prevent Godz Desires
2483Grim Seraphic Obsequies
2484Solitude Of Eternal Nightfall...
2485Eternal Blasphemy
2486Evil Shadows Of The Underworld
2487The Oath Of Martyrdom
2488King Of The Rats
2489He Is The One And Only
2490We Are The Fist In The Face Of God
249142 Names Of Satan
2492Burn The Cross Of Deceit
2493Phlegeton Catacombs Howling Torture
2494Sacrifice Upon The Altar Of Hate
2495Alchemy Of Terror
2496The First Evil Spell
2497Under Dominion Of Sathanas
2498Consuming The Divine
2499Requiem Aeternam Dona Eis
2500Feasting On The Flesh Of The Innocent
2501Thy Horrid Abomination
2502Fuck Ukraine For Banning Menthol Cigs, I'm Moving To Russia
2503Also Fuck Cigarette Manufacturers For Tricking People With Leaving Menthol-associated Brands And Replacing The Cigarettes With Non-menthol Ones
2504Homoerotic Temple Of Profanation
2505Miserable Excuse For A God
2506Morbid Nekro Possession
2507The Smell Of Cemetery Incense
2508Reconquering The Old Empire
2509Initium Fidei
2510Torture Dungeon
2511Faceless Disciples Of The Watch
2512Resurrection Of Deathly Visions
2513In Ways Of Foul Grievance
2514Illustratio Per Horribilem Obscuritatem
2515Genuflexion Of Ca'bas
2516Amidst The Cold Winds Of Despair And Solitude
2517Black Alien Sphere
2518Into Another Dream Where The Whole Of A Chamber Is Painted In A Virgin's Blood
2519Goetica Summa
2521Contemplation Of Darkness
2522Into The Deathless Darkness Where Death Summoned Is...
2523Colony Of Burnt Bodies
2524Guided By The Hand Of Satan
2526Food For The Mother Death
2527Rise Of The Burning Cross
2528Vice, Suffering And Destruction
2529Profound Slanderer
2530Manum Inicere Alicui
2531Demon Est Deus Inversus
2532I Only Make Fun Of Black Metal Because I'm An Unblack Person And Also A Member Of The Sect Of God Kuzya
2533Lugubrious Necromancer
2534The Absolution From All Holiness
2535The Return Of Satanic Rites
2536All Music Databses Are Based On The False Assumption That Releases Exist And Are Better Than Nothing
2537Involuntary Hollow Embodiment
2538For Black Hearts
2539Ritual Murder Of Christ
2540Necromantic Nightmare
2541The Night Of The Deadwitch
2542We Are A Fist In The Face Of God
2543Where Eden Once Lied
2544Immortal Guardians Of The Darkness Throne
2545Woman And A Crystal Ball
2546Within The Womb Of Satan
2547Barbarian Horde
2548Infernal Zeal
2549Metalust Hellmaster
2550Feed Bitches With Satan's Seed
2551Repulsive Existence
2552The Lore Of The Cloaked Assembly
2553Cries Of Despair Coming From Christians Burning In Jerusalem
2554Lamenting His Reign Unto Acknowledgement
2555Dissolution By Catatonia
2556Dance Of December Souls
2557Death In The Astral Plane
2558Decree Of The Nazarene
2559Requiem For A Charnel Heart
2560This Hell
2561Suicidal Death Portrait
2562Praise The Supreme Ruler Of Your Soul
2563Destruction, Desolation, Winds Of Hell
2564In The Ashes Of The Promised Land
2565Silence The Blasphemous Chanting
2566Lycantropic Disembowelment
2567Christ Crusher
2568Harmonic Devastation
2569The Mystical Beast Of Revelations
2570Into The Blasphemic Fullmoon
2571...Of Serpentine Forces
2573The Dagger And The Posessor
2574The Impaler Of Christian Scum
2575If Black Metal Were Politically Correct, It Would Be Called African Metal (And Black Metal From Africa Would Be African African Metal)
2576Pure Infestation Of Evil
2577In Laudem Azazel
2578El Metal Negro Suena Aún Más Ofensivo En Español
2579Hidden Song Of A Voice Beyond The Void
2580Hell For Humanity
2581Satanae Tenebris Infinita
2582Dwelling Of The Unholy Ghost
2583Vexilla Regis Prodeunt Inferni
2584In Morte Sumus
2585For The Glory Of Satanas
2586Infest To Infect
2587Sun Of Abhorrence Light
2588If Satan Doesn't Exist, Who Gives Children Christmas Gifts?
2589Ancient Ways Of Evil Darkness...
2590Land Where Angels Fall
2591The Sadist With Black Gloves
2592A Tragedy Called Existence
2593Satan Moon
2594Drinking With The Devil
2595Enlightened By Lucifer's Flame
2596Pandemonium Diabolico
2597Salvation Through Infinite Suffering
2598Legions Of Perkele
2599Bones In The Flames Of Heresy
2600Doofus, The Heresiarch
2601Descend Into The Black Abyss
2602Hail To The Gods Of That World
2603Nocturnal Hallucination
2604Whispers Of Suffering
2605For The Misanthropy Cult
2606Pain, Sadness And Putrefaction
2607Feliz Brujería Congelada En El Norte
2608Souls Of Reverence
2609Hateful Spell
2610To Hell With Your Soul
2611Total Bloodshedding Devastation
2612A Moment In Timeless Space
2613This Is How Hatred For The Time We Live Was Born...
2614Between Orgies And Prayers
2615To The Devil A Daughter
2616Impurifying The Consacrated Victory
2617With Evil We Ride
2618Interrestrial Black Twilights
2619Ave Sathanas I Was Born To Murder The World
2620Bearer Of Cosmic Blasphemy
2621Let The Devil Play...
2622Call From The Grim Grave
2623Those Final Laboured Breaths Preceding The Ascent To Eternities Deep
2624Jesus Assassin
2625On The Throne Of Blood
2626Permafrost Desert Madness
2627Unleashing The Demon Scourge
2628Praise The Unholy Grinch
2629In The Environment Of Mr. Lucifer
2630Funeral Pyre Of Past Generations
2631Evil Strikes Again
2632Grim Hordes Of Ravens
2633The Black Bible
2634Odes To The Eternal Crypts
2635Raping The White Purity
2636Monumental Darkness
2637Pissing At The Graves Of Popsakal And Immoral Basement Records
2638Bizarre Conflict
2639The Black Flame Takes Us Through The Old Path
2640Embrace The Cold
2641Frostbitten Smoldering Desert
2642The Bestial Ritualism Of Harlotry
2643Music From Saharan Cellphones Ist Krieg!
2645Enter The Chapel
2646Consign To Oblivion
2647Short Cut To Hell
2648Nymphomaniac Fantasia
2649Fucking Hostile
2650Blood Gospels Of Satanic Inquisition
2651Dark Roots Of Earth
2652Shadows And Tears
2653Leveled By Shrapnel
2654The Submerged Inferno
2655Born Of Fire, Forged By Death
2656Minotaurus Of Dark Desires
2657Inaugurating The End Of Man
2658Mythologies Of The Dark Future
2659At The Blackest Corners Of Existence
2660Desecrate The Female Plague
2661My Victory And My Power
2662Eternal Goddess
2663Emperor Of The Northern Goat
2664De Spiritu Diaboli In Homine
2665Arch Nemesis Ov All Existence
2666To Bleed For The Master
2667The Darkening Hypocrisy Of False Believers
2668Thee Unholy Sacraments
2669Eternal Flash
2670Through The Unholy Rules We Shall Rise
2671Satanic Reminiscence & Fury
2672Baptised In Unholy Waters
2673Under The Black Sun We Will Trample The Red Star
2674Seeds Of Eternal Hatred
2675Final Farewell Until The New Dawn Breaks
2676Invoked Spirits Of The Night
2677Unholiest Of Blasphemies
2678Rectal Christ
2679Agony Of Jesus Christ
2680The Kingdom Is Mine
2681Long Lone Among The Wolves
2682The Ancient Worship To The Lord Of Shadows
2683The Loud Call Of Evil
2684Ascension Ov The Morningstar
2685When The Rose Petal Became A Thorn
2686Die Hörner Der Vernichtung
2687The Dream Would Be Only A Dream If We Understood We're Dreaming
2688Upper Field
2689When Death And Frost Unite
2690In Search Of The Unknown
2691Medieval Cults Of Heresy
2692Zarathustran Funeral Song
2693Noble Miseries To Plague The Creation
2694In Shadows Imbued
2695Psalms Of The Antichrist
2696As I Ride Through The Forest Of Souls
2697Armour Of God
2698Disordered Mind
2699Lost Relics From The Ancient Satanic Cult
2700We, Demons
2701Enslaved By Blood
2702Malignant Wizard
2704I Can't Breathe At Night And I Still Smoke Like A Steam Engine, Please Feel Sorry For Me
2705Dimensions Of Terror
2706Cvltvs Diaboli
2707One Step Closer To The Grave
2708Intestinal Self Strangulation
2709Fall Of Christian
2710Throne Of The Thirteenth Witch
2711Black Towers Of Glorification
2712Mayhemic Nuclear Slayer
2713In The Darkness Of The Crypts
2714Sucking The Tongue Of The Ancient One
2715Only The War Is Hygiene Of The World
2717Black Sperm Disgorge
2719Barbaric Usurpation Of The Hypereonic Black Metal Throne
2720Flagellum Haereticorum Fascinariorum
2721Dragon Of The Continuum
2722Violet Flame Mythos
2723Thy Night Falls Silent
2724Within The Realms Of Insanity
2725The Bloody Night Rebellion
2726Grotesque Malformation Of The Dying Angels
2727At The End Of... An Unreal World
2728Death Shall Be Served
2729Black Cookie Is The Devil's Meal
2730Absorbed By The Pentacle
2731Rebirth Of The Imperial Goat
2732False Crucifixion
2733Fields Of Devastation
2735Hammer Smashed Daemon's Heart
2736Scarlet Tears Divine
2737Heir To The Dark Throne
2738Dawn Of A New Winter
2739Descending Utter Hell
2740Beating Up Metal Archives Mods For Refusing To Add War Metal As A Genre But They Add "Depressive Rock" (Profanation Cover)
2741Council Of Evil
2742Dementia Praecox Memento Mori
2743Brilliant Silence Of Death In Fantasy Forest
2744...And Reality Won't Change
2745The Ancient, Eternal Blood Kvlt
2746The Devil Speaks In Tongues
2747At The First Breath Of Fire
2748Infernal Mutilation
2749Necro Incest Sadomasoquisum
2750Bull Of Heaven Is Basically An Electronic Version Of Deche-Charge
2751Satan Has Hemorrhoids Because He's Sitting On His Throne All The Time
2752Satanicum Liturgy Misticum
2753Arise Under The Moon
2754Immoral Basement Was Closed Because Mykola Pyskin Or Whoever Was The Label Boss Was Arrested By Federal Security Service
2755Greetings From Hell
2756Wailing Wintry Wind
2757Where Strides The Behemoth
2758About The Christian Despair
2759Nihilism, Wear And Tear Of Telluric Inhibition
2760Naamah Seduction
2761Unholy Vampyric Supremacy
2762The Ultimate Acid Molestator
2763Primitive Necro Nihilism
2764In The Darkness Of Self-identify
2765Prophets Of The Lost Necrorite
2766Regaining What Was Once Ours
2767To Serve The Mighty Dark Lord
2768Under Blood Red Eyes
2770Our Blood For His Glory
