Nujabes - Spiritual State danielwoesthoff

November 11, 2020
This really needs a Vinyl Release. Got his first record on wax and it has become one of my favourites.

Nujabes - Spiritual State Lovelylevy333

May 12, 2020
when will this get a chance to spin on vinyl...?

Nujabes - Spiritual State wakai

May 14, 2020
It only took them 15 years to get Modal Soul on vinyl so I wouldn't get your hopes up :)

Nujabes - Spiritual State nizbit

January 23, 2018
I think I'm going to be about 107 years old by the time his albums get a vinyl release. Does anyone know what the barrier is?

Nujabes - Spiritual State MethVSChef

January 20, 2020
"Modal Soul" is about to get a vinyl release in Japan as well, so maybe this one will be next !

Nujabes - Spiritual State vinylkey

July 27, 2019
well, seeing they release metaphorical music on vinyl, one can only hope they have plans for some other albums getting the record treatment in the future,again, one can only HOPE, we will just have to wait and see (;?

Nujabes - Spiritual State anonyme2

February 20, 2013

I fianlly decided to buy one of his cd
it's a piece of art! every single track worth every second to hear it!

Nujabes - Spiritual State as reviewed by keepinmusicclassy

January 17, 2013
edited over 8 years ago

Nujabes' last album, released posthumously about 2 years after his tragic death. For some reason this album really disappointed me. I was expecting something on par with the legendary work I have come to love and expect from Nujabes, but <strong>Spiritual State </strong>leaves something to be desired. The meticulous production and talented rappers are all present on the album, but it somehow still feels like it is missing it's soul. I really hope Hydeout Records has some more unreleased material stored away somewhere, as I can't truly accept this album to be Nujabes' final legacy.

R.I.P Nujabes...one of the greatest producers to ever have lived.

Nujabes - Spiritual State Namaste333

January 18, 2012
I agree! This really needs a vinyl pressing! R.I.P Nujabes

Nujabes - Spiritual State Vortexsurfer84

December 31, 2011
Yes Vinyl please, rest in peace Nujabes!