Byetone - Symeta F.LIZZARD

December 15, 2018
I might be a bit too late, but... WOW!!! This albums ROCKS!
Going in my car for sure...

Byetone - Symeta as reviewed by Headphone_Commute

May 6, 2012
The digital treats on Symeta, from Chemnitz (German) based Olaf Bender is a perfect way to start the trip. As a co-founder of the cutting edge German label, together with Frank Bretschneider and Carsten Nicolai, Bender’s Byetone project first appeared on the label in 1999, with an Untitled EP. In 2008 Byetone’s full length release, Death Of A Typographer turned more than a few heads, thanks in part to the hit single, Plastic Star. With this followup Bender continues the explorations the project for the label. The seven tracks on Symeta glitch, tweak and bounce through the atmosphere with a driving beat, repetitive patterns, and intricate layers of sound. The only organic matter present in the music is the approach with which it was composed – the album was produced within the context of a live performance. Edging close to a statically stenciled rhythm, the pieces on Symeta could easily be heard in clubs, mixed in with the hypnotic cuts of techno or electro genres. The saw-tooth industrial sounding bass drills push the boundaries of any sound system, and make a perfect demo disc for testing out a pair of speakers or headphones prior to the purchase in a store. Trust me, it’s fun!

Byetone - Symeta pdox11

December 10, 2011

Amazing and trippy 4-2-th-floor stuff.

Loving it! MMMMMMMmmmmmeeeeeeental!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Byetone - Symeta as reviewed by tonumaa

November 24, 2011

this is wicked stuff!
definately recommend for people who hang out at small underground venues,
excellent music for your herbs.
This is electro madness in 2011

Byetone - Symeta pdox11

December 10, 2011
edited over 7 years ago

This is twisted and blackened and burnt Electro. Roughed up for today's discerning post-modern dance cliques. Excellent!