2771The Awakening Of The Necrobeast
2772The Night Of His Return
2773Let's Make A Split And Call It "Satanic Brotherhood"
2774The Rites Of Infernal Torment
2775Suffering On The Cross Of Misogyny
2776Spoiled From Inside
2777The Only True Burzum Is That Of Galliet Productions
2778Buried And Forgotten
2779I Followed Satan On TikTok
2780The Occult Power Of The Only God Of Chaos
2781Released The Bullet
2782Apostle Of Destruction
2783Excremental Pregnancy
2784Summon The Power Of Primal Darkness
2785Goatkilling Sadomassacre
2786Inspired By Black Faith
2787Lunar Exploitation 666
2788Dunkelheit In Grupen
2789A Quiet Place
2790Putrefactive Infestation
2791A Shrine Encrusted With Balls
2792Samhain Ritual
2793The Evil Never Dies
2794Doctrina Haereticorum
2795Of Wolves And Moon
2796The Psalm Of The Black Goat Mane
2797Rites Of The Black Ma$$
2798The Designs Of Death
2799Prelusion To Dementia
2800Kill The Local Priest
2801Manes Exitae Paternis
2802Strange Deception
2803Death Is Your Saviour
2804The Crucified Ones
2805Good Bye In Hell
2806Nephilim Unleashed
2807Consummed In Gore
2808Iron Storm Evocation
2809Into The Abyss Embrace
2810Void Worship
2811Dark Xenophobia
2812Of Vampyric Occultism And Satanic Philosophy
2813The Mark Of Death
2814Delirium Aeternum
2815Envoy Of Lucifer
2816Satanic Swans Of Temple Deconstruction
2817Emotions Of The Blackbeast
2818Called To The Devil
2819Loss And Denigration Of Faith Before The Fall To Hell (Forever And Ever)
2820Triumph Of Satanic Beliefs
2821Death As An Act Of Creation
2822Children Of Destruction
2823Utopia (Acts Of Death And Euphoria)
2824Blasphemic Devastation
2825Hec Regnum Meum Est
2826Blak Funeral Of Nocturnal Blud
2827Ascension Through Lucifers Might
2828Grave Of Barbarian Warrior
2829I'm Not An Elitist, I Just Happen To Actualy Enjoy Stochastic Xenharmonic Dodecaphonic Black Metal
2830Black Ruins
2831Incarnation Of Darkness
2833Seeds Of The Suffering
2834Gospel Of Slime And Rot
2835Verbum Diaboli
2837Slave Of Bible
2838Alone In Cryptic Labyrinths
2839Blood, Bones And Ritual Death
2840All The Voices Keep Silence
2841Anticosmic Hymns Of Retribution
2842Beyond The Dawn
2843In Dark Woods She Wails
2844Obscure Evil
2845Black Sorcery Devotion
2846The Devastation Of Dawn
2847Mists Of A New Time
2848The Bewitchment
2849Beelzebuth A$$
2850In Nomine Rex Inferni
2851The Lunatic Melancholy
2852In Search Of Eternal Darkness
FeaturingEto Gavnich*
2854Kultura Pizdeniya
2855Seduced By The Evil Masturbation
2856The Dark Path Of The Horned God
2857At The Threshold Of Eternal Ice
2858This World Is A Devil's Shitpost
2859MA Should Approve This Album Because Of Its Cultural Significance
2860No Light For Mass
2861Okkultum Magnificentia
2862Feeding The Flames
2863A Hot Dinner Date With The Devil
2864The Awake Of Ascendant Darkness
2865Side With Death
2866This Album Is Not About Having Many Tracks, It's About Me Being An Idiot For Several Hours
2867Observance Of Baphometized
2868Satanic Truth About False Union
2869March Of The Awakened Ones
2870Ritual Wisdom
2871Ancestral Voices From The Shitter
2872The Curse Of The Vampyre
2873Evil Force Assault
2874Garden Of Rage
2875The Underworld Regime
2876Original Sin
2877In The Name Of Our Supreme Majesty Lucifer
2878Staining The White Veils Of Christianity With The Blood Of Decapitated Lamb
2879Until The Light Takes Us
2880Sacrificing A Virgin On The Altar Of The Horned King
2881The Song Of The Ice Mirror
2882AK-47 Supreme Terrorism Bloodstorm
2883Ushered Forth By Cloven Tongue
2884Thy Majesty Of Dark Emotions
2885Goat Semen Revel
2886Sabbatical Hammer
2887Scenes From Hell
2888Past, Present And Future
2890Passive Agressive Inseminator
2891Warmageddon Apocalypse
2892At The Dawn Of Grief
2893From Beyond The Sleep Of Death
2894Potence Of Horns & Venomous Psalm
2896Agonizing Satanic War
2897Demonic Possession 666
2898From An Evil Father And An Even Worse Mother...
2899Ancient Nergal Portal
2900Through Union Towards Nullification
2901Crucified Satan
2902The Supreme Pontiff To Reach The Cosmos
2903Entombment Of Sheer Evil
2904Icono Infernorum Et Daemonium Malevoli
2905Nether Tombs Of Abaddon
2906Necropedophilic Aladdin
2907We Are The Voices Of Profanation
2908In Name Of The Supreme Black Arts
2909Unraveling The Mysteries Of Darkness
2910Executioners Of The Martyr Of Calvary
2911Atomic Altar
2912Brain Cut With Sharp Light
2913Infections And Infestations
2914Out Beyond Chaos Gloom
2915Dominus Of Misanthrope
2916Troll Fire Of Bloody Snowhells
2917Krieger Des Nordens
2918Orgasm Of The Gods
2919War Against The God Of Light
2920Lucifer's Cosmogony
2921Awakening Of The Satan's Kommand
2922Rites In The Name Of Darkness
2923Approaching The Gates
2924Hell​.​Noise War​.​Cult
2925There Will Be Darkness
2926Blood From Your Flesh
2927Holy Grail, Holy Flesh
2928Ye Shall Bathe In Excrements Of A Goat
2929To Quench The Thirst Of Wolves
2931Carnage In The Whorehouse
2932Exalting The Dark
2933Invasion Assault Terror
2934The Last Possession
2935Bestial Warhead
2936Christ Betrayal
2937Eternal Devastation
2938Dreaming... The Underworld
2939The Dynasty Of Diabolism
2941Seven Skulls Of Wrath
2942Ultra Metal
2943Pentecostal Baptism Devastation
2945Unstoppable Armies Of Hell
2946Resurrection Of The Ancient Black Earth
2947Perversum Satanas
2948Media In Vita In Morte Sumus
2949The Return Of The Mayhem And Paganism
2950Grand Sanctus Furor
2951Darkest Witchcraft (Of Axes And Swords)
2952Unholy Gore Of The Holy Whore
2953Bloody Ejaculation
2954Sanguinary Emperor
2955Satanic Death House
2956Killing The Flesh That You Once Sculpted
2957Unholy Dopamine In Unholy Satan's Veins
2958And Your Sorrow... Is
2959Summon The Evil God
2960Sarcastic Angel
2961Explusion From The Desolate
2962Malleus Malleficarum On Eternal Celebration De La Daemoniun To The Death In Homage Of Devil...
2963Candlelit Demonic Goatabyss
2964Techniques Of Torture
2965Funeral To Hell
2966The Acheronian Worship
2967The Destruction Of The Tyranny Of The Nazarene
2968Nuke The Cross
2969Violent Death Abomination
2970Into The Sacrifice Circle
2971Crushers Of Heretical Sexes
2972Architecture Of Chaos
2973Black Metal Overdrive
2974Blackened Constipation Of Metallic Moon
2975Cult Of The Beast's Blood
2976Convert To Dark Beliefs
2977Nocturnal Crimson Nightmare
2978Supreme Infernal Doctrine
2979Rictual Evolution Of Satanic
2980Demonic Conquest In Jerusalem
2981In Maleficarum Scriptor Cantus
2982The Saturnine Congregation
2983The Channeling Void
2984Blades Of Phantasmagoria Liberty
2985The Ancient Spells
2986mhzesent Sending Hate Mail Ist Krieg
2987Boten Des Krieges
2988Poozix Is The King Of Abstract Black Metal
2989The Rise Of Satan
2990Screaming Scrotum
2991Embrace Of Fear
2992Jesus Fucking Christ
2993Lamentations Of Destruction
2994Under The Fallen Sun
2995First Manifestation Of Demon Headquarters In The Shadow Of The Heavens
2996Majesty Of Disease
2997The Sound Of The Stigmata
2998The Burning Eyes Of The Werewolf
2999The Great Enigma Of Times
3000Return Of The Demoniac Darkness
3001Screams From The Coffin
3002Mass Of The Serpent
3003The Devil's Wine
3004Satanae Manus
3005Bestial Mysticism
3006Geezer Butler Lost Both Of His Arms And Also His Dick So He Started Playing With His Ass, That's How BS Got Their Shitty Sound
3007My Cat Fell Asleep Again So Switching To FL Studio
3008Invociatio Apocalypsis
3009Allegiance To The Myth
3010Inevitable Demise
3011Nefarious Veneration Has Taken A Position
3012Lords Of The Nightrealm
3013Priest In Suicide Forest
3014I'm On Antipsychotics And Antidepressants, But I Still Get Drunk
3015I Hope Both Russians And Ukrainians Lose This Imbecile War And Vanish Forever
3016I Made A Music Video For "Chesunok" And Put It On Youtube With A Thumbnail Of An Album Of Some Hipster Garbage Rock Band Apparently Called Pink Floyd And Some Dickhead Asked To Remove It Because It Allegedly Offended That "Band" So I Did Because I Don't G
3017Oligophrenic Tänzelcore
3018Music Of No Hope
3019Descent Of The First Evil One
3020Satanism. Sickness. Solitude.
3021Larvae Of Trinity
3022Field Recording Of My Cat Sleeping
3023Waste Of The Coldest Soul
3024Visions In The Dark
3025Beyond My Darkest Moment
3026My Dark Palace Of Wisdom
3027The Black Graves Of Evil
3028Sodomized For The Beast
3029Bless Of Destroyed, Raped, Dismembered Flesh
3030Midnight Blasphemy
3031Slottet I Ändlöst Mörker
3032Boundless Hatred
3033Prince Of Darkness
3034In Hate And Blasphemy
3035Supplication Of Flame
3036Magic Rituals, At The Night Before The Goldgruben
3037Bleed Like A God
3038Bubonic Judgement
3039The Blackwinged Serpent Crowned
3040Sob As Baphometh Handles
3041In This Grey Field
3042Pagan Fatherland
3043Malevolent Summoning From The Infernal Woods
3044Amentia Ludibrium Tenebris
3045Sentenced To Disaster
3046Unmerciful Torment
3047Chained To Satan's Throne
3048Stoner Rebellion
3049Behind The Gate Of Darkness
3050Ski Masked Punisher
3051Rebellion Fire Devastation
3052Before My Eternal Sleep
3053Monolith Of Sorrow
3054Unholy Way Of Satan Course
3055Sorrow Of The Past
3056Illustrare Ad Infernali
3057True Satanic Hate
3058Epic Sagas Of Grief And Tragedy
3059The Presage Of Eternal Fire
3060Den Foreldreløse Død
3061Misanthropic Path Of Madness
3062Marked By The Baron
3063Metalpunk Nightmare
3064Black Smoke
3065Black Unholy Presence
3066The Mist Soften My Sorrow
3067Odium Humani Generis
3068Blood Bath For The Gods
3069Beauty And The Executioner
3070Invocatum Furae Diabolis
3071Terror Nosferatu Propaganda
3072Voices Of Epicurean Death
3073Cult Of The Individual
3074Evoke The Curse Of The Ancients
3075From The Tunnels Of Set
3076And All Heaven Thorns Apart...
