Pinch (2) & Shackleton - Pinch & Shackleton as reviewed by m3nn0

March 27, 2012
edited over 5 years ago

Just came back from a photo excursion I gave myself on an abandoned WW2 military site build by the nazis. They deliberately tried to make it look like a village to obscure its true identity from the allies. They created buildings that looked like farms, schools and houses. They also builded a structure that looked like a church to cover up their activities. The site is guarded since it's going to be taken down. That "church" has an upper floor which I found after entering it. Afterwards I heard from some one I've spoken to told me the stairway was hidden behind a made up wall when he visited it two weeks ago. When I arrived the staircase was freed from its obstruction and parts lay over the small area. I went up and looked into a room being left decennia ago and never touched again. It was dark and there was just rubbish there with a lot of dust on top, two old lamps hanging on the wooden ceiling. There was a room build in that space. Which I could go round. On the end of the passage there was a small unnoticeble attic looking room. I took some pictures with flash in the dark space for just in case. Then looking at the pictures at home I saw that there's a black wooden box laying there in that space. A box! With what inside? I don't know yet. I'm going back there.
But the atmosphere of the attic has a soundtrack. It's this release. Dark, dusty, obscured, layered and sinister.

Pinch (2) & Shackleton - Pinch & Shackleton MiloGwarnsford

August 25, 2016
Four years later...what was in the box!? Haha great review!

Pinch (2) & Shackleton - Pinch & Shackleton 17tu64lp

January 30, 2013
That's a great review, got my imagination and heart racing in just a paragraph, have to get that CD immediately now.....considered a writing career?

Pinch (2) & Shackleton - Pinch & Shackleton nasa5000

January 7, 2013
you have a wonderful imagination. keep it up. :)

Pinch (2) & Shackleton - Pinch & Shackleton psc423

April 6, 2012
this is one the best music reviews i have ever read... so what was in the box!?