VariousWe Can Fly

Label:Psychic Circle – PSYCHBOX1
Series:We Can Fly
5 x CD, Compilation
Box Set, Limited Edition
Style:Psychedelic Rock


1-1The Penny PeepsModel Village
1-2Loot*Try To Keep It A Secret
1-3Moving Finger*Pain Of My Misfortune
1-4AnanI Wonder Where My Sister's Gone
1-5Peep Show*Mazy
1-6The Glass MenagerieFrederick Jordan
1-7The Glass MenagerieLooking Glass Alice
1-8The Neat ChangeI Lied To Auntie May
1-9Movement*Tell Her
1-10SandsMrs Gillespie's Refrigerator
1-11Kippington LodgeI Can See Her Face
1-12Infantes JubilateExploding Galaxy
1-13The SmokeThat's What I Want
1-14QPR Supporters*Supporters Support Us
1-15Trash (9)Trash Can
1-16Orange Machine*Real Life Permanent Dream
1-17Serendipity (3)Castles
1-18Mickey Finn*Garden Of My Mind
1-19Kytes*Running In The Water
1-20Portebello ExplosionWe Can Fly
1-21Fox*Mr Carpenter
1-22The MoocheHot Smoke And Sassafras
1- 23Fruit Machine*The Wall
1-25Episode SixLove Hate Revenge
1-26Peter Cook & Dudley MooreLS Bumble Bee
2-1Shy LimbsTrick Or Two
2-2Brainbox (3)Amsterdam The First Days
2-3Cedars*Hide If You Want To Hide
2-4Pugh*Love Love Love
2-5John Fitch & AssociatesStones Out Of It
2-6Lords*Don't Mince Matter
2-7Nite PeopleLove Love Love
2-8MontanasDifference Of Opinion
2-9Julian Kirsch*Clever Little Man
2-10Blonde On Blonde (2)All Day And All Night
2-11Avalanche (24)Rabbits
2-12West Coast ConsortiumColour Sergeant Lillywhite
2-13TagesFuzzy Patterns
2-14Mirage*Hold On
2-15The PetardsTartarex
2-16Bystanders*Cave Of Clear Light
2-17A.P. DangerfieldConversations (In A Station Light Refreshment Bar)
2-18A.P. DangerfieldFurther Conversations
2-19BlinkersOriginal Sin
2-20Danny McCullochColour Of The Sunset
2-21Joy UnlimitedMr Pseudonym
2-22Moonshine (11)Garden Of Men
3-1The Magicians (3)Painting On Wood
3-2Pesky Gee!Where Is My Mind?
3-3O'Hara's PlayboysThe Ballad Of The Soon Departed
3-4Cherry SmashSing Songs Of Love
3-5St John & The Crew*I'm A Man
3-6Mick SoftleyAm I The Red One
3-7Murray HeadShe Was Perfection
3-8Callan And John*House Of Delight
3-9Tales Of JustineMonday Morning
3-10BrutMy Kind Of Feeling
3-11I CorviSospesa Ad Un Filo
3-12The Washington DC'sSeek And Find
3-13Made In SheffieldAmelia Jane
3-14The Sugarbeats (2)Alice Designs
3-15Mecki Mark MenFree
3-16The League (3)Hey Conductor
3-17The AfexShe's Got The Time
3-18Shocking BlueSend Me A Postcard
3-19Jackie LomaxGenuine Imitation Life
3-20The New Generation*Digger
3-21Los BrincosPassport
3-22The Fox (4)Secondhand Love
3-23Excelsior SpringIt
3-24Bulldog BreedPaper Man
3-25Daddy LindbergWade In The Shade
4-1Brass Tacks (2)Maxwell Ferguson
4-2Neo MayaI Won’t Hurt You
4-3Russell MorrisThe Real Thing
4-4The RokesWhen The Wind Arises
4-5Eire ApparentHere I Go Again
4-6Wimple WinchI Really Love You
4-7Keith ShieldsSo Hard Living Without You
4-9Lucas TysonDaylight Child
4-10Hopscotch (7)Look At The Lights Go Up
4-11The Truth (5)Sueno
4-12The Bunch (2)We’re Not What We Appear To Be
4-13Griffin (9)I Am The Noise In Your Head
4-14Five Steps BeyondNot So Young Today
4-15Tangerine PeelTrapped
4-16Los Canarios*What Can I Do For You?
4-17Strange FoxTime And Tide
4-18Mint (15)Luv
4-19Orange Machine*Dr. Crippen’s Waiting Room
4-20The Ferris WheelI Can’t Break The Habit
4-21The BeatstalkersSugar Chocolate Machine
4-22The MindbendersMy New Day And Age
4-23Les BaroquesLove Is The Sun
4-24Terry ReidFires Alive
4-25Magnet (14)Mr. Guy Fawkes
5-1Circus (11)Do You Dream?
5-2Harsh Reality (4)How Do You Feel?
5-3The IveysAnd Her Daddy's A Millionaire
5-4Old GoldTeacher Of Electricity
5-5Human Instinct*Rich Man
5-6Keith RelfShapes In My Mind
5-7Episode SixI Can See Through You
5-8Gnomes Of Zurich*Second Fiddle
5-9Saker*Foggy Tuesday
5-10Kim FowleyLights
5-11The LootRadio City
5-12The Bunch (2)Spare A Shilling
5-13The Montanas*Anyone There
5-14Groep 1850*Friday I'm Free
5-15Chris McClure (2)Meditation
5-16The Fruit MachineFollow Me
5-17Georgio (7)How Much Longer Must I Wait, Wait?
5-18East Of Eden (2)Ballad Of Harvey Kaye
5-19I Curui*Un Ragazzo Di Strada
5-20Elmer Gantry's Velvet OperaSalisbury Plain
5-21The GibsonsCity Life
5-22Orange PeelI Got No Time
5-23Mirage*And Life Goes On
5-24The CedarsI Don't Know Why
5-25Cuby & The Blizzards*Appleknockers Flophouse
5-26The Silver EagleTheodore
5-27Nite PeopleP.M.
5-28The NocturnesLook At Me
5-29Danny McCullochSmokeless Zone


