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Label:Classico – 233088
10 x CD, Compilation
Box Set, Compilation


Symphony No. 8, Op. 113 "Sinfonia Discrezione" (1957)
1-1Niels Viggo BentzonAllegro Ma Non Troppo17:25
1-2Niels Viggo BentzonAllegro Molto5:46
1-3Niels Viggo BentzonAndante Tranquillo10:05
1-4Niels Viggo BentzonAllegro11:20
Symphonic Variations, Op. 92 (1952)
1-5Niels Viggo BentzonMolto Moderato3:39
1-6Niels Viggo BentzonVariation I: Allegro1:56
1-7Niels Viggo BentzonVariation II: Poco Meno2:38
1-8Niels Viggo BentzonVariation III: Allegro2:05
1-9Niels Viggo BentzonVariation IV1:04
1-10Niels Viggo BentzonVariation V1:24
1-11Niels Viggo BentzonVariation VI: Poco Meno1:11
1-12Niels Viggo BentzonVariation VII: Con Moto1:15
1-13Niels Viggo BentzonVariation VIII0:34
1-14Niels Viggo BentzonVariation IX1:02
1-15Niels Viggo BentzonVariation X: Sostenuto1:31
Chamber Concerto For 13 Instruments (1969-70)
2-1György LigetiCorrente5:06
2-2György LigetiCalmo, Sostenuto5:59
2-3György LigetiMovimento Preciso E Meccanico3:55
2-4György LigetiPresto3:22
Concerto For Flute, Oboe, Clarinet, Horn, Trumpet, Trombone, Piano, Violin And Viola, Op. 24 (1931-34)
2-5Anton WebernEtwas Lebhaft3:01
2-6Anton WebernSehr Langsam2:41
2-7Anton WebernSehr Rasch1:22
Octandre For Eight Instruments (Flute (Piccolo), Clarinet (E Flat), Oboe, Bassoon, Horn, Trumpet. Trombone, Double Bass) (1923)
2-8Edgard VarèseI.2:32
2-9Edgard VarèseII.1:48
2-10Edgard VarèseIII.2:32
2-11Witold LutoslawskiChain I (1982-83)8:57
2-12Toru TakemitsuRain Coming7:20
2-13Harrison BirtwistleRitual Fragment11:08
3-1Per NørgårdNu Dækker Sne Den Hele Jord (Vintersalmer For Blandet Kor Og Ensemle) (I) - Now All The Earth Is White With Snow (Winter Hymns For Choir And Ensemle) (I) (1976/2000)3:40
3-2Per NørgårdModlys - Backlight (19709:42
3-3Per NørgårdNu Dækker Sne Den Hele Jord (Vintersalmer For Blandet Kor Og Ensemle) (II) - Now All The Earth Is White With Snow (Winter Hymns For Choir And Ensemle) (II) (1976/2000)4:05
3-4Per NørgårdMassiver-Krystaller-Kaskader - Massifs-Crystals-Cascades (2004)4:36
3-5Per NørgårdNu Dækker Sne Den Hele Jord (Vintersalmer For Blandet Kor Og Ensemle) (III) - Now All The Earth Is White With Snow (Winter Hymns For Choir And Ensemle) (III) (1976/2000)2:48
3-6Per NørgårdNervøs Fanfare - Fanfáre Nervòsa (1999)3:13
3-7Per NørgårdNu Dækker Sne Den Hele Jord (Vintersalmer For Blandet Kor Og Ensemle) (IV) - Now All The Earth Is White With Snow (Winter Hymns For Choir And Ensemle) (IV) (1976/2000)2:18
3-8Per NørgårdMusaic - Musaic (1969)10:32
3-9Per NørgårdNu Dækker Sne Den Hele Jord (Vintersalmer For Blandet Kor Og Ensemle) (V) - Now All The Earth Is White With Snow (Winter Hymns For Choir And Ensemle) (V) (1976/2000)2:16
Quartet For Saxophones (1992)
4-1Ib NørholmDevelopment5:32
4-2Ib NørholmSnapshot1:33
4-3Ib NørholmStilleben1:47
4-4Ib NørholmDevelopment II3:58
4-5Ib NørholmImpulse6:42
Four Square Dances (1991)
4-6Lars HegaardI.2:13
4-7Lars HegaardII.2:58
4-8Lars HegaardIII.3:07
4-9Lars HegaardIV.2:09
4-10Kenneth KnudsenOh Dear (1991)4:34
4-11Hans-Henrik NordstrømBirds Of Susaa Are Dreaming New Songs (1999)8:18
4-12Fredrik LundinDescent (2000)9:22
4-13Svend Hvidtfelt NielsenWhile Angels Sleep (For Saxophone Quartet And Percussion) (1999)17:47
5-1Karlheinz StockhausenTierkreis (1975-77)12:50
5-2Karlheinz StockhausenKlavierstück IX (1954-63)10:22
5-3Nils Holger PetersenA One-Page Version Of Karlheinz Stockhausen's "Plus-Minus" (1963) (For Solo Piano) (1998)13:13
5-4Karlheinz StockhausenKlavierstück V (1954)5:48
5-5Karlheinz StockhausenKlavierstück XI (1956) (First Version)9:21
5-6Karlheinz StockhausenAus Den Sieben Tagen (1968) (A Collage Version Composed Of Fragments From Piano Compositions By Stockhausen)
Arranged ByElisabeth Klein
