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Various - 199303 album cover


Label:Flask – flask sr9337
CD, Compilation


2303 TerroristsThe Future6:49
3Eighty NineSan Frandisco5:14
4303 TerroristsSynthetic6:32
5The Lads Of AcidGabber Jaws4:56
6Shades Of AcidScratching The Surface6:53
7DTS*Jack Back8:41
8303 TerroristsSpy Satellite6:40
9The Lads Of AcidR / C Expiration Force3:40
10Bleep & EditOuterscope 25:36


darknesstraveller's avatar
Aptly dedicated to the Roland TB303, the bass-synth that led a revolution, this compilation CD is filled with the bubbling, squeaking noises of hybrid acid vibrations: quite literally the current soundtrack to Western existence. Adam Douglas and Thad Jones, from the outfit 303 Terrorists have founded Flask, an independent label releasing ‘technologically advanced trax’ - music for smiley’s people. ‘199303’ is their first collection generated by themselves or with friends, and it is devilishly tempting. The outstanding tracks are the more intense and haunting ones by DTS and 303 Terrorists like ‘Tremendous’ or ‘Synthetic.’ Sharp and burning, electronic trance with wonderful little noises.

(written and published 1993)
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Edited 11 years ago
I totally disagree with floyd741 (although I have respect for his opinion) exept for the statement that this is an item for Acid lovers:
This cd is in my eyes a very ruff underground acid release. The tracks aren't recorded in a very high quality but exactly this is a typical aspect for an underground thing. The 303 patterns push the dancers forward, and yes, this is Acid, what means yelling and smacking TB 303 sounds!
The tracks are not from the hands of big names in biz but they are made with the spirit and understanding of an acid-lover. The party people of the summer of love in '88 would love this sound because it takes the minimal acid sounds in connection with the forward storming energy that was in the good productions of this (for the electronic music so important) year 1993.
The first track of DTS alone is it worth to buy the cd. Two storming acid lines in combination with a great straight hihat covered bass. The second track is a crazy monotone acid headbanger with a sreaming 303 over a basis 303 pattern, very progressive and covered with straight snares and hihats:
A track the dancer in the fog and with the strobe likes much because the track gives the moment to freak out as loud as you can. The third track from Eighty Nine is a bold broken beat thunderstorm with the 'Pump Up The Volume'-sample of Bomb The Bass's track 'Beat Dis'. Together with the well known 'Aciiid' scream you have a track who makes the crowd suddenly takes attention to the dj who play this. I don't want to write a story about every track of this 199303 cd although they are worth it.
Some tracks come with samples and vocals from well known tracks of those music changing years between 88-93 and it maybe conjures a smile on your face while remember where they are from (for example the powerful intro sound of Program 2s "The Omen" in track 10 'Outerscope' or Beltram's bassline from "Energy Flash" in DTS's Tremendous, both samples are well worked in to the tracks).
In my eyes this cd is a rare and very special high quality release under the style Acid.
But don't forget: Electronic music outfold its power via mixing and for that reason I recommend this also to techno lovers with an ambition to the years 1988-1994, this is ruff and dirty but has a lot of energy. And I bet that even UK hardcore fans from around 92 would also like one or two of the best tracks of this cd mixed between their so loved breakbeat mayhems because the tracks have the spirit of young and open minded party lovers who want to have a freaky trip. The four Discogs members who found the 1/5 review of the floyd741 review helpful maybe miss a top release which would suprise them maybe but its leastwise worth to be heared. I found a lot of the love the producer of this release packed in and I thank them for their work and art. What a pity that 2 or 3 ratings pull the main rating of the release so to the ground ...
Edited 12 years ago
199303 is a poor collection of acid with music by a bunch of obscure names. For listening purposes I wouldn't recommend it but if you're a collector there are places where you can buy it for next to nothing. As far as the content, it's wholly uninteresting. R/C Expiration Force is fun because of the fact that it plays at 200 BPM (very fast for acid) but besides that it's nothing special. I found San Frandisco to be catchy at first but it quickly became annoying to listen to. This album is for hardcore acid fans only.