Kid Baltan, Tom Dissevelt, Henk Badings, Dick RaaijmakersPopular Electronics: Early Dutch Electronic Music From Philips Research Laboratories (1956 - 1963)

Label:Basta – 30-9141-2
CD, Compilation, Stereo, Mono
CD, Compilation, Stereo, Mono
CD, Compilation, Stereo
Box Set, Remastered
Genre:Electronic, Jazz
Style:Abstract, Big Band, Modern Classical, Experimental, Electroacoustic


Henk BadingsKain En Abel
ChoreographyJ. Zielstra
Engineer [Assistant]J.W. de Bruyn*
1-1Introduction / Dance / Dance Of The Destructive Forces3:44
1-2Conflict, Conclusion, Transition2:35
1-5Conflict, Reprise (Arioso)3:34
1-6Conflict, Finale2:54
1-7Kid BaltanSong Of The Second Moon (Version 2)2:48
1-8Kid BaltanNight Train Blues3:31
1-9Kid BaltanColonel Bogey
Arranged ByKid Baltan
Composed ByKenneth Alford
Henk BadingsEvolutionen
ChoreographyYvonne Georgi
Engineer [Assistant]Jan W. de Bruyn
1-16Tom DisseveltWhirling (Sonic R-Entry)2:35
1-17Tom DisseveltSyncopation (Orbit Aurora)2:59
1-18Tom DisseveltDrifting (Moon Maid)3:11
1-19Tom DisseveltVibration (The Visitor From Inner Space)
Engineer [Assistant]Kid Baltan
1-20Kid BaltanMechanical Motions (The Ray Makers)7:25
1-21Tom DisseveltIntersection (Twilight Ozone)
Commissioned ByAvro
ConductorBep Rowold
Engineer [Assistant]Kid Baltan
OrchestraThe Skymasters
RealizationSTEM Utrecht
Concert Music
2-1Dick RaaijmakersTweeklank (Contrasts)4:47
2-2Dick RaaijmakersPianoforte4:58
Film Music
2-3Henk BadingsVariations Électroniques
AnimationAndré de Vries
Art DirectionEmile Brumsteede
Engineer [Assistant]Jan W. de Bruyn
Producer, Directed ByGerard J. Raucamp
2-4Dick RaaijmakersAchter De Schermen
Film DirectorJan Moonen
Other [Final Synchronization]Cinecentrum
ProducerPolygoon Profilti
2-5Dick RaaijmakersFuel For The Future
Other [Final Synchronization]Cinecentrum
2-6Dick RaaijmakersBekaert: Het Andere Woord Voor Staaldraad
Commissioned BySafedi Brussels
Film DirectorG.A. Magnel
Other [Final Synchronization]Safedi Brussels
Sound Scenery
2-7Dick RaaijmakersEin Reiterstück
Engineer [Assistant - Synchronizations]Frits Weiland*
Tom DisseveltFantasy In Orbit
RealizationSTEM Utrecht
3-5Anchor Chain2:47
3-9Waltzing Mathilda1:52
3-10Pacific Dawn3:49
3-11Gold And Lead2:40
3-12Mexican Mirror2:16
3-13Seconds To Eternity3:40
Alternate Versions
4-1Kid BaltanSong Of The Second Moon (Original Version)3:06
4-2Tom DisseveltSyncopation (Alternate Version)3:10
4-3Tom Dissevelt12-Tone Composition For The Skymasters4:39
4-4Tom DisseveltIntersection (Early Version)
RealizationSTEM Utrecht
4-5Tom DisseveltTropicolours (Early Version)
RealizationSTEM Utrecht
4-6Tom DisseveltWaltzing Mathilda (Early Version)2:22
4-7Tom DisseveltQuiz Tune For VARA Television0:30
4-8Dick RaaijmakersLimburg’s National Anthem0:21
4-9Dick RaaijmakersBell Tune0:30
4-10Dick RaaijmakersCoppélia Tune0:22
4-11Dick RaaijmakersSign Tune0:34
Dick RaaijmakersSTER Tunes
4-12STER Tune 10:10
4-13STER Tune 20:11
4-14STER Tune 30:11
4-15STER Tune 40:11
4-16STER Tune 50:11
4-17STER Tune 60:11
4-18STER Tune 70:11
4-19STER Tune 80:10
4-20STER Tune 90:14
Sound Examples
4-21Henk BadingsSound Examples - Group 11:42
4-22Henk BadingsSound Examples - Group 22:30
4-23Henk BadingsSound Examples - Group 32:23
Sound Materials
Kid BaltanSound Material For "Song Of The Second Moon"
4-24Tape Loop With Basic Rhythm0:24
4-25Tape Loop With Rhythm And Bass Pattern0:56
4-26Arpeggio’s With Echo0:17
4-27Figure Moving Downwards, Leading Into Whistle Melody With Echo0:58
4-28Dick RaaijmakersElectronic Boogie Woogie1:01
Sound Material For 'Whirling'
4-29Tom Dissevelt & Kid BaltanOpening Sequence0:12
4-30Tom Dissevelt & Kid BaltanFirst Melody0:22
4-31Tom Dissevelt & Kid BaltanFirst Melody Transposed0:17
4-32Tom Dissevelt & Kid BaltanChord Of Combined Sounds0:13
4-33Tom Dissevelt & Kid BaltanBass Pattern0:16
4-34Tom Dissevelt & Kid BaltanRhythm Loop With Bass Pattern0:20
4-35Tom Dissevelt & Kid BaltanVariant0:22
4-36Tom Dissevelt & Kid BaltanChord Sequence With Sine Wave Tones0:16