3077Evil Genius (The Queen Of Sin)
3078Through Infinity Of Darkness
3079Disciple Of The Mysteries
3080Sexual Rites Of The Occult
3081Agnostic Deconstruction
3082Black Marble House
3083As Satan Spawns From The Grave Of A Thousand Infants
3084Sulphur Spirits
3085Thy Serpent Tongue
3086Diabolical Bloodswords
3087Vampiric Awakening
3088Golden Chalice Of The Great Truth
3089Thorned Crown
3090A Serpent In The Violet Of Dusk
3091For The Lust Of Lilith
3092A Shaman Steering The Vessel Of Vastness
3093Chaos Of Fear
3094Speed Machine
3095Funeral Of An Exorcist
3096The Valley Of The Blind
3097Praeclarum Regnum Luciferi
3098As I Walk Through The Gateway
3099Cultum Satanas In Antiqua Silvam
3100Et Hoc Indicium Adversus Dei
3101Lucifer Break My Chains
3102Beast Of A Rough Eternity
3103Hate Sanctified
3104Des Antichristen Triumph
3105Obey Satan!
3106Process Of Spiritual Immortality
3107Punishment Battalion 666
3108Unholy Congregation Of The Legions Of Chaos
3109Throne Behind A Black Veil
3111Sordid Memories
3112Pitch Black Catacombs
3113Antithesis Of All Flesh
3114Macabre Visions On A Midsummer's Eve
3115The Age Of Re-awakening
3116The Power Beyond Dimensions
3117Mirage Beneath The Black Moon
3118Ad Oculos Demonstrare
3119Autopsy Of A Werewolf
3120Yellowing Of The Lunar Consciousness
3121The Yawn Of A New Age (Zweizz Cover)
3122...On Leather Wings
3123Undeathronable Superior BlackMetal Hymn
3124Staring At The Face Of Oblivion
3125Torrential Reign
3126Shades Of Inferno
3127Passion Of The Antichrist
3128The Glorious Extinction Of Mankind
3129Doctrine Of Hate
3130Rise The Banners Of Blasphemy
3131Life Is Nice To Die For...
3132Radical Black Metal Troops
3133Through The Gates Of Torment
3134Pestilence And Death Of The Firstborn
3135Walking Through The Infernal Battlefield
3136The Silent Scream In The Deepest Grave
3137Hatred Of Black God
3138Transmuting The Energy Of The Cosmos
3139Slabs In Torment And Decay
3140The Infernal Blowing Winds Of Blasphemy And Lust
3141Blood Of The Northern Lands
3142Grind It Down To Hell
3143Bring Death Upon Transylvania
3144Vamphyric Fullmoon
3145Devoured By Jackals Of Death
3146Hater Of The Nailed One
3147Inevitable Death
3149Death Is Proof Of Satan's Power
3150Daemon Worship
3151Rise Of The Darklords
3152Walls Of Heaven Smeared With Mortal Blood
3153I Have A Friend Whose Name Is Semén, Because I Live In Ukraine And It's An Actual Name Here
3154John Lennon Was True Because He Had Lines "Imagine There's No Religion"
3155Suicide Or Be Killed
3156Wie Ich Sie Niemals Zuvor Sah
3157Uranus Form Essence
3158Angeldust And Blasphemy
3159Magni Nominis Umbra
3160Purgatorial Reflections
3161Hammer Of Thor
3162Black Mystic Portal
3163Follow Me... In Hell
3164Mark Of The Damned
3165Common Mortals
3166Withered Flesh Left Ragged On The Bones Of Existence
3167Sulphur Desert Blood-ritual
3168Vampiir Reawakening
3169Ordo Sinistrari Et Cultus Pentaculum Sanguine
3170Sinister Tarot Ov Crowley
3171God Of Perversity
3172Dust And Embers
3174Ice Of The Celtic Lands
3175Believer's Multilating Orgasm
3176Under The Sight Of Dragon
3177Crying Hobbit
3178Between Secrecy And Candles
3179From Burning Churches To Making RPG's
3180...To Perish In The Silence
3181Drink The Poetry Of The Celtic Disciple
3182Funeral And Melancholy Stop At The Top Of Rocks Overlooking The Ocean
3183Drowning In Negativity
3184In Satan's Dominion
3185Faustian Reawakening
3186Sacrament Of Lucifer
3187Reisen Til En Ny Verden
3188Slaughtered Whores Of Satan
3189Expectation Of Eternal Torment
3190By Thousand Horns Impaled
3191The Black Horde Reigns Supreme
3192Abominations, Chaos And Bestial Warfare
3193Pantokrator Ov Atlantis
3194Ashes Of Man And Oak And Pine
3195Between Evil And Death
3196Prophecy Of Violence
3197Satanic Ritual And Goat Sabbat
3198Barren Desperation
3199The Satanic Masterplan
3200Winding Road To Death
3201Burying The Bleeding Thrones
3202Humbling Darkness
3203Blood Poisoned By The Glorious Evil
3204Within Black Tides Of Nekromancy
3205Macrocosmic Odyssey
3206Half Of The LLN Tapes Are A Counterfeit Made By Zippy Kid
3207Chrysalis Of Sphere
3208Incineration & Resurrection
3209The Seas Of Draugen
3210Don't Fear The Reaper
3211The Sign Of The Witch
3212Priests Of Profanation
3213Tartarus, Land Of Enchantment
3214Conquer Divine
3215Not Many People Know, But Dima Bilan Was Accompaied By Vzaeurvbtre On Eurovision Song Contest
3216Lycantropic Fury
3217Reign Of Decadence
3218Matrix Divina Satanas
3219Away From Hell
3220Black Breed Of Kingu
3221True Cenobyte Black Metal
3222Aperire Portas Inferni
3223All LLN Titles Were Google-translated From Kyrgyz
3224Apostle Of Darkness
3225Covalent Bonds
3226Winters Diciples
3227Cry For Destruction Of Jesus Christ And His Evil
3228Blackest Darkness Of Fucking Satan
3229Ars Longa Vita Brevis
3230Eternal Pagan Race
3231Happy Are They Who Come To My Supper
3232Last Stronghold Of Eternal Hate
3233The Aphotic Embrace
3235Necro Okult Raw Devastation
3236To The Black King Of The Deep
3237Black And White Makeup
3238Throne Of The Bleating Log
3239Appeal Formula
3240Henbane And Flame
3241The Call Of The Other Path
3242Ghost Of Dead Love
3243Singer Of Strange Songs
3244Evil Comes Without A Face
3245We Are Decorating
3246The Ritual Ov The Beast
3247Black Winds Of Atomic Desecration
3248Mind Conflict
3249Enslavery Through The Skull
3250Shadow From The Highest Blue Montains
3252Climax Of Disgusting Impurities
3253Into The Abysmal Flames In Luciferian Misanthropy
3254Supreme Embodiment Of Evil
3255The Kingdom Of Light Destroyed
3256Antichristian Codec
3257The Hated Life's Song Of Sorrow
3258Abyssic Legion
3259Musical Blasphemy
3260...And Night Awoke Insidious Seeds
3261Those Who Have Risen
3262Eternal Attack Command
3263Actum Inferni
3264The Unknown Kadath In The Cold Waste
3265Coalition Ov Morbid Belligerence
3266Abyss, Fire, Brimstones
3267Evil Cults And Black Sorcery
3268To Heed The Call Of War
3269You Ain't Worth Anything
3270Principium Ascensionis
3271Rise To Dominate
3272Eyes Of Horror
3273Psychotronic Rock
3274In The Beginning... Down The Path Of Evil
3275Storm The Temple Mount
3276Hear Your Laments
3277Feels Like Punk, Sounds Like Thrash
3278Perverting The Nazarene Cult
3279Supreme Suicide
3280The Claw Of Regret
3281Enlightenment By Darkness (​Black Catharsis)
3282Rape Of The Bastard Nazarene
3283Nocturnal Impiety
3284The Forests Of The Far North
3285From The Darkest Chasms
3286Diabolica Ars Profunditatis
3287Remembrance Of Things Past
3288Schumacher Was Punished By God For Being A Racer
3289Occult Rituals Of Anthropophagous Worship
3290Devil's Advocate
3291Ignite Amduscias Order (IAO)
3292Staub Wieder
3293Omen Ex Tenebrosum
3294The Ultimate Blasphemy
3295Escape The Flesh
3296Stone Gods Don't Save!
3297Visions Of Transience
3298Hell Fuckin' Metal
3299Forbidden Sorcery In The Frostbitten Night
3300Land Of The Lost Dreams
3301Eating Entrails
3302Carnal Philosophy
3303Descension To Demonic Paraphilia
3304Sacrificing Ritual
3305Submissive Corrosive Thermopiss
3306Karma Evangelica
3307Destroying The Enemy's Empire
3308Total Worship Of Hell Macht Frei
3309The Moon Of Necronomicon
3310Vengeance Of Eternal Fire
3311My Name Is Sickness
3312Terror Management
3313Oppressive Nights In Mental Asylum
3314Incinerate The Fallen One
3315The Evil Essence Of Magic Mushrooms
3316Before Ahriman
3317Rotten Extreme And Dark Blasphemer
3318In Darkness Embraced
3319The Man With A Thousand Faces
3320Penetrating The Bowels Of The Great Whore
3321The Name Of The Beast (666)
3322Pig, Carrots And Excrement Sisters
3323Beyond The Acausal Realm
3324World On The Verge
3325Invoke The Profane Flames Of Hell
3326Religion That Kills
3327From Evil To Obsession
3328Pro Nihilo Esse
3329Ars Sacra
3330Your Skin Is My Canvas
3331Dark Castle
3332Death's Wind
3333Born From The Vermin Cunt
3334Spit The Face Of Your Fucking God
3335Forgotten Rites Of Blasphemy
3336The Inner Voice Of Self Destruction
3337Enthronement Of The Sovereign
3338Devastation Of The Superior
3339I Challenge Christ For I Am God
3340...From The Bones Of Time
3341Earth Without Christ
3342Two Stakes In Christ's Anus
3343The First Ritual At The Altar Of Sacrifice
3344Triumph Of The Dark Power
3345Pseudomonarchia Daemonum
3346Dismembering Lambs Of Jehovah
3347The Raven's Ballad
3348In Signium Nigrum Marcam
3349Music For The Ritual Chamber
3350Azazel's Harem
3351Governed By Darkness
3352All Hail The Underworld
3353Unholy Baal Zebuth
3354So Cold In Transylvania
3355Abortion Of Religious Futility
3356Empire Of Sacrifice
3357Worship Satan When Falling
3358Triumph Ov Beastial Dominator
3359On The Throne Of Demolition
3360Beauty Bathed In Blood
3361Entering The Paradoxical Sphere
3362Infectious Spores Of A Thousand Years
3363The Dark Storm Rises
3364Jesus Fuck!!!
