Storm Queen - It Goes On as reviewed by restless

January 26, 2012
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If this was ever possible, they did it : "It Goes On (Vox)" is even better than last year's "Look Right Through".
Clearly a homage to 30+ years of US dance music through its multiple production, sound design and composition details (a trainspotter heaven), the core of the tune sounds like a focus on the best garage circa 1994 without the corny elements (Damon C Scott's voice, in the deepest tradition of thick male garage voices a la Brian Tappert but tightly used here, always on the safe side of cheese and drama) ; some loud, heavy kick/sinister low frequency bass vibe reminiscent of the most anthemic Murk productions (i.e. Funky Green Dogs' "Fired Up", only stripped down), the whole totally fitting the current happily druggy deep-sex-house vibe a la Hot Creations and co ; sent into stratosphere by this crazy amazing chorus that you can easily picture all the girls and boys singing along on the dancefloor at peak time community moment. Even the weirdish, experimental retro-sounding bridge before final explosion reveals dope after a few listens. And as always with Morgan Geist, despite the use of mainly analogical equipment, the result sounds particularly loud and phat on a proper system, matching current digital productions without problem. One can predict without risk that this will be one of the biggest anthems of 2012 and will remain an eternal house music classic. All together now : "What Am I Doing With my life/Falling to pieces just/ Coz she's gooone..."

Storm Queen - It Goes On REENO

July 26, 2018
Why on earth with a record made with analog equipment NOT sound as good or better than these "digital" productions you mention?

Storm Queen - It Goes On Pistachios

December 26, 2012
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This is so perfect - I'm surprised it hasn't had any cross-over success. An underground track that could certainly gain wider appeal but for now it remains a gem for those who enjoy searching out great music.