4-37Tom Dissevelt & Kid BaltanSecond Melody0:17
4-38Tom Dissevelt & Kid BaltanArpeggio With Echo0:11
4-39Tom Dissevelt & Kid BaltanTransposed Piano Chord Sequence0:16
4-40Tom Dissevelt & Kid BaltanSame As Above With Overdub0:17
4-41Tom Dissevelt & Kid BaltanFirst Melody, Variant0:16
4-42Tom Dissevelt & Kid BaltanFirst Melody, Canonic Setting0:17
4-43Tom Dissevelt & Kid BaltanFirst Melody, Canonic Setting, Different Version0:20
4-44Tom Dissevelt & Kid BaltanFast Broken Chord Sequence0:17
4-45Tom Dissevelt & Kid BaltanClosing Sequence With Echo0:18
4-46Tom Dissevelt & Kid BaltanChord Of Combined Sounds, Noise Effect0:14
4-47Tom Dissevelt & Kid BaltanReversed Echoing Piano Chords, Continuation0:09
4-48Tom DisseveltBackground Texture For Quiz-Tune0:28
4-49Tom DisseveltMulti-Layered Laughter0:52
Sound Material For 'Syncopation'
4-50Tom Dissevelt & Kid BaltanBasic Melody0:38
4-51Tom Dissevelt & Kid BaltanReversed Chords, Leading Into Melodic Continuation0:18
4-52Tom Dissevelt & Kid BaltanFast Transposed Piano Chord Sequence0:18
4-53Tom Dissevelt & Kid BaltanSecond Melody0:21
4-54Tom Dissevelt & Kid BaltanBass Pattern With Rhythm Loop0:21
4-55Tom Dissevelt & Kid BaltanFast Transposed Piano Chord Sequence With Echo0:21
4-56Tom Dissevelt & Kid BaltanRepeated Figure With Echo0:11
4-57Tom Dissevelt & Kid BaltanShort Oscillator Glissandi0:10
4-58Tom Dissevelt & Kid BaltanSecond Melody, Electronically Chopped, With Echo0:21
4-59Tom Dissevelt & Kid BaltanShort Oscillator Glissandi With Echo, Leading Into Broken Chord Sequence0:38
4-60Tom Dissevelt & Kid BaltanReversed Chord Sequence0:19
4-61Tom Dissevelt & Kid BaltanClosing Chord Sequence, Leading Into Glissando Upwards0:11
4-62Tom Dissevelt & Kid BaltanBroken Chord Sequence With Echo And Background0:11
4-63Tom Dissevelt & Kid BaltanMixture Of Upward Glissandi, Leading Into High Electronic Sound0:12
4-64Tom Dissevelt & Kid BaltanSequence Of Three Complex Electronic Glissandi Chords With Echo0:10
Sound Material For 'Drifting'
4-65Tom Dissevelt & Kid BaltanSpace Effect No.10:15
4-66Tom Dissevelt & Kid BaltanTwo Alternating Chords With Echo0:16
4-67Tom Dissevelt & Kid BaltanMelody With Electronic Bell Sounds0:26
4-68Tom Dissevelt & Kid BaltanPercussive Chord Sequence 10:31
4-69Tom Dissevelt & Kid BaltanBass Pattern0:29
4-70Tom Dissevelt & Kid BaltanChord Sequence No.20:21
4-71Tom Dissevelt & Kid BaltanRepeating Tympani-Like Tone0:24
4-72Tom Dissevelt & Kid BaltanRepeating Harp Figure0:34
4-73Tom Dissevelt & Kid BaltanBass Pattern0:14
4-74Tom Dissevelt & Kid BaltanRetro-Chord Sequence0:16
4-75Tom Dissevelt & Kid BaltanMelody With Amplitude Modulation0:17
4-76Tom Dissevelt & Kid BaltanBass Pattern No.30:23
4-77Tom Dissevelt & Kid BaltanSpace Effect Cross Fading Into Alternating Chords0:27
4-78Tom Dissevelt & Kid BaltanSustained Chord0:19
4-79Tom Dissevelt & Kid BaltanRepeating Pentatonic Figure 10:35
4-80Tom Dissevelt & Kid BaltanSpace Effect No.2 (Sine Tone Glissandi)1:00
Sound Material For 'Vibration'
4-81Tom Dissevelt & Kid BaltanSequence No.10:12
4-82Tom Dissevelt & Kid BaltanSequence No.20:17
4-83Tom Dissevelt & Kid BaltanSpace Effects With Echo0:23
4-84Tom Dissevelt & Kid BaltanOptical Siren (Sound Colour Melody)0:17
4-85Tom Dissevelt & Kid BaltanNoise Attacks0:08
4-86Tom Dissevelt & Kid BaltanSequence No.30:09
4-87Tom Dissevelt & Kid BaltanSequence Of Chords With Retros0:15
4-88Tom Dissevelt & Kid BaltanSequence No.40:18
4-89Tom Dissevelt & Kid BaltanSequence No.50:09
4-90Tom Dissevelt & Kid BaltanRhythmic Tape Loop0:21
4-91Tom Dissevelt & Kid BaltanChord With Retro And Amplitude Modulation0:09
4-92Tom Dissevelt & Kid BaltanMetal Sound With Echo0:09
4-93Tom Dissevelt & Kid BaltanBass Pattern No.10:17
4-94Tom Dissevelt & Kid BaltanChord Sequence Cut-Out Sounds0:09
4-95Tom Dissevelt & Kid BaltanBass Pattern No.20:09
4-96Tom Dissevelt & Kid BaltanSame Pattern, High Pitched0:08
4-97Fred Judd*Spoken Letter From Fred Judd To Tom Dissevelt9:23