3365Rise Of The Lords Of Deadly Souls
3366Bastion Of Darkness
3367Silvester Cresent Moon
3368In The Depths Of The Vast Forest
3369De Vermis Mysteriis
3370Slaves To The Nothing
3371The Powerful Essence Of Lucifthian In Times Of Obscurantism
3372Thy Feast Of Sacred Blasphemies
3373Rotting In The Aftermath
3374By The Blessing Of Satan
3375Hail Satanic Majority
3376Dark Cabaret Of Satan
3377Majestic Empire Of Evil
3378Descending Through The Seven Gates Of Hell
3379Shame Of Baba Yaga
3380The Earth Will Weep... Rivers Of Blood
3381Forever Burning In Torment And Pain
3382Arcana Imperii
3383Lucifer Always Be With Me
3384Ritual In The Mountains Of The Silla
3385Return To Arcane Glory
3386I Djävulens Tecken
3387No Painkiller For My Profound Grief
3388Bestial Bukkake
3389Masculine Metal Mutilation
3390Sepulchral Evil
3391Satanist Return To The Evil
3392The Dark War Has Begun
3393Satanic Sadist
3395A Blade Through Your Heart
3396Alone In Darkness... ​A Ritual Of Death
3397The Ritual Of Blood And Candles
3398Beyond The Voices
3399Human Poisoning
3400Usurper Of Satan's Victorious Kingdom
3401Fullmoon Morbidity
3402Immortalized In Luciferian Blood
3403Evil... Black Goat... Satan...
3404Another Recording Of My Cat Sleeping
3405Another Recording Of My Cat Sleeping
3406Another Recording Of My Cat Sleeping
3407Another Recording Of My Cat Sleeping
3408Another Recording Of My Cat Sleeping
3409Another Recording Of My Cat Sleeping
3410Another Recording Of My Cat Sleeping
3411Another Recording Of My Cat Sleeping
3412Another Recording Of My Cat Sleeping
3413Another Recording Of My Cat Sleeping
3414Another Recording Of My Cat Sleeping
3415Another Recording Of My Cat Sleeping
3416Another Recording Of My Cat Sleeping
3417Black Mausoleum
3418Blackened Fawns Cleanse The Earth With Fire
3419Church Of Pain
3421Suicide In The Name Ov Satan
3422To The Grim Goddess
3423The Black Shining Death
3424Inspired By The Devil
3425Blackpest Worshippers
3426Martyr Complex
3427Command Of The Iron Baphomet
3428A Tale Of Darkest Color
3429World Disorder
3430Dust From The Dark Past
3431Laid To Rest
3432In Command Of War Of Lord Satan
3433Satan's Coupon
3434Bearer Of The Darkest Plagues
3435Svart Krieg
3437Fire Of Lucifer
3438Sabbath In The Black Goat
3439Sworn To Darkness Eternal
3440Into The Abyss Of Stars
3441The Path Of The Righteous Man
3442Beati Pauperes Spiritu
3443Unknown, Unknowable, Uncertain
3444När Blodet Fryser
3445Hundre År Med Vinter
3446Dod Morka Skogen
3447Cat Sleeping
3448Fade Thy Light
3449Perverse Blasphemous Annihilation
3450The Satan Metal Legions
3451Burning The Temples Of Man
3452Spell Of The Raven Witch
3454Military Satanism
3455The Dawn Of A New Millennium
3456Shut Up, Satan! I'm God's Representative On Earth
3457Total Destruction In The Heavens
3458Bound In Blasphemy
3459Evil Makes Me Live
3460Graveyard Flesh Feast
3461Speed Metal
3462Up High In The North
3463Until The End Of Time
3464Terrifying And Sickening Massacre
3465Raw Exercise Of Power
3466Hossana In The Depths
3467The Grim Battle
3468Total Anti
3469God Of The Rebels
3471To End The Day With Immortal Fears
3472Licking Sperm From A Corpse Of A Dismembered Prostitute
3473Dust Covers Sink Eyes
3474Let's Name Our Split "The Unholy Aliance"
3475Aeterna Requiem Ex Angelos
3476Bride Of Chucky
3477Horsemen Of Pandemonium
3478The One Without Soul
3479Litanies Of Cursed Flesh And Holy Venom
3480In The Ruins Of Desire
3481Burn The Black Sigil
3482The Imprint Of Corrupted Souls
3483Necro Party Ritual
3484The Death Throes Of Christianity
3485Mantle Of Hate
3486Only Evil Prevails
3487Suffocated Jubileum
3488Revelations Of Dark Crafts
3489Let Clarity Succumb
3490Ancestral Damnation
3491Master Of Assassins
3492The Baphomet Nuptials
3493Insanity Through The God's Revelation
3494Guardian Of Dawn
3496Necrological Obscenary
3497Defending The Citadel's Throne
3498Conjurers Of The Infernal Key
3499Accursed Act Of Eternity
3500Sleeping Cat
3501When Desolation Turns Incessant
3502Under The Blade I Die
3503In Signo Draconis
3504We Offered You Pain
3505Fight Or Yield
3506To Goat Empire... The Lucifer Desire
3507Nightmare And Deep Sleep
3508Hard Eternal Death
3509Gnosis From The Kingdom Below
3510Point Of No Return
3511Crawl Of The Dark
3512Lapis Philosophurum
3513Triumph Of The Unborn
3514The Cult Of Blasphemic Antichrist's Soldiers
3515Cripple Christ
3516My Heart In A Very Dark Place
3517Dance With The Devil
3518Burning Of The Unholy Cities
3519Christianity In Flames
3521Zone Of Insane Tortures
3522Oh, Great Deceiver
3523Orgiastic Keep Of Unholy Corruption
3524Lady Of Sorrowful Dreams
35256rind 6uts 6ore
3526Fairy Kingdom Of The Nightlands
3527Overdose Of The Blasphemous Nectar
3528Modernize Messiah
3529Dread Not The Death Of The Earth
3530Time Of Immunity
3531From The Beginning To Evil Manifestos
3532Through Forests Where Pagan Blood Flows
3533Black Nights Of Glories
3534Dissonant Walk
3535When All Love Is Lost And All Hope Is Gone
3536Last Invocations
3537Twilight Of The Black God
3538The Eternally Damned
3539Existence Is Appointed To End
3540Summon The Infernal Lord
3541Satan's Wake
3542And They Will Know Fear
3543Sleeping In The Arms Of Magic
3544A Dream Of Vampires In Astral Dementia
3545Dethroned Mankind
3546The Mortuary Mass
3547Blood For Satan
3548Slaves Of An Absurd Universe
3549Heaven's Great Mistake
3550The Circle To Open The Forbidden Land
3551Crowned Brow Of The Serpent
3552Night Of 1000 Deaths
3553Eternal Hellish Rot
3554Death To Angels
3555Incarnation For The Blackest
3556Beckoning For Your Lifeforce
3557May The Black Flames Suffocate The Weak
3558Christ Is A Lie
3559Frozen Winterland
3560Shades Of Aqueous Essence
3561Hymn To Lucifer
3562In Love With Satan
3563Hypocrisy Of The Accursed Heavens
3564Total Unholy Warmageddon
3565Abominations Thru Genocidal Hellfire
3566Invocations From The Ancient Path
3567Dissecting The Beast
3568Unholy Devourer Of Souls
3569Invoking Darkness And Death
3570Wicked Sceptre
3571On The Clouds Of Fire
3572The Reckoning
3573Pentagram And The Cross
3574Excluded From Heaven
3575Old Skin
3576Angelcunt Destruction
3577Pitch Black Sickness
3578Tyrants Condemnation
3579Reject Modern Society
3580Bacchus, I Invoke You!
3581The Temple Of The Mind
3582Only Death Shall Remain The World
3583Demons Of Matter And The Shells Of The Dead
3584Dream Of Opium
3585Sanctity Slaughtered
3586Emperors Ov Malevolence
3587Total Domination
3588The Serpent's Lament
3589Mesmerized By Darkness
3590Trapped In A Void
3591Black Magic Force
3592The Source Of The Black Light
3593Tenebrarum Oratorium
3594The Hatecrowned Retaliation
3595Strength Needs No Excuse
3596Between The Devil And The Deep Blue Sea
3598Dionysian Rites
3599Cerebral Poison
3600Locomotive Of Misfortune
3601Raw Sickness And Bloody Splattered Noise
3602Vobiscum Lux Ex Tenebris
3603The Coke Head Midget Ball Gag Massacre
3604Plug The Syringe
3605The Order Of Aggression
3606Deformed Beyond Belief
3607The Tortures Of Our Lord Sathanas
3608Serpents Ov Old
3609Call Me When I'm Dead
3610From The Throne Of Darkness
3611Walpurgis Fires
3613Death By Self-betrayal
3614Dracula Castle
3615Fallen Dream
3616Baphomet's Aeon
3617The Gates From Putrefaction
3618Chaos From Desire
3619The Fall Of Unholy Master Of Darkness
3620Goblets Of Gods Hate
3621Eradication Of The Humankind
3622Cursed Words Form My Dark Tomb
3623Shadow Walkers
3624Agony In The Garden
3625Empyreal Destroyer
3626Curse All Creation
3627Your Temple Is In My Heart
3628Massacre And Barbarity
3629We Who Saw The Darkness
3630Screaming Soul
3631Descensus Ad Inferos
3632The Grail Of Perdition
3633The Kingdom Lies Deep Beneath
3634From The Antipathy Of The Love Of God And Man
3635Silence And Darkness
3636Satanae Pater Sanguinariv
3637Slowly Towards The Grave
3638The Whispering Of His Voice
3639Unholy Chant Of Atheistic Cult
3640Possessed By Lust And Fire
3641Black Soldiers Of The Evil Speed
3642Imperial Satan
3643Kill Faith, Kill Christianity
3644Evil Winter Forest Screams
3645Screams Of Dark Winter Nights
3646Relentless Mangling Of An Occult Medium At The Hands Of A Vengeful Paranormal Entity
3647Laws Of Perversion & Filth
3648Sledgehammer Castration
3649Satanic & Violent Metal Aggresion
3650In Sickness And In Health
3651Devouring The Carcass Ov God
3652Seventh Demoniacal Hierarchy
3653The Scream Of Nostalgic Laughter
3654Cruel Warpike Of Evisceration
3655The Rising Of Evil Kingdom
3656Black Winds Of Atomic Desecration
3657Prostitute At Babylon
3658Left Hand Black Trail
3659Transparent Convictions
3661Pain Of Our Ancestors
3662Jesu Dood
3663The Flame Of A Dark Love
3664He Who Walks On The Wind
3665Voice From The Altar
3666When Light Fades, Life Decays
3667Shadows Of The Cursed Land
3668A Despondent Theme To Thy Own Demise
3669In Darkness It Is Born
3670Hateful Depression
3671Suicidal Insanity
3672Black Satin Blood
3673The Beautiful Side Of Evil
3674Step Into The Black Pentagram
3675Smells Like Funeral Flowers
3676Beetwen The Penumbrae Of The Cold Winter
3677Magnefice Domine Rector
3678Destroy The Baphometic Agenda
3679In The Arms Of The Immortals
3680When The Sky Turns Black
3681Astral Blood Emperors
3682Cold, Darkness, Death... I Awake
3683De Bello Heroica
3684From The Aspect Of Darkly Illuminated
3685Erotic Funeral
3686Embraced By Torture
3687Gates Of Dis
3688Into The Completion Of Misanthropy
3689Maniac Sacrifices
3690Dead By Hanging
3691Of The Beginning And The End
3692In Nomine Domini Incipit Omne Malum
3693Infernal Visions From The Planes Of Madness
3694Gators Rumble, Chaos Unfurls
3695Blackwater Navigator Ayayema (Plague Emissary)
3696I Do Have Weed Problem, But At Least I'm Able To Understand Njiijn
3697Council Of Torturers
3698Triumphed In The Dark
3699Warfare Dynasty
3700Shub Niggurath
3701Crucified Woman
3702At Luzbel's Behest
3703Ominous Triumviratum For The Holocaust
3704Obey Profanatory Forces
3705Intra Ecclesiam Nulla Salus
3706Only Self-conscious Posers Are Posers And True Posers Are True
3707Procession Of Doom
3708Sexually Abused Angels
3709Mare Tenebrarum
3710Living In A Fucking Time Warp
3711My Infernal Throne
3712Infected With Hate
3713Extinction Of Christians
3714The Lady Rides A Black Horse
3715Crucifixes Upside Down During Holy Week
3716Emigration To Palestine
3717Destroyer Of The Stars
3718When Birthgivers Recognize The Atrocity
3719Pale Hand
3720Hard Hited Bloody Corpses On The Street (Fry The Brain)
3721Lux Nigredo
3722Merciless Satan Destructor
3723...Grey Heaven Fall
3724Twisted Paradigm Of Light
3725Identities Ov What We Call God
3726Spawn Of The Undivine
3727Guardians Of Profane Secrets
3728The Sower Ov Discord
3729Procession Of Forked Tongues
3731Between The Fire And The Cross
3732Sermons Of The Black Flame
3733Supreme Altar Of Blasphemy
3734Walk In My Dark Realms
3735Metal Chaos Across The World
3736A Moment In Purgatory
3737Destroy The Planet
3738Loch Ness Rising
3739For In Darkness We Are Never Alone
3740As Frostbitten As The Full Moon
3741Roots Seeds Of A Bestial Necromunion
3742Raw Cruelty
3743Netherworld Ceremony
3744...The Sons Of Our Ancestors!