5-7Karlheinz StockhausenKlavierstück XI (1956) (Second Version)9:10
Piano Sonata No. 3 (Ca. 1939)25:59
6-1aGiacinto ScelsiI. Lento, Attacca
6-1bGiacinto ScelsiII. Con Dolcezza
6-1cGiacinto ScelsiIII.
6-2Luciano BerioWasserklavier (1965)2:15
Quaderno Musicale Di Annalibera14:50
6-3aLuigi DallapiccolaI. Simbolo
6-3bLuigi DallapiccolaII. Accenti
6-3cLuigi DallapiccolaIII. Contrapunctus Primus
6-3dLuigi DallapiccolaIV. Linée
6-3eLuigi DallapiccolaV. Contrapuntus Secundus
6-3fLuigi DallapiccolaVI. Fregi
6-3gLuigi DallapiccolaVII. Andantino Amoroso E Contrapunctus Tertius (Canon Concrisans)
6-3hLuigi DallapiccolaVIII. Ritmi
6-3iLuigi DallapiccolaIX. Colore
6-3jLuigi DallapiccolaX. Ombre
6-3kLuigi DallapiccolaXI. Quarina
6-4Luciano BerioCinque Variazioni (1952-53)10:35
6-5Luciano BerioBrin (1990)1:45
6-6Luciano BerioRounds (1967)6:09
6-7Sylvano Busotti*Musica Per Amici, Frammenti Al Pianoforte, Per Danza Di Carttere (1957, Revised 1971)5:03
6-8Luciano BerioLeaf (1990)2:10
Proiezioni Sonore (Strutture Per Paino Solo)2:09
6-9aFranco EvangelistiI.
6-9bFranco EvangelistiII.
I Ching (1982)
7-1Per NørgårdThunder Repeated:The Image Of Shock (Hexagram No. 51)9:17
7-2Per NørgårdThe Taming Power Of The Small (Hexagram No. 91:49
7-3Per NørgårdThe Gentle, The Penetrating (Hexagram No. 576:22
7-4Per NørgårdTowards Conpletion: Fire Over Water (Hexagram No. 64)10:54
7-5Torbjörn EngströmÅkallan (1994)7:06
7-6Áskell MássonPrim (1984)7:10
7-7Emmanuel SéjournéNancy (1985)3:03
Three Italian Church Prayers (For Soprano And Viola) (1980-83)
8-1Svend Erik TanggaardPreghiera Semplice (San Francesco)7:19
8-2Svend Erik TanggaardPreghiera San Agostino (SS Agostino)4:30
8-3Svend Erik TanggaardPreghiera Del Signore6:25
8-4Svend Erik TanggaardEpitalámia (Sappho) (For Soprano And String Trio) (1990)6:04
8-5Svend Erik TanggaardThrenos - The Phoenix & The Turtle (For Soprano And String Trio) (1991)
Words ByShakespeare*
8-6Svend Erik TanggaardTo A Poem By Shakespeare (For Alto And String Trio) (1996)
Words ByShakespeare*
Rubáiyát (For Alto And String Trio) (1996)
8-7Svend Erik TanggaardI.
Words ByKhayyám*
8-8Svend Erik TanggaardII.
Words ByKhayyám*
8-9Svend Erik TanggaardIII.
Words ByKhayyám*
Concerto For Mixed Choir (Narekatsi) (1984-85)
9-1Alfred SchnittkeO Pavelitel' Suscheva Fsevo - O Master Of All Living15:37
9-2Alfred SchnittkeSabran'je Pesen Sikh, Gde Kazhdyj Stikh - I, An Expert In Human Passions7:52
9-3Alfred SchnittkeFsem Tem, Kto Vniknet Fsushchnast' - God Grant Deliverance From Sin12:39
9-4Alfred SchnittkeTrud, Shto Nachinal Ja Supavan'jem - Complete This Work3:43
Requiem For Soloists, Mixed Chorus And Instrumental Ensemble (1975)
9-5Alfred SchnittkeI. Requiem
Soloist [Soprano Vocals]Eva Rudkjøbing*, Katrine Mølsted, Tanja Pauck
9-6Alfred SchnittkeII. Kyrie2:24
9-7Alfred SchnittkeIII. Die Irae1:05
9-8Alfred SchnittkeIV. Tuba Mirum3:12
9-9Alfred SchnittkeV. Rex Tremendae1:02
9-10Alfred SchnittkeVI. Recordare2:40
9-11Alfred SchnittkeVII. Lacrimosa
Soloist [Alto Vocals]Elsa Súsanna Dalsgaard
Soloist [Soprano Vocals]Eva Rudkjøbing*
9-12Alfred SchnittkeVIII. Domine Jesu1:18
9-13Alfred SchnittkeIX. Hostias1:08
9-14Alfred SchnittkeX. Sanctus
Soloist [Soprano Vocals]Eva Rudkjøbing*
Soloist [Tenor Vocals]Torben A. Lorentzen
9-15Alfred SchnittkeXI. Benedictus2:14
9-16Alfred SchnittkeXII. Agnus Dei
Soloist [Alto Vocals]Elsa Súsanna Dalsgaard
9-17Alfred SchnittkeXIII. Credo3:43
9-18Alfred SchnittkeXIV. Requiem4:13
Catwalk (Opera) (1996-97)
10-1Lars KlitPrelude2:52
10-2Lars KlitScene I6:04
10-3Lars KlitDance3:48
10-4Lars KlitInterlude1:43
10-5Lars KlitScene II2:56
10-6Lars KlitCatwalk Practice5:57
10-7Lars KlitScene III "Sleepwalker"9:07
10-8Lars KlitInterlude II2:36
10-9Lars KlitScene IV4:22
10-10Lars KlitScene V9:12
10-11Lars KlitInterlude III1:50
10-12Lars KlitScene VI3:06
10-13Lars KlitCatwalk1:45

