Syncopix - General Hospital nikko_ok

August 19, 2013
Really good! yeah!! that weird space-like sound it's like! WHAT!? COOL!!!! :D love it!!!

Syncopix - General Hospital Blunt165

July 16, 2012
Not Hospital's finest hour. My wife bought me this one.

Syncopix - General Hospital Kerensky236

March 14, 2017

you're strongly wrong
it was the Hospital and liquidfunk golden era slowly coming to R.I.P. in 2008/2009

Syncopix - General Hospital as reviewed by the_architech

August 13, 2007
edited over 12 years ago

I love General Hospital. It sounds like any other Hospital tune up until it revlly kicks in after the first breakdown and then it just gets going into this beautiful tune. The horn section really sounds like something you might hear on some 70's soap opera theme song like Love Boat, but it sounds so good you just want to dance.

Happy Happy Joy Joy took me a couple of listens before I could really figure it out and hear it all. This is a masterpiece of drum&bass with fantastic strings and basslines. The drums are the kicker though with drum arrangements you don't hear very often. Really good stuff. This is a tune for the chin-stroking crowd.

Syncopix - General Hospital brianwhite77

June 1, 2010
Haha, yo man, it sounds like it's from a 70's soap opera because it is, hold on, I'm about to blow your mind...

the soap opera was called "General Hospital"

just an fyi from your friendly local junglist

Syncopix - General Hospital as reviewed by DJ-DeviANT

February 25, 2006
edited over 13 years ago

"Happy Happy Joy Joy"

Truly awesome! I haven't heard classical/electronic fusion like this since Rob Dougan's "Clubbed to Death". At one point, there are 2 basslines, AND 2 classical samples playing, in complete harmony! Just BRILLIANT producing!

Syncopix - General Hospital troublemusic

October 31, 2011
What a great version of the theme of USAmerica's once favourite soap opera "General Hospital", maybe the godmother of all daily soaps. Well done, Syncopix!