Amon Tobin - Bricolage thizz

November 20, 2018
i find myself back here streaming this album and listening to it whenever i can on wax. takes a few listens to really get into it, but i will always find something new to key on with each listen that i didn't pick up before. it's hard to put your finger on the character of the album itself, there are so many sonic twists and turns, so many different moods, so many different vibes and settings. amon tobin is a legend for this one, it pushes boundaries in both arrangement and texture that haven't really been topped to this day.

Amon Tobin - Bricolage as reviewed by Selectronica

March 30, 2018
edited 10 months ago

Bricolage is as amazing an album as Supermodified, imho.

it is an easy jazzy ocean of orchestration i love and expect from Amon Tobin.

Amon Tobin - Bricolage 8vis

September 26, 2014

This is the kind of masterpiece which every music lover should have in this collection, such an incredible pleasure to listen from the 1st track to the last one.
A must have.
Check Cujo - adventures in foam, this is amazing too!

Thank you Mr Amon.

Amon Tobin - Bricolage as reviewed by exed

November 8, 2013
Immaculate phantasmagoria. Assembled with the care and love. Flawlessly mixed and always ready to send you to another world. A truly inspirational piece of experimental sonic art, standing the test of time.

Amon Tobin - Bricolage as reviewed by jiggawhat

April 11, 2012
edited over 6 years ago

My experience is very similar to that of the reviewer below. Early on, it sounded excessively experimental and a bit harsh/annoying. Only after repeated listens did I realize how deep, mature, and intricate this music is. It's one of the most thoughtful DnB albums out there, which says a lot.

Amon Tobin - Bricolage 8vis

October 11, 2013

I could not say a better thing about Bricolage. I would be glad to meet you and listen music with you man ;)

Amon Tobin - Bricolage Cannabuzz

December 30, 2012
edited over 6 years ago
Spot on.