Companies, etc.



"Popular Electronics" showcases the first commercially produced popular electronic music; works for film, theater, and ballet; hybrid compositions that mix electronics with conventional instruments; novelties sound effects and experimental works.

Includes 7 booklets (titles: Introduction, Philips Natlab, Henk Badings, Dick Raaijmakers, Tom Dissevelt, Film Music & Track Notes), 4 compact discs, 2 stickers & reprinted matter like a newspaper article & musical sketches.

Booklet 7, “Track notes”, incorrectly lists 3-6 as “Tropicolour” instead of “Tropicolours”. It is correctly labelled on Tom Dissevelt’s original Fantasy In Orbit. Round the world with electronic music by Tom Dissevelt release, 1963. 4-5 is correctly listed as “Tropicolours (Early Version)”.

CD1: Ballet music by Henk Badings: "Kain en Abel" & "Evolutionen" and various compositions by Kid Baltan and Tom Dissevelt.
CD2: Concert music, film music & stage music.
CD3: Tom Dissevelt's "Fantasy in Orbit".
CD4: Previously unreleased material.

Total times:
- CD1: 65:28
- CD2: 72:50
- CD3: 42:50
- CD4: 64:44

Barcode and Other Identifiers

  • Barcode (Scanned): 8712530914123
  • Barcode (Text): 8 712530 914123
  • Label Code: LC 01460
  • Matrix / Runout (Disc 1): DOCdata BASTA ELECTRONIC
  • Mastering SID Code (Disc 1): IFPI LJ82
  • Mould SID Code (Disc 1): (none)
  • Matrix / Runout (Disc 2): DOCdata BASTA ELECTRONIC-2
  • Mastering SID Code (Disc 2): IFPI LJ82
  • Mould SID Code (Disc 2): (none)
  • Matrix / Runout (Disc 3): DOCdata BASTA ELECTRONIC-3
  • Mastering SID Code (Disc 3): (none)
  • Mould SID Code (Disc 3): IFPI 3614
  • Matrix / Runout (Disc 4): DOCdata BASTA ELECTRONIC-4
  • Mastering SID Code (Disc 4): IFPI LJ82
  • Mould SID Code (Disc 4): (none)



  • eusebius's avatar
    Edited 3 months ago
    Disc 1 Includes Tom Dissevelt's Intersection (1961), a "Fantasy for Electronic Sound and Jazz Orchestra", realized at STEM Utrecht with Kid Baltan as assistant.

    Disc 4 contains an alternate, early version, as well as the original uncut performance of 12-tone Composition for The Skymasters, composed (c. 1959) by Dissevelt and directed by Bep Rowold, a radical departure for a mellow jazz band. The NRU studios session tapes were found in Dissevelt's vaults by his son on May 2003.

    Also included is the world's first attempt to compose popular electronic music: Song of the Second Moon (1957), by Kid Baltan aka Dick Raaijmakers.
    • MThA's avatar
      Edited 5 years ago
      Although not mentioned on this site, there's actually a first and second pressing, if I'm not mistaking (I know because a friend of mine heard the box years later at my place and was then able to order the box awhile later when it became available again). The only notable difference between the two pressings is that with the second pressing the sleeves which house the discs are quite tight, which is not the case with the first edition.
      • solartemple's avatar
        The best CD box set I own. Gorgeous packaging and artwork. Incredible sounds. A lovingly presented showcase of early electronic music. The only flaw is that the sleeves which house the discs (while they look great) are a bit too tight and its a pain to get the discs out. Other than that, perfect in every way. Highly recommended for fans of pre-70's electronic and/or tape music.
        • ttooyyss's avatar
          Incredible box-set: 4CD and a huge amount of booklets, stickers... all printed wonderfully on every side. Superb artwork ever. Highly recommended. No question: the Song of the second moon was the most pioneering electro track with shocking melodyline and instrumentation. The birth of the electro. There are similar good traks more. If you download the material is understandable but the complete treasure-box to own is the real thing! I will never sell mine!


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