AnduinSecret Thirteen Mix 005

Anduin - Secret Thirteen Mix 005 album cover
Label:Secret Thirteen Journal – STJ 005
File, MP3, Mixed, 192 kbps
Style:Abstract, IDM, Experimental, Ambient


1.1John ZornIn The Temple Of Hadjarim
1.3AutechreSecond Peng
1.4Lawrence English + Stephen VitielloChristening The Blackbird
1.5AnduinI Come From Mockingbird States
1.6Oren AmbarchiRemedios The Beauty
1.7So PercussionWork Slow Life
1.8Tom WaitsThe Ocean Doesn’t Want Me
1.9GrailsErosion Blues
1.10Slow News Day In The Vampire WorldUntitled Two
1.11Slow News Day In The Vampire WorldUntitled Eleven
1.12AnduinThe Number Twenty Seven
1.13Roll The DiceDark Thirty



Total duration 1:00:08


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    “Secret Thirteen Mix 005” is a one hour diverse musical compilation consisting of forthcoming and released works of the last twenty years that were composed by notable innovative and intellectual musicians.

    The author of the mix is Richmond, VA (United States) based musician and installation artist Jonathan Lee, better known as Anduin. He also owns a record label “SMTG Limited” and participates in “Souvenir’s Young America” band as keyboardist and sound programmer. Anduin has worked with Jasper TX, James Plotkin, Svarte Greiner (Erik K. Skodvin), Stephen Vitiello and after releasing five quality based ambient, experimental and electronic style albums, he definitely carries now a considerable baggage of musical knowledge.

    “Secret Thirteen Mix 005” is a volatile musical selection which explores numerous individual styles. With constantly shifting sounding and timbre an artist lets us hear a colorful palette of unique musicians such as Autechre, Lawrence English, Tom Waits or John Zorn in a different way. Capricious music is blended into graceful entirety by subtle retaining practically full-length works and mixing shortly but carefully. This selection contains everything what could be needed – from delaying guitars, world instruments, glitched sound effects and piano melodies to floating atmospheres and volatile rhythmic. Starting with the jazzy mood track Jonathan instantly turns listener to expect unexpected. Progressively increased musical tension in the first quarter is suddenly changed into waving atmospheres, resilient melodies. While ghostly rhythmic structures and abyss vocals take the whole third quarter, sweeping pad textures evolve into dramatic cinematographic ending with viscous piano drops. It is mellow and mature music where quality is a guaranty.

    “Secret Thirteen Mix 005” is like surreal journey through chaotic maze of subconsciousness in the Andes’ cloud forest.


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