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    VariousThe Ultimate Jungle Collection

    Label:Dino Entertainment – DINTV 105
    3 x Vinyl, LP, Compilation
    Country:UK & Ireland
    Style:Drum n Bass, Jungle


    A1New BloodWorries In The Dance
    A2M-BeatIncredible (Radio Edit New Mix)
    VocalsGeneral Levy
    A3Firefox & 4-TreeWarning (Powder Mix)
    A4Krome & TimeGanja Man
    A5Dead DredDred Bass
    B1Soundman & Don LloydieGreater Love (Shy FX Dub Plate Remix)
    RemixShy FX
    VocalsElisabeth Troy
    B3Marvellous CainDub Plate Style
    B4Omni TrioRenegade Snares
    B5IbizaWarning (Remix)
    C1Babylon CruPress Up
    C2Fallen AngelsHello Lover (Desired State Remix)
    RemixDesired State
    C3Tom And JerryMaximum Style
    C4Sophisticated Bad BoyzAll Junglist & Junglette
    C5A-ZoneCalling All The People (Remix)
    C6Zero BLock Up (Counterforce Remix)
    RemixDJ Crystl
    D1DJ Matt (2) & Dr. P (2)Red
    D2UK Apachi & Shy FXOriginal Nuttah
    D3Krome & TimeThe License
    D4S.M.F.How Many Ways
    D5Deep BlueThe Helicopter Tune
    E1Roni SizeIt's A Jazz Thing (Electric Boogie Mix)
    E2D'CruzeBig Up
    E3DJ GunshotWheel 'N' Deal
    E4Cool Hand FlexMercy Mercy
    VocalsMC Fats, Peals
    E5Brock Out CrewHardcore Romance
    F2Da MaytrixLoverman
    F3Family Of IntelligenceChampion Of Champions
    F4Foul PlayBeing With You
    F5Johnny JungleJohnny (Dillinja Remix)
    F6DJ HypeRoll The Beats (Remix)
    VocalsMC GQ

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    The Ultimate Jungle Collection (2×CD, Compilation)Dino Entertainment, Dino EntertainmentDINCD 105, DINCD105UK & Ireland1994
    The Ultimate Jungle Collection (2×Cassette, Compilation)Dino EntertainmentDINMC 105UK & Ireland1994
    The Ultimate Jungle Collection (2×CD, Compilation)Dino Entertainment, Dino EntertainmentDINCD 105, DINCD105UK & Ireland1994


    bishop_siege_alpha's avatar
    Edited one year ago
    No, this actually is a proper selection of killer old school jungle and is perfect for those who are not able to collect each plate individually without prostituting themselves. A solid testament to that simple yet effective vibe of the mid 90's just before speed became the choice of the night and everyone started racing for harshness and promiscuity. It has no separation grooves but the tracks are full, yet I can't see how that can be a problem as back in the day we've learned to overcome much bigger obstacles whilst mixing than absence of the deadwax in between the tracks in a smoke filled room. A solid longplayer, still gives hell, shakes walls and tears down mirrors. If it only had Van Kleef's Life Began Changing on it is my biggest regret but you can't have it all once been said.
    dubmonday's avatar
    Wow - those prices, I bought this new for around £4 but it's no longer in my collection. None of the tracks are anywhere near full lenfth if I remember correctly?
    Eruption44's avatar
    Edited 6 years ago
    Marvellous cain - dubplate and Omni trio renegade snares are the 2 best tunes on this cd.
    DeeJayBudd's avatar
    My copy came with a free "Ultimate Jungle" tee-shirt!!