Nino Ferrer - Nino And Radiah CTR

May 7, 2018
Amazing album ! Heard it a little while ago and it still keeps coming back ...Re-release ? I'd love to ! Has anyone a contact for licensing or master rightsholder/s ?

Nino Ferrer - Nino And Radiah BushDoctor02

April 8, 2018
Need this in my life with the original lp cover!

Nino Ferrer - Nino And Radiah jonnie.briggs

January 8, 2018
This badly needs a vinyl re-release, with the original album cover is a must!


Nino Ferrer - Nino And Radiah Groovesagogo69

June 10, 2016

Every time I hear Le Sud (en fraçais) l'm really moved: this could be the hymn of my chilhood!
Nino & Radiah is the most elegant, relaxed and soulful approach to 70's US groovy vibe/New Orleans funk made in France at that time. You can find here the members of LaFayette Afro-Rock Band/ Ice that got notoriety in the parisian music scene ( with the producer Pierre Jaubert) Awesome band!.
But why (oh why?!) the wonderful Radiah Frye ( "chant et sympathie) in all her gorgeous,nice & gentle nudity (in the original cover) is omit/banned in some reeditions? tracks vomitation/ mint julep appear also in a different order!...
This is a Must Have!
Nino Ferrer: Grande! & unforgettable genuine artist.

Nino Ferrer - Nino And Radiah Lazarus451

February 29, 2016

This is fantastic pop record from the beginning to the end. So many great tracks. I can hear Air's La femme d'argent in the Garden's keyboard solo.

Nino Ferrer - Nino And Radiah as reviewed by exploresweaters

August 29, 2015
This is an incredibly solid piece of work. "Mint Julep" is a personal fave, although the motorcycle chase effects and murder mystery string section on "Looking For You" probably push it into the top spot as THE cut to send out to the aliens on a silver platter. "Hot Toddy" is probably the one that drags for me, but even there we have some ace musicianship.

It's pretty clear from the titles on this record that Nino and Radiah had a few beverages involved when putting this bad boy together. Players gotta play. Side note: I'm not crazy about the couple of meh singles Radiah put out herself around this time, but I do love her vocals on this album.

RIP Nino... people, don't bring a gun into your home if you suffer with depression.

4.1/5 looking for you in the stars Nino xoxo