Companies, etc.



Disc 1: Recorded in 2005 / Total time 63:04
Disc 2: Recording date unknown / Total time 59:59
Disc 3: Recorded between 2003 and 2005 / Total time 43:12
Disc 4: Recorded in 2000 and 2001 / Total time 70:14
Disc 5: Recorded in 1998 / Total time 69:42
Disc 6: Recorded in 1998 / Total time 71:05
Disc 7: Recorded between 2003 and 2004 / Total time 45:49
Disc 8: Recorded in 2000 / Total time 58:51
Disc 9: Recorded in 2000 / Total time 75:41
Disc 10: Recording date unknown / Total time 55:24

Barcode and Other Identifiers

  • Barcode: 4011222330888
  • Rights Society: MCPS
  • Label Code (Documents): LC 12281
  • SPARS Code: DDD
  • Other (Cat.# disc 1): 233088/A
  • Other (Cat.# disc 2): 233088/B
  • Other (Cat.# disc 3): 233088/C
  • Other (Cat.# disc 4): 233088/D
  • Other (Cat.# disc 5): 233088/E
  • Other (Cat.# disc 6): 233088/F
  • Other (Cat.# disc 7): 233088/G
  • Other (Cat.# disc 8): 233088/H
  • Other (Cat.# disc 9): 233088/I
  • Other (Cat.# disc 10): 233088/J



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