Torch Song - Wish Thing as reviewed by djphineart

September 2, 2019
Prepare to energise and its mixes are italian cosmic classics - recommended

Torch Song - Wish Thing ubikman

January 9, 2017
edited over 4 years ago
Why no one has chosen to reissue the early Torch Song albums, particularly "Wish Thing", on CD remains a mystery. Perhaps the rights are tied up by IRS and/or Orbit? In any event, criminal that no one has stepped up. You listening, Wounded Bird, Esoteric, Cleopatra?

Torch Song - Wish Thing RubellanRemasters

March 6, 2018
I currently have a request in to Universal for a Torch Song release. Last update was they hadn't yet found the contract. That can take time, especially with how many times IRS has changed hands.

Torch Song - Wish Thing xj23

February 27, 2018
Way back in 2005 I approached EMI and Universal about reissuing Wish Thing and Ecstasy to CD.
I was naive to the inner workings of the music business.
I wanted to create a box containing all known music and any video. (these are things I like to buy) I wanted surround mixes. I wanted to be present for the mastering.
What I got was a big NO.
I argued that William Orbit was still hot from his work with Madonna. NO.

William Orbit didn't even want to be involved.

Ok, how about a 2 disc set of Wish Thing (US and UK versions) with the remixes spread across both discs and a 1 CD Ecstacy with remixes?
All of this time I was actually in friendly communications with EMI though it was probably interns as my contacts changed three times and we had to start over every time I got a new contact. (Unbeknownst to me, EMI were having money trouble and were only reissuing what they considered sure-fire hits + the big labels were still confused about selling digital content on their own)
SACD? Established acts and new acts with promise only. Surround mixes were dead in the water.
At this point Universal were out. Shame cause my intent was to have all I.R.S. Torch Song in print for awhile.
EMI were finally out as well, but they did offer to release a compilation with music from both albums. Wish Thing and Ecstasy (?????)
This would be released on the EMI-Capitol Special Markets label.
You know, those CDs you'd find in cut-out bins in big box stores and truck stops.
They also offered me a good price, cause I would have to pay for everything. $25,000 for 10,000 copies. $5,000 down. And I would have to distribute it.
They graciously added I would have a "Compilation Producer" credit as well.
This deal was getting seriously sweet. A compilation I had no say in the track choice nor packaging + I was bankrolling the entire project.
I asked a friend for advice. He had a reissue label that had released some Capitol/EMI product & offered to distribute the CD if their logo was on it. He said I probably wouldn't make any money on this. I wasn't going to pay for this anyway.
A) My wife would've killed me.
B) I wasn't buying 10k copies of a CD when I already own all their music.
C) Torch Song music wouldn't be good as a compilation.
D) I never wanted to make any money from a band whose music I love.

I had lost all interest by the time of the compilation offer.
Can't say all interest cause occasionally I think how good that music would sound on a real CD. I recorded the lps and burned them to CD.
Once in a while I'll shoot some emails to an indie label, but they all say 'Who'?

It might be easier to do this now. All of these recordings are owned by the same company...

Torch Song - Wish Thing thisandmore

February 14, 2015
Easily one of my favourite albums of all time...The UK LP versions mixes are better.

Torch Song - Wish Thing cdpetee

April 7, 2013
The mixes of "Don't Look Now", "Tattered Dress" and "Sweet Thing" differ to those on the UK LP.

Torch Song - Wish Thing Tb-303

August 29, 2011

Just a classic. William Orbit in the early days putting out some dance floor smooth electro-synth classics like Don't Look Now and Prepare To Energize. Never gets old.