3745Skinned Alive
3747Hell Prayer
3748Christian Hell
3749Unholy Blades Of The Devil
3750Church Of Defilement
3751Anthrax Dispersal At The Center Of Overpopulation
3752Gods Of Negativity
3753Reaper's Funeral
3754The Rest Are Remains
3755Cannibalistic Madness
3756Beyond The Eighth Circle
3757March Soldiers Of Hell!
3758Aethers From The Inner Darkness
3759One Lucifer's Night
3760Spreading The Seeds Of Evil
3761Trident Of Tartarean Gateways
3762Frykten Og Mennesket
3763Icicles From My Fucking Bloody Heart
3764Formulas To Negative Communication
3765Gloria Damnationi
3766Brotherhood Of Destruction
3767Passages Of Infinite Hatred
3768Leaving My Body At The River's Edge
3769Raw War
3770Eternal Cycle Of Destruction And New Creation
3771Only Before You Will The Nations Burn
3772Black Polar Holes Open Saturngate Of The GreenBlackSun On The Earth
3773To Deny The Light
3774Blasphemic Invocations For Demonic Glory
3775Depleted Light And The Death Of Uniqueness
3776Wallowing In Agony
3777Endurement To The Heirs Of Shame
3778From Darkness And Beyond
3779The Dark Vastness Of Our Souls
3780Echoes Of War, Terror And Blasphemy
3781Goatfuk Havoc Slaughter Hell
3782Subliminal Legacy
3783Melancholic Sighs
3784Breviarium Daemonicus Idolatrorum
3785Visions From The Throne Of Eyes
3787Ignis Inferni
3788I Drank Some Juice Today And I See No Problem With That
3789Enthroning The Bonds Of Abhorrence
3790Luciferian Brillance And Darkness
3791Black Metal Storm
3792Drowned Remnants Of What Once Seemed Pure
3793Agony In The Profundis Abyss
3794Bury My Infected Thoughts Deep
3795The Manifested Purgatorium
3796Temple Of Anti-Cosmos
3797Reanimation Of The Long Departed
3798De Ars Antiquus Mysteria
3799Ordo Aeon Caos
3800Impetuous Infernal Terror
3801Wrath Of The Apex Predator
3802In The Form Of A Black Goat
3803After His Execution, The Perpetual Martyrdom
3804Remembrances Of Ancient Prophecy
3805W.A.R (War Against Religions)
3806A Rehearsal With The Devil
3807Psalms Of Veneration For The Nefarious Elite
3808Thermal Nuclear Goat
3809Kingdom Of Insanity
3810The Black Death... Humanity's Fear
3811Shield Of Flames
3812Infernal Creation
3813The Rites Of The Ensnarer
3814Death, Violence, Satanism
3815Non Sancta Manifestations
3816Invocation Of Blasphemy
3817Enthroned Consagration Of Malignant Imperium
3818I See Fire
3819Militant Hymns Of The Rebel Angel
3820Spilling Blood And Hate
3821Eternal Dominions Of The Infernal Throne
3822They Are Someone
3823The Infernal Black Death Of The Cursed Pig Christ
3824This Is Hell
3826Cult To The Lord Of The Evil Light
3828The Untamed Hunger
3829Usque Ad Sanguinem Incitati
3830Hypothalamus Malfunction
3831Therefore, He Shall Consume
3832Divine Decomposition
3833Beneath The Folds Of Flesh
3834Dawn Of Possession
3835My Cold Journey
3836Vortex Of Selfdestruction
3837The Abyss Of Cruelty
3838For They Shall Be Slained
3839The Warlord Of Gwynedd
3840Diabolic Malformations
3843For The World Is Hollow... And I, Have Touched The Sky
3844In The Night Of April 30th
3845Decline Of Man
3846Moon Possession
3847Cleansing The Blood Of The Heretic
3848Prepare To Die By Eternal Darkness
3849Destroy The Black Towers
3850No Candles For Your Funeral
3851In The Infinite Starry Night
3852Magnus Venator
3853Under The Dark Wings Of Blasphemy
3854Party In Hell
3855Summoning The Demise Of Guardian Angel
3856Ancient Shadow Throne
3857Tell Them Lucifer Was Here
3858No Catharsis
3859With Humility For The Ages
3860Sadistic Irrumator
3861Night Of The Luciferian War Games
3862The Holy Blasphemy
3863Break The Bread
3864Death Satan Black Metal
3865Invocation, Initiation I Give My Soul To Satan
3866Invocation Of Supreme Knowledge
3867Sweet Blasphemy
3868Scream In My Ass
3869Deus Est Mortuus
3870Legions Of Beelzebub
3871Lord Of Darkness
3872Revocation Of Emptiness
3873That Is Not Dead Which May Eternal Lie
3874The Final Days
3875There Is No Christian Idolatry
3877From Mortality To The Living Hell
3878Under The Throne Of Asmodeus
3879The World Shall Freeze And Die By My Hand
3880Spectre Abysm
3881Rite Of The Opposer
3882Invokation Of Satan Within
3883Duzakh Flames
3884When Funeral Pyres Ablaze The Black Moon Sky
3885Dark Millenium
3886Desire For Revenge And Thirst For Death
3887Beyond The Night
3888The New Era Of The Jackal
3889For The Supreme Satan's Hate And Glory Of The Occult Warriors
3890Blood In The Name Of Satan
3891From A Decade Of Permafrost
3892Infernalistic Flames Of Luciftias
3893Insanity Of Christianity
3894Evocation Through Relict Profanation
3895Satan, Death, Hell
3896Rebellion Of The Ancient Gods
3897Shouts Of Christian Desperation At The Throne Of Lucifer
3898Lament Of A Vampire
3899Death Consumes The Existence Of The Gods
3900The Iron Hand Of Blackest Terror
3901Purity Of Enmity
3902Defiled In The Chambers Of Artemis
3903To The Depths Of Tragedy
3904For The Shadows Fall
3905Titan Reign
3906Black Rite Euphoria
3907The Return Of The Count Von Impious's Spirit
3908The Side Of Evil
3909Trans Mysterium
3910Upon The Golden Throne
3911Inside The Dark Horizon
3913Cursed Are God's Sheep For They Bleed
3914God Will Bring Justice
3915Eternal Sleep
3916Stench Of God
3917The Truth Through Salt
3918On Horns Impaled
3919Vermin Hell
3920Speed Metal Terrorist
3921Obituaries Wrote
3923Bowels Of The Holy Anoint Us In Evil
3924The World Must Be Built With Violence
3925Prince Of This World
3926Rise Of The Goat
3927Beyond The Plague Of Light
3928Death Redemption
3929Cannibalistic Impaler
3930Black Ritual
3932On The Left Of My Lord Lucifer
3933Ashes Of Christian Hypocrisy
3934The Orphans Of Bakunin And Pisarev
3935Desolation Through Deprivation
3936Gateways To Parfaxitas
3937I Don't Scream
3938Cemetery Of Sadness
3939Following The Ancient Spirits Of Fire
3940Jehovah's Putrefaction Upon The Cursed Land
3941Misanthropic Nihilism
3942Impervious Gates Of Heaven
3943Aurum Nostrum Non Est Aurum Vulgi
3944Into The Saber Winds
3945Nightly Blasphemy Services
3946Ad Nauseam
3947Howls And Yells Of Inferno
3948Winds Of Black Horizon
3949Demonic Tribulation
3952In Deathcold Mist
3953From The Age Of Wolves
3954Vatican Under Satan's Command
3955Bringer Of The Light
3956Age Of Misanthropia, Human Blood & Chaos
3957A Ceremony In Sorrow
3958Against Denomination
3959Black Orchid
3960An Abhorrence
3961May Misfortune Befall Humanity
3962The Lord Of The Valley Of The Shadows
3963Children Of The Full Moon
3964The Grimoire Of Abomination Tales
3965Infernal Colostrum
3966Demons Swarm By My Side
3967Dying Under The Master's Vision
3968Sowing The Empire Of Lucifer
3969Towards Total Chaos
3970Unrevealed Self
3971Decay Of Thy Gods
3972Offspring Of Gathered Foulness
3973Lust Infernal Rite
3974Kult Ov Funestum Spiritus
3975Under The Veil Of Death
3976In The Streams Of Inferno
3977Under The Sign Of Belial
3978Mors Praebebit Spem Fallacem
3979Darkness Is Everywhere
3980Journeys Through Astral Funerals And Suicide Forests
3981The True Spirit Of Misanthropic Hate
3982Morbid Machinery
3983Glorification Of The Unborn
3984Gloria In Excelsis Satanas
3985I Helvetes Forakt
3986Ultimate Infernal Nightscape
3987Diabolical Teachings
3988One Day Of Psychopatmetal In The Hell
3989Vagina Pectoris Of Jesus Phallus
3990The Rites Of Crucifixion
3991Doom Of The Necroslaughter
3992Fragments Of Dark Eternity
3993Path Of Infernal Enchantress
3994Beyond The Dichotomized Visions
3995Of Darkness And Truth
3996Harmony Of Dissonance
3997Pactum Satanicum
3998Behold The Wrath
3999A Place Where Sinners Breed
4000Sathanarchrist Assaulter
4001Beyond The Firmament
4002The Divine Art Of Torture
4003My Hearse, My Redemption
4004Blasphemic Day Of Defeat
4005An Extreme Call To The North
4006Thermal Pool Nuclear Massacre
4007Lamb Of Decadence
4008Further From The Grey
4009Malignant Orgies From Hell
4010The Omnipotence Of Death
4011With Your Cross I Will Dig Your Grave
4012Under The Sign Of The Chaparren Gods
4013Possessed By Madness
4014Golgotha Is The Place Of Skulls
4015Under Azazel's Dark Wings
4016Satan's Pantheon
4017Legion Of Spirits Infernal
4018The Walls Of God Falls Into The Hands Of Satan
4019Your Satan, My Saviour
4020Beyond The Gravestones
4021Kingdom Of Fire And Smoke
4022Dedication Rites To Dark Pagan
4023Almighty Andras
4024Nihil Kaos
4025Quoth The Raven
4026Thrown Athwart The Darkness
4027Maldoror's Metamorphosis
4028The Orb Of Parasites
4030Bloodshed For The Wargods
4031I'm The Destruction
4032Endless Rites
4034Unholy War For Master Satan
4035Dark Upon The Light
4037My Heart Full Of Hate
4038Walker From The Shade
4039Parasite Of The Eve
4040In The Circle Of Dying Time
4041The Luciferian Doctrine
4042Affliction Of The Divine
4043Land Of Terror
4044In The Trenches Of Antichrist
4045Nightshade Dominion
4046Rise Of The Black Pharaoh
4047Forever Bonded In Suffering
4048Bride Of Darkness
4049God Will Lose, Satan Will Win
4051Triumph Of Blasphemy Kingdom
4052Where Obscurity Dwells
4053Savage Rule
4054Praise The True Black Flames
