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Sonmi451Star Atlas

Label:Time Released Sound – TRS 08
CDr, Album, Limited Edition


1Alpha Centauri6:44
2Beta Crucis10:42
4Delta Ursae Majoris8:44
5Omicron Ceti5:40
7Zeta Orionis5:40



Limited, hand-numbered edition of 100 copies.
Each thermal printed disc comes in a folded antique star chart. This comes in a hand worked translucent envelope with 3 finely printed hand worked inserts, an adjustable star finder wheel and a glow in the dark star.

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Title (Format)LabelCat#CountryYear
Star Atlas (7×File, AAC, Album, 256 kbps)Time Released SoundTRS 08USUnknown
New Submission
Star Atlas (7×File, ALAC, Album, Reissue)Not On Label (Sonmi451 Self-released)noneWorldwideUnknown


  • adam01's avatar
    This album is so touchingly beautiful. It's cadences flow seamlessly through time and space, melting track by track with one another. Elegance, warmth and natural instrumentation Color every single song on this gorgeous masterpiece of an album.
    • time_released_sound's avatar
      "SONMI451 Star Atlas (Time Released Sound) cd-r + antique star chart + star finder wheel 40.00
      If anyone ever needed a reminder why mp3's will never compare to actual physical releases, they really need look no further than the handful of small labels who more than putting out records, are essentially creating art objects, releases where the extravagant and luxurious packaging are as much a part of the release as the music itself, a gorgeous fusion of art and sound, see elsewhere on this week's list for a handful of new tape releases from the Auris Apothecary, who blow our minds with every new batch of releases, as does Time Released Sound, a local label whose pricey creations are worth every penny, and could just as easily sit in a gallery as on your record shelf at home. Just feast your eyes and ears on this, the latest from Time Released Sound, another fantastically hand assembled release, this one from the oddly named Sonmi451, whose crystalline celestial shimmer is perfectly represented by the star/space themed artwork, but more on that in a moment.
      Sonmi451 is Bernard Zwijzen, a Belgian soundscaper who blends field recordings, electronics and acoustic instruments into a dreamy glitchy starscape of sound, pulsing skittery rhythms beneath dreamlike shimmers and tinkling bell like tones, mournful strings wrapped around sprawls of softly percolating electronics, looped and collaged, blurred and smeared into soft focus stretches of ethereal / ephemeral ambience, the sounds definitely evoking the starry sky, it's so easy to drift away and find yourself laying in thick grass, away from the lights of the city, watching the start twinkle glimmer, the black blanket of the nightsky painted blue by the glow of millions of stars, utterly gorgeous, hushed, delicate and dreamlike, the songs here seem to be made for sonic stargazers, for those lost late nights and lazy early mornings, transmissions from beyond the stars, sent from mysterious blinking beacons, drifting weightless in the cosmos, emitting these sweetly subtle sonic missives, sounds both muted and minimal, transformative and transcendental. So nice!
      LIMITED TO 100 COPIES! Each one hand numbered, we only have 15 OF THOSE COPIES, and that's all we'll ever be able to get. And as mentioned above, the packaging is sublime, the cds are thermal printed with a full color image of the night sky, the discs housed in a folded sleeve made from an antique star chart, all housed inside a vellum sleeve, printed and stamped and this time adorned with tiny glow in the dark stars, that hover above the deep blue night sky star field visible through the vellum. Also inside are a 5" star finder wheel, as well as various inserts, printed on antique book pages, so incredible!"

      Aquarius Records review, Sept 23, 2011