Aftermath / Epsilon1994-2004

Label:Bloody Fist Records – FIST 35
Vinyl, 12", Shape, Picture Disc, Limited Edition
Style:Speedcore, Breakcore


AAftermathParting Shot6:31
BEpsilonNo Try5:07

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Released for the 10 Year Anniversary of Bloody Fist (limited to 500-600 copies). Also available as normal black 12".

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Title (Format)LabelCat#CountryYear
1994-2004 (12", 45 RPM)Bloody Fist RecordsFIST 35Australia2004
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1994-2004 (12", 33 ⅓ RPM, Test Pressing)Bloody Fist Records1994-2004Australia2004



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    Edited 2 years ago
    If a record label was to ever go out in a blaze of glory, FIST35 is how you do it. Released exactly 10 years after the label had started.

    On the original logo side, Parting Shot was conceived by Fritz Cardozo (Guyver) and Ryan Leeman (Embolism) during a short period of time in 1998 working together. This was a fruitful collaboration as they produced a swag of tunes, enough material for two vinyl releases, namely FIST21 and FIST32. Apparently Parting Shot was a popular tune at the Bloody Fist parties at The Hunter On Hunter Hotel but it took several years before being available on vinyl. The track itself is a harsh diss aimed directly at the city of Sydney disguised as a dead set dark Speedcore track. It begins with a very sinister introduction full of Australian-centric samples, then a dark as fuck Pad makes way for the main riff. The riff is simple in design but sounds like its drenched in sludge, very effective indeed. Parting Shot uses the trick of starting off at half speed before launching head first into psycho Speedcore, its clever and works quite well. Those high end kicks will drill your brain! There's a short period of respite with a slight rearrangement of the dirty riff before running a million miles an hour crashing into the finish line. Similar to their track B-Grade towards the end it does sound like the whole thing is getting more intense to a crushing finale. Awesome Speedcore by Aftermath and a fitting end to the Hardcore side of Bloody Fist. Some of the vocal samples used:

    1. Various Australian news reports
    2. Australian TV show A Current Affair and its host at the time, Ray Martin. Side note for non Australians, Ray Martin is more known for presenting a midday variety show loved to death by extremely elderly people close to death. Hearing his voice in a serious tone and out of context is weird and hilarious.
    3. My least favourite politician of all time, Pauline FUCKING Hanson.
    4. Ice Cube and Ice T - Trespass

    On the splat logo side, 21st century Bloody Fist music is represented quite brilliantly by Epsilon's magnus opus, No Try. I still think the name of the track is a Rugby term, but I'm probably wrong. The lovely old school computer game intro is a great start, and in fact was the start of many Mark N DJ sets. The track revolves around a gloriously sombre combination of computer game music and light piano keys, absolutely jam packed with melancholy. The Breakcore programming by Epsilon is first class: complicated, unique and intricate as hell. In amongst the Breakcore jungle there's a "Bass-y" sound that haunts part of the tune. Also there's a refreshing Hip Hop breakdown which you may have heard before with Mark N's killer scratch routines. No Try is my favourite Breakcore track. No Try had been produced in 2003 and took a while to be released on vinyl a year later, but it was worth the wait. As the B-Side draws to a close, so does Bloody Fist Records as a whole. This is the beautiful end.

    A few remarks about FIST35 from the owner of the label.....
    a) Yes, they are expensive. This is because they are picture discs - they are shaped - and these types of records don't grow on trees. In fact they were so expensive to manufacture and ship that they will probably exist only as mail order records. It is highly unlikely that these records will reach any retail shops due to the absolutely fucking insane wholesale price.
    b) Why did we spend so much money on it? Because you only turn 10 once, and there was still a glut of cash hanging around the bank account after the whole Rockstar Games/Manhunt affair. That's why.
    c) These exist as a one-off limited pressing of somewhere between 500 and 600 only. They will NOT be repressed.
    d) This record sounds awful. Music aside, the cut of the record is muddy and quiet. Remember : this release exists specifically for trainspotters and collectors only - they are NOT suitable for DJing with under any circumstances. However, they ARE completely suitable for hanging on one's wall, forgetting about, and listing on Ebay in about five years time (err.... or ten).
    e) If you decide to hold onto your copy for longer than 10 years and have poor personal hygiene, you will then be required to stand around at record fairs boasting about how you were there 'back in the day' whilst scratching your arse and telling everyone within earshot how Bloody Fist were never as good as they used to be 10 years ago.
    f) This record will also be issued as a plain black 12" sometime in September specifically for interested DJs/collectors. The black vinyl version will sell for normal 12" price and exist in an unlimited quantity. It also has far far superior sound quality in comparison with the picture disc. Remember to tell everyone this as well in ten years time during your ill-informed tirade at the record fair.
    g) The picture discs are shipping in clear plastic 10" sleeves.
    h) It's the sexiest picture disc you will EVER see.

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      Edited 18 years ago
      This is supposed to be the very very final Bloody Fist record! Although the sound quality of this picture disc is a bit poor due to it's low volume, this record should be in every Bloody Fist fan's collection because of the memorable (and wonderfull) shape of this piece of vinyl!


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