4055Diabolical Rave
4056Under The Sign Of The Goat
4057Under The Legions Ram
4058Bloody Pontificate
4059The Throne Of Dead Emotions
4060The Faith Is Adorned With Blasphemy
4061Battlecruiser Old Pagan
4062Second Coming, Second Crucifixion
4063Wrathful Chaos
4064The Fall Of The Celestial Throne
4065Merciless Jaws From Hell
4066Det Österbottniska Mörkret
4067Inhumed Rapture
4068Foreshadowing Oblivion
4069Opus Mortifer
4070Glorifying The Kingdom Of Darkness
4071Dark Insurrection
4072Lords Of Sulfur
4073From The Filthy Sewers Of Mind
4074To The Path Of The Black Snake
4075Under The Altar Of The Immaculate
4076Blasphemous Revelations Arise The Ancient Evil
4077Riding Into The Funeral Paths
4078Ritual In Blood
4079The Blazing Seal Of Lucifer
4080When The Heavens Fall... The Arrive Of Ancient Empire
4081Offerings To The Great Plague
4082In Search Of Order And Meaning
4084Et Facta Est Nox
4085Reclaiming The Throne
4086Flying Through Your Fear
4087Black Dreams Under The Sea
4088Perception Of Hades
4089Permanent Midnight
4090Necrophagus Communion
4091Summoning The Lawless Legions
4092Sabbat Of Behezaël
4093Seven Day And Seven Night
4094Rest In Morbid Darkness
4095Sublunary Tragedies
4096Human Skin Throne
4097Perdition Discipline
4098Reborn Of Deathnight Creatures
4099Cult Of The Vulture
4100Feast Upon The Lamb
4101Inverse Volition
4102Like A Lamb To The Slaughter
4103Incense Of Opened Gates
4104Gutless Reincarnation
4105Eminence of Satanic Imperial Art
4106Alcoholic Terror Black Vomit
4107Forest Of Forbidden Whispers
4108Far From Everything
4109Black Destiny
4110Ruptured In Purulence
4111To Tempt The Demons
4112Domain Of Death Over Evil
4113Darkest Force
4115Har Meggido
4116Twilight Fog Of Sorrow
4117Desekration Of The Kristian God
4118Ascending To The Throne
4119Eternal Fall, Eternal Star
4120Demonic Rites Of Desecration
4121Opus Diaboli
4122Stillbirth In Bethlehem
4123Master Of Asylum
4124Thousand Gallows
4125Pleasures Of Flesh
4126Satanas Triumphans
4127Extract The Truth
4128Pallets Of The Profane
4129Lycanthropic Bloodlust
4130First Legion Of Hell
4131The Return Of The Ancients
4132Bludgeoning The Pure With The Fist Of Our Grim Lord
4133Human Decadence Into Natural Disaster
4134Invocation Of The Protective Angels
4135Declare War On Christianity
4136Forgotten Genocide
4137Blasphemous Attack
4138Diabolical Cataclysm
4139Fantasies Turned To Nightmare
4140Replicate To Retaliate
4141Rusty Horns
4142Surreal Graveyard
4143Rites In The Forest
4144Exalted Spectres
4145Blood Libel
4146Regiam Inferi
4147Aurora Of Spirits
4148Satanic And Hellish Aeons Rising
4149Eternal Infernal Satanik Ritual
4150Belial Incarnate
4151Spell Of The Unholy One
4152Night Visions In Cult To The Moon
4153The Path To The Bearer Of Light
4154Hypocrisy And Pain
4155Ravaged Fortitude Of Foul Existence
4156Back To The Crystal
4157Hell In The Heart
4158Beauty Of Darkness
4159Enter The Necropolis
4160Reptiles Behind Human Flesh
4161Witches Drowned In A River Of Stone
4162The Wing Of Blackless Night
4163Archidoxes Of Evil
4164Born From The Fire
4165End Of Omnipotence
4166Winds Of Death
4167Inside The Grave Stone
4168Night Ov Unholy Desecration
4170Satanic Dirge
4171Hail Satanic Empire
4172A Possession To Desecrate
4173The Night Of Winter Solstice
4174Stamped In The Crucifix
4175In The Darkness In Black Winds
4176Satanic Moan
4177Ode To The Unconquerable
4178United By Satanic Pride
4179Mortification Of Jesus Christ
4180Satanic Ritual And Goat Sabbat
4181Horde Of Disgust
4182Black Invocation Of The Infernal Spirit
4183The Black Pest Of Evil
4184In Honour Of His Damned Majesty
4185Through The Golden Gate
4187Gnostikoi Ha-Shaitan
4188The Man Who Dominated The Demons
4190The Clock Of The Death
4191A Coronation Of Slaughter And Battles To Come
4192Persecution Of Christian Filth
4193Off The Enlightened Path
4194Sempiternal Opprobrium
4195The Awakening Of Chtullu
4196Obscenities Of Virgins And Sexes Of Whores
4197Rain Poured On The Dead
4199Under The Banner Of The Pentagram
4201Ensemble Under The Dark Sun
4202The Goat's Morbidity
4203Opium Morals
4204Cavorting Neath The Miasmic Moon
4205Bitches Sabbath
4206The Unknown Empire
4207Terminus Ante Quem
4208Forever On The Dark Side
4210Carnage In Heaven
4211Shadow Of A Fallen Angel
4212Chamber Of Suicide
4213Harakiri In The Sky
4214Declared The Satanic War
4215De Ritibus Hostis Animarum
4216Manifest Of The Tradition
4217Total Doom, Total Death
4218Eternal Defeat
4219The Black Mass Covenant
4220Nightmares Of Total Horror
4222Ungodly Militant Onslaught
4223World Wide War
4224Pestem Hominum
4225The Last Call Of Darkness
4226Omnes Dii Gentium Daemonia
4227To Witness The End Of All Flesh
4228Excidium Satanas
4230The Throne Of Armageddon
4231Merciless Spikes
4232A Mother's Curse
4233Satan's Realm
4234Sowing The Seeds Of Suffering
4235Suicidal Nazareth
4236No Thoughts From The Sky
4237Summum Malum
4238Evocation Of The Demons Of Lust
4239Legion Black Metal Attack
4240Of Satan's Right Hand
4241När Allt Liv Svartnar
4242Vortex Of The Slain
4243Branches Of The Cursed Tree
4244Blazing Winds Of Transcendence
4245Ascension Into Chaos
4246Stairway To Hell
4247Revelations Of The Blind Lord
4248So So Cold
4249Black Star In A Dying Constellation
4250Crayons Of Infinity
4251Obscure Dreams And Magnificence
4252Through The Cold Void Of Death
4253The Grey Waves Crash On Subtle Thoughts
4254Profanus Chinese Long Remote
4255Demoniac Fury Bloodlust Christians
4256An Offering To Darkness & Satan
4257The Distortionated Guts Of The Idolatry
4258Satanic Age Is Upon Us
4259Thirsty For Blood And Meat
4260Supreme Matriarch Of Destruction
4261Tenebrous Darkness
4262Satanic Black Cult
4263The Morbid Wraiths
4264Teardrops Reflecting In The Eyes Of Satan
4265Bleeding Star Upon The Black Castle
4266And Then Life Was Death
4267Endless Tortures For Eternity
4268Pact With The Devil
4269Contempt Towards Humanity
4270Salem City
4271Those Who Swore False Oath
4272Fixed By The Devil
4273Alongside Death
4274Baphomet Is My Prophet
4275Skate For The Devil
4276Lords Of The Nine
4277To Stare Into The Black Infinities With Unflinching Gluttony
4278Under The Moon Signal
4279Order Of The Universe
4280To The Guillotine
4281The Astral Gloom
4282Blessed By Blasphemy
4283The True Spirit Of Evil
4284Invoking The Aeon Of Satan
4285Open The Portals To Darkness
4286Slaves To The Decay
4287About The Humble
4288Manifesting The Sorcerers Lore
4289Mushroom Clouds And Dusk
4290Know God, No Peace...
4291Ancient Fear
4292An Eternal Dark Horizon
4293Thy Funeral Judas
4294Warlords Of Hell
4295Travesty Of Heavenly Essence
4296Here In Hell I Am Always Enlightened
4297Snow Of Ashes Of Humanity
4298For Years I Fought Fire
4299Of Pestilence
4300Ciclopean Crypts Of Citadels
4301Sorrow Ov The Immortal Man
4302Muggy Vagina Of My Soul And Tender Satan
4303Theory And Practice Of Hell
4304Alchemical Conjunction
4305Shrine Of The Pentagram
4306The Gates Of Putridity
4307Lethal Enforcer From Hell
4308Black Monolith Lust
4309Through The Layers Of Sleep
4310Cursed With Blackened Tongues
4311Baphomet Under The Full Moon
4312Rage Against Gods And Their Prayers
4313Magnificent Ritual Killer
4314Summoning The Unlight
4315The Immensity Of The Black Sky
4316Legion Of The Black Moukar
4317Primal Howls In The Domains Of Death
4318Wake Up In The Night Of Walpurgis
4319Existential Horror
4320Under The Sign
4321The Falling Of The Parody Of Misery
4323Disfiguring Creation And Destruction
4324One Last Breath
4325Ungodly Priest
4326Suprema Scienta Satani
4327The Fall Of The Chosen Star
4328The Thousand Years Of Moonlight
4329Eternal Flames Ov Satan
4330Desecration Of Morbid Spirits
4331The Diabolic Confession
4332The Night Of The Ancient Wisdom
4333De Templi Autem Veteris Serpentis
4334A Lesson In Basic Human Empathy
4335From Genesis To Apocalypse And Beyond
4336Cross Of St. Peter
4337Hell Is Ready
4338Umbrae Angelorum Cadentium
4339Hyperborean Rites Of Frost
4340Flames Upon Bethlehem
4341A Prophecy Of Terror And Turmoil
4342Sacrifice For The Diabolical Black Goat
4343Följer Kallet Mot Stigen Av Mänsklig Aska
4344Dunkelheit Aus Nord
4345Repugnant Coronation Of The Beast
4346Percussimus Foedus Cum Morte
4347Dark Tomb
4348To A Rock, To A Hill
4349Coronation Of The Black Goat
4350The Demon And The Deceiver
4351De Praestigiis Angelorum
4352Ex Nihilvm
4353Mortal Blood Slumbers For Eternity
4354Banished Rhythmic Hate
4355Proclaimation Of Wrath
4356Beyond The Mortal Gate
4357Infinite Mysteries
4358Brotherhood Of Freaks
4359Putrefaction Be Thy Name
4360Pestilent Aeons
4361Two Gates To Salvation
4362A Dark Glance That Reign At Night
4363Utter The Tongue Of The Dead
4364I Am Become Death, Destroyer Of Worlds
4365Thorns Of The Sadist
4366Monument Of Misanthropy
4367The Choir Of Dead Souls
4368Voices In The Night
4369The Necro Continuum
4370666 Eternal Hell Warlord
4371Loyalty To The Dark
4372Three Angled Void
4373The Devil Awaits...