1000 copies pressed.

TRACK LIST ERROR (DISC 2): Disc 2 completely omits Track #5 (John Fitch & Associates "Stoned Out Of It") as printed on the back sleeve. This error then causes Tracks 5 - 22 to be off by one (Track 12 is actually now Track 11, etc...). There are actually only 21 tracks on this disc.
TRACK LIST ERROR (DISC 3): The tracklist does not match with the actual artist/songs, e.g. Pesky Gee (Where is my mind) is not track 3-2 but track 3-14 (as shown on booklet). For comparison look here:


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    Edited 4 years ago
    The usual bootlegger's potpourri of fragrant '60s offcuts that've been been thrown into the air and compiled where the pieces landed. As always with this type of affair you get vital stuff (The Bunch, Penny Peeps, Peep Show, Mirage, Wimple Winch) alongside no-hopers and the frankly bizarre.

    Nice to see stuff from continental Europe included and oft-booted bands being represented by lesser-known tracks from their catalogue (although quite a lot of these type of bands only had one good track, so whether you want to hear the not-good ones is a moot point). Plus - some of these tracks are from the 1970s which is a bit of a graveyard for true psychedelia which, as most people know, ceased to exist after September 1967.

    Sound quality is, again, a bit of a russian roulette situation but with 128 tracks it's reasonable value IF (big if) you can get it cheap enough. Currently there's 3 for sale from £40 which I think is massively steep. I got mine for £10 sealed/ brand new from a record fair which I think is a much fairer deal.

    I'm a sucker for these type of comps and if you strip away the lame '70s tracks, the no-hopers and the dodgy b-side brigade there's still enough tracks left to make a good double album quite easily.
    I've heard it said that the most expensive thing to manufacture with this type of boxset is the actual cardboard box itself.... everything else is gravy.


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