4374Blessed Are The Damned
4375Following The Black Ritual
4376Live Again Before Death
4377To Die A Thousand Times
4378Dawn Of The White Rune
4379Upon Judas' Throne
4380A Call Upon The Infernal Rulers
4381Torturous Howls Beneath Blood Banners
4382Mocking Jehovah
4383Masochistic Devil Worship
4384Release All Evil
4385March Of The Witches
4386Art Of Ascension
4388United Under The Banner Of The Ancestors
4389Satan's Wolves Of The Ritual Moon
4390Aeons Of Martyrdom
4391A Bloodline Ending
4392Nocturnal Black Assault
4393Bound By The Spirit Of Blood And Earth
4394Fallen To Arise
4395Shadow Descendant
4396Take Away My Pain
4397Praxis Of The Black Magisterium
4398Viking And Satan
4400The Wind On The Banks
4401The Truth Of The Dark Man
4402Anabasis Ov Spirit
4403Suicidal Impulse
4404Impeccable Numbness
4405The Past Is Alive
4406Awakened Celts
4407Endless Paths For The Condemned Souls
4408Then The Heaven Will Collapse
4409The Sweet Death
4410The Spirit Of The Forest (To Bleed Northern Spirit)
4411The Forest Paranoid
4412Pagan Rise And Melody Of The Fallen
4413The Scent Of The Old Black Masses
4414With Hearts Toward None
4415Blessed By Sadness
4416The Rotten Smell Of The Entities That Murmur
4417Feasting On The Blood Of The Insane
4418Aggression On The Sacredness
4419The Abyss Of True Death
4420Splinter Of The Devil's Mirror
4421Sever The Priest
4422Doomed To Hell
4423Ancestral & Forgotten Rites
4424Torment And Death
4425Moon Of Doom
4426Spiritual Liberation
4427Sacrifices For Ahriman's Throne
4428Never Deny From The Powers Of Sorcery
4429Behold The Son Of Plagues
4430Heathen Souls Unite
4431Dark Fables Of The Night
4432Alien Deviant Circus
4433Sodomize The Eternal Abyss Of The Whore Nun
4434Tyrannous Mutations Of Sathanas
4435Where Hate Begins...
4436Time Of Goat
4437Glory And Occult Dominion
4438Sun Of All Suns
4439God Is The Devil
4440Christ Burning In The Flames Of Despair
4441Her Cries, Her Blood, Crimson Frost
4442Gathering Of The Putrid Demons
4443Our Dark Lord & Saviour
4444Mad Grandiose Bloodfiends
4445Under Moonlight We Kiss
4446Blasphemous Proclamations From The Abyss
4447Crawling From The Depths Of The First Tower
4448Evil Dead By Dawn
4449Towards Darkness' Paradise
4450Lady Of Great Inferior World
4451Agonizing Journey Through The Burning Universe And Transcendental Ritual Of Transfiguration
4452Per Aspera Ad Mortis
4453De Principii Evangelikum
4454Unholy Mutilator Of Christ
4455Resurrection Of The Beast
4457Embrace And Enlightenment
4458Final Praises
4459Sunset Of The End
4460Blasphemy, Death And Grave
4461Baal Of The Flies
4462Fullmoon Rites Of Sabbat
4463Obscure And Blasphemer Feeling Of Soul
4464Nullum Verbum
4465Dark Idol Aeon
4466Gauntlets Of Iron
4467Eternal Flame Of Hate
4468Celebration Of The Nightrealm
4469Proliferating The Unholy Fire
4470Usurpation Of The Seven
4471Brutalization Of The Christ
4472Walking Through The Shadow Of Death
4473A Dance Of Pure Triumph
4474Death Runs
4475Death By Inverted Crucifixion
4476With Spirits In Thoughtless Streams
4477Extension Of Hate
4478Night Witches On The Coast Of The Abyss
4479Flowery Battles
4480A Trinket From A Defiled Grave
4481Where Witches Burnt
4482Necromantiae Bestialis
4483Shades Of The Sanguine Tree
4484Proclamation Of The Sardonic Flame
4485Warhymn Indoctrination
4486Bury Me Deep
4487I Am A Tumor Growing Quetly Within The Society
4488Raven Claws Rips The Lamb
4490Crucify The Jesus Christ Again
4491Earth In Blazing Fires
4492Hatred Against The Gods Of Life
4493The Black Cult Is The Night Of Gory Moon
4494Adsertor Noctis Obductae
4495Testimony Of The Abominable
4496My Soul Embraces Satan
4497Ancient Age Of The Nocturnal Sun
4498As The Darkness Enters
4499Towards Immortality
4500Written In Stone
4501Triangulum Dæmoniorum Invocato
4502The Legacy Of The Dark Forces
4503Black Goat Victorious
4504Perpetual Cycle
4505Obscure Hall Of Larvae
4506Apse Of Sacrilege
4507Six Stigmas Of Satan
4508An Altar To Satan
4510Altars Of Blood & Fire
4511Reversed Black Trinity
4512When You Need Metal​.​.​.​Go To Hell
4513Brutal Massacration
4514Vengeance War 'till Death
4515Annihilating The Judeo-Christian Generations
4516Northern Despondency
4517The Last Chant Of The White Wolf
4518And Nothing Was Left But Ashes
4519My Death For You On A Night Of Cursed Full Moon
4520Collection Of Black Roses
4521Death Fanaticism
4522Black Anal Goat Vomit
4523Remains Of Something Once Called Life
4524The Immortal Circle Of The Adversary
4525Profound Echoes Of The End
4526Waters Of Weeping
4527Lost In Shadows Grim
4528Black Inquisition
4529Culling The Herd
4530Conquering Legions Of Astaroth
4531Midnight Christian Slaying
4532Eternal Command Of Atomic Warcult
4533Force Banger
4534Imperial Forces Of Real Underground Attack
4535Nihilists With Honor
4536Fucking Fullmoon Foundation
4537A Fist In The Face Of Humanity
4538Passages Of Black Devotion
4539Black Metal Juggernaut
4540Chambers Of The Perverted Abuser
4541Taste The Blade
4542Celebration Of Chaos
4543Under The Torment Of Baphometh
4544Crowned By The Serpent
4545Satanic Anti-human Command
4546Bestial Intercourse
4547Something Wicked, Raw And Ugly
4548Altar Of Goat Fornications
4549Eternal Dying Echoes
4550He Who Hates
4551The Destruction Universe
4552From Where Pain Is Born
4553Antichristian War Hate
4554Bloody Morgue
4555Dark Fairy Tales From The Pits Of Hell
4556The Witchcraft Trials Of Salem In The Year Of 1692
4557Truth Or Recreation
4558Age Of The Axe
4559Venerating The Cult Of Flesh
4560Predatorial Instincts
4561Drako Gigante
4562Drömme Om Evig Nat
4563Sprawled Innards Of Festering Demonic Cadaverous Blood Oozing Chunks
4564Shade Of Soul
4565Devoured By Shadows
4566Unleash The Malignant Obscurity
4567As Blood Rains From The Sky
4568I Am The Sword Of The Luziferian Race
4569Bottom Astral
4570Black Sorcery Of Darkness
4571Grimoire Of Black Pact And Luciferian Invocation
4572Call Of The Imperial Throne Spiritus
4573Black Metal Night
4574To The Eternal Roots
4575Ex Regnum Spiritus In Manifestus
4576The Cursed Blood Of Eternal Life
4577Touch Of Dismay
4578Destructive Metal Invasion
4579Hallucination With Dead
4580Death Becomes Us
4581Drink The Blood
4582Blood Will Be Spilled
4583Obscure Antecedent
4584My Prophecy Will Come
4585Collision With Oblivion
4586Spit Forth Your Lies
4587Eternal Nightfall
4588Drowned In Stupidity
4590Enter The Circus Of Fear
4591Unconscious Sons Of The Reptile God
4592Those Who Walk The Shadowpath
4593The Promethean Concept And The Sinister Archetype Of Satanarchism
4594The Masquerade
4595Abandon Your Lord
4596A Soar Bird
4597Evasive Contempt
4598The Gospel Of The Horned One
4599Our Journey Towards Death
4600Crown Of Impiety
4601Cult Of Wind Scourge
4602Under Black Wings Of Night
4603Contemplating The Dark Ages On The Ashes Of The Rotten Christian Empire
4604Damned Cult
4605Crucified With Horns
4606Bloody Days On The Altar
4607Animae Damnatae
4609Into The Black Void
4610The Life, The Time, The Death
4611Supreme Celebration Of Eternal Blasphemy
4612Cursed Metal
4613The Smell Of Black Metal
4614Daemones Imperium
4615Through Sheer Will And Black Magic
4616One True Black Religion
4617Father Lord Is Satan
4618Suicidal Catharsis
4619Frightful Chronicles Of Human Nature
4620Sodomized By Depraved Goat
4621The Sorrow And The Dark Ruin
4622Manifestation Of The Abyssal Woods
4623Du Morgenstjerne, Morgenrødens Sønn
4624Fullmoon Over My Castle
4626God And Man Are One
4627The Tides Of Damocles
4628Descent Into Hell
4629Evoking The Tides Of Satan
4630Emissions Of Reality
4631Witchcraft Of Initiation
4632Where Chaos Brings Liberty
4633Troops Of Satan
4634Gospel Of The Serpent
4635Monumental Mutilations
4636My Grave Is Calling
4637Pervestigationes Incitantes Et Matri Morte Obumbratio
4639Manifestation Of The Supreme Beast
4640Satanik Eon
4641Shrouded In Dismal Detest
4643The Forest Of Hanged Men
4644Sorrow Cast Upon The Angels
4645Oh, Lord, Amen
4646Rites Of The Necromancer
4647Bestial Prayers Of The Black Goat
4648Supreme Demoniac Order Revenge
4649Under The Eyes Of Rising Terror
4650Temple Of The Lost Wisdom
4651Carnal Lust And Wolfen Hunger
4652A Touch Of Medieval Darkness
4653Ritual Of Resurrection Of The Fallen
4654The Blood Of Angels
4655Darkness Has Landed
4656Actions Of A Small Mind
4657Unchain The Wolves
4658At The Dawn Of Sadistic Infernal Holocaust
4659Humanity In Decay
4660Ace Of Spades
4661Merchant Of Death
4662Invernal Cold And Night
4663Excisions Of Exorcisms
4664Ancient Rites To The Moon
4665Through Difficulties To Defeat
4666The Faces Of The Antichrist
4667Blasphemed Betrayal
4668The Evil Is Real And Stronger Than Ever
4669Arrival Of The Condemned Souls
4670Silence Of Angel
4671Attack On The Crucified
4672My Soul To You O Great Lucifer
4673Bastard Son Of Satan
4674Liberating Self-destruction
4675Cruelty Excellence Of Inner Blaze
4676On The Paths Of Blasphemy
4677To The Last Sunset At The Gates Of Collapse
4678Ode To The Majesty Of The Nightside
4679Dimensions Of Hades
4680She Who Wears The Serpent Hood And Holds The Keys To Kaos
4681Metallic Pit
4682Maggot War Command
4683The Woods Of Grief
4684Of Kali, Of Seth, Of Satan!
4685Death Paradigm
4686Ecclesia Satani
4687May My Will Destroy You
4688Whose Wheel Turns Eternal
4689Overwhelming Marches And Blasphemous War Hymns
4690Revenger Of Blood
4691The End Of Things To Come
4692Belly Generous Of Evil
4693Black Flames Of Blasphemy
4694The Gospel According To Satan
4695The Long Sorrowful Journey To Death
4696Towards The Skullthrone Of Satan
4697Envisioned... The Hellternity
4698A Child Was Born Of The Underworld
4699War And Bloodshed Forever
4700Calyx Of Black Metal Blood
470180 Days To Go
4702Drunk In The Name Of Satan
4703The Devil Is Always Looking For Souls
4704Total Orgasm Is Consumed
4705The Darkest Of Shadows And The Blindness Of The Servants
4706Exhumation Of Satan
4707Pain, Suffering, Damnation, Death
4708Bronze Bull
4709Extermination Of Christianity
4710Blasphemous Hierarchy
4711Open The Door To The Ancients
4713The Halo Of Burning Wings
4714To Pass Through The Fire
4715Reaping The Hope Of Dirty Humanity
4716The Apocalyptic World Of Satan
4717Filii Nigrantium Infernalium
4718Warcourse Against Mankind
4719Thoughts About Worthless Things And The Future
4720Contra Mundum In Aeternum
4721Spirits From The Medieval Storms
4722Before My Eyes The New World Rose
4724Insane Addiction
4725Through The Eyes Of Night... Winged They Come
4726Land Of Eternal Sorrow
4727Forgotten Legend Of Asmodeus
4728Desecrated, Decayed And Still Holy
4729A Pax Of Heretical Evolution
4730The Path Of No Return
4731Blasphemous Blood
4732Silence Begins...
4733By Blood And Honor... By Satan
4734To Rape The Souls Of God
4735Black Cataclysm
4736Serpent Manifesto
4737Infernal Rants
4738Devil's Grin Retaliation
4739Hermit Of His Own Labyrinth
4740Sacrifice Your Soul For Metal
4741Pandemic Transgression
4742In Times Of Weakness, My Being Is Compromised
4744Days Of Impure Holiness
4745Chanting Blasphemies At A Profane Funeral
4746Sons Of Devastation
4747Sounds Of War
4748Godslayer Xul
4749Echoes In Eternity
4750At The Dawn Of Life Demise
4751The Blood I Drink Is Ominous
4752Perpetua Devotionis Ille Blasphemous
4753To The Great Eternity
4754Storm Obliteration
4755Dark Procession From The Abyss
4756Excruciating Odes Of Condemnation And Apostasy
4757Thou I Proclame
4758Delirium Daydream
4759Black Goat Desecration
4760Cryptfucking Demonizers Of Holocaustic Wrath
4761Their Nobles With Shackles Of Iron
4762Drowned In Black Sorrow
4763The Reign Of Hatred
4764Socialist Utopia
4765Summa Perfectionis
4766Born The Prototype
4767Castrated On Anvil
4768Occult Bewitchment
4769Depletion Inflictor
4770Waiting For Darker Skies
4771What Do We Know Of Horror & Torment
4772Humanities Last Judgement
4773Devilish Howl And Blasphemous War
4774Deadly Shine Of Deceased Metal
4775Encountering Darkness
4776The Shed
4777Penis Metal
4778Phobos Anomaly
4779For The Years Of War And Hate
4780Haeretic Winds
4781Nearer To Victory
4782Demonic Revolution
4783Between Darkness And Death
4784Panacea For A Cursed Race
4785Pope Crush Evil
4786For Whom The Bell Tolls
4787We Are A Sign Of Hell (Darkness Become)
4788Feast To A Legion Of Possessed Pigs
4789Sathanas Trismegistos
4790Religious Purification Through Fire
4792Dark Requiems... And Unsilent Massacre
4793Gathering Hell's Warriors
4794Burn On Your Cross Nazarene
4795Triumph Of Bestial Desekrator
4796Legacy Of The Nephilim
4797Affirmation Of All Inhuman Process
4798Vomit In The Church
4799The Spectre Of Lonely Souls
4800The Evil Emanations
4801Spill The Blood Red And Follow The Satanic Cult
4802Deathless Dimension
4803Satanic Hellride
4804Blessed Be The Name Of The Dragon
4805Harbinger Of Doom
4806Christians Will Be Subjected To Multiple Tortures
4807Unsilent Storms In The Northern Abyss
4808Prophets To Pillory
4809Father Of Filth
4810The Cosmic Trance Into The Void
4811Lore And Legend
4812We Will Honor You!
4813Horror Of Abomination
4814Si Vis Pacem Para Bellum
4815Serpentis Haereticum
4816In The Lands Of The Coldness Of The Grave
4817The Bloodwine Of Satan
4818Helvetes Ild
4819Blessed Are The Strong, Cursed Are The Weak
4820A Symphony Of Soul Destruction
4821Invocation To Destruction Of Jehovah And Christianity
4822Blood Stone Over Transylvania
4823Atrocious Cult Of Christian Eradication
4824Black Communion Of Carnivore Eucharist
4825Amalgamation Of Imperial Demonization
4826Sanctities We Raped
4827Demonic Ass-rape Of The Modern World
4828Pagan Black Victory
4829In League With Satan
4830Centuries Of Sortilege
4831Sadistic Mind Manipulation
4832Death Before Dishonor
4833Upon The Throne Of Apocalypse
4834Memory Of A Dead Man
4835Apotheosis Ab Obscurus Superi
4836The Devil Takes Over Your Soul
4837We Like The Goat... And The Goat Likes Us
4838Feasting To A Light Of A Black Candle
4839All Shadows From Hell
4840Birthrate Zero
4841Graveyard Hallucinations
4842In Nomine Fatalis Erebeus Rebunt Noxiae Omnium
4843Eviscerate Yourself
4844Under The Kingdom Of Shadows
4845Honoring The Funeral Cult
4846The Beginning Of The End
4847Faustian Monarchy
4848In The Infinity Of Lascivia
4849The Translucent Liturgy
4850Nocturnal Echoes Of Despair
4851World Killer
4852Ceremony Of Godslaying
4853Kyrie Fucking Eleison
4855Cause The War Never Ends...
4857Buried Alive
4858Human Fumes
4859The Origins Of Extinction
4860In The War With Capeta
4861Salvation Through Despair
4862...And The Light Falls Into The Shadow
4863Jehovah's Funeral
4864We Never Lived
4865Unleashed From Dismal Light
4866Fuck You Jesus
4867Of Bloodlust And Eternal Darkness
4868Cliffs Of Misery
4869The Priest Of Baal Karnaim
4870On Road To Frozen Stars
4871The Dead Inheritance
4872The Satanic Society Of Dead Poets
4873Unholy Triumph Over The False Messiah
4874Precept Of Delator
4875Sacred Incineration
4876Sacrifice And Blasphemy Of The Executioner
4877The Strongest Force Of Hell
4878Slave Of Lies
4879Pestis Mordet Corpora Eorum
4880A Black Ceremony In Honor To Sathanas
4881Sinister Ecstasy
4882Whom Aeons Tore Apart
4883The Decline Of Man
4884Spell Of The Unholy One
4885Incompetence Of The Nazarene In The Kingdom Of The Wicked
4886Seventh Ceremony For Perversion
4887The Price Of Blood
4888Infernal Lord The Glory Behind The Abyss
4889Maleficarum Sigilium Diaboli
4890Shine Through My Scars, Morning Star!
4891Death Of Trust
4892Laws Written In Blood
4893Fragmentary Evidence
4894Disco's Out, Slaughter's In
4896Destroyers Of Christian Faith
4897Lucifer Conqueror
4898Tablets Ov Baphomet In Amenti
4899Black Seeds Ov Obscure Arts
4900Atrae Materiae Monumentum
4901Passage On The Cold Legends
4902Omnia Ab Uno, Omnia Ad Unum
4903The Sublimation Of Darkness
4904Where Ancestral Spirits Roam
4905Hic Rugitus Cavernarum Terribilis
4906Bloody Nightmare
4907Anvil Of Crom
4908Unholy Falldown Of Christianism
4909Deus Malignum Abruptum
4910Lucifer's Call
4911Everything Ends
4912War Until Silence
4913The World Is Ending
4914Dogs Of Hell
4915Conjuration Of Niggurath
4916Blackness Of Siberian Forest
4917Black Sun Rising
4918Visions Of A Dying Fate
4919Coprophilic Prayer
4920Vomit On The Image Of The Jesus Christ
4921From Once Beneath The Curse
4922Invoking The Nusanthropian Supremity
4923The Atavism Of Evil
4924Black Metal My World Apart
4925A Hill To Die Upon
4926Lust For The Taste Of Virgin Blood
4927Lunar Awakening
4928For My Your Blood For Satan Your Soul
4929The Beginning Of Darkness (Epitaph)
4930Taken Beyond
4931It's So Hot Right
4932Dark Angels Riding On The Stormfront Of Time
4933The Route Of Haeresis
4934Cold Winds In The Distants Forests Of Forgotten Lands
4935Nightly Storm Of Helpless Knowledge
4936Frim And Grostbitten Misanthropic Mayhem
4937United In Mankind's Annihilation
4938Masquerading As God
4939Your Side Of The Triangle
4940Fecal Hegemony
4941...About The Return Of The Horned One
4942Impaled In Possessed Forest
4943Morbid Contempt
4944Disciples Of The Goat
4945Refinery Of Humanity
4946Ceremonial Blood Worship
4947From The Darkness To The Triumph
4948Dawn Of The Armageddon
4949Winds Of Madness
4950Rotting In Purgatory
4951The God Of The Hypocrites
4952Christendom Perished
4953Maximum Firepower On The Temple Of God
4954Toiling, Perishing
4955Walking On The Road Of Bloody War
4956In Nomine Tenebrae
4957Dismember Your Enemy
4958Mortuary Dripping
4959Under The Cloak Of Cruelty
4960Mistress Of The Gloomy Nights
4961Engulfed By Genocidal Abhorrence
4962Vampyric Stream Of Adversity And Ascension
4963At The Ruins Of All Saints
4964Night Of Bestial And Profane Sex
4965Revolution Of Darkness
4966Sex With Satan
4967Tormentum Aeternum
4968Night, In The Sleeping Forest
4969